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Pachi found a small Alsophila tree. He called Gulu and Dudu over at once, "Eat quickly. I'm full."

If there's no Gulu today, Pachi felt that he would have been bitten. In his heart, his older brother was the best Triceratops. He would give anything to his brother and of course he wouldn't short his younger sister.

Although small, this Alsophila tree grew in a wet ditch. It looked very tender and delicious. The three young ones were drooling all the time.

Gulu divided the Alsophila tree into three parts and said, "We all eat."

The three cubs stopped pushing around and finished everything after a few mouthfuls.

A particularly huge male Triceratops headed for Gulu. He put a whole piece of fat cycad leaves in front of Gulu. After he placed them down, he left without saying anything.

Later, Triceratopses, large and small, carried the fattest ferns and leaves that they could find to Gulu.

Gulu knew that they were expressing their gratitude to him in their own way for saving the group from the flood.

It's also their expression of guilt toward Gulu. Guilt because they didn't accept Gulu from their heart before, but they were forced to because of Pado's majesty.

Triceratopses kept feeding Gulu all way. Gulu basically didn't need to find his own food and he couldn't finish everything. He always let Pachi and Dudu eat with him.

Babana was very proud, proud of her Gulu.

Pado's group had never been to Nanshan. They were not familiar with the terrain here at all. The group walked to a place with almost no ferns and full of stones.

There may be good ferns once they walked past this stone mountain. But it's not certain. The front area might be even more barren. But they couldn't go back. The places that they passed through had been eaten clean by them. It's certainly not a good idea.

Now, the ethnic group was in a dilemma. Even if Pado was the strongest ethnic leader, he didn't know what to do now.

It happened that at this moment, a particularly huge pterosaur hovered above the ethnic group. Most of the Triceratopses recognized it as the most brutal pterosaur, Nassau.

All dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan knew that Gulu led Nassau's ethnic group to win a "century war" not long ago and became the most legendary pterosaur leader. Pado's members also heard about it, so they were not very nervous.

Gulu was very excited when he saw Nassau. With Nassau, he could help the ethnic group find a place to eat and rest as quickly as possible.

So Gulu immediately ran to Pado and called out, "Dad, Nassau is here. I'll become a human and let Nassau take me around to find the best fern fields. You don't have to worry. Nassau will never hurt me."

Pado certainly wouldn't worry about Nassau hurting Gulu now. After all, Gulu was the dinosaur that fought the "century war" with pterosaurs. If they really wanted to hurt him, they would have done so long ago.

Gulu became a human and climbed up Pado's back to wave at Nassau in the sky.

Nassau slowly descended and finally stopped in front of Pado.

Gulu was standing on Pado's back, which was just as high as Nassau standing on the ground. He touched Nassau's huge beak and said excitedly, "Nassau, how do you know I'm here?"

Nassau: "I heard that Dada River flooded many fern fields. I was very worried, so I went to see you. I looked in the water for a long time, but I couldn't find you. I just wanted to fly here and tried…"

Although Nassau spoke very lightly, Gulu could feel that Nassau must be anxious and thought that he was dead.

Nassau was really anxious. He looked for a long time in the water with a lot of his pterosaurs. He kept screeching. His voice sounded very low now, mainly because his throat was hoarse.

Gulu's heart ached for Nassau, who now had "duck voice". (T/N: a derogatory description of a sharp, hoarse voice, like a duck shouting) He reassured, "Nassau, you don't have to worry about me so much in the future. I'm very smart and won't die."

Originally, Quetzalcoatlus's voice was a bit like "eagle", very domineering and low, now it had become quack quack.

Nassau just nodded his head gently.

Gulu: "Nassau, please take me for a flight. I want to find the best fern fields for the ethnic group. We are all very hungry."

Nassau immediately lowered to the ground. Gulu stepped down from Pado's back to sit on Nassau's back and talked to Pado, "Dad, you guys have a rest here. I'll be back soon."

