Tata vomited a lot of undigested ferns and rotten meat that had already been digested. He also defecated out undigested ferns and some indistinguishable things.

Unlike herbivorous dinosaur's excrement, which wasn't very pungent and smelled like grass, healthy meat-eating dinosaur's excrement was very smelly. In addition, Tata hadn't defecated for several days. The smell was extremely pungent.

Mungo was almost choked to death by the stink. Gulu also felt that he was going to faint.

Tata vomited and defecated while still saying: "Brother, don't come near me. It's so smelly that I can't stand it…"

Gulu: "Just spit and pull it out. It's too smelly. Let's go hide. Don't be afraid. Just spit and pull everything clean."

In fact, Tata knew by this time that he wouldn't die, because his stomach no longer hurt. Even if he was vomiting, it was still much better than the pain in his stomach.

Gulu and Mungo hurriedly hid far away in the upper air stream before they finally dared to breathe a mouthful of fresh air.

By this time, Ulam and Galle had eaten more than half of the Triceratops.

Gulu and Mungo moved so close to Ulam and Galle that they could even hear the dialogue clearly.

Galle: "Ulam, I have loved you for a long time. It's my greatest honor to hunt for you."

Ulam: "Mmm."

Galle: "Ulam, have you had enough, let's start."

Ulam: "Full."

Then Gulu saw Galle rub Ulam's nose and mouth lightly with his head, but Ulam gave Galle a vicious head bump.

Galle wasn't angry either and continued to flatter: "Ulam, you are really powerful. I like a female Tyrannosaurus rex like you."

This time Ulam also gently rubbed against Galle's nose and mouth. Galle, as an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex, rarely had a chance to be with a female Tyrannosaurus rex. What's more, Ulam was his goddess. He was only rubbed once, but instantly got excited to the extreme and trembled all over.

Ulam spoke: "You are so much better than Mungo. So many dinosaurs say that Mungo is the strongest male Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan. I think Mungo is the weakest male Tyrannosaurus rex!"

When it came to the part about Mungo being the weakest male Tyrannosaurus rex, Ulam deliberately spoke very loudly, almost to the point of yelling.

Gulu knew that Ulam must have specifically said this for Mungo to listen to. She was saying that Mungo didn't even dare to play with any female Tyrannosaurus rex. He's too weak and too terrified to deserve the reputation of the most powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mungo appeared completely indifferent. He never cared what other dinosaurs said about him.

Gulu knew that Ulam must have wanted to "goad" Mungo. Male Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't stand being called weak by a female. He might rush over to do something to Ulam in a fit of pique. That way, Ulam's goal was achieved.

Gulu looked at Mungo, "Mungo, Ulam isn't good. Don't be angry."

For his reason, Gulu was afraid that Mungo couldn't stand the challenge. He didn't like Ulam. He didn't want Mungo to be with Ulam. He had that selfishness.

Mungo replied airily: "It doesn't matter what other dinosaurs say to me, as long as you think that I'm strong."

Gulu deliberately teased Mungo: "Then if I don't think that you're very strong, what are you going to do?"

Mungo: "When you grow up, I'll let you know how powerful I am! Don't cry and beg for mercy then… so you have to grow very big and become the best Triceratops."

Gulu: "Hmmm!"

Ulam continued to shout loudly: "What kind of male Tyrannosaurus rex is Mungo? How can he be a leader?"

However, before Ulam could finish, Galle slammed into Ulam and roared, "I forbid you to speak ill of Mungo!"

Gulu: Hmm??! Galle, what is this?! Just because Ulam said two bad words about Mungo, you turn against her? Hello, this is your goddess! Mungo is only your "former leader"! You, this male dinosaur, really deserve to be single for life!

Ulam was also surprised. In fact, she really wanted to make friends (mate) with Galle at this time. Of course, she despised Galle. She only wanted to show Mungo. She felt that Mungo needed to "understand" his loss by letting go of her, the most captivating female Tyrannosaurus rex in Yukan.

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So, Ulam took the initiative to rub Galle and appeased: "I'm wrong. I won't speak ill of him."

Galle was still adamant: "Say that Mungo is the strongest male Tyrannosaurus rex!"

Ulam agreed with great sincerity: "Mungo is the most powerful leader!"

Galle: "That's more or less the same."

