Gulu quickly jumped down from Mungo, a little embarrassed.

Mungo was still an adolescent, but because of his special size, everything grew big. His size increased at a rapid pace every day. All parts of Mungo grew very fast, which had become more obvious recently.

Tyrannosaurus rex's private area was usually hidden under its tail. It may be that he ran too fast and it fell out. Gulu's human form was too small. He rushed up a little strongly and held the wrong place.

Mungo didn't care either. He just wagged his tail and hid it again.

Gulu was still a little embarrassed. Mungo took a step back and lowered his head to gently rub Gulu's head with his nose tip.

Gulu waited for a while before looking at Mungo. He didn't know how there could be such a fierce yet gentle Tyrannosaurus rex in this world!

Although strictly speaking, a Tyrannosaurus rex's appearance was too terrible and ferocious for human aesthetics. It had nothing remotely resembled a good look, but Gulu didn't know why he had always thought Mungo was very handsome, handsome enough to split the sky!

Mungo had the hardest and brightest scales, with eyes as brilliant as stars. He had a mouthful of sharp teeth and the strongest physique in the whole continent of Yukan…

Gulu thought that Mungo looked really great!

He stood on tiptoe and hugged Mungo's big head tightly with open arms. He rubbed Mungo's nose with his cheek and stroked Mungo's hard skull with his palm.

Mungo's thick breathing kept blowing on Gulu's neck and chest. The itchy Gulu held Mungo tighter.

Gulu's human body lines were very firm and beautiful. Because he was very good at regular exercise, he had strong tendon all over his body, even though he didn't look strong at all. His skin was fair and white. It showed the young and immature characteristic of young people. Since he pulled his body more tightly standing on tiptoe, his waist and back formed a perfectly inverted triangle. His butts was quite full and round while his thighs looked firm and straight.

A huge Tyrannosaurus rex and a perfect young man stood on the endless sand beach, across from a blue and clear sea, under the clean blue sky and white clouds. The human was holding the violent bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus rex while the Tyrannosaurus rex gently rubbed on the human. It really showed a strong visual impact with the kind of breathtaking magnificence!

All creatures might have the same capture of beauty. Even if Cassie was only a pterosaur, this scene still stunned him.

Although Gulu's human form was a man with a size of 1.92 meters, he still looks very small in front of the huge Mungo and the vast sea. From a distance, he looked like a little boy holding a big Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mungo kept his head as low as possible, but Gulu still had to stand on tiptoe to reach it.

He just wanted to hold Mungo. Holding Mungo was very comfortable. The sun was too large. Mungo's scales were all icy and cool. They're extremely comfortable.

The body surface temperature of dinosaurs was generally lower than that of human beings. In previous studies, whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals or cold-blooded animals had been a controversial debate.

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However, a series of subsequent studies proved that dinosaurs were "temperature-changing animals". Dinosaurs could change their body surface temperature according to the environment. They had much stronger thermoregulation ability than human beings, but on the whole, the body surface temperature of dinosaurs was lower than that of humans.

Therefore, even under such a big sun, Gulu still felt very cool and refreshing holding Mungo.

Mungo didn't want Gulu to stand on tiptoe and hold him till he's tired. He slowly dropped to the ground and said to Gulu, "Get on my back."

Gulu's skill was very good. He sat on Mungo's head after climbing over. After sitting on it, Gulu felt the chill. However, it's very cool, especially under his butts that were hot in the sun. It's simply the best experience to sit on this icy, cool and slippery scale piece.

Mungo slowly stood up. Gulu held on Mungo's big head with both hands. His entire upper body was pasted on Mungo's head. He felt that he was laying on a piece of ice, which was very cool!

Because there was no shelter on the beach, Mungo slowly walked to the fern bushes beside the seaside and finally stopped under several luxuriant Alsophila trees. There was no sun here and a slight sea breeze was blowing, so it's cooler.

Gulu's front body felt very refreshed, but his back was very hot. He also wanted to ice his back, so he stood up and walked to Mungo's back. Mungo remained very stable. Gulu could run on his back without worrying about falling down.

Mungo's body was very large for Gulu. His back was also very broad. Gulu gracefully lowered down. His back was instantly chilled. Gulu rolled on Mungo's back and became cooler in a short time.

Gulu was lying on Mungo's back like a salted fish. He wanted to lie in this comfortable way until he was old.

Mungo: "Gulu, I want to meet that dinosaur in the sea."

