The leader of the Tyrannosaurus rex group looked very excited. He roared as he ran. But this roar wasn't a signal of attack. It sounded extremely "happy".

Munroe: "It's Galle."

Gulu had heard of Galle. It's said that Galle was also part of Mungo's group at first, then he went off to be a leader himself without knowing why.

Galle was a very powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex, similar in size to Moluo with extremely fierce and brutal nature. Indeed, dinosaurs also fit the phrase "birds of a feather flock together".

Soon Galle ran up to Mungo. He lightly rubbed Mungo's neck, looking both nervous and excited, "Mungo! You scare me to death. I thought you were drowned by the Dada River."

Gulu saw that Galle's head turned blue. Tyrannosaurus rex only changed color when they were very excited.

Mungo stared at Galle. He was a little puzzled: "What are you doing here?"

Galle: "I came to see you! It's really great that you're not dead. I was worried."

Mungo's brothers also knew Galle. After all, they were brothers, fighting side by side, hunting and playing together.

Moluo didn't like Galle very much, probably because Galle and Moluo were of the same size. Moluo wanted to be Mungo's closest assistant. Galle's arrival made him feel threatened.

So he roared and denounced, "You are no longer part of Mungo's ethnic group. You can't come to our territory!"

Galle glanced at him and pointed out, "This is Nanshan. Your territory has been flooded."

Moluo had nothing to say at the moment. Tyrannosaurus rex had a very strong sense of territory. Galle wanted to find Mungo in Mungo's territory. However, he was no longer part of Mungo's group. So, he couldn't go, no matter how close they were before.

But now Mungo's ethnic group didn't have a fixed territory in Nanshan. Of course, he could come whenever he wanted.

Galle watched Gulu and spoke, "Mungo, is this Gulu? Ah, he's really small."

The human form of Gulu was really too small compared with dinosaurs. Although all dinosaurs in Yukan didn't know any human, the fact that Gulu could become human, together with his human appearance had long been spread all over the world. They said that the human form of Gulu was a small dinosaur that didn't grow feathers or scales.

Galle carefully tried to rub his nose against Gulu. Mungo stopped him at once: "Galle, don't touch Gulu. His human form is very fragile."

Gulu: "Hello, Galle."

Galle: "Gulu, little Gulu, I heard you're very powerful. The fight that you fought with the pterosaurs was amazing. You don't know but my brothers want to see you very much. I also want to…"

Gulu was somewhat embarrassed by the praise and repeatedly replied, "I'm not that great ah. It was just one time…"

Galle was a very famous Tyrannosaurus rex leader. Gulu heard all kinds of legends about his and Mungo's cruelty. As a result, how could he be so emmm……… childish!

Gulu had never seen Galle before because Mungo's and Galle's territories were far apart and Tyrannosaurus rex from different territories basically didn't meet.

Galle: "Mungo, do you want to go to the territory next to mine? I had killed a pair of Tyrannosaurus rex. You and your brothers can go there together. The territory is very large and better than mine. Can you go there, please?"

Gulu: Is this Galle playing coquetry with Mungo?! Please, you have such a big body, look so ferocious, and have a bad reputation! You, this Tyrannosaurus rex, is unsuitable to act so coyly!

Mungo: "I'm not going."

Galle: "What's so good about Nanshan? The dinosaurs on this mountain are thin and not very tasty. They had no meat or fat. They're not delicious. The dinosaurs on my territory are really delicious and very fat. You will never regret it once you go!"

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Mungo: "I think Nanshan is quite good. You should go back to your own territory. You're already a Tyrannosaurus rex leader. Don't be so naive."

(T/N: *cough* just who was ignoring his own group and stalk Gulu every day a while back?)

Moluo spoke harshly to Galle, "Didn't you hear? Mungo let you go back! Leave! We don't welcome Tyrannosaurus rex from other ethnic groups!"

Galle retorted without giving Moluo a good look: "You let me go, I will go? I was the first to follow Mungo! After you came, I was still Mungo's best brother. Mungo asked me to stand beside him. You could only stand behind us. You called me Big brother Galle for a period of time at the beginning. Have you forgotten?"

Gulu: Is this Tyrannosaurus rex version of "palace fighting (harem)" drama? Mungo is the emperor. After Galle left, Moluo came to power? Hey, you are just Tyrannosaurus rex, why do you have so much drama?!

Molou's teeth were itching with anger. He growled fiercely: "So what, you are no longer part of our ethnic group now. I am Mungo's best brother now!"

Mungo felt pain in his skull and cut in, "I'll send Gulu back first."

Gulu: No, I also want to watch the large-scale ancient "Palace Drama". The wonderful content shouldn't be missed!

So Gulu spoke up, "Mungo, I want to play a little longer. Can you send me back later?"

Galle: "Mungo, I also like Gulu very much. I'm not here only to see you and made sure you didn't get flooded. I also want to meet Gulu. Can you not send him back first?"

Moluo muttered: "Humph, knowing Mungo likes Gulu, he deliberately flatters Gulu! Damn it!"

Gulu: Well, little big brother Galle has high EQ. He got the first strike ✓.

Mungo: "Yes, but you must leave tomorrow and go back to your ethnic group."

