Gulu immediately turned into a Triceratops and ran toward Mungo, "Mungo, Mungo, what's wrong with you? Are you feeling bad? What should I do? How can I help you?"

Although Mungo was now very uncomfortable and frantically wanted to kill many, many dinosaurs, he still restrained himself. He lowered his head and gently rubbed Gulu's little head while saying: "I'm fine. Just need to roar. Don't, don't get too close to me. Be good and go play by the water."

Mungo seldom coaxed Gulu, Guji and Gudong like Gaya, let alone saying something like "be good" to the little dinosaurs. After all, the three little ones were males. Dinosaurs like them would become leaders in the future. Mungo hoped that they could be determined and brave from an early age.

Gulu had now basically guessed the reason why Mungo was so upset and roared.

Mungo looked so miserable that Gulu didn't want to give him any more trouble. He went back to the mountain stream and lied prone on the bank to watch, leaving more room for Mungo to roar and ran.

Adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex would feel very uncomfortable every year because of the large increase of "androgen" in the body without ways to vent. During this period, they would become very cruel and bloodthirsty and couldn't help desperately attacking the herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs around them.

A Tyrannosaurus rex, which was extremely large and strong like Mungo, became even more uncomfortable and took longer.

Soon Mungo's roar received a response from the female Tyrannosaurus rex. The female Tyrannosaurus rex also roared out loud, just like Ulam's roar of courtship.

In the next moment, Gulu saw a wave of female Tyrannosaurus rex gathering nearby, but they didn't dare to approach Mungo. Mungo was too dangerous now.

In fact, Mungo, as an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex, couldn't mate with these female Tyrannosaurus rex. If he couldn't control himself and mate with a female Tyrannosaurus rex, he may suffer from "weakness" and slow growth due to "excessive living" at a young age.

Therefore, the manic period of the adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex basically relied on fighting to vent.

In addition, very few adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex were capable of attracting females. Female Tyrannosaurus rex were very "dinosaur-watching" (T/N: picky) and realistic. Adult male Tyrannosaurus rex that were not strong and large enough wouldn't even garner a look from them, let alone adolescents.

The average adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex had no chance to compete for the female and could only vent by fighting.

There're very few male Tyrannosaurus rex as strong as Mungo. Some of them couldn't control themselves and mated with female Tyrannosaurus rex, resulting in slower growth. As long as Mungo could resist the temptation of adolescent period, he would become the strongest male Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan.

Gulu had never seen Mungo's real manic period before. He's very nervous and kept thinking to himself: Mungo must not be attracted by these female Tyrannosaurus rex! They are "goblins" who have come to "harm" him!

As a human being, Gulu didn't understand about "grinding goblin" in those domineering president's novels and the meaning of the song "the woman below the mountain is a tiger". Were women really so "terrifying"?

Gulu: Hmm, will the hero fall for the beauty trap, no, "the dinosaur beauty trap"?

Mungo also saw these female Tyrannosaurus rex. He roared even louder, not allowing any female to approach him. If they dared to take one step closer, he would "tear" them alive.

There were now more than a dozen female Tyrannosaurus rex hovering around here.

Gulu found that each of these female Tyrannosaurus rex was very strong and beautiful, with their own unique body charms. In the Tyrannosaurus rex world, they had great attractive figures and were tall and strong, which made them very "desirable"!

In the world of dinosaur, beauty lied in "strength". Look at the huge and thick hind legs of these female Tyrannosaurus rex. At first glance, they were extremely "robust" and could withstand all kinds of difficult postures. Look at their flexible tails. It must be very cool to entwine with them…

Mungo could resist the temptation of so many top "beauty dinosaurs", it's really not easy.

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Gulu listened to Mungo's roar. Although he wasn't a Tyrannosaurus rex, he could feel his ferocity. If he was a female Tyrannosaurus rex, he would definitely be on "four backs and eight forks" and pretend to yell "don't, I don't want it" to attract the dinosaur!

(T/N: here I think author is alluding to all the r*pe tropes in those domineering president novels, the so-call 'the mouth says no but the body says yes', which apparently is very attractive 🙄?)

Therefore, one couldn't blame these female Tyrannosaurus rex for running uncontrollably, just like Mungo's roar, who could hold it in?

Gulu nervously looked at these female Tyrannosaurus rex and Mungo.

Mungo kept running around and roaring at the river. As long as a female Tyrannosaurus rex dared to take one step forward, he would roar her back.

Mungo's brothers came running because of his roars.

Mungo shouted at Munroe, "Protect Gulu."

With that, he ran out. Gulu knew that Mungo must have gone to fight, the kind of fight where he killed every dinosaur he saw, which was terrifying and bloody.

Gulu came out of the river and ran to Munroe, "Take me to Mungo. I want to watch him."

Munroe: "Okay, Big Brother!"

Since Gulu saved Mungo's brothers at the volcano, Munroe had been calling Gulu "Big Brother" flatteringly.

