After getting up the next day, Lin Yifei took Manman to school together. Manman rarely spoke. It was Lin Yifei who had been explaining the bus route to her and the school situation. Manman and he weren't in the same class. Just after entering the classroom, Mark winked at Lin Yifei. "Ha ha, Lin, is that Chinese girl just now your little girlfriend?"

Lin Yifei rolled his eyes. "That is the daughter of my father's friend. She's just like my sister."

Mark gave him a dull look, "You Chinese people are very shy."

However, thanks to Mark, Lin Yifei was gradually accepted by the other students. At first everyone was surprised that Mark and Lin Yifei got along so well. But by the time midterm came, everyone wanted to ask Lin Yifei for help. They just didn't know how to speak since they hadn't contacted him before. Mark was very enthusiastic in setting up the line. Lin Yifei soon got acquainted with his classmates.

The club activities also made Lin Yifei very happy, even though Katherine was the only one in the whole club who could let him practice a little. Katherine was very eager to learn and even talked privately with Lin Yifei in order to prepare for the interschool competition. She asked Lin Yifei to guide herself. Katherine didn't fence just for entertainment. She really wanted to make some achievements in this field.

Lin Yifei naturally agreed to her, because only when Katherine's level improved could he have an opponent in the club.

"Wait, Katherine, your full name is Katherine Berman?" Lin Yifei suddenly remembered something.

"What's the matter? Do you have questions about my name?" Katherine looked depressed. She was defeated by Lin Yifei's sabre only half an hour ago.

"No…no problem…" Did he not only have the opportunity to see the growth of Chris, who was the world champion, but also have the honor to see the growth history of another female fencer?

According to Lin Yifei's memory before his rebirth, Katherine was the United States third ranking female fencer, and ranked ninth in the world. It's just that he didn't have much communication with the great beauty of the fencing world at that time. There was one time when he drank champagne at a cocktail party and exchanged a few pleasantries with her, then Chris took him away. Just looking at Katherine now, with a face full of freckles, one couldn't imagine that she would be a big beauty ten years later. But taking a closer look at the outline of her eyes, she was really the Katherine in his impression.

After that, the fencing club became Lin Yifei's time guiding Katherine. The two of them fought each other. While Lin Yifei was correcting Katherine's pace and technical movements, Mark and Philip would watch carefully. After several club activities, they even followed suit.

"Lin, I hope we will have a complete men's fencing team one day. Philip and I both want to take part in the team competition." Mark seriously said to Lin Yifei one day. Even Philip kept nodding.

Although Mr. Perry had always been teaching with a relaxed attitude, since the students were beginning to take it seriously, he was naturally much more rigorous in his training.

Katherine had made rapid progress. From her irregular movements to her professional posture, Lin Yifei felt that he could become a coach if he decided not to be an athlete in the future.

When Mark and Philip practiced, Lin Yifei would also guide them.

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"Philip, in fact, when you hit back at Mark just now, you were too wide-open and didn't leave yourself any room for defense. In this way, if Mark can hit back, it will be easy for him to score."

"At that time, Mark, you subconsciously used a lunge. I want to say that this is a very wise choice, but the position you thrust out is on the low side. If you meet someone with a higher level than Philip, the other party will definitely press you and fight back. You must ensure the rhythm of the whole match. Once the rhythm is taken away by Philip, Mark you will lose the advantage…"

Mr. Perry often looked surprised when listening. Not only was Lin Yifei's comments very detailed and practical, but even the expression on his face was like a professional athlete who had undergone numerous training in the competition field.

Soon, it was time for the women's fencing competition in the interschool tournament. Katherine looked rather nervous. Since she had four matches in one morning, she had to win at least three matches to qualify.

"What are you nervous about? It's impossible to win the championship with your strength, but it shouldn't be too difficult to enter." Lin Yifei smiled and said what he thought. He was almost strangled by Katherine.

"What do you mean it's impossible to win the championship with my strength?" Katherine broke out, "Don't forget, this afternoon is the man's sabre! I'm waiting to see you defeated by others!"

The match was on the weekends. When Lin Yifei was packing up his protective gears and sabre, Chen Manman stood at the door, as if to say something.

"What's the matter, Manman?" Lin Yifei carried his bag and walked to the door.

"I also want to watch your match."

