Galle was a very famous Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan. He had never been afraid of any Triceratops. He had fought against many enormous and strong male Triceratopses and never lost.

But when Galle saw Pado, he was still shocked. How could there be such a large male Triceratops in this world? This was simply unbelievable!

Even so, he wouldn't back down. He just involuntarily felt a kind of admiration toward this male Triceratops. The world of dinosaur advocated "power" and "body size".

Pado joined the battle with more than a dozen Triceratopses. The situation sharply changed. The Triceratops instantly took an absolute advantage.

Those Tyrannosaurus rex of Galle's group were very powerful. Even if they met a giant Triceratops like Pado, they were not terrified at all.

The two sides clashed and got injured. Triceratopses were bitten by Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex also bled from the horns of Triceratopses.

Mungo let out loud roars as he ran. Of course, he was "stopping the fight". He didn't dare to hurt Pado. If Pado was angry, how could he take Gulu out to play in the future?

When Galle heard Mungo's roars, he immediately stopped his brothers and retreated. Only then did he know that this was Pado. He had never seen Pado before and he didn't know his appearance.

He thought that he was stupid. How could there be another Triceratops with such a big size besides Pado? He complained about how he didn't think about this just now.

Soon, Mungo ran up to Pado with Gulu.

Pado was extremely large and strong. He wasn't injured, but Pado's brothers all had wounds.

The "Lone Ranger" Triceratops was slightly injured, but the injuries on him wasn't caused by Galle's Tyrannosaurus rex. They're basically injuries that he suffered before since the blood had coagulated.

This Triceratops seemed to be unaware of the pain. He's very excited and circled around Pado. His horn shield showed very bright blue. As he ran, he shouted, "Pado! It's great that you're all right! I thought that your ethnic group was flooded. It scared me to death…"

Pado, however, was angry: "Don't run around. It makes me dizzy! What are you doing here? Why are you not in your own ethnic group? Do you know how dangerous this place is?…"

Gulu knew that this Triceratops must be a leader, because his whole body's aura belonged to a leader. Previously, he alone was attacked by so many Tyrannosaurus rex, but his momentum didn't lessen at all. He prevented himself from being injured. It's really amazing!

But such a strong Triceratops leader was being treated like a little brat by Pado.

All Triceratopses around Pado were very excited because of his arrival. Except for Pado, their horns and shields became very bright colors.

Gulu: Wow, it seems that this Triceratops is very popular.

Pado: "I'll settle accounts with you later!"

Mungo saw Pado stared at him and hurriedly explained: "Pado, I'm sorry. He used to be in my group, but now he's the leader of another Tyrannosaurus rex group. His territory is far away from here. This time he came to look for me. He didn't know you…"

Gulu knew Mungo was trying to express that although he was my brother before, he had never seen you. I really didn't let him attack. This matter had nothing to do with me.

Seeing the "scared" appearance of "Mungo" in front of Pado, Gulu really wanted to laugh. During the day, Mungo was still an extremely terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex who "meet gods and kill gods, meet demons and slaughter demons". How could he behave so carefully in front of Pado?

Tyrannosaurus rex as fierce as Mungo wouldn't be afraid of even Pado.

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Gulu remembered that Mungo wasn't like this before. When did he change? It seemed that after Mungo sent him back to the Triceratops, he became more and more "humble" before Pado.

Pado: "Tyrannosaurus rex normally eats Triceratops. You don't have to apologize for this. If he can beat me, then he can eat me. If he can't beat me, then just wait to be killed by me."

Mungo felt even more scared: "Pado, don't be angry. I'll let him apologize to you. I'll teach him a lesson."

Pado became even angrier: "Mungo, I'm a Triceratops! You want to tell Tyrannosaurus rex not to eat Triceratops. How is that possible?!"

Mungo was a little overwhelmed by the roar and spoke in a low voice, "But you're also Gulu's Dad. With so many Triceratopses around, we can eat other Triceratopses."

Pado: "Mungo, look at you now. You are a Tyrannosaurus rex, the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex in Yukan. You shouldn't be afraid of me. Now other dinosaurs all say that you are scared by me when you aren't afraid of me at all."

Mungo: "I don't care."

Of course, Pado knew that Mungo didn't care. He just thought that Mungo was too stupid. Obviously he only recognized Gulu as his son! Why is it that he has to teach a Tyrannosaurus rex every day?!

Mungo also understood that Pado said these for his own good. When something happened to Gulu, he would lose all consciousness of being a Tyrannosaurus rex. Pado didn't want him to forget that he was a Tyrannosaurus rex because of Gulu.

Pado: "Well, you can go back. Your brother can hunt my group whenever he wants."

