Pado had always been very angry. As his "baby" brother, Paton ran away with other male Triceratops. As far as he knew, Paton had suffered a lot when he first went to Tutan's group.

He couldn't imagine how much pain Paton had to endure and how many fights he needed to fight in order to grow into such a huge size in just one change in season, from rainy to dry season.

Although Pado drove out Paton and didn't allow any Triceratops in the ethnic group to mention him, he did all he could to find out about Paton every time he went out.

According to Pado's knowledge, Paton's life in Tutan's group at the beginning couldn't only be considered as "difficult". It's a narrow escape!

That Tutan had no ability to protect Paton!

Therefore, whether Tutan abducted Paton or not, Pado couldn't forgive him.

This was what Pado thought now. If only this Tutan could be killed by those carnivorous dinosaurs, Paton would never leave the group again.

Paton was very worried. He wanted to rush out regardless but was blocked by Pado. He couldn't leave.

Gulu knew that Pado was very stubborn in some things.

Paton had no choice but to speak something harsh: "Pado, if Tutan dies, I will run to the Tyrannosaurs rex group and let them eat me alive. You can't always keep me in your sight. When you find me missing, you will never see me again!"

These words were very destructive. Paton knew best how to get stab at Pado's heart.

Pado remembered Paton's dreaming words when he was a child: "Brother, don't leave me alone, please. I will grow very strong soon. You can't not want me… Brother, Dad and Mom are missing. I can't find them. What should I do? Wu wu… Brother, will I one day disappear like them? Will you be sad if you can't find me anymore?"

Pado's and Paton's parents were eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs when they were very young. The two brothers lived together in a large Triceratops group.

Fortunately, they were herbivorous dinosaurs. Even if their parents were eaten, as long as they still had their ethnic groups, there would be shelter. Unlike carnivorous dinosaur cubs. If they had no parents, then they were basically sentenced to death.

Paton was weak and sick from an early age. When their parents were alive, they all thought that Paton could only be a small cub, but their parents were very good and never gave up on him.

When their parents died, the two brothers were very sad. Paton was so thin and had serious illness. If Pado hadn't refused to give up and force Paton to eat anyway, Paton would have died long ago.

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During Paton's illness, adult Triceratopses often said to Pado while Paton was asleep: "Pado, your brother can't be saved. You should leave him alone, eat yourself, don't care about him…"

In fact, these adult Triceratopses had no malice either. They just didn't want both brothers to die of illness and starvation. It would be a pity if a strong cub like Pado died.

Paton heard them. That's why he's always afraid that Pado wouldn't want him.

Paton knew that their parents were eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs. He's so weak. One day he too would be eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs. His brother would never find him again, just like he couldn't find their parents.

Later, Pado grew stronger and bigger. Paton was still not very large. When carnivorous dinosaurs attacked the ethnic group, Paton couldn't run fast and lag behind, which made it easy for those carnivores to eat him. Pado could run fast, but he always waited for Paton and never left him behind.

Many times, the two brothers were almost eaten because Paton ran too slowly. In order to protect his younger brother, Pado learned to use his horns to pierce the big carnivores from a very young age. Many times, Paton was still injured despite his protection. This made Pado more determined to be become stronger.

At that time, Paton felt that he was useless and should be eaten by the carnivorous dinosaur. That way, he wouldn't drag down his brother. He wanted to let Pado stop waiting for him. He wanted to run up to Pado on his own.

Pado told him: "I'm afraid that if you disappear like Dad and Mom, I will never find you again."

Paton knew that his brother would be very sad after he said those harsh words just now, but he couldn't let Tutan die. He just couldn't.

Gulu didn't know what to do. He could see from Pado's eyes that Pado was very sad. He recalled the lyrics: "The person I love most hurts me the most!"

Pado finally ordered Paton, "You stay here. I will take these male Triceratopses to save him."

Paton: "No, I want to go with you!"

Pado knew that that if Paton went with him, he would definitely rush into the fight. Paton was already seriously injured. It's very dangerous to fight with carnivorous dinosaurs, especially a large group of more than 20! They were second only to Tyrannosaurus rex in terms of danger! If one wasn't careful, Paton's life would be lost.

Tutan could die. Pado didn't care. However, Paton must not die.

Pado: "If you go, we won't go!"

Paton: "I'm not going. I'm not going. Brother, please, help Tutan."

Pado: "Stay in the group! Sika, bring more Triceratopses to watch him. Don't let him leave the group!"

Sika immediately surrounded Paton with more than a dozen male Triceratopses.

