Dark and Cang also looked at Mungo. Although Mungo was far younger than their age, they could feel his bloody brutality. Mungo must be an overlord on land just like they were in the sea.

Mungo: "Thank you for saving Gulu."

Dark: "We should thank Gulu. Gulu saved Shenshen. We should also thank you since you raise Gulu."

Cang: "Mungo, thank you."

Shenshen: "Wow, Brother Mungo, you look so terrible. You must be as powerful as my Dad and Uncle Cang. The land dinosaurs must be afraid of you!"

As a cub, he was completely shocked by Mungo's aura. Not only was Shenshen shocked, even Dark and Cang were stunned by Mungo's aura.

Even if Dark and Cang were many times larger than Mungo and could bite him into two pieces in one bite, they still involuntarily admired dinosaurs like Mungo.

Mungo was still a little confused up to now. He never thought that one day he would stand in the sea and talk to such a big dinosaur. He couldn't have imagined it.

He also didn't know why. Although this little cub named Shenshen looked ferocious, he made him feel that he's no different than any other chubby and childish cub like Guji and Gudong.

Dark and Cang also appeared very fierce. In fact, they must be ferocious in nature, but they behaved so good toward Gulu. He could strongly feel their heartfelt gratitude.

Dinosaurs were not like human beings. Dinosaurs wouldn't hide "good and evil". If one dinosaur had a cruel and bloodthirsty nature, it would be exposed everywhere. If one dinosaur wanted to eat another dinosaur, it would complete the murder. It wouldn't hide its emotions.

Mungo could clearly feel that the two dinosaurs were as good to Gulu as their own cub.

He was very happy that Gulu could become friends with such powerful dinosaurs.

Mungo: "Gulu wants to go into the sea, please take care of him."

Dark: "Don't worry, we will take good care of him and let him have fun."

Mungo nuzzled Gulu's head and said, "Listen to Dark and Cang. Don't run around. I'll wait for you at the seaside."

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Gulu: "Uh-huh, I will be good. You wait for me under that Alsophila tree. Don't stay near the sea. It's too sunny. Also, don't come into the sea. The sea is very dangerous."

Although Mungo thought that the dinosaurs in the sea didn't dare attack him, he still agreed, "I know."

Gulu: "Then head back quickly. I won't go into the sea until I see you stay under the Alsophila tree."

Mungo rubbed against Gulu, then Shenshen before turning to the shore.

Shenshen: "Wow, Brother, Mungo looks so powerful. He must be the fiercest dinosaur on land, right?"

Gulu: "Hmmm, Mungo is the strongest dinosaur on land."

Shenshen: "I knew it!"

Gulu watched Mungo return to rest on his belly under the Alsophila tree. "Dark, let's go into the sea, but I can't go too deep…"

Dark: "Grab my forelimb. I'm going down. Don't be afraid. I'll swim slowly."

Gulu quickly grabbed Dark's huge forelimb, then held his breath.

Dark smoothly dived into the sea. The water didn't fluctuate much. Even though he's a big dinosaur, his swimming skills were very good.  He could quietly sneak close to a shark and bite it into two pieces while carrying Gulu into the water.

Mungo watched Gulu enter the sea with the huge pliosaur. He's not worried. With such a large dinosaur protecting Gulu, there's no carnivorous dinosaur in the sea that could threaten him.

Gulu grabbed Dark's forelimb and swam with them. Dark's forelimb were too wide and too big. Gulu felt that he was almost lying on there and was taken along without any effort.

Shenshen swam beside Gulu. Next to them was Cang. The formation was equivalent to Dark and Cang protecting Gulu and Shenshen in the middle.

There're two sea overlords escorting. Even if there was a Megalodon shark, Gulu wasn't scared!

Megalodon shark was the only shark that could "fight hard" with a pliosaur. The extremely powerful Megalodon shark had a win rate of 55% against a pliosaur, but its fighting capacity was completely insufficient in front of a Mosasaurus.

It's noon now, the shallow sea surface was very hot, but the temperature of the sea water was very pleasant when going below 10 meters in depth. It's as warm as a spring stream. Even if moving down another 50 meters, the sea water didn't feel icy but very comfortable.

