Although Gulu would like to stay and watch, he was worried that Mungo may already know about his participation in the "century war" of pterosaurs. He still thought that it's more important to go back and appease Mungo.

Once he logged in remotely to the Triceratops body, his human body would be unconscious. He couldn't let Cassie carry him back in such a state. So, he asked Cassie to send him back to the pterosaur cave first.

When they arrived, Gulu similarly found a large, clean boulder to lay down. Although Cassie and the pterosaurs didn't need to be told to protect him, he still touched Cassie's beak and said, "Protect me." He didn't sleep until he saw Cassie nod.

Gulu's Triceratops body opened its eyes and saw Mungo staring at him on the edge of the nest, as if he couldn't see enough. Mungo's big eyes were very beautiful. What a big-eyed adorable dinosaur!

Mungo saw Gulu wake up and kept rubbing his nose on his little body.

Because Gulu left early in the morning today, Mungo knew that Gulu would wake up at noon to eat ferns, so he had been standing by the nest.

Because Mungo had been watching Gulu beside the nest, he didn't know about the pterosaur's "century war" that had been widely spread outside, or the "most legendary pterosaur leader – Gulu" who newly emerged from this century war.

Mungo: "Wake up, climb to the top of my head. I'll take you to eat the best leaves."

Gulu wasn't in the mood to eat right now. He's frantically organizing his words to appease Mungo.

Soon Gulu thought it over. Mungo couldn't be told that he had encountered such a dangerous situation. The so-called "legend" was passed down by word of mouth among dinosaurs. Many exaggerated changes would have surely taken place.

Gulu began, "Mungo, I want to tell you one thing. This morning, Nassau's ethnic group was attacked, so I commanded them from a distance. It's really very far away and there wasn't any danger at all. And I was super strong. I just casually commanded Nassau's ethnic group and won."

Gulu narrated everything very lightly, emphasizing that he commanded from a very safe distance and that his command was especially simple. It's because Ned's pterosaurs were too stupid that they lost. Of course, all dangers he encountered were hidden.

Even though Gulu was good at making up stories and Mungo believed them, Mungo was still very angry. He suppressed his anger and thought that it wouldn't be too late to teach Gulu a lesson when his human body returned.

Gulu went on to say: "If you hear other dinosaurs say later about how powerful I was or how dangerous it's been to save Nassau's group, don't believe them! I'm not as powerful as they say. You know, I'm very timid. Besides, any dinosaur legend that's been passed around for a while will become very outrageous …"

Although Mungo was a little suspicious of Gulu's remark, he didn't pursue it due to the simple thinking way of dinosaurs.

At this time Munroe came back.

Munroe excitedly rushed toward Mungo and Gulu and said, "Wow! Gulu, you're awake! You're too much! I listen to other dinosaur said that you sat on a domineering pterosaur and commanded the battle right in the middle of the fight!…"

Gulu didn't know where he heard the tale. It's so vivid and perfectly reproduced the scene of the battle!

But in this way, everything he said just now was all exposed!

Sure enough, Mungo already became very angry after just hearing half of it.

Gulu hurriedly interrupted, "Munroe! Where did you hear that? It's too good! How can I be so powerful? I didn't go to the center at all. I actually commanded from very far away …"

Munroe: "I've heard many dinosaurs talk about it. Let me just say, our Gulu is the best!"

Gulu: Munroe, I beg you, now is really not the time to blow rainbow farts! Can't you see that Mungo is already very angry. My god, how do I coax Mungo?!

Unfortunately, Munroe's mouth didn't close: "The dinosaurs also said that Gulu fell into the sea, then a big dinosaur in the sea saved Gulu! That big dinosaur is really large … Gulu, how do you know the big dinosaur in the sea. How can you be so powerful?"

Gulu: Ah! let me die now.

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Seeing Gulu ignoring him after his talk, Munroe still asked: "Gulu, what kind of dinosaur is that? He's so big and his teeth are much better than those of Tyrannosaurus Rex. How do you know him?"

Mungo gave a loud roar at Munroe. Munroe didn't know why his brother was angry. He looked wronged and said, "Gulu was so fierce, brother, why aren't you happy?"

Mungo lunged to bite Munroe's neck. Munroe immediately got frightened and ran far away.

Finally, Mungo drove out the broken-mouthed Munroe. He then looked at Gulu but didn't speak.

Gulu knew that Mungo was very angry and helpless. His eyes were filled with sorrow, as if to say: Cold leaves are flowing all over my face, my son rebelled and hurt my heart … (T/N: This phrase came from a song)

The most important thing was that Mungo didn't talk and didn't even bother to scold him. Gulu could no longer bear the mental pressure and recounted everything that happened today.

After that, he threw himself on Mungo's huge hind limb and cried with a loud wu wu: "Mungo, when I was commanding pterosaurs to fight, I didn't know that I was afraid. Now that I think about it, I feel very afraid. What will you do if I died …"

Indeed, Gulu didn't know how to fear before. There was no other emotion except his boiling blood. This was probably the lofty aspiration and ambition of every man to "gallop across the battlefield" and "die on the battlefield" that exploded out from him.

But Gulu now realized that if he died, what would Mungo and Gaya do? Guji and Gudong would be very sad, as would Pado, Babana, Pachi and Dudu.

Mungo still looked at Gulu without speaking.

In fact, Mungo knew from the beginning that Gulu was very different from ordinary dinosaur cubs. He was too smart and knew much more than many adult dinosaurs. Gulu was always interested in watching other dinosaurs …

Mungo understood that there was no dinosaur like Gulu who's always interested in seeing dinosaurs of other races. There were no dinosaurs in the sky, in the sea, in the snowy mountains … that he wasn't interested in.