Pado nodded his head.

Nassau flew high into the air with Gulu.

All Triceratopses in the group were looking up at Gulu. At this time, in their view, Gulu must have been blessed by the Triceratops's God. He must be.

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Otherwise, how could a terrible and cruel pterosaur like Nassau willingly let Gulu ride on him? How could Gulu know that Dada River would flood the fern plains?…

Pado stared up at Gulu and felt very proud.

Nassau flew all over Nanshan with Gulu. Gulu guided Nassau's flying height and direction. Soon, the situation on this side of Nanshan was clearly understood by him.

Gulu discovered the groups of Blunt and Tudor. Blunt and Tudor had already come to Nanshan earlier and occupied the best fern fields.

He also saw Ray's group.

He even found Mungo's ethnic group and saw Guji and Gudong looking like they were being yelled at by Gaya. Guji and Gudong were still so naughty.

He felt completely relieved.

However, Gulu didn't see Hongdun's group. He didn't care much about it. After all, he didn't have much friendship with Hongdun or Dunyi.

Gulu looked at the fern fields halfway up the mountain, which could be used as both a feeding ground and a resting place.

In addition, there was a small mountain stream. Although there was very little water, it still nourished the fern areas on both sides, which were very fertile. He believed that they could grow very fast and spring back up in three days after being eaten.

Moreover, the surrounding area of this place was also "rich". It's convenient to go anywhere and was "easy to defend but difficult to attack". It could both defend against the attack of carnivores and was the best resting place.

But there was already a Triceratops group here. It's a very powerful Triceratops group, with about 2,000 Triceratopses.

However, this was also expected by Gulu. Such a good territory must be owned by the most powerful Triceratops.

In any case, they must seize this territory.

The ethnic group was starving. Gulu asked Nassau to send him back immediately.

Soon, Nassau delivered Gulu to Pado.

Gulu stood on Pado's back and urged Nassau, "Go back quickly. You can't leave the group for too long. Go back quickly."

No leader could leave the group for too long. Nassau would certainly return after confirming Gulu's safety.

Not all groups were as strong as Mungo's. Any Tyrannosaurus rex in his group could become the leader of an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex group, so Mungo could leave the group at any time.

Gulu told Pado, "Dad, I found the territory that is most suitable for us, but there's already a Triceratops group there. It should be Badi's group. Only that place is suitable for us."

There were only a handful of Triceratops groups with more than 2,000 members in the whole continent of Yukan. They're so few. Most of them couldn't survive in this area. Only Badi's group was left.

Pado: "Badi eh."

Gulu knew what Pado meant: He eh. My dinosaurs can defeat him. Not afraid. Let's go immediately!

Pado was so powerful that he could despise all Triceratopses in Yukan, not just Badi.

Since then, Gulu had been sitting on Pado's back leading the way for the entire ethnic group.

Before long, they came to the fern fields halfway up the mountain.

Badi's members were leisurely eating ferns and leaves.

The emergence of Pado with such a large ethnic group certainly caused panic among Badi's group. They all knew Pado and realized that his group must have come to rob their territory.

Badi immediately led the strongest male Triceratopses out of the group. They roared at Pado's group, which was both an expulsion and deterrence.

Herbivorous dinosaur groups generally didn't fight. Even if there was a dispute, it's mostly roaring. Whoever shouted louder won. The so-called outcome depended on "roars".

All male Triceratopses of Pado also stood beside Pado and roared at Badi's group.

Gulu: emmm

… my ears are going deaf.

One didn't know how long the roar when on. When Pado's group roared back, it's obvious that Badi's group momentum became weaker in an instant.

But Badi was definitely not easy to defeat. His ability to lead more than 2,000 Triceratopses proved that he was a very powerful Triceratops leader.

Badi stepped out of the group and didn't let any other males follow, which meant that he wanted to fight Pado one on one.