Paton shouted: "Brother, be careful. I'll wait for you to come back!"

Pado ignored Paton and ran out with more than 30 very strong male Triceratopses.

Gulu wasn't at ease. He saw Mungo outside the group and said to Babana, "Mom, Mungo is over there. I'll let him take me out. You don't have to worry. Mungo is very powerful. He will protect me."

Babana: "No, it's too dangerous."

Gulu: "With Mungo and his brothers, it won't be dangerous. Mom, if Dad doesn't win, I'll let Mungo and his brothers help. I don't want Dad to get hurt."

Babana also knew that this time the situation was very dangerous. Mapusaurus was second only to Tyrannosaurus rex in terms of danger and there're more than 20 of them. Pado also didn't dare to bring too many Triceratopses with him. The ethnic group also needed the protection of these strong males.

Gulu: "Mom, let me go."

Babana finally sent Gulu to Mungo. In truth, Babana didn't want Mungo, a Tyrannosaurs rex, to help Pado. Instead, since Gulu wanted to see it, he should go so that he could learn more about fighting with carnivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu also knew that Pado wouldn't allow Mungo to help him. Pado abided by the rule of survival between Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops very much. In order to protect Gulu, Mungo had already broken Pado's bottom line. He wouldn't let Mungo help him again.

Gulu just wanted to see Pado. He's worried.

Now Gulu's Triceratops body could no longer sit on Mungo's head. But it's very comfortable to sit on his back.

Mungo ran fast and steady. Soon, they caught up with the male Triceratopses and Pado, but Mungo kept a relatively long distance from them. He knew that Pado didn't like his interference in any Triceratops matter.

Gulu saw not far away that there're really more than 20 Mapusaurus madly attacking a male Triceratops.

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This male Triceratops was covered in blood, but his momentum wasn't lost at all. The male Triceratops was very big and even appeared a little bigger than Paton. Tutan looked really powerful.

Gulu couldn't understand how courageous Tutan and Paton were to venture into Nanshan alone. This was really "riding alone for thousands of miles in search for love" and "exploring the tiger's den for love".

Today's Nanshan was really terrifying. Crowds of carnivorous dinosaurs were everywhere. These carnivorous dinosaurs had no fixed territory and may hunt together at any time. There was no more shackle about being unable to enter other carnivorous dinosaur territories to hunt.

Nanshan was now in "hell-mode" survival difficulty for herbivorous dinosaurs.

Crowds of herbivorous dinosaurs may be "exterminated" in Nanshan. Individual herbivorous dinosaur had no chance of survival. If Paton and Tutan were not strong enough, they would have no remains left in Nanshan.

Gulu looked at the scene with great nervousness. The thick claws on his four paws clasped Mungo's back tightly.

Three Mapusaurus bit Tutan's neck at the same time. Six attacked both sides of his body and three attacked his tail. If there were more space around Tutan, the rest would have gone up together.

Tutan was very experienced in fighting. He didn't care about attacks on non-lethal parts. He understood how to use his strength to strike. He slammed his head and hit a Mapusaurus in the middle of its throat. The force sent it crashing into another Mapusaurus. The two dinosaurs fell to the ground together.

Then using his left horn, he attack the throat of another Mapusaurus dinosaur and instantly pierced through. Gulu saw blood spray at least one meter high. Bang, the Mapusaurus fell to the ground. These prehistoric big guy fights were shockingly powerful, cruel and bloody.

Tutan was also attacked miserably. The meat on his side was bitten off one mouthful after another. If his tail whipped at the Mapusaurus any slower, it would have been bitten off. Mapusaurus could chomped off a Triceratops's tail in just one bite.

These Mapusaurus was actually shocked by Tutan's cruelty. Apart from Pado and yesterday's Triceratops, they had never seen another lone Triceratops so powerful!

However, two of their own had been killed. This Triceratops didn't seem like he would last long. They wouldn't give up a prey that was so close to their hands.

Tutan knew that it must be hard to survive being besieged by so many Mapusaurus. But he wanted to survive. Even with his last breath, he wanted to see Paton. He needed to make sure that Paton wasn't dead and that he had return to Pado's side.

However, Tutan become more and more unable to support himself. His whole body was aching. The sharp pain was coming out from his bones. He's almost out of strength. He's dizzied and only wanted to fall to the ground. Once he fell down, he could no longer get up.

Tutan knew that he was going to die soon. He thought that Paton must have returned to Pado's side. Even without him, Paton could live well.

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