Gulu was very afraid that Ulam would directly kill Tata. After all, keeping such a small drag this long wasn't a normal behavior for Tyrannosaurus rex.

In contrast, Mungo was indifferent. From childhood to adulthood, he had become accustomed to the abandonment of small and weak cubs. He had even seen them being eaten by their own mothers or siblings.

Gulu kept rubbing on Mungo and urged: "Mungo, save him. Save him, please. Tata is so smart, brave and strong. If he can grow up, he will definitely become a great Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo, please, save him…"

If Gulu had never played with Tata, he would feel that it's a pity that such a tough and lovely cub died like this, but he wouldn't ask Mungo to save the cub. He also knew that the emaciated Tyrannosaurus rex cub was destined to die.

However, Gulu had played with Tata. Tata called him Big Brother. Tata said that their time together was the happiest day he had since he came to this world. Gulu couldn't just watch Tata get killed.

Tata also knew that his mother wanted to bite himself to death, because her bite was so strong that it hurt. Mom's bite was very light when she used her mouth to pick up his brothers and sisters. There would be no pain.

After hatching, Tata had never been picked up by Ulam. Even if he couldn't climb out of a pit, his Mom wouldn't pick him up.

He didn't know what it felt like to be gently picked up by a mother. Mom hurt him every time she bit him. When he saw his brothers and sisters being picked up, they didn't look hurt at all and were very happy.

This time, Mom's bite was more painful than before. He felt that he was going to be bitten to death. He shook his hind legs desperately while crying out and plead, "Mom, don't bite me to death. I eat very little. I really only eat a little. I will listen to you later. I won't bother you anymore. Don't bite me to death, Mom…"

Indeed, Ulam was prepared to bite Tata to death. This young cub would definitely not survive. He would still die even if she didn't bite him now. She was unwilling to waste any more energy and time on him and felt even more unwilling to share the meat of the strong young cubs with him.

In fact, Ulam had long wanted to kill the cub, but the cub was obedient and never bothered her. He never grabbed good meat from his brothers and sisters. All he ate was rotten meat. In short, he had little effect on her. Only then did she let the cub live till now.

But today, the cub came to bother her many times, disturbing her taking a nap. She became very irritable and thought of killing him.

Gulu kept pushing Mungo with his little head and shouted, "Mungo, you must go and save him, or he will die! Mungo!"

Mungo refused, "Gulu, I won't save him. Remember, you are a Triceratops and you are also a cub. How do you raise him if you save him? He is so thin and small that it's useless to save him."

Gulu: "I don't care. I want you to save him!"

Mungo: "Gulu, you will meet many miserable young dinosaurs in the future. Can you save them all? Herbivorous dinosaur shouldn't save carnivorous dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus rex would not only not save other groups of Tyrannosaurus rex, but also use them as food."

Gulu knew all these things. No matter which species of dinosaur, its infant mortality rate was extremely high. However, these cubs were very cute whether they ate meat or ferns. Unfortunately, no matter how cute they were, they would still die from fierce competition.

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The age of dinosaurs was very cruel. The life of young dinosaurs who were not loved by their parents was even worse.

Mungo understood that Gulu must not be used to these things. Gulu always behaved differently from other cubs. It wasn't directly harmful for Gulu to like watching various dinosaurs, but it's really too dangerous to adopt these small dinosaurs, especially the cubs of carnivorous dinosaurs.

This time, no matter how loud Gulu cried coquetry and pushed him, using his four claws to dig at the ground until there were four deep grooves, Mungo remained unmoved.

Gulu wanted to rush over to rescue Tata himself. He saw Ulam loosened this little cub in her mouth.

Tata fell to the ground with a bang and was dizzy. He's frightened and stumbled to the side. He never dared to stay by Ulam's side again. Even if he was dying of stomachache, he dared not bother his Mom anymore.

Gulu finally breathed a sigh of relief. He saw Tata hiding in the sparse bushes, curled up into a small ball. He had very painful appearance, looking extremely miserable.

Tata's body was deeply scratched by Ulam. Several places were bleeding from broken skins. Meanwhile, his stomach felt very painful, just as if a Tyrannosaurus rex was eating his intestines and meat inside.

Gulu turned at Mungo and said: "Tata is so pitiful. wu wu. If I was him, I would definitely be dead."

Mungo: "There are more Tyrannosaurus rex cubs more miserable than him. They are eaten by the female as soon as they broke their shells, or eaten alive by their stronger siblings, if not driven away

As a brutal and bloodthirsty male Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo really didn't know how to coax a cub. He felt that his words was a good way to comfort Gulu, but Gulu became even sadder.

Gulu saw that Tata might not survive for three days. Even if he didn't starve to death, he would die of illness.

At this time, Galle finally hunted an adolescent Triceratops, which wasn't dead but had no strength to struggle.

Galle dragged the Triceratops to a place not far from Ulam, then let out loud and powerful roars.

Ulam certainly understood that Galle was "seeking pleasure" from her, but she despised Galle.

