Just as Tutan was completely despairing, Pado broke in with more than 30 male Triceratopses.

Tutan stared at Pado. He couldn't believe it. Pado actually came to save him. Pado hated him so much. How could he save him? He thought that it must be his illusion before he died.

Whether it's an illusion or not, to the desperate eyes of Tutan, Pado was shining with golden light all over his body at this time. He's extremely tall and mighty. Pado appeared just like a Triceratops god!

Gulu saw Pado rush over to save Tutan with more than 30 male Triceratopses. A few birds flew over Pado's head in the sky. The scene appeared very majestic and beautiful, just like a close-up of a TV actor when he appeared to save lives.

Yanornis was a dinosaur with similar appearance to a swallow. It had strong flying ability and looked beautiful. There were not many birds in Cretaceous period. Only a few birds completely broke away from being long-tail reptiles and evolved to Archaeopteryx. Yanornis was one of them.

Gulu didn't know why, but he felt that Pado brought his own "BGM" when fighting with carnivorous dinosaurs or when saving other dinosaurs. It's the kind of "BGM" that was extremely powerful and shocking!

Pado – a male dinosaur with "BGM".

No matter what kind of carnivorous dinosaur it was, it would be shocked, horrified or "stunned" when it saw a giant Triceratops like Pado.

These Mapusaurus were no exception, but they didn't want to give up their prey, which was so close at hands, so they still behaved like "warriors".

Pado knew that Tutan could afford no more injuries. Subsequently, he had been deliberately protecting him.

Gulu found out that one of these Mapusaurus was extremely large and powerful. He's very anxious in case this Mapusaurus harmed Pado.

Tutan was well protected by Pado. He stared at Pado. Looking at him, Pado changed into Paton. Now Paton was more and more like Pado, in terms of his determination and ferocity.

Gulu saw that Pado deliberately attacked only the largest and fiercest Mapusaurus. Pado wanted to end the battle as soon as possible. As long as he killed this Mapusaurus, the other dinosaurs would run away, but this plan was very dangerous.

The strongest Mapusaurus was so angry when Pado hit him that he only wanted to bite Pado. Then Pado turned to hit another Mapusaurus who attacked Tutan, exposing his neck to the strongest Mapusaurus.

Gulu's heart was in his throat. The Mapusaurus could snap Pado's neck in one bite!

Just as the Mapusaurus was about to bite Pado's neck, Pado raised his head up sharply. With a puchi sound, Pado's entire horn pierced the Mapusaurus's neck.

Pado rammed his head again before pulling his horn out of the Mapusaurus's neck. Blood spurted out and dyed half of Pado's body and a large area of fern field red.

The rest of the Mapusaurus fled for their lives when they saw that their leader was dead.

At this time, Gulu knew that Pado had deliberately left his neck to the Mapusaurus to attract its attack, then he could give it a fatal blow. Pado did all of this to end the battle as soon as possible.

Gulu jumped up and down on Mungo's back while cheering, "Ah ah ah! Pado! Pado! Pado! I know my Dad is the best! My Dad is the greatest! Pado! Pado! Pado!…"

Pado, of course, had long noticed Mungo standing not far away with Gulu to watch them. He's a little angry. Mungo shouldn't have brought Gulu to see such a dangerous fight.

Gulu believed that Pado was really too powerful. No matter how big or strong the carnivorous dinosaur was, as long as Pado wanted it dead, it would definitely not live.

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No wonder all dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan said that Pado was invincible.

Gulu felt that Pado should be described as follow: No dinosaur can defeat me when I have my BGM!

Tutan was covered in blood. He's actually afraid of Pado, but not because Pado would hit him or beat him. Pado was Paton's older brother, he would be afraid of him even if Pado was a smaller Triceratops.

(T/N: haha, join the humble club with Mungo)

Pado told Tutan, "Paton asked me to save you."

Tutan: "Thank you, Pado. If you didn't come to save me, I would have been dead."

Pado's tone wasn't good, "Go back first. It's dangerous here."

Tutan nodded and followed Pado.

Pado came to Mungo and growled, "Gulu, who allowed you to come out?! Is it because you haven't been beaten for a while that you're disobedient?"

Gulu felt a pain on his butts. He answered guiltily, "I told Mom. Mom agreed."

Pado: "Get on Dad's back!"

Gulu couldn't bear to let Pado, who had just finished fighting, take him back. He's already very heavy. Pado would be too tired. However, he couldn't walk back by himself. He's too small and too slow. Tutan needed to go back quickly to the group to rest.

So he refused, "No, your back is covered with blood. I want Mungo to take me back."

After much thought, Pado agreed, "Mungo, please take Gulu back for me."