Galle: "Uh-huh, I will go tomorrow. I will. Can I sleep with you tonight? I have a lot of things to say to you."

Moluo: "Mungo, no way! The two Tyrannosaurus rex groups can't be together!"

Galle: "I will let my brothers hunt by themselves. I won't let them appear near Mungo's group."

Gulu: Second strike.

Galle: "Mungo, can Gulu sleep with us? I really like Gulu. Tell Pado well and Pado will agree."

Mungo: "Yes."

Gulu: Little big brother Galle struck three times! Little big brother Moluo, you can't even win this game. It's too tough.

Then Galle announced to his brothers that he would temporarily separate from the ethnic group. They should hunt and find their own resting place. Once he left, he'd go look for them.

Soon, all Tyrannosaurus rex of Galle's group left. Galle became a temporarily member of Mungo's group.

Galle: "Mungo, do you know how much I miss you? When I followed you, it was my happiest days. We hunted together, ate together, slept together and were extremely happy…"

Mungo: "…"

Gulu believed that if Tyrannosaurus rex could roll their eyes, Moluo would have rolled his eyes to heaven.

Munroe whispered to Gulu, "Galle used to fight Moluo every day when he was in the ethnic group. It's estimated that there will be a fight later. Don't forget to watch."

Gulu also whispered back, "Is Galle stronger or Moluo?"

Montana: "Both of them are strong! The fight will be fierce, but they won't dare to fight in front of my brother. They always fought secretly. My brother will beat them if he knows!"

Gulu: "Which one of them does Mungo prefer?"

Munroe thought for a moment: "Galle is very good at talking. Moluo can't talk well, but my brother seems to treat both of them the same. Let them fight for it. Anyway, my brother likes me best!"

Gulu: I feel as if Mungo is the "Long Aotian" dinosaur!

So many female Tyrannosaurus rex liked him and chased after him. So many male Tyrannosaurus rex were competing for the "best brother" seat beside him.

Mungo: "Go back, Gulu and I will go to Pado's ethnic group first."

Galle murmured: "I'm so happy thinking about sleeping with Gulu and Mungo!"

Moluo deliberately stood in front of Galle. Galle walked forward. Moluo almost fell to the ground when he was knocked. After struggling to stabilize, Moluo acted wronged and denounced, "Mungo, he intentionally hit me."

Gulu: Why do I feel that Galle is a bit of a "green tea b*tch" and Moluo is simply a "white lotus"?! You are Tyrannosaurus rex. Why do you like to act so much! Did you graduate from the Central Academy of Drama?

Mungo didn't care about them.

Gulu jumped on Mungo's back directly from Munroe's back. Fortunately, he had long legs, otherwise he couldn't make the leap.

Mungo ran to Pado's group with Gulu while asking, "Why didn't you become a Triceratops?"

Gulu: "My Triceratops body is 500-600 Jin now. It's so heavy. You must be tired carrying me."

Mungo: "Those pesky mosquitoes and bugs will bite you."

Gulu: "Not when you're running. Tomorrow, I'll find some leaf juice with insect repellent property to spread on my body."

Mungo: "Become a Triceratops. I'm not tired."

Gulu, of course, could only become a Triceratops.

Mungo wasn't in a hurry either. Gulu was allowed to eat leaves while they returned to Pado's ethnic group. Gulu didn't eat much this afternoon. Mungo knew that he must be hungry.

Gulu could eat a lot. He ate almost all leaves they passed by.

By the time Gulu was full, they were near Pado's group.

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At this moment, Galle came up from behind and said to Mungo, "I'll wait for you to go back together. Don't worry, I will never approach Pado's ethnic group. I absolutely won't."

Mungo let him follow.

When walking through a lush fern plantation, Gulu saw a very strong and extremely large male Triceratops being besieged by five Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu knew that these Tyrannosaurus rex were from Galle's group.

This extremely large male Triceratops was covered in blood. But it wasn't these Tyrannosaurus rex who injured him since the blood had already solidified. It must be from previous injuries.

Galle: "I'll help them. You go to Pado's ethnic group first. I'll come to you later."

Then Galle rushed over.

After Galle joined the battle, Gulu saw Pado rushed over with a dozen Triceratopses, as if to help the injured Triceratops.

The injured Triceratops was very excited when he saw Pado. He kept yelling and shouting: Pado! Pado! Pado…

However, Gulu didn't know this male Triceratops. If this male Triceratops belonged to Pado's ethnic group, there's no reason why he didn't know him.

Although there're many Triceratopses in Pado's ethnic group, the size of this male could only be found in Pado's right-hand men "Sika" and "Nock". If this Triceratops was in Pado's ethnic group, he couldn't be unaware of him.

Today, Munroe took Gulu and traveled to more than half of Nanshan. He heard that there seemed to be a male Triceratops that have been attacked by many carnivores, but none of them beat him. It's an extremely powerful male Triceratops.

Today's Nanshan was simply a "hell" and "nightmare" for herbivorous dinosaurs. Even in groups, herbivorous dinosaurs may not survive in Nanshan, let alone a single Triceratops.

Soon, Pado arrived at the Triceratops who was fighting with Galle's group.

Mungo immediately ran there with Gulu.

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