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This generation of young dinosaurs had never seen such a big flood.

All dinosaurs looked at the terrible sight. The Mapusaurus even forgot to attack while the Triceratopses forgot to defend themselves.

Gulu climbed onto Babana's back. He could see the plains below in one glance.

The flood broke the bank of Dada River. This turbulent water that surged and fell appeared overwhelming and unstoppable.

Because the terrain here was very high, he could see that the fern fields in the distance where they ate yesterday had now become a vast expanse of water. Countless ferns and huge tree trunks were floating. Some dinosaurs with strong swimming skills were still struggling to escape. They swam desperately.

But the flood came too strong. After another huge wave crashed down again, the desperately swimming dinosaur disappeared under it.

Rumble. Rumble. The sound of the flood was terrible, but the helpless roars from countless dinosaurs was even more horrifying.

Gulu saw endless dinosaurs running on the fern fields that had yet to be flooded. Carnivorous dinosaurs were running alongside herbivorous dinosaurs. Of course, they had no plan to attack each other now. It's more important to run for their lives!

But the flood came so fast that the dinosaurs couldn't run far at all before another large area was submerged in an instant.

Gulu saw a group of about 700-800 Triceratopses. When the flood hit, most of them immediately sank to the bottom forever. Only less than 10 Triceratopses with excellent water adaptability and strong bodies managed to swim.

Then Gulu noticed a very large female Tyrannosaurus rex with a small Tyrannosaurus rex in her mouth. The water around the female turned red, proving that she was seriously injured, possibly by a fallen tree or by other large dinosaurs.

The female Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to be dying, but she still swam desperately as if looking for something.

Gulu discovered the female moving towards a big floating tree. She put the small Tyrannosaurus rex on the trunk, then opened her big mouth to bite the trunk. Almost all of her teeth were embedded in it.

After biting the trunk, the female Tyrannosaurus rex no longer moved. Gulu knew that she was dead.

The baby Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to have just been born. He's still too young. He may not know that his mother was dead. He kept rubbing his little head against the big head of the female Tyrannosaurus rex while shouting: "Mom, Mom, what's wrong with you. Mom, don't ignore me…"

Gulu could see that this little Tyrannosaurus rex was very anxious. He couldn't wake up his Mom. The waves were very big. He could be hit by the waves at any time.

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The little Tyrannosaurus rex didn't want to leave his Mom, but he also didn't want to be washed away by the water. He embedded his own claws deeply into the trunk while using his small head to continually rub against his Mom's big head.

When a big wave came, Gulu was very worried that the little Tyrannosaurus rex would be carried away by it.

Fortunately, after the big wave passed, the small Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't taken away. The huge body of the female Tyrannosaurus rex could stabilize the big tree. Even if the strong wind and waves turned over other big trees countless times, this one could still remain stable.

From a human point of view, Gulu was very touched by the maternal love of the female Tyrannosaurus rex. Even if the female was dead, she still struggled to create the slightest hope of survival for her cub.

Gulu believed that this female Tyrannosaurus rex must have been as good as Gaya before her death. She was the safest shelter for her cub before her death and now became the "harbor" for her cub to escape the flood after she died.

At this time, the rain stopped. The flood had completely covered the plains.

The little Tyrannosaurus rex felt very afraid. There was water everywhere, endless expanse of them. The water was fierce and killed many dinosaurs. He snuggled against his mother tightly, as if he wouldn't be afraid as long as he leaned against her.

Gulu knew that even if this little Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't dead now, he would die later. At least he had a "companion" before he died, which shouldn't be too sad.

The little Tyrannosaurus rex kept talking to ease his fear: "Mom, you can't sleep too long. You promise to catch Triceratops for me to eat. Triceratops is delicious. Ah, it makes my mouth water…Mom, I will listen to you and will never make you angry again. You can't sleep too long. If you're tired, I'll catch Triceratops for you…"

Gulu saw many large aquatic creatures such as Sarcosuchus that was brought over by the flood. The plains had now become their feast.

All Triceratopses of Pado could hardly believe their eyes. The water of Dada River really flooded the entire fern plains!

They never realize that there could be so much water in the Dada River that it could no longer hold it.

Only then did they discovered that what Gulu said was true. As Dada River got fatter, the water would flow out. The spilled-out water could flood many places!

If Pado hadn't listened to Gulu and left there, they would all be dead now, just like the dinosaurs below. It was impossible to survive.

All Triceratopses in the group looked at Gulu standing on Babana's back. Their eyes were full of admiration just like when they saw Pado.

Gulu didn't sense the countless adoration from the group. He was looking intently at the plains below where many dinosaurs died. In fact, he could have saved them, but he chose not to do so.

The mode of human thinking was always very melodramatic. Even if Gulu knew that not saving them was the right thing to do, he still felt uncomfortable.

It's just like watching helplessly as an entire county was swept away by the flood when he knew that it would come in advance, then saw countless people struggling to survive in the flood, only to finally all died. How could he not be uncomfortable?

However, there was no time for Gulu to keep suffering. The Mapusaurus woke up and started attacking the group again. Pado immediately organized all male Triceratopses to defend them.

Gulu immediately slipped down Babana's back.

There're too many Mapusaurus. Their aggressiveness was second only to Tyrannosaurus rex. Gradually, Mapusaurus's attack reached the center of the group.

Babana tried her best to protect the three cubs.

All of a sudden, a Mapusaurus dinosaur lunged at Dudu. Babana slammed into it and hurt the Mapusaurus's neck.

But at the same time when Babana crashed into the Mapusaurus, another Mapusaurus tried to bite Pachi. Gulu crashed into Pachi without hesitation. The two rolled aside while holding each other. Mapusaurus turned around and lunged at them again.

