Pado sent Gulu to Babana then took Paton to eat away from the group. He wanted to talk to Paton alone.

Pachi and Dudu had never met Paton, but they all had heard of him. They were as curious as Gulu but didn't dare ask more questions.

After a long time, Pado came back with Paton. Paton's wounds were licked. At least there was much less blood. Saliva could also help disinfect him.

Gulu thought to himself, Pado is so strict and fierce to Paton on the surface. In fact, he just loved Paton. But Paton shouldn't have run up to Nanshan alone. This was really too dangerous. No matter how badly hurt Pado was before, it wasn't deadly if he didn't die.

Pado brought Paton to Babana and the three young ones.

Paton was standing in front of Babana. He's very excited. The color of his horn shield instantly turned into a particularly bright blue. He kept rubbing on Babana's neck.

Babana also gently rubbed Paton's neck and said: "Just come back, don't go any further. If Pado dare to chase you away again, I'll hit him!"

Paton made a mistake in the ethnic group and was beaten by Pado. Babana protected him. Therefore, Paton and Babana had a good relationship, somewhat similar to "an older sister-in-law is like a mother".

Although Pado and Paton hatched from the same nest of eggs, Pado's special body size grew fast and was very large. Paton refused to grow when he was younger and looked five or six years younger than Pado. Consequently, Paton appeared very small when Pado became the leader of the ethnic group.

Paton grew up in recent years after being expelled from the group by Pado. He grew very fast, as if to make up for those previous years.

In fact, Pado was very surprised when Paton came back this time. It's been a long time since he saw him. He didn't expect Paton to grow so large.

In the past, he only heard other Triceratopses say that Paton became a leader. He was very big and powerful. But Pado didn't believe it. He thought that it's just misinformation by the other Triceratopses. Now he could see that it was true.

It could be said that Paton grew up under Pado's all-round protection before. Paton never lacked food and no Triceratops dared to bully him.

Looking at Paton now, Pado felt that maybe his former self was wrong and shouldn't "spoil" this younger brother so much. He should be allowed to go through dangers and tribulations. His younger brother grew up so fast after he left him.

Pado was certainly happy with Paton's growth, but he refused to show it.

Paton: "Babana, I want to go back. I heard that Dada River flooded a lot of places. I came here in case you have an accident. I will go back since you already found a new territory. Tutan is still waiting for me."

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Pado: "You are injured, rest here."

Paton: "Brother, I will go with you to guard the group. I have grown up."

Pado: "I told you to stay here, right here."

Paton: "My injury is nothing! I can do it!"

Sika also hurriedly interceded: "Pado, let Paton guard the ethnic group with us. We also want to talk more with him. It's hard for him to come back."

Nock chimed in: "Yes, yes."

Pado just stared at Sika and Nock until they shut up. In the ethnic group, Pado couldn't be disobeyed.

Paton wanted to guard the group with Pado because it's extremely "shameful" for a robust adult Triceratops to be protected in the middle of the group.

In the past, Paton wasn't qualified to stand beside Pado to protect the group because of his small size, but Pado still let him join the team by making an "exception" for him.

At that time, Paton could only stand there because of his back door "connection". It's because he was Pado's younger brother that he was able to stand there. In fact, Pado was still protecting him when fighting.

But now that he had grown up, he wanted to really stand with Pado and "fight side by side."

Without Pado's permission, Paton could only lie despondently on the edge of the nest and say: "Then I will play with the three cubs. When I'm well, I'll defend the group with you!"

Pado took a dozen strong male Triceratopses to that "high ground" on the edge of the ethnic group. All male Triceratopses in the group want to go to the "high ground". Standing beside Pado to defend the group was their highest pursuit.

As soon as Pado left, the three cubs surrounded Paton and asked him about everything.

Gulu: "Uncle Paton, can you tell me the story of Tutan? I really want to know."

Pachi and Dudu also hurriedly echoed: "I want to know, I also want to know."

It's getting late now. It's time to go to bed. Paton: "Then all of you go lie down in the nest. I'll tell you."

Paton told the younger ones a bedtime story: "Tutan and I met during the dry season migration. He's already the leader of another Triceratops group at that time. He's very tall and big, but still not as big as Pado…"

"Pado was very angry when he knew that I was with Tutan and drove me out of the group, but I didn't suffer much when I went to Tutan's group. He's very kind to me. There were many female Triceratopses who wanted to have cubs with him. I was extremely angry. Some male Triceratopses looked down on me because of my size. I got angrier and kept fighting with them…"

Babana was distressed: "I remember how small you were when you left. Pado was really cruel. It would have been nice to have Tutan in our ethnic group. No Triceratops would dare to bully you."

