Gulu immediately called out to Ray, "Ray, I'm telling you. You must take your ethnic group to Nanshan, where the terrain is high. In two days at most, Dada River will spill out and this place will be submerged!"

Ray couldn't believe it: "Dada River is very good. Why will the river spill out? There're relatively few carnivores in this place and it has the best ferns and leaves to eat. It's too bad to leave."

Herbivorous dinosaurs only knew how to solve the problem of eating and where to find the best ferns and leaves. It's enough not to starve the ethnic group and to protect the ethnic group from being eaten by carnivores. They wouldn't observe other things and they didn't have the ability to predict.

Gulu: "Ray, you must believe me. Look, isn't Dada River getting fatter than before? Hasn't the water level changed a lot? Dada River will soon be unable to hold so much water. The terrain here is the lowest. It will definitely be submerged by the water from Dada River. Many, many dinosaurs will die."

Ray still looked skeptical.

Gulu had already said everything in the most straightforward way he could, but it's still difficult for a dinosaur to understand. Gulu didn't know any better way to explain. The situation was really too difficult.

Especially now. It seemed that Dada River was really not dangerous. Only its current was relatively fast. Dinosaurs didn't know that if there's too much water upstream, the downstream would be flooded. This kind of problem was beyond the scope of their brains.

Ray's cub, Beibei, always believed in Gulu. The first time he saw Gulu, Gulu saved him. At that time, Gulu was still very small but was already powerful.

He urged Ray, "Dad, you can trust Brother. He's the best. You must listen to him!"

Gulu repeatedly stressed: "Ray, promise me that you will go. You must go!"

Although Ray still felt incredulous, he believed that Gulu wouldn't harm him, so he agreed, "I promise you."

Gulu: "Ray, quickly let me down. I'm going to tell Pado right away. I want Pado to leave immediately with the group. You also need to leave immediately with your ethnic group. Maybe this place will be flooded tonight!"

Ray bowed down his head and slowly lowered Gulu to the ground.

Gulu rubbed Ray's big head and reiterated, "Ray, you must listen to me this time, you must!"

Ray nodded his head.

Gulu ran to Pado without even have time to catch his breath and shouted, "Pado, we must leave immediately. There's too much water in Dada River. This place will be flooded in two days at most. If there's another rainstorm tonight, it will be flooded tonight."

Pado wasn't as tall as Ray and couldn't see Dada river, but even if he could see it, he didn't understand: "Impossible! Gulu, where did you hear that?"

A dinosaur's IQ couldn't be compared to that of human beings. Its defensive capability against natural disasters was almost zero. Perhaps this was also one of the laws of natural balance. Occasionally, a major disaster would destroy some dinosaurs naturally to achieve ecological balance.

Gulu could barely contain his anxiety: "I judge it myself. Really, Pado, believe me! We must leave at once!"

Pado: "This place has the best fern fields around. There're not too many carnivores…"

Gulu: "I don't care, we have to go now! If you don't go, I'll be killed right here!"

Pado certainly believed in Gulu, but he loathed to give up such good conditions here. Still, he could feel that Gulu was very anxious. He couldn't bear to see Gulu riddle with anxiety.

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Gulu also didn't want to threaten his own life, but he couldn't help it. If he could convince Pado, there's no need to convince the others. To be more direct, Pado would certainly refuse to let him die.

This move was indeed very useful against Pado. Pado knew that although Gulu was as naive as Pachi and Dudu sometimes, he was definitely different from ordinary young dinosaur cubs. Gulu was very smart and would never threaten him with his own life for no reason.

Pado immediately called together all members of the group. Gulu sat on Pado's back. Wherever he said to go, Pado would go there.

There was absolutely no other ethnic leader who would listen to the "nonsense" of a "little brat" like Pado.

All dinosaurs of Pado were actually very dissatisfied. They thought that Pado pampered Gulu too much. They already ate such good ferns and leaves here. Why go to Nanshan? There wasn't much food there at all. Not to mention, there're still many carnivorous dinosaurs.

But Pado was the leader, Pado's orders must be obeyed. They had to leave with Pado even if they were dissatisfied.

Gulu knew that Mungo had been hiding outside the group to secretly watch him. He had to go to him to clarify the situation.

The so-called "Dad knows his son best" could also be used on Triceratops. Before Gulu spoke, Pado already took him to the outside of the group.

Gulu: "Dad, it's very kind of you!"

With Pado on board, they soon found Mungo.

Gulu stood on Pado's back and became a human being. He put his arms around Mungo's big head and said, "Mungo, the water of Dada River will flood this place. We are going to Nanshan. You must also take your ethnic group with you and leave immediately!"

Mungo's face looked stunned.

Gulu: "Mungo, promise me that you will leave immediately!"

Mungo agreed without thinking: "Alright, I'll take them with me right away."

In fact, Nanshan wasn't very far away from here. It could be reached in one day at most. The terrain on the other side of Nanshan was relatively higher. No amount of water could flood it.

Although there're more carnivorous dinosaurs on the other side of Nanshan, Mungo was the overlord everywhere.

Gulu: "When you get to Nanshan, don't let Guji and Gudong run around. There're many carnivores over there. It's very dangerous."

