Originally, Pado's group was too large. Large ethnic group was always difficult to manage. There would always be various problems. If this "too smart" Triceratops was allowed to enter the ethnic group, there may be no rest every day.

Myer never expected this result. He looked at Pado and begged, "I'm stupid. Pado, please help me. For the sake of helping Gulu today, please help me…"

Pado: "Even if you didn't help Gulu, I will still protect him and won't let any Triceratops hurt him."

Myer felt that Pado didn't accept him because Gulu didn't like him. He hurriedly turned to Gulu: "Gulu, please help me talk to Pado. I will listen to you in the future. As long as I can enter Pado's ethnic group, I will do whatever you want me to do."

Pado: "It has nothing to do with Gulu. I don't like cubs like you."

Myer was completely despairing. He cried out: "I just want to live. I don't want to starve and be beaten every day… If my Dad hadn't died, I wouldn't have become like this. My Dad will protect me…"

Gulu suddenly felt a little distressed for Myer. In fact, Myer was just trying to live. The "survival instinct" made Myer, who was supposed to be as stupid as other Triceratops, became "cunning". The type of cunning that wasn't like a dinosaur.

However, Gulu also felt that Dunyi was pitiful. Although Dunyi bullied Myer badly before, today's encounter with Dunyi was so similar to him that Gulu couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

Myer sat down on the ground. He didn't want to die. He wanted to grow up and became a powerful Triceratops leader like Pado.

Hongdun saw Pado not helping Myer and immediately rushed to Myer's front. As soon as Pado left, he would immediately kill Myer.

Myer was trembling all over. He knew that he was going to die soon. He's very afraid. He didn't want to die.

Although Pado also felt that Dunyi was very poor, he still intervened: "You helped Gulu today. I won't let you enter my ethnic group, nor will I watch you be killed. Whether you can survive or not depends on yourself. Go."

In Pado's mind, Gulu was the most important. Myer helped Gulu. He couldn't "repay kindness with enmity", but he would never accept such a young cub into the group. What's more, Gulu didn't like this young cub.

Gulu knew why Pado would do this, but Dunyi was really pitiful.

Pado gave a loud roar at Hongdun, who immediately retreated a lot.

Gulu walked up to Myer and spoke, "I hate you very much. You can please me to live today but you may also kill me to live tomorrow. My Dad only let you go because you helped me today. You'd better not provoke me again. Otherwise, I will surely kill you!"

Pado looked at Gulu with great relief. He knew that Gulu would one day become a Triceratops better than him.

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Myer was shocked. He didn't know why more and more Triceratopses in the ethnic group didn't like him. When his Dad was still alive, it's clear that they liked him very much.

He felt that it must be because he was no longer the leader's son. They wanted to please the new leader's son. He never searched for the reason within himself.

Today, Pado said that he didn't like such a young cub. Only then did he realize a little of his own problems. Then, Gulu's words woke him up completely.

Myer stared at Gulu then ran away without looking back.

He ran very fast, as if afraid that Pado would regret protecting him. And he would be killed by Hongdun.

Myer remembered that his Dad once said to him before: To be the best Triceratops leader, you must have the strongest body and the best brothers. Brothers who lived and died by you.

As he ran, he thought, is it really my fault? I just want to live well. What's wrong with that?

Gulu sat on Pado's back. He didn't know whether Myer would survive or harm him in the future, but he wasn't afraid. If Myer could kill him, he felt that he deserved to die because he was too weak.

As for the "feud" between Myer and Hongdun, they could solve it themselves. Gulu felt very distressed for Dunyi , but after all, he never had anything to do with Dunyi.

Even before, Gulu was almost crushed to death by Myer with his Triceratopses. Gulu was able to escape only when Dunyi and his Triceratops cubs came over. However, Dunyi didn't mean to help Gulu. He simply wanted to beat Myer.

Gulu had nothing to do with Dunyi. He had no position to avenge Dunyi.

Hongdun helplessly watched Myer escape, but he had made up his mind to find Myer and kill him!

