Pado: "No, I have already said that my group won't accept any more Triceratops."

Tutan sincerely persuaded: "Pado, Paton misses you very much. He doesn't want to be separated from you. He used to look in the direction of your ethnic group every night for a long time. I have long wanted to bring him to your group. Please, let me join your group."

Gulu: Oh my God, this beautiful love!

Paton: "Tutan, you don't have to do this. It took me a long time to become the leader of the group. I'm not satisfied yet. When the flood recedes and Pado finds a new territory, we'll go back."

Gulu knew that Paton didn't want to be the leader of any ethnic group. Paton didn't belong to the category of ambitious male Triceratops, probably because he was too well protected by Pado. He's naive and happy as long as he was with Pado and Tutan.

Tutan: "We have already left and can't go back."

Pado: "My group won't accept you. You can recuperate outside my group. I won't drive you away. If you have anything else to say to Paton, say it quickly and get out of here!"

Paton was in a hurry: "Brother! How can you do this? Tutan almost died from such serious injuries to come to me. You can't do this to him. It's very dangerous outside the group!"

Pado: "Then what should I do to him? Do you think I don't know how much you suffered in his group?! It's already nice that I saved him and let him stay outside my group."

Paton: "I haven't suffered anything. Pado, don't listen to those other dinosaurs."

Pado: "On the first day of your stay, a Triceratops in his group nearly killed you! Now you still have a scar on your belly. You were so small then, why didn't he protect you? In my group, you will never get hurt!"

Paton: "That's the largest male Triceratops in Tutan's group. He didn't like me. He said that Tutan didn't have cubs with other female Triceratopses because he met me. Although he hurt me, Tutan killed him that day."

Pado didn't know that Tutan had killed the male Triceratops.

Gulu: What? My God, Tutan is a "debouched monarch". For the sake of beauty, he sentenced a "senior official" to death on the spot.

Pado: "One time, so many males and females almost trampled you to death!"

Paton: "There're five male Triceratopses and twelve female Triceratopses at that time. Tutan killed them all. There was a lot of blood flow."

In fact, Gulu had long heard of Tutan's notoriety. Tutan was said to have killed any Triceratops that displeased him in the ethnic group as long as Paton was unhappy. He was the standard of "debouched monarch" and "tyrant".

Gulu: Cold-blooded and ruthless. Only spoil one dinosaur and disregard the rest!

Pado had nothing to say, but he still didn't like Tutan. He would never like a Triceratops that took his brother away for so long, never!

Tutan: "Pado, let me join your group. I can do anything that you want me to."

Pado: "You are used to being a leader. Our group can't tolerate a Triceratops as powerful as you."

Tutan: "I don't like being a leader. I have always admired you. You are the best Triceratops in the whole continent of Yukan. It's my highest honor to stand beside you."

Gulu: Oh, my God, this time he's blowing rainbow farts. Tutan really sacrifices everything for Paton, even the leadership position. He knows that Pado doesn't like him and is willing to suffer.

Paton: "Brother, please, let him stay, please."

Babana also stood up and spoke, "Pado, if you don't let Tutan stay, Paton will also leave. Don't do something you regret again."

When Pado drove Paton away, there wasn't a day that he didn't regret it. Babana knew it best. Pado wanted to run to Tutan's ethnic group every day to bring Paton back.

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Pado: "No means no! Paton, if you run again, I'll break your legs. See where you'll go then!"

In the past, Pado sent Paton away because Paton often ran out to meet Tutan in spite of Pado's obstruction. Pado drove him out in a fit of pique. Of course, Pado regretted it.

Paton: "Brother, why are you doing this!"

Pado: "I have decided! Sika, you watch Paton. If he takes a step out of the group, you don't need to come and see me!"

Sika: I don't want to take this task…

Unfortunately, Sika could only agree: "I know, Pado."

Pado: "Nock, get him out. If Tutan walks into my group, you don't have to look for me."

Nock: "I know, Pado."

Pado regretted very much. If he had kept a closer watch on Paton, he wouldn't have gone to Tutan's ethnic group to suffer so much and almost died several times.

Gulu: Ah, my Dad is really a dictator, so tyrannical and unreasonable! Uncle Paton and Tutan are so pitiful.

In the next few days, Gulu saw that Paton could only look at Tutan outside the group from his position in the center of the group. Tutan could only look at Paton from a distance as well.

Gulu felt that Paton and Tutan were very miserable, but he couldn't help it either. He's "a clay Buddha statue crossing the river that couldn't help himself". Pado had been very strict with everyone recently and he could be punished at any time.

It may be because Nanshan was very dangerous. Pado must keep them under tight control, otherwise it's easy to have an accident.

However, this was only one of the reasons. Another reason was that Pado had become stricter after seeing Paton's growth outside. He decided to stop spoiling his three cubs.

On the third day of Paton's return, Gulu finally got Pado's approval to go out and play with Mungo for one day. He's extremely happy.

Gulu was still sitting on Mungo's back. They walked to a place far away from Pado's ethnic group. Galle came running excitedly.