Mungo kept nodding and said, "Pado, don't worry, he won't hunt your group anymore. He will go back to his territory tomorrow. His territory is far away from here. He won't have a chance to hunt your group again. Besides, he can hunt any of the other Triceratopses in Nanshan."

Pado: "I know, you go back quickly. Gulu, come on Dad's back."

Mungo wanted to tell him that Gulu would go back to sleep with him for a night, but he was a little afraid to say it now. He's scared of making Pado even angrier. But he also hesitated to let Gulu down since he's uncertain of what to do next.

Gulu hurriedly called out, "Dad, I want to stay with Mungo for one night and come back tomorrow, okay?"

Pado stared at those Tyrannosaurus rex not far away and refused: "No, there're other Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group. Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex won't hurt you, but not necessarily these ones."

Mungo: "Pado, no, they won't. They listen to me. The biggest Tyrannosaurus rex is called Galle. He likes Gulu very much."

Gulu: "Dad, Galle likes me a lot. We played together before we came here. Galle is really good. He just didn't know you. If he does, he would never attack you."

Pado: "No means no. Mungo can pick up Gulu tomorrow morning."

Gulu resorted to his coquetry ~: "Pado, Dad, you are the best dad, let me go ah…"

At this time, the "Lone Ranger" Triceratops, which was extremely large in size, came to Pado and asked, "Pado, is this Gulu? He's really cute."

Pado was very angry: "Paton, I haven't settled accounts with you. You are not qualified to speak now."

Paton immediately took a step back in fright. Sika hurriedly rubbed him and appeased: "Don't be afraid. We'll intercede for you later."

Gulu immediately became very excited: "Uncle Paton, are you Uncle Paton?!"

Paton nudged Gulu's little head and answered, "Yes, Gulu."

Gulu realized that this was the "Paton" that all Triceratopses in the group dared not mention.

Paton's and Tutan's ethnic group "Patu" (T/N: Paton + Tutan = Patu) was the only Triceratops ethnic group in the whole continent of Yukan with "two kings in power". Moreover, the number of Triceratopses in the ethnic group was as high as 3,000, which was the largest Triceratops group except for Pado's.

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Paton and Tutan were a "couple". Both male Triceratopses were very powerful, being both big and strong. In the whole continent of Yukan, only Pado could compete with their size.

Paton and Pado were brothers. Paton was expelled from the group by Pado because Paton fell in love with Tutan and was unwilling to reproduce with a female Triceratops, which was absolutely intolerable in the dinosaur world.

In the dinosaur world, there're many homosexual, promiscuous and even leaders who often "pressured" other particularly strong males in the group to mate in order to show their privileges.

However, dinosaurs, whether of the same S*x or of the opposite S*x, didn't pursue only one partner like human beings did. Even some true lover of the same S*x still gave birth to cubs with the opposite S*x.

Therefore, Paton was really an outlier among their species. As a leader, Pado was already a strange one with only Babana as his female Triceratops. Paton was even stranger than Pado. Not only did he fall in love with a male Triceratops, he's also unwilling to reproduce with any female Triceratops.

All dinosaurs in Yukan agreed that Pado and Paton were indeed brothers. They both had abnormal tendencies.

Paton was the pain in Pado's heart, so no Triceratops in the ethnic group dared to mention him or Pado would get very angry. Gulu had always known about him but never dared to ask.

Nock murmured: "Pado, he has been seriously injured. Don't be angry. He's just worried about us."

Paton felt very wronged and looked at Pado. "Pado, you broke into more than 20 Allosauruses to save me. You almost died. I was worried since you just left. Don't be angry…"

Pado: "Gulu is still here. Don't forget that you're a dinosaur leader."

Gulu certainly understood Pado's subtext: In front of the little cub, you are an uncle. Don't act too embarrassingly.

Paton no longer said anything.

All dinosaurs in Yukan knew the story of Mungo and Gulu. A Tyrannosaurus rex raising a Triceratops, Paton certainly heard about it. It wasn't surprising to him that Mungo, the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex in Yukan, was so afraid of Pado.

Although Gulu would like to see Mungo's "Palace Drama", Uncle Paton's return made him very excited. He wanted to know the story of Uncle Paton and the male Triceratops.

Gulu changed his mind, "Mungo, you go first. My uncle Paton is back. I want to spend more time with him."

Mungo could only give Gulu to Pado.

Galle would like to come and apologize to Pado, but Pado wasn't willing to contact any Tyrannosaurus rex except Mungo.

Pado was carrying Gulu to the ethnic group. Paton followed Pado closely and didn't dare to speak. He looked very nervous.

Because Paton came back, all members of the ethnic group were very happy. As long as it's an adult Triceratops, their horns and shields basically turned into bright colors.

This proved that Paton really had a good relationship with the ethnic group.

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