When an adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex mated with a female Tyrannosaurus rex, it's very difficult for the female to conceive young ones, which meant that the male Tyrannosaurus rex was just exchanging his prey for a few times of pleasure.

(T/N: What happen to mating cause slow growth for adolescent ?? Doesn't Galle know this?)

Dinosaurs didn't have the three views of human beings. If a female Tyrannosaurus rex didn't have a fixed mate, she wouldn't care about mating with other males. If she was satisfied with a male, she could accept his advance at any time.

However, the size of male and female Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't very different. That was to say that "men and women are absolutely equal". The male Tyrannosaurus rex must be very careful. Otherwise, he may become the food of a female Tyrannosaurus rex.

Galle was very excited. If the goddess really agreed to mate with him, he felt that he could really brag about it all his life!

Of course, it didn't matter even if Ulam didn't agree. A fierce female Tyrannosaurus rex like Ulam could even refuse the pursuit of many strong adult male Tyrannosaurus rex, not to mention him who was still an adolescent.

Ulam issued a "shout" of invitation. Galle excitedly circled around the prey before dragging the "bride price" to Ulam.

Gulu didn't care about the progress of Galle and Ulam at all. He wanted to see what was wrong with Tata and find out if he could be treated.

Of course, Gulu knew that Mungo wouldn't let him go, so there was only one way.

He stood where Tata could definitely see him and kept jumping to attract Tata's attention. Then he kept nodding and encouraging Tata to come to him.

Tata also saw Gulu. Even if Gulu had a very large male Tyrannosaurus rex beside him, he wasn't afraid.

Brother Gulu was the only dinosaur that made him be at ease. He felt very happy as long as he thought of the afternoon when he played with Brother Gulu.

Tata also wanted to go to Brother Gulu at once, but he had no strength. It's difficult to even stand up. He could only let his whole body linger on the ground while crawling toward Gulu's side by pushing his slightly stronger hind legs.

Gulu looked really anxious. He wanted to run over and become a human to pick Tata up. In fact, Tyrannosaurus rex of Tata's age couldn't be held by his human body, but Tata was too thin. Gulu thought that he could easily hold him.

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Unfortunately, he recognized that Mungo wouldn't let him carry Tata. He could only wait here for Tata to crawl over.

On the other side, Galle and Ulam had already started a very happy "food together". Ulam also didn't care where Tata went. It's better for him not to come back forever.

Gulu didn't even know how long Tata had crawled, but he felt that it's a long time before he finally arrived in front of him.

Tata gently rubbed Gulu's thick forelimbs and said weakly, "Brother, my stomach hurts. I'm sure I'm going to die soon. Can you hold me to sleep? No dinosaur has ever held me. I saw my brothers and sisters sleeping comfortably with Mom…"

Gulu hurriedly asked, "What did you eat before? I might be able to keep your stomach from hurting so you won't die."

Tata seriously answered, "I ate rotten Stegosaurus meat. I often eat rotten meat. I never have stomach pains before. wu wu…"

Gulu thought that Tata might have "dysentery" or gastrointestinal problems due to eating rotten meat for a long time. Cycas (or Sago Cycad) could be eaten in either case. Cycas was very effective in treating gastrointestinal diseases.

Cycas seeds contained oil and rich starch, which were slightly toxic to human beings, but could be used for food and medicine. They had magical effects in curing dysentery, relieving cough and stopping bleeding. For dinosaurs, they were nontoxic and could be eaten in large quantities and the same was true for their medicinal effects.

So, Gulu immediately found a lot of Cycas to pile up in front of Tata. Cycas plants could be found everywhere, even in barren Nanshan.

Gulu: "Tata, eat quickly. If you eat this, your stomach won't hurt. Eat quickly."

Even though carnivorous dinosaurs didn't like ferns and find them very difficult to eat, Tata liked Gulu very much. He trusted Gulu unconditionally and crawled into the Cycas pile to eat.

Tata had never eaten anything so bad before and almost vomited it after the first bite. He felt that even the rottenest meat tasted much better than these ferns.

But Brother Gulu said that if he ate this, his stomach wouldn't hurt. He forced himself to eat it again.

Soon Tata ate up all ferns.

Gulu was shocked. The average carnivorous dinosaur could hardly swallow even one or two, let alone eating so many ferns. Tata, as a young cub, had a very strong willpower. Of course, if Tata didn't have such a strong willpower, it's estimated that he wouldn't have lived till now.

After Tata finished eating, he soon had a reaction, vomiting and defecating, looking very painful.

Gulu knew that the medicinal properties of Cycas had played a role.

However, Tata didn't know that the medicine had taken effects. He thought that he was going to die soon, but he didn't blame Gulu. He knew that Gulu also wanted to help him. He just didn't know that carnivorous dinosaurs shouldn't eat so many ferns. He didn't blame Brother Gulu.

In the whole dinosaur life of Tata, no dinosaur had ever cared about him, even if only a little. No dinosaur had ever cared about whether he was full or not, whether he would feel uncomfortable after eating rotten meat, etc. Brother Gulu was the only dinosaur who cared about him.

He thought that it was good to die in front of Brother Gulu.

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