"Ha ha, I only go to see my friend's fencing in the morning. It'll be my turn in the afternoon." Lin Yifei looked at Manman. Her English was not very good, so she had few friends.


"If you really want to come with me, you'd better take some snacks, because we won't have lunch till noon near the fencing hall." Lin Yifei's words made Manman happy in an instant.

This fencing hall wasn't big, but there could be four matches at the same time.

Lin Yifei took Manman to find Mark and Philip. Mark saw the little girl who followed him and winked at him, as if to say, "I say she's your girlfriend, but you still don't admit it."

Manman seemed to understand Mark's suggestive gaze and smiled shyly.

At present, Katherine was in the group round robin match. The winner would be the one who hit the opponent's five times in three minutes.

Katherine was still very nervous and looked at Lin Yifei and them before the match. Lin Yifei made a gesture of "victory" to her. Katherine smiled reluctantly before wearing the mask. Indeed as expected, because of being too nervous, in the first minute, Katherine lost three points. Mark and Philip had covered their eyes and dared not look any longer.

"It's okay, she just hasn't entered the state. It takes two more hits to lose!" Although Lin Yifei frowned, he thought that Katherine still had hope.

Fencing was so thrilling because it was unknown who won and who lost until the last moment. So mental strength was very important.

Katherine waved the sabre in her hand and jumped twice in situ. From the second minute on, she suddenly got up bravely and took back three points from the other one after another. After that, her momentum was overwhelming. Even Mark and Philip off the stage were excited.

"Good Katherine! Take care of her!"

The spectators in the fencing hall were not allowed to make any noise. Lin Yifei quickly put his hand over Philip's mouth.

Really, this group of guys really thought that Katherine was going to be defeated a minute ago.

The opponent was overwhelmed by Katherine's momentum and rhythm. After 30 seconds more, Katherine ushered in her first victory on the court.

In the next three matches, Katherine lost once. The remaining two were narrowly won. Lin Yifei and they were very happy for Katherine's listing.

"Lin, I must study hard from your match this afternoon." Today's Katherine looked more confident than ever.

"Huh? I don't know who said yesterday that she was waiting for me to be defeated by others!" Lin Yifei smiled and didn't seem even a little nervous. These several people found a place to settle their lunch.

In the afternoon, Lin Yifei would compete. To be honest, Lin Yifei won the four round robin matches easily, because compared with the children of the same age, their way of playing the sabre was really too easy to predict. However, Lin Yifei also found that he should train his physical ability and reaction time, since he couldn't always rely on experience to win.

After leaving the scene, Katherine and they were already waiting for him.

"Lin, you really won four bouts! With the momentum of picking them off in one move. Ah…I love you!" Katherine said very exaggeratedly.

Manman on the side seemed even more shy. She said in a low voice in Chinese, "Brother Yifei, you are really strong."

Lin Yifei smiled. "The next round will be a single defeat (T/N: lose one and it's out). If I win again, Manman, you must congratulate me in English."

Chen Manman nodded her head.

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Lin Yifei happily went back to enjoy his mother's celebration dinner. He was unaware that there was a storm brewing in the Osbornes' family.

Chris went home with the coach and the protective gears behind his back. He walked back to his room as usual without any communication with his father who was waiting in the living room.

Mr. Osborne also turned a blind eye and talked with Chris's coach.

"Chris played very well today. To be honest, I felt very awkward when you asked me to teach him. After all, he started studying at the age of 12, and you said that he had not been taught by a coach before. I was still worried about how much he could learn." The coach sat down with Mr. Osborne while George served coffee to both of them. "I didn't expect him to have very standard technical moves, and his pace and reaction in the competition were also more mature than an average child. You said you hadn't hired a coach for him before. I really can't believe it."

"He is my son. Of course, he has the talent that no one else has." Such confident words came out of Mr. Osborne's mouth as if taken for granted.

At this time, George came over and leaned down beside Mr. Osborne. "Sir, I would like to ask, what should I do with those letters? The competition is over, shouldn't things be return to the young master?"

"Do you mean the letters sent to him by that Chinese boy Lin?" Mr. Osborne frowned. "Don't give them to Chris. You can just dispose of them."

George straightened up. Mr. Osborne asked, "Has the child called or sent letters recently?"


"Mmm." Mr. Osborne waved, but George beside him froze.


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