Galle: "Gulu, Gulu, little Gulu, I miss you so much. I'm so sorry that day. I didn't know Pado. Can you help me apologize to Pado?"

Gulu: "It doesn't matter. Tyrannosaurus rex is always going to hunt Triceratops."

Galle: "But he's your Dad. You don't know. Mungo beat me up that day. Look, I'm still hurt. Mungo was really fierce! But this isn't the most important thing. The most important thing is that Mungo doesn't want me to sleep with him and won't let me get close to his ethnic group. Wu wu, I'm so sad. Mungo is a bad leader, really bad!"

Gulu: emmm……… Galle, is it really alright for a Tyrannosaurus rex of your age to act like this?!

However, Gulu found that none of the dinosaur leaders around him seemed to be good leaders. Pado was a "dictator". Tutan was a clearly bad king. Mungo was both a tyrant and a bad king who didn't care about his ethnic group at all.

Mungo: "Shut up! Speak again and I'll drive you away!"

Galle didn't feel wronged. Instead, he spoke excitedly, "Mungo, I saw Ulam. I really like her. I want to hunt for her. Do you want to go with me? I don't need your help. Just look from a distance. I'm afraid she will bite me. If she bites me, you can help me again."

Gulu: What? I thought your true love is Mungo?! Do you still like female dinosaurs when you act so gaygay?!

(T/N: Bolded terms are already in English in the raw. Haha, the author actually misspelled what as waht)

Adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex do help each other to pursue female Tyrannosaurus rex, because they generally couldn't beat the female. It's very risky to court a female Tyrannosaurus rex that they liked.

Not all male Tyrannosaurus rex were as fierce as Mungo. He has so many females actively pursuing him. He had to control himself from indulging and find other ways to vent.

Mungo: "Gulu, do you want to go?"

Gulu also wanted to see it, "Go, go, there's nothing to do today anyway."

Gulu paused for a moment. It seems that they actually had nothing to do every day. As dinosaurs, they ate, slept and ate every day.

They were led by Galle to a fern field not far from Ulam.

Gulu actually knew before that Ulam came to Nanshan with Mungo. Fortunately, Ulam liked Mungo. She might have seen Mungo take his ethnic group away. Ulam followed with her cubs to Nanshan, or she would have been washed away by the flood.

All four of Ulam's cubs were there. Tata had not been abandoned yet. Ulam's wounds almost healed. She should be able to hunt normally.

Tata was still as thin as before and appeared even thinner. Gulu felt a little distressed for him.

Mungo wasn't going to help Galle, unless his life was in danger. Otherwise, he wouldn't intervene.

Gulu and Mungo stood far away in the fern field here. Gulu sat on Mungo's body and ate ferns while waiting to watch the drama.

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Galle went hunting since he must offer a bride price.

There was a Triceratops group nearby. Gulu didn't know which "lucky" guy would be Galle's bride price.

Galle roamed outside the Triceratops group, preparing to find an adolescent Triceratops to attack. As a bride price, it wouldn't be too difficult to hunt and could save his face.

Adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex often helped each other in their pursuit of females. This was an advanced exercise for them before they became adults and needed to pursue females.

Gulu looked at Galle wandering outside the Triceratops's group. He felt as if Galle were saying: Which lovely and lucky Triceratops will be my bride price today?

Tyrannosaurus rex's "bride price warning" was very terrible for Triceratopses, because they were often eaten before they died while the two male and female Tyrannosaurus rex mated. When they ate, it were extremely slow.

This method of death was really the worst way for Triceratops to die. Not only did they become food, they also had to watch Tyrannosaurus rex show love.

Mungo: "Gulu, are you afraid?"

Gulu: "I'm not afraid, I will become the best Triceratops! Who dares to treat me as a bride price, I will kill them and trample them to death!"

Mungo: "If you're not sensible in the future, the bride price will be you!"

Gulu didn't expect Mungo to have a sense of humor, so he teased back, "Mungo, you bully me, I'll tell Pado!"

Mungo became stunned in a second: "Don't tell Pado, I was wrong."

Gulu: "That's more or less the same! Humph, Mungo has also learned badly."

Mungo: …

Gulu looked at Ulam's four cubs while talking with Mungo. He really wanted to see Tata integrate into the Tyrannosaurus rex family a little, but unfortunately Tata was still rejected and appeared to be worse than before.

Tata seemed a little uncomfortable today. He had been trying to get close to Ulam for help, but he dared not get too close.

At last Tata summoned up his courage and walked to Ulam's side. He rubbed Ulam's big head and said: "Mom, I feel really bad. I feel like I have eaten something bad in my stomach. It hurts so much. Wu wu, Mom…"

Tata's stomachache hadn't been just a problem for a day or two. Ulam didn't care about him, but he still forced himself to eat all kinds of rotten meat in order to live. Only rotten meat could be eaten by him.

Ulam pushed him away impatiently.

Tata was so miserable that he kept rubbing against Ulam. Ulam felt very upset and lunged at Tata.

Gulu stood up in horror.

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