In fact, Gulu knew that Mungo sometimes took his brothers to hunt in Nanshan. Mungo knew the situation there very well, but he couldn't help reminding.

Mungo nodded.

Time was running out. Gulu finally hugged Mungo's big head and kissed him on the nose then left.

Mungo stood still for a long time. It felt really amazing.

Gulu's human-shaped lips were the softest. Mungo's nose and mouth were too sensitive to the touch. Of course, they would feel amazing. This was a feeling that he had never experienced before. Nothing in the dinosaur era had such softness.

Until Gulu reached the ethnic group, he still saw Mungo staring blankly in place. He turned into a human standing on Pado's head and waved hard at Mungo to let him go back quickly.

Mungo didn't wake up till then. He knew what Gulu meant by this gesture and immediately ran back.

Pado led the group past many carnivorous dinosaurs and herbivorous dinosaurs.

Among them was Hongdun's group.

If Gulu wanted, he could urge Pado to roar out loud and tell all dinosaurs here that the flood was coming soon. Please leave quickly and hide in Nanshan.

However, first of all, these dinosaurs wouldn't believe Gulu. Even Pado hesitated when Gulu told him, not to mention other ethnic groups.

Secondly, Gulu wouldn't do this. Natural disasters were also one of the ways for ecological balance. He couldn't artificially and "wantonly" destroy this balance.

Saving several ethnic groups wouldn't destroy this balance. They totaled up to too little compared to the whole continent of Yukan. They affected nothing at all. But if all dinosaurs here were saved, it would destroy the ecological balance.

Even if so many dinosaurs could be saved, they would all have to go to the nearest Nanshan, which would definitely lead to an even more unpredictable "disaster". The disaster at that time would certainly be particularly bloody and terrible.

Gulu understood this truth deeply, so he didn't tell other dinosaurs.

Pado's ethnic group also passed through the fern fields where Hongdun ethnic group fed.

Hongdun didn't know why Pado had to leave. He had to work so hard to squeeze out so many strong ethnic groups to come here. In regard to Pado's group, one really "didn't know whether they were lucky or not".

Gulu didn't know why, but he suddenly wanted to tell Hongdun that the flood was coming.

Perhaps it's because they let Myer go that Hongdun couldn't immediately avenge Dunyi. This made Gulu feel a little guilty, so he decided to help the small group of Hongdun.

Although Gulu and Dunyi had no friendship or relationship, he pitied Dunyi and preferred him to Myer.

Moreover, Hongdun's group had less than 500 Triceratops, which was probably the smallest Triceratops group. Saving them would have little impact.

So when Pado walked in front of Hongdun, Gulu shouted loudly, "Hongdun, get your ethnic group out of here quickly. The water of Dada River will flood here soon. Believe me! You must leave at once!"

Hongdun appeared completely unmoved and even wanted to scold Gulu: Oh, you want to cheat me away so you can monopolize such a good fern field? No way!

Because of Pado, he didn't dare to really scold Gulu.

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After Pado's ethnic group walked away, Hongdun immediately took his ethnic group to seize the fern field where Pado's group ate and was very happy.

All Triceratopses of Hongdun were very happy. They had never eaten such delicious fern plants before. Triceratopses of Pado's group could eat so well every day.

Pado led the group for a whole afternoon and a whole night before finally arriving in Nanshan at dawn. From here, one could see the area where they used to live in the distance.

After walking for such a long time, they were very hungry. They needed to eat urgently, but Nanshan was really too barren to find many fern plant.

In fact, all Triceratopses in the ethnic group were very dissatisfied. They were eating these inedible ferns while complaining in low voices:

"I think Pado is really crazy…"

"Since this Gulu came back, Pado has not been normal!"

"The fern plants aren't meant to be eaten by dinosaurs at all. They taste so bad…"

However, the problem of unpalatable ferns was still second. The most important matter was that they had been targeted by more than 20 Velociraptors.

Pado immediately became alarmed. He quickly organized the strongest Triceratopses to protect the group.

Accompanied by roars, more than 20 Velociraptors rushed toward Pado's group.

Babana protected the three cubs in the middle of the group.

Triceratopses of Pado's ethnic group all knew that it was because of him that they had to come to Nanshan. Now they hate Gulu very much in their hearts, but because of Pado, no dinosaur dared to openly display their rage at him.

From many tragic howls, Gulu knew that many Triceratopses were injured and many of them were dead.

Even Gulu was splashed with a lot of blood despite being in the innermost part of the group.

The night before dawn was really dark.

It rained again.

Velociraptors didn't care about hunting in the rain.

Gulu didn't know how long it rained, or how many Triceratopses died. At dawn, their group welcomed the second wave of predators, more than 20 Mapusaurus.

Mapusaurus was much stronger than Velociraptor.

Even so, Pado didn't regret coming to Nanshan.

Heavy rain continued.

There're too many Mapusaurus and their attack power was very strong. Gulu didn't know how many more dinosaurs had died.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and these Mapusaurus stopped attacking.

All dinosaurs looked at the plains below where the flood instantly engulfed the entire plains.

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