The main reason was that Paton's "mistake" wasn't a serious "mistake" or even a mistake in the world of dinosaurs. It could only be said that it's too different. If Paton wasn't a leader, there would be no dinosaur who cared whether he would reproduce with females.

But Tutan was a leader and now Paton had become a leader. In fact, Patu's group always had great opinions about the fact that their two leaders didn't have their own cubs. Only Tutan and Paton were too powerful. They dared not say anything.

Paton: "Babana, in fact I didn't suffer much. Tutan is very kind to me. Although many Triceratopses came to fight with me when I first went, I liked to fight with them."

Babana spoke bitterly, "It's all Pado's fault."

Gulu: "Uncle Paton, how did you become the leader of the ethnic group?"

Paton: "We'll talk about this tomorrow. It's getting late today. You go to bed first."

Gulu believed that Paton must have relied on his own skill rather than Tutan's help to become the leader. Paton was now a really great Triceratops, with a big and strong body.

The three cubs woke up the next day and went out with the group to look for food.

Pado took the group to eat in the valley near their dwelling today, where ferns were very fertile.

Paton was still being protected in the center of the group with Babana and the three cubs. He repeatedly went to Pado and was driven back.

This time, many Diplodocuses were also eating with them. Diplodocuses were more than 10 meters high. They ate the taller leaves.

Gulu liked Paton very much. He had been eating ferns behind Paton and asking Paton about how he became the leader of the ethnic group. Pachi and Dudu were fonder of playing. They were not as interested in Paton's story and ran to play with other Triceratopses while eating.

Paton: "How did I become a leader? It's a long story. Triceratopses of Tutan's group, especially the male Triceratopses, said that I was small and always wanted to fight with me. Finally, one day, they couldn't beat me, and I became the leader of the ethnic group."

Gulu felt that it's definitely not that simple, but Uncle Paton was still really amazing.

In fact, when Gulu was a human being, he knew that he liked men. Apart from studying dinosaur fossils on a daily basis, a more down-to-earth way of entertainment for him was to watch Gaipian.

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Paton's and Tutan's feelings were very human-like, monogamous and perfect.

Gulu felt really envious. He didn't know if he could find a dinosaur who was willing to be monogamous with him in this dinosaur world. He thought that it's too difficult.

Gulu: "Uncle Paton, tell me. Uncle Tutan really doesn't want to have cubs with those female Triceratopses?"

Paton: "He doesn't want to. He said that we won't be able to raise all of the cubs without parents in our group. Why do we need to have more cubs with female Triceratopses?"

Gulu: Yes, it makes sense and can't be refuted! Ah, this beautiful love, I'm so envious!

Paton looked at the Diplodocuses in front of them and spoke: "Gulu, you see. These big dinosaurs eat leaves very fast. They don't have to chew and can eat a lot. It's a very good life. If we don't have to chew, we will grow bigger than them."

Gulu nodded and agreed, "Yes, they eat a lot, so they grow very big. These dinosaurs also eat small stones from the ground to help digestion."

Diplodocuses possessed such a large size body because they had an extra-long intestines and stomach that could digest the hardest plants. After the leaves enter the digestive tract, the stones that Diplodocuses swallowed into their stomachs grinded the leaves, so bacteria would ferment the food. This way, Diplodocuses could get enough nutrition.

Moreover, Diplodocuses had a long lifespan and could live for 100 years. Their most dangerous period was during the first ten years of their life. After reaching the age of 10, they could live comfortably for 90 years. They were rarely attacked because of their huge size.

In short-

Diplodocus: I want a full charge.

God: Roger that.

Gulu and Paton were eating together when they heard some Triceratopses gossiping.

"It seemed that another male Triceratops came up to Nanshan alone and was attacked by many carnivores. What a tragedy!"

"Yes, I heard he's dying."

"He seems to be looking for Paton…"

"Keep your voice down. Don't let Pado hear."

Paton became anxious once he heard this: "Gulu, it must be Tutan. Didn't I tell him not to come? It's very dangerous here! No, I'm going to find him!"

Gulu: "Take a few more male Triceratopses with you! I'll go to Pado right away and let him send some Triceratopses to you."

Paton: "No, Pado hates Tutan. He won't let me go if he knows."

Gulu: "But it's too dangerous for you to just go like this."

By this time Pado had run up with a dozen Triceratopses and stopped Paton, "Don't go!"

Paton: "Pado, I must go. You can't stop me!"

Pado: "I said no is no!"

On the other side, Tutan was attacked by more than a dozen Mapusaurus and was already covered in blood.

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