Gulu: "Yes, yes, I'll let Cassie take me above the sea for a spin. He'll come out. I'll let him swim by the seaside, so you can get to know him."

Mungo nodded his head.

Gulu descended from Mungo and climbed up Cassie's back. Cassie ran up and took off. He soon flew toward the sea.

Cassie circled above the sea with Gulu. In a short time, two big dinosaurs surfaced, one of which was carrying a smaller dinosaur on its back.

Cassie firmly landed on the back of the big dinosaur. Gulu had just come down from Cassie's back when Shenshen immediately rushed to Gulu's front and rubbed his head against him, saying: "Wow, Brother, you're finally here again. I miss you so much…"

Gulu: We have only been separated for less than half a day…Shenshen is so lovely.

Dark: "Gulu, you don't need to be afraid. His name is Cang. He's my best brother (T/N: close friend). He won't hurt you. If you need any help in the future, you can also find Cang if you can't find me."

(T/N: Cang = warehouse, barn)

Gulu: Best brother? Is it really a best brother? I have never seen a Mosasaurus and a Pliosaurus funkei become close friends.

Cang: "Gulu, thank you for saving Shenshen."

Gulu was embarrassed to be thanked. He felt that his rescue was only a matter of convenience: "You're welcome, Uncle Cang. You're so big, bigger than Uncle Dark."

Cang: "We Mosasaurus are always larger than pliosaurs."

Dark: "What did you say?!"

Cang immediately threw down the towel: "I mean pliosaurs are bigger than Mosasaurus. I was wrong just now."

Gulu noticed that Dark slowly lowered his large paddle forelimb. He's sure that if it wasn't for Cang's speed, he would definitely have been hit by the paddle!

Of course, if Dark really wanted to attack Cang, he wouldn't use the limb-like paddles. The limbs of pliosaurs weren't used to attack but to swim faster. Biting with the mouth was the real attack.

Gulu felt that Dark made the gesture as if to threaten: Say it again, and I'll beat you in the chest with my fist.

It's unreasonable that Cang's larger size made him afraid of Dark, but he still surrendered so quickly under such a small "threat" from Dark. Gulu: If this wasn't love!

Gulu also didn't expect him to just say a word and actually made two big dinosaurs almost fight. Did he just have the privilege of watching the two sea overlords "flirting"?!

Shenshen: "Uncle Cang, don't be afraid. I won't allow Dad to hit you."

Gulu: What a loving family! No, what about Shenshen's Mom?

But now wasn't the time to ask these questions. Mungo was still waiting at the seaside. Gulu spoke, "Uncle Dark, Mungo would like to meet you, is that okay? Mungo is the Tyrannosaurus rex who raises me. Mungo is great."

Dark and Cang, of course, had not heard of Mungo, but since he's raising such a dinosaur like Gulu, they also wanted to meet him.

Mungo had long seen Gulu landed on the back of a very large dinosaur. Because a very large part of his body was in the sea, Mungo couldn't estimate how big he was. Still, through the surprisingly large head of this dinosaur, he judged that he must be a very, very large dinosaur.

Gulu looked very small on the dinosaur's back.

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Mungo ran in the direction of Gulu. After entering the sea, Mungo slowed down. All dinosaurs on land knew that the sea was very dangerous. He had to keep an eye on whether something would attack him from under the water.

Although the predators in the sea were very ferocious, Mungo's powerful aura that allowed him to dominate the land for so many years radiate terrible killing pressure. All fishes and dinosaurs covered with fangs fled and gave way to him.

Mungo didn't stop until the sea had covered his forelimbs.

The two dinosaurs swam toward Mungo's side under Gulu's guidance.

Gulu immediately ran to the top of Dark's head and stood just in time to hold Mungo's head. He rubbed Mungo's nose with his forehead and said: "Mungo, in fact, you don't have to go into such deep-sea water. They can swim to the seaside. As long as there's sea water, they won't run aground. It's too dangerous for you to come here."

Mungo looked at the two big guys in front of him. The heads of the two big dinosaurs were at least twice as big as Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo had never seen such a large dinosaur before. He stared at them stunned for a while and didn't hear what Gulu said.

Gulu: "Mungo, this is Dark. That's Cang. This is the little cub that I saved. His name is Shenshen."

T/N: As I translate more chapters ahead, I realize how insanely accurate most of the details in this novel was. Asides from having fictional characters/plot and dinosaurs from different timeline, almost everything else was historically accurate a lot of it had historical or scientific basis. For a BL novel meant for entertainment, it's really a literary overachiever. 👍

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