Mungo and Gulu didn't know why Pado suddenly became so polite toward Mungo, but they didn't care.

Tutan, of course, had long heard the story of Mungo and Gulu. He just didn't think that Mungo was bigger than he imagined and didn't look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex that had not fully grown up.

Pado's male Triceratops team still walked back at a distance behind Mungo. Even if Pado had temporarily accepted Mungo, they were still reluctant to walk with a Tyrannosaurus rex.

At the edge of Pado's ethnic group, Gulu descended from Mungo's back.

Pado: "Gulu, thank Mungo."

Gulu and Mungo both looked puzzled: What's going on with Pado?

Mungo hurriedly said, "No, Pado. There's no need."

Gulu: "Dad, what's wrong with you? Mungo raises me. He's just like you. I don't need to say thank you."

Pado: "Mungo, thank you for bringing Gulu back."

Mungo: "…"

Pado: "Mungo, you keep watch on Gulu outside my group every day. Don't you have anything else to do? You don't care about your own ethnic group? Don't forget, you're also a leader."

Gulu thought to himself: Yes, Mungo is also the leader of Tyrannosaurus rex. What are you doing around me every day? It's thoughtful of Pado to bring this up. Mungo should have his own "great aspiration".

Mungo: "My ethnic group doesn't need protection. They're all very powerful. If I don't keep watch on Gulu, I have nothing else to do. I can only eat other dinosaurs. I can't eat dinosaurs all time, especially when I'm full."

Gulu: That's also true. A Tyrannosaurus rex doesn't need to have "great aspiration" like a human being. Tyrannosaurus rex has nothing else to do as long as they have enough food every day.

Pado was also speechless for a while and could only warned: "Don't get too close to my ethnic group."

Mungo repeatedly nodded and said: "I know, Pado. You can rest assured that I will never frighten your Triceratops."

Gulu followed Pado into the group. Tutan moved after them. Gulu really wanted to talk to Tutan, but Pado wouldn't allow it.

Paton was surrounded by a group of male Triceratopses. Of course, he saw Tutan. Tutan was covered in blood. He felt very distressed.

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Tutan also saw Paton. He's worried that Nanshan was so dangerous. Paton, a lone Triceratops, went up to Nanshan alone to find Pado. There's too much danger!

Paton could no longer control himself. He desperately pushed past the male Triceratopses that stopped him and ran to Tutan. Even if Tutan was blocked by Pado, he frantically ran to Paton.

Soon they were very close to each other, but Pado was in the middle.

Gulu: Why do I feel that Paton and Tutan are a bit like Bai Niangzi and Xu Xian while Pado is like Fa Hai?!

(T/N: they're all figures from the 'Legend of the White Snake'. Bai Niangzi is a white snake demon. She married the human scholar Xu Xian who saved her. Fa Hai is a monk who wanted to kill all demons and obstructed them.)

Pado said to Paton, "Even if I die, I will bring him back."

Paton knew that his brother spoke this in anger since in Paton's heart, Tutan was more importantly than him.

In fact, in Paton's heart, Pado was as important as Tutan, one was his brother and the other was his dinosaur lover. He really couldn't decide who was more important.

Pado asked again: "Paton, if he and I are attacked by carnivorous dinosaurs at the same time, and we will be killed immediately, but you can only save one, who will you save?"

(T/N: The classic question!)

Paton became dumbfounded at the question.

Gulu had never seen such a childish Pado before. He even asked such a question. It seemed that the problem of "saving mother or wife" had existed since the age of dinosaurs.

Gulu knew that Pado was equivalent to an "older brother is like a father" to Paton and even took the role of "parents" who brought up the weak Paton from childhood. As the result, his younger brother ran away with another male dinosaur. Pado must have been furious. This question must be one that he had long wanted to ask.

Paton was really thinking about this issue and answered after thinking it over: "Brother, I will save you. Without you, I will have died long ago. Once I save you, I will avenge Tutan and use my life to kill all those carnivorous dinosaurs!"

This answer was Paton's real idea. If only one of them could be saved, he wouldn't hesitate to save his brother.

Gulu thought that Paton's answer was really wonderful, basically equivalent to "save mom, then die with my wife". It's worthy of praise.

Pado wasn't satisfied with the answer, but he didn't pursue it anymore. Instead, he asked, "Tutan, you and Paton both left. What about your ethnic group?!"

Tutan: "Before I left, I have already chosen a new leader. Pado, can I join your ethnic group?"

Paton couldn't believe it. He didn't expect Tutan to give up his own group for him.

Gulu was also very surprised: what kind of immortal love is this? For you, I can even give up my "country"! It's too powerful!

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