If the Mapusaurus's mouth went down, the two cubs would be cut into two pieces. They were too small. Mapusaurus specialized in hunting big dinosaurs like Argentinosaurus and could eat the two cubs alive in minutes.

Gulu thought that he was going to die. Suddenly, a giant male Triceratops desperately protected them behind him. The Mapusaurus's jaw sank into the male Triceratops.

One heard a stabbing sound. Poof, blood sprayed out, splashing Gulu and Pachi.

The male Triceratops issued a roar of anguish. He tilted to the side. His horn inserted into the neck of the Mapusaurus. Blood poured out like a flood. A large Mapusaurus had more than ten tons of blood. The horn inserted right into its carotid artery.

Pachi and Gulu were drenched by the scalding blood and completely turned into two red Triceratops cubs.

Because Mapusaurus was fierce when fighting, its blood would become very hot, more so from the neck. Gulu finally knew why people say "hot-blooded". Whether it's human or animal, their blood became boiling hot during the most violent time.

Gulu saw clearly that the giant male Triceratops who saved them was Nock.

At the same time that Nock killed the Mapusaurus, the Mapusaurus also completely bit off the other half of Knock's horn shield.

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Nock lost half of his horn shield when he saved Pado before and now the other half was gone.

Gulu didn't know whether it's Nock's own blood or the Mapusaurus's blood that turned Nock's entire big head red.

Nock had no time to take care of his injury. He immediately rejoined the battle. He's like a mad Triceratops, unstoppable.

At the same time, Gulu saw Pado nearby had killed the Mapusaurus who attacked Babana with his horn.

In fact, Pado also rushed up to save Gulu and Pachi just now. But Nock was closer. Even if Pado arrived later, he could directly kill the Mapusaurus from the side.

Gulu didn't know how to thank Nock. Although Nock nearly killed him because he listened to the Tyrannosaurus rex, he also risked his own life to save Gulu just now.

Babana immediately brought Dudu back to Pachi's and Gulu's side. It's too dangerous before. She felt very scared. Without Nock, even if she was strong, she wouldn't have been able to save Pachi and Gulu.

Pado and countless male Triceratopses killed or drove out all Mapusaurus that rushed to the middle of the group. This allowed the weak cubs to be protected again.

All Triceratopses in the group had placed Gulu in the most central position and protected him very tightly. This was their way of thanking Gulu.

Triceratops's way of thinking was very simple, even somewhat stupid. They were so stubborn and easily became suspicious of Gulu when they didn't accept him from their hearts. But as long as they recalled how Gulu protected the ethnic group, they were willing to guard Gulu with their own lives.

One didn't know how long the war lasted before those Mapusaurus were finally driven away by Pado's leadership. However, the ethnic group also suffered heavy losses.

This was why many herbivorous dinosaurs were not willing to come to Nanshan.

Nanshan was too barren compared with the plains along the river. Ferns and leaves were very thin, not at all plump and juicy. Only ethnic groups that couldn't occupy good territory on the plains would come to Nanshan.

In fact, there were not so many carnivorous dinosaurs in Nanshan at first. There were actually fewer carnivorous dinosaurs in Nanshan than in the plains before. Because the herbivorous dinosaurs on this side were generally thin and easy to hunt, more and more carnivorous dinosaurs gradually gathered in Nanshan.

At present, not only were the fern trees and leaves in Nanshan not delicious, but there're many carnivorous dinosaurs. Of course, no herbivorous dinosaur group was willing to come to Nanshan.

The plains along the river was always the richest, such as the "Dada River Plains" where Pado's group used to live. Now, these plains along the river was in danger of being flooded.

Nature was so magical. The abundant coastal plains nurtured and expanded countless dinosaur groups only to let a flood drown them all.

Even though Gulu, as a human being, escaped the floods with Pado's ethnic group, he was still almost fatally attacked in Nanshan.

Pado's group suffered heavy losses. Yet, they didn't have time to feel sorry for the dead dinosaurs. They had to find safe habitats and relatively abundant fern fields to eat.

Gulu found Nock who was seriously injured. Even if the wounds looked serious, Nock didn't show a painful appearance. He's used to suffering injuries.

Gulu spoke to him, "Nock, thank you for saving me."

Nock: "No, thank you for saving the whole group. Without you, all of us would have drowned."

Gulu: "This is what I should do. I'm also a member of the ethnic group."

Speaking of this, Nock felt very guilty. He didn't regard Gulu who was raised by Tyrannosaurus rex as a member of the group before, so he was stupid enough to believe the words of a Tyrannosaurus rex and doubted Gulu.

He could never forgive himself for being so stupid: "Gulu, I'm sorry, I almost killed you before."

In fact, Gulu knew that Nock felt very guilty. Even if he had saved him now, he still felt very guilty. He didn't want Nock to be so burden any more: "Since you save me this time, let's call it even."

Nock looked at Gulu and became even more guilt-ridden. He nodded, but in his heart he couldn't forgive himself.

After Gulu and Nock had finished speaking, they returned to Babana's side.

Pado was now afraid to leave the group to find suitable habitats. He could go wherever he wanted, but once he left, the situation in the group would become dangerous. There're too many carnivores here. They may be attacked at any time.

Because Pado didn't know where to find a good area, they walk very slowly. Pado let members of the group eat whatever they saw or whatever they could to fill their stomachs.

However, Nanshan was almost barren. The fern plants on the mountains didn't grow as fast as the plains. They could eat too little of it.

These ferns were short of water. They're not lush, but dry and tasted terrible.

Pado's group had been eating well. They never tasted anything so bad, but they still forced themselves to chew them.

Babana searched for a relatively good fern plant and gave it all to the three cubs. She ate the crushed ferns beside her.

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