Triceratopses basically didn't fight with each other. Even if there was a problem that couldn't be solved by "yelling", in most cases it just became a fight between leaders. If the leader won, the group also won.

Badi may have been on Nanshan for too long. His became "inflated" because he was the best Triceratops leader in the entire Nanshan. He felt that he could definitely win against Pado.

Of course, Pado also stepped out of the group to meet the challenge.

Gulu was originally standing on Pado's back. Pado put him on the ground. So now, he stood in front of the whole group, surrounded by very large and strong male Triceratopses.

Nock talked to Gulu, "Don't be afraid. Pado is the best. He can easily win against Badi."

Sika dropped down and told him, "Gulu, stand on my back."

Gulu immediately climbed onto Sika's back. This view was better.

Badi let out a loud roar. The provocation was obvious, meaning: So many dinosaurs say that you are the best Triceratops. But you're just this much. See how I deal with you today! In the future, I will be the greatest Triceratops in the whole continent of Yukan!

Pado rushed over directly.

Badi also rushed up to meet Pado.

There was a loud bang and the two Triceratopses crashed into each other. Badi was knocked back by the crash. The entire dinosaur was dizzy. Pado stood motionless.

In a Triceratops fight, if it wasn't necessary to kill each other, they would just use head bump, but not their horns. Using their horns could easily cause casualties.

This kind of one-on-one fight between leaders was not for the purpose of killing each other, but to separate the winner and loser. Whoever lost would take their group out of the territory. It's a mean to compete for the best territory.

If one of the leaders died, it's likely that the two ethnic groups would fight. This wasn't the purpose of a one-on-one fighting between leaders.

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Pado and Badi retreated then rushed toward each other again.

Gulu saw that Badi was about to hit Pado when he suddenly lowered his head, which was very dangerous because Badi's horns would pierce Pado's neck!

Gulu shouted, "Pado, be careful!"

This Badi was really too insidious. Just now he knew that he couldn't win and wanted Pado's life.

Pado also lowered his head quickly. There was a loud bang. The two horns crashed together. There was another loud bang. Pado broke the longest left horn of Badi.

Triceratops without its longest horns was equivalent to losing weapons.

Badi didn't expect such a result. He immediately ran into the group and never dared to fight Pado again.

Gulu breathed a sigh of relief at last, thinking to himself: Despicable Badi. You deserve it! Pado is mighty! My Dad is the best!

Pado didn't think that there was anything to show off when he won against Badi. He returned to the ethnic group and rubbed Gulu.

Gulu was very excited. He kept saying, "Wow, Dad, you are really strong! You scared me to death just now. That Badi is really annoying. He's a bad Triceratops. He didn't obey the rules at all. Fortunately, my Dad is better…"

Badi lost so shamelessly. His group immediately followed him and left.

Pado's ethnic group began to eat crazily. The fern plants here were really delicious.

Gulu was also eating a lot. After eating, he laid on Pado's back to play.

While playing, Gulu saw Mungo outside the group.

Gulu immediately asked Pado to take him out.

Mungo was very happy to see Gulu and kept rubbing against Gulu.

Pado: "Go and play for a while. Send Gulu back before dark."

Mungo nodded repeatedly.

Gulu became a human to sit on Mungo's back and asked, "Mungo, can you take me to wash? There's a lot of blood on my body."

Before the fight, Gulu's Triceratops had blood all over its body. Because the two bodies were connected, there was still blood remaining after he became a human. It felt very uncomfortable after the blood dried up.

Mungo immediately took Gulu to the nearby mountain stream.

The stream was very shallow and clear. There was no terrible creature in the water. Gulu quickly jumped in.

Mungo was watching Gulu from the shore.

Gulu just washed for a while, when Mungo suddenly became very manic and kept roaring.

Gulu wasn't afraid, but Mungo looked so miserable. He's distressed and anxious. He didn't know what to do.

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