At this depth, one could see many marine creatures. Gulu patted Dark's forelimb, so Dark didn't continue to go down.

Gulu had discussed with Dark about where to stop before, as to not to take him too deep into the sea. In the deep sea, humans couldn't withstand the cold temperature or the high pressure bearing down.

Gulu looked around curiously. There're many ammonites, all kinds of them.

An ammonite was like squid with a snail shell. It had many tentacles. It could swim in the water and grab all kinds of food with its tentacles. Ammonites could be divided into many kinds according to their shells. Some with snail-like shells were called Nautilus, while others with straight shells were called Baculites.

Nautilus was chubby and looked like a blower. It appeared very cute when eating in the sea.

There're also various kinds of fish, such as Enchodus, whose teeth were like two spears protruding out of the mouth, which was extremely ugly.

There're also various kinds of dinosaurs, such as Kronosaurus, or Nothosaurus that looked like crocodiles and many jellyfish and small fishes.


Shenshen who was beside Gulu spoke up: "Brother, it's your first time coming into the sea. I'll tell you, the sea is very fun …" Gulu kept nodding.

Shenshen knew that Gulu couldn't talk in the water, but he just couldn't help but wanted to speak to his brother. Just watching him nod made him very happy.

After swimming for a while, Gulu felt a little lack of oxygen and took a sip of oxygen from the blowhole on top of Shenshen or Dark's head and their skins.

(T/N: really? You can do that?)

No matter whether it's a pliosaur, a Mosasaurus or a plesiosaur, they all belong to marine reptiles. They were originally terrestrial animals. Their ancestors turned their limbs into fins after entering the sea. For example, the 8-ton plesiosaur was clumsy on land and later became a water dinosaur in the sea.

These marine reptiles still breathed with their lungs. Their lungs were very large and had many bubbles. They could store a lot of oxygen. Their skin and blood could also store a lot of oxygen, so they could stay under the sea for hours without breathing.

For example, Mosasaurus and Pliosaur, their daily activities were at a depth of about 1,000 under the sea and one breath could last for 2-3 hours.

(T/N: author didn't specify unit. I'm guessing it's 1,000 meters?)

Therefore, Gulu could absorb oxygen from their air outlet and skin. As a human being, Gulu absorbed very little oxygen and wouldn't cause any harmful influence on them.

As long as these big dinosaurs with lungs were willing to give him oxygen, it's like carrying an extra-large oxygen tank with him. Gulu didn't need to breathe above the water surface at all.

While swimming, an Ophthalmosaurus suddenly appeared in the water in front of them. This Ophthalmosaurus seemed to be giving birth soon. She was slowly moving toward the sea surface.

Ophthalmosaurus was the oldest marine creature with a streamlined body very close to fish and looked like a super large fish.

A female Ophthalmosaurus encountered much danger when giving birth. In order to breathe, she must approach the sea surface. The sharp pain of giving birth would make her struggle ceaselessly. Severe struggle would attract sharks or other terrifying sea overlords such as pliosaur or Mosasaurus.

Indeed Gulu saw that a giant dinosaur was swimming not far away from the Ophthalmosaurus. This dinosaur was especially large. Finally Gulu saw clearly that it's a female Mosasaurus.

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Gulu was so sure that it's a female Mosasaurus because its private parts were not completely closed. It could be seen that they're very large and had many bulges and curves. Wow, the male Mosasaurus must be very happy!

If she didn't just happen to pass by here, then this female Mosasaurus must be interested in Cang. This was a signal of invitation.

It turned out that there was a female Mosasaurus near here. Why didn't Cang find this female Mosasaurus and still look for Dark?

It may be that the female Mosasaurus only arrived in this sea area in recent days?!

Gulu was basically certain that Cang would soon abandon Dark. After all, it's really rare to meet a female Mosasaurus who came right to the door.

However, Gulu heard Cang say, "Dark, I want to eat this big fish. It looks delicious."

Dark: "There's already a Mosasaurus hunting it. Forget it, don't eat. Let's eat sharks."

Cang: "Why, I saw it first. Why can't we eat such a big fish when we hunt so well?"

Gulu: Cang, what's the matter with you?! That's a female Mosasaurus! She seems to be interested in you, but you only have food in your eyes?! You deserve to be single!

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