When Munroe laid down, Gulu found that his Triceratops body was a little too big. Munroe wasn't as big as Mungo. It's a bit difficult to run with his Triceratops body. So, Gulu became a human and "rode" on Munroe's back.

Tyrannosaurus rex had a very good body balance. Even if they ran very fast, Gulu didn't feel bumpy. It's very stable and comfortable to sit on. If dinosaurs weren't extinct, these big dinosaurs would make very fiery and secured "mounts".

Even if dinosaurs didn't become extinct, the possibility that humans could domesticate dinosaurs was almost zero. There're still some possibilities for gentle herbivorous dinosaurs. However, when it came to Tyrannosaurus rex, there's no need to think about it. It's impossible.

Mungo ran fast. Munroe must move quickly to keep up.

There was a Triceratops group in front that was being attacked by more than 20 Allosauruses.

Mungo rushed in and killed an Allosaurus with one bite, then a Triceratops. Regardless of whether it's a carnivorous or herbivorous dinosaur, he attacked and killed every one of them that he didn't like. There was no other reason.

A Tyrannosaurus rex's nature was like this, brutal, bloodthirsty, a killing maniac. The more powerful the Tyrannosaurus rex, the more brutal and bloodthirsty it was. Fighting and killing make them "fall faster", just like the animation games "falling water cup".

Gulu saw Mungo clamped down on the neck of a Triceratops and directly ripped off its throat. Blood gushed high. He appeared to enjoy it very much, looking extremely bloody and cruel.

Then Mungo bit off half of an Allosaurus's head. It fell to the ground in pain and got trampled into meat paste by many Triceratopses.

Gulu was hit head-on by the strong smell of blood, mixed with various unspeakable tastes, causing him to feel nauseated. For example, the Allosaurus that got half of its head bitten off was trampled into a puddle of meat mud. All of its internal organs and "excrement" spilled out. What's more, the weather was hot and dry, giving off stronger scent.

Of course, Mungo also got attacked. However, before the Triceratops's horn could reach him, he already bit off a large piece of meat from his attacker. Mungo didn't eat the bitten meat. He threw it to the ground after biting it off.

More than a dozen Allosauruses attacked Mungo at the same time. Since a Tyrannosaurus Rex was much bigger than an Allosaurus, both in size and bite force, these Allosauruses were soon bitten black and blue by the mad Mungo.

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Soon, these Allosauruses gave up hunting Triceratopses and quickly fled the scene. They were ready to wait for the maniacal Tyrannosaurus Rex to leave. Then, they could directly come to "pick up the leftovers" and eat Triceratopses killed by Mungo. How nice.

Unfortunately, what they thought was too beautiful. Mungo's brothers still had to eat.

They had been following him. If he was under siege, his brothers would rush up to help. If there was no great danger, they would follow but not help, so that Mungo could kill and slaughter as much as he liked. They would just be responsible for eating, eating and eating.

After the Allosauruses left, Mungo found that there were only Triceratopses left to fight with. There was no carnivorous dinosaurs. It wasn't exciting enough. He continued to run forward. It's best to meet a powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex and got a good fight.

After Mungo ran away, his brothers began to clean up the "battlefield". Since there was too much meat, they chose only the best to eat. They ate fast and continued to chase their Boss.

Tyrannosaurus rex ate very fast, because their bite force was the highest on land. They could chew bones and meat together. The prey eaten by Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't even have a whole bone remaining.

Once Mungo's brothers finished eating, the females who came to mate with Mungo ate the rest. Only the Allosaurus that was trampled until excrement leaked out wasn't eaten.

Gulu: This is really a literal "follow the Boss, have meat to eat"!

Munroe didn't eat because he was carrying Gulu, but he wasn't hungry either.

After that, Mungo attacked another Stegosaurus group, more than a dozen Mapusaurus and three adult male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu also didn't know how much time passed. Until the sky turned dark, Mungo had crossed more than half of Nanshan while covered in blood before finally finished venting his exuberant energy.

At last, Mungo returned to the original mountain stream and jumped into the water to wash the blood off. He knew that Gulu didn't like the smell of blood.

After washing, Mungo went to Gulu who was sitting on Munroe and rubbed his chest with the tip of his nose and asked, "Did I scare you?"

Gulu stood up from Munroe's back. He hugged Mungo's big head and answered, "No, you're extremely powerful!"

Those female Tyrannosaurus rex stayed nearby and refused to leave. The smell of Mungo, the roar of Mungo and everything about Mungo had a fatal attraction for them.

At this time, Gulu saw a dozen Tyrannosaurus Rex running towards them not far away. The dozen Tyrannosaurus Rex were extremely huge. The leader's body was also surprisingly large!

Gulu became nervous at once. He had never seen an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex group of this average size, except for Mungo's group. If they came to fight, the situation would become dangerous!

As the result of the sudden flood, many new ethnic groups came to Nanshan. Now the territory on Nanshan was being redrawn, carnivorous dinosaurs were fighting in various ways while herbivorous dinosaurs were always being attacked. Death could be seen everywhere.

All male Tyrannosaurus rex around Mungo immediately showed "advanced defense" status, ready to attack at any time.

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