Pado sat Gulu, Pachi and Dudu on his back together while taking the group back to their valley.

When all members of the group returned, Pado began to clean up the group.

First of all, Nock. Nock would like Pado to give him a good beating. He thought that he was too stupid.

Gulu saw Pado call Nock out of the group. When he came back again, Nock was covered in blood.

Although he was seriously injured, Nock was very happy in his heart. If Pado didn't beat him, he would have to leave the group. How could he not be ashamed and dare to stay any longer?

In fact, even if Nock wronged Gulu today, Nock nearly died for Pado and for the ethnic group many times. Furthermore, Nock did it for the ethnic group today. No Triceratops in the ethnic group would blame him. Even so, he would blame himself. He couldn't forgive such a stupid act.

Then Pado began to patrol the ethnic group, cleaning them up one by one. Those who couldn't accept Gulu would leave now. If those who stayed dared to find Gulu's troubles, Pado wouldn't hesitate to kill them.

Heili watched Pado clean up the ethnic group one by one. He's very scared when he saw Nock covered in blood.

In the end, he could no longer bear the psychological pressure and sneaked away before Pado cleaned him up.

Heili hated the Tyrannosaurus rex of Haite's group. Without these Tyrannosaurus rex, Gulu wouldn't be wronged today. He might still be able to eat quietly in Pado's group.

However, it's obvious that Pado absolutely couldn't tolerate any Triceratops that may harm Gulu.

Heili: I just want to mix in. Why is it so difficult?

However, Gulu and Pado didn't think of Heili at all. Pado toured the entire ethnic group and didn't find Heili missing.

There're too many Triceratopses in Pado's group. He couldn't remember all of them.

Gulu thought that so many things had happened today. Pado would definitely not teach him because he ran off to help the Quetzalcoatlus again, but he was beaten by Pado at night and his butts were swollen!

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In the following half month, the torrential rain continued and didn't stop.

Mungo didn't come to pick up Gulu either. The main reason was that this weather wasn't suitable for running everywhere. The distance between Pado's group to Mungo's group was quite far away. Gulu was too small to move back and forth in this weather.

Gulu, Pachi and Dudu grazed under Pado's and Babana's bodies every day to shelter from the rain.

At last, the weather was fine. Gulu felt that if the rain kept up any further, he might get moldy.

It's a fine day. Pado took the group out to forage.

Pado's group met other groups of Argentinosaurus and Diplodocus who also came to look for food.

Gulu saw Ray. Of course, Ray and his cub also saw Gulu.

After so many days, Gulu was finally able to stand on Ray's head and eat leaves again. He's very happy.

Ray's cub was also very happy. He liked playing with Gulu the best, mainly because most Argentinosaurus cubs around his size were dead.

The survival rate of Argentinosaurus cubs was very low.

Gulu stood on Ray's head. The leaves washed by the rain were really fresh and delicious!

Gulu looked at the blue sky and breathed in the fresh air. The air after the rain was so good and refreshing.

In fact, in the completely unpolluted dinosaur world, the air was good every day. The oxygen content was extremely high, which was also the reason why dinosaurs grew very big. High oxygen content would accelerate the metabolism of organisms, making the growth speed very fast.

Even if one breathed super fresh air every day, the air after rain was still lovely and refreshing.

Gulu was eating when he saw a "hurricane" blowing behind a Diplodocus. The wind was really strong. The young Triceratops that ate ferns nearby nearly fell.

Gulu saw the painful expression of the Triceratops cub and he immediately realized: Diplodocus will produce a large amount of "gas" in the body when eating, which will then be randomly discharged, or simply "fart".

Gulu: Ha, ha, ha, so this hurricane was a big fart from the Diplodocus!

Adult Diplodocus was very big. It could drop a ton of excrement a day. It wasn't surprising that its fart was a hurricane.

Suddenly Gulu heard a rumbling sound. He looked in the direction of the sound: Dada River's level is too high!

Gulu immediately realized a problem, this place may be flooded!

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