Mungo couldn't help it. Gulu was always out of his control, which was the most helpless thing for him.

Gulu watched Mungo staring at him without speaking. He's really scared. He had never seen such a helpless Mungo. Mungo was clearly the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex. The whole continent of Yukan would shiver when hearing his name. When had Mungo look so powerless? Never!

He hurriedly explained: "Mungo, the dinosaur who saved me was the one I told you last night. He's the Dad of the Pliosaurus funkei cub Shenshen that I saved before. Shenshen and his Dad are good to me. In the future, I will have dinosaurs to protect me in the sea. Isn't that wonderful?…"

However, Mungo still didn't speak. Gulu became impatient. He kept rubbing on Mungo's hind legs and cried louder: "Mungo, you can't ignore me. You can hit me, hit me hard, but you can't ignore me. Don't you want me? I'm so disobedient … You don't want me anymore? I will listen to you. I will never run away again. I won't go to see other dinosaurs, Mungo …"

Mungo had never seen Gulu cry so sadly, not even on the day Gaya forced him back to the Triceratops. He couldn't bear it. He realized that what he wanted was to see Gulu happy.

Mungo wasn't a human being. He had no complicated ideas. He just wanted to make Gulu happy. Gulu liked to watch dinosaurs. He took Gulu to see all kinds of dinosaurs. Gulu liked to do what he did, so he'd accompany Gulu to do it.

He had no human thoughts of: I do it for your own good, so you can't do this, or you can't do that.

Mungo: "Gulu, I will go with you to see any dinosaur you want, but you can't hide it from me. You have to take me with you to the sea. I will wait for you by the seaside. I can go anywhere except into the sea."

Gulu cried even harder. He didn't expect Mungo to say this. Mungo was too good. Mungo was too great!

When Gulu was a human being, his academic performance was very outstanding. All teachers and classmates advised him not to apply for paleontology, saying that it would be difficult for him to find a job in the future. Even if he could go to a top-level scientific research institute, he won't have profitable projects. He might lose money and can't find sponsors. It would be a pity for his good results …

But he liked paleontology. His family wasn't rich, so he couldn't pursue what he liked, or he'd go hungry?

Grandpa Gu was the only one who supported him. He's very lucky. No matter what he wanted to do, Grandpa Gu fully supported him. As the result, he successfully applied for paleontology.

Human beings always liked to stand on the moral high ground of "for your own good" and prevent others from doing many things. Everyone was an adult and had his own judgment and bearing capacity. Why couldn't he do what he liked?!

Gulu never regretted choosing paleontology or being killed by a cave-in in the mine. He actually preferred the dinosaur world because there're such good dinosaurs like Mungo, Gaya, Guji, Gudong, Pado, Babana, Pachi and Dudu …

Mungo saw Gulu crying more fiercely and thought he had said something wrong. He hurriedly asked: "Gulu, what's wrong with you? Did I say something wrong? I can also go into the sea. If you want to go to the sea, I will accompany you. As long as you're happy, I can accompany you to do anything. If you're happy, I'm happy …"

Gulu hurriedly answered: "I, no, I'm happy, Mungo, I'm so happy! …"

Mungo looked puzzled: "Why do you cry if you're happy?"

Gulu: "All human beings are like this. If they're too happy, they will cry."

Mungo: "…"

Gulu: "Mungo, you are silly. Fortunately, I just like to watch dinosaurs. If I like killing dinosaurs, do you want to kill all dinosaurs?"

Mungo: "They can't beat me."

Gulu: "Silly Mungo, whatever you like. You accompany me to do what I like, and I'll accompany you to do what you like."

Mungo thought for a moment but didn't know what he liked. He replied, "I like…I just like to accompany you to do what you like."

Gulu: Silly Mungo was forced by me to say tongue twisters. Haha.

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Gulu: "I know what you like to do. You like to eat all kinds of dinosaurs. When I grow up, I will hunt with you. I will hunt many, many dinosaurs for you."

Although Mungo didn't need Gulu to help him hunt, he didn't refute it.

Gulu knew that Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo would one day be "retaliated back" like Nassau today. Maybe Mungo was strong enough and that day would never come. But in case of such a day, he must grow up faster and become stronger.

Mungo: "You must be hungry, eat quickly then you can do whatever you want when you're full. I'll also go to the seaside to see the sea dinosaur."

Gulu kept nodding.

Mungo let Gulu stand on his head and took him to eat many, many delicious leaves.

After eating, Mungo put Gulu's Triceratops body into the nest to "sleep" while Gaya guarded him.

Gulu's human body woke up to find Nada and Cassie fanning him gently to prevent mosquito bites.

But Gulu couldn't wait to go to the sea or see Mungo. He called out to Cassie, "Cassie, Mungo has come to the sea. Take me down."

Cassie immediately flew Gulu to the beach.

Mungo certainly couldn't run faster than Gulu's switching body. They waited for a long time at the beach.

However, Gulu wasn't in a hurry. He liked to wait for Mungo as long as necessary.

The sun was very strong. Cassie opened his huge wingspans to shield Gulu. The sea breeze was constantly blowing, so it wasn't too hot.

Mungo finally appeared at the edge of the beach. Gulu immediately ran toward him.

A gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex and a small human being ran on the long beach toward one another, leaving a series of footprints that were very large and small.

Under the large sun, Gulu felt that every piece of Mungo's body was shining with golden light. Mungo appeared like an angel.

Mungo ran much faster than Gulu. Soon they met.

Gulu fiercely jumped at Mungo. The whole person hugged Mungo's leg, but there seemed to be something wrong with this leg…

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