Ulam: "Can we start now?"

Galle: "Don't even think about it. I don't like a female dinosaur like you! How can I like you before? You said bad things about Mungo!"

Gulu: ???! Galle, what's wrong with you?! Didn't Ulam apologize? This is your attitude towards your goddess?! F***, you this straight dinosaur cancer. If you can find a female dinosaur, I'll live stream me eating myself!

Galle continued to swear: "Dare to speak ill of Mungo. You piss me off, big bad dinosaur!"

Then he dragged the rest of the prey on the ground and left without looking back.

Ulam watched Galle walk away and didn't react for a long time. She couldn't believe that there was such a male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu: I admit defeat. Galle, it seems that your true love is Mungo. What female Tyrannosaurus rex? You don't need a female Tyrannosaurus rex at all!

Ulam who stared after Galle walking far away with a dazed expression: ???

Galle dragged the meat back to Mungo and Gulu, "Mungo! I'm telling you. I was so angry just now… this meat is given to her, what a waste! How can I like this female dinosaur!"

Mungo and Gulu: 

By this time, Tata had finished pulling and spitting. He rolled himself on the sand to rid his body almost of all peculiar smell. He's a thin but high-spirited cub.

He ran to Gulu's side and said, "Wow, brother, you are so powerful. My stomach really stops hurting. Brother, it's very kind of you. How can you be so powerful?…"

Gulu: "It's good that it doesn't hurt."

Tata's stomach stopped hurting because he basically vomited everything in there. His stomach was now hungry and growled. He looked at Galle's mouth and drooled over the fresh meat. The saliva flowed directly to the ground.

Gulu turned to Galle and asked, "Brother Galle, can you give him some meat? He's my friend. He's too hungry."

Galle didn't lack meat either. He agreed, "Eat it. I'm not giving it to anyone else, especially not Ulam!"

Gulu thought that this Galle was a bit cute.

Galle placed the meat on the ground (T/N: I guess he's been carrying the meat in his mouth all this time. Not sure how he's still able to talk), Tata pounced on it and ate. He had never eaten such fresh and delicious Triceratops meat before. Oh God, he felt so happy that he was going to fly to the sky.

Tata ate a lot until he was full. Only when he couldn't take another bite did he finally stop. Food was really precious to him. As long as he had something to eat, he would frantically eat it, not to mention such fresh meat.

Gulu watched Tata eat like this and was very happy.

Tata didn't want to go back to Ulam immediately after eating. He looked at Gulu and asked, "Brother, can I play with you for a while? Can you accompany me here for a moment, just for a moment, it won't take long."

Gulu turned to Mungo. Mungo could only nod his head.

In fact, Ulam was close to here, but she didn't come to drive them away. The main reason was that this place wasn't Ulam's territory either. There're carnivorous dinosaurs everywhere. Ulam didn't need to drive them away.

Mungo and Galle rested on the ground, while Gulu and Tata climbed onto their backs to chase and play.

The afternoon sun appeared very bright. Tata felt that there was no happier time than now.

Galle spoke up: "Mungo, do you know? I saw a beautiful female Tyrannosaurus rex before, as beautiful as Ulam. No, she's much more beautiful than Ulam. Ulam isn't beautiful…"

Mungo: "Mmm."

No matter what Galle said, Mungo answered with Mmm.

Gulu found that Galle was a "playboy dinosaur" and liked too many female Tyrannosaurus rex. He mentioned five or six of them in a short time without repeat.

However, in Galle's mind, no matter how good a female Tyrannosaurus rex was, she wasn't as important as a brother, or more precisely, Mungo, who was the most important dinosaur in Galle's life.

Gulu didn't even know whether Galle was a "straight dinosaur cancer" or not. Still, Gulu thought that a dinosaur like Galle deserved to be single all his life.

Gulu really wanted to help those female Tyrannosaurus rex whom Galle liked by saying: Run away! Have you been with this brother? He's a slag dinosaur! Straight dinosaur cancer doesn't deserve sweet love.

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Tata and Gulu slept together on Mungo's back once they were tired. Tata held Gulu tightly.

Gulu told him to rest, but Tata never fell asleep. He felt so wonderful. He wanted this moment to last forever.

But time was running out. It's getting dark. Tata ate the last remaining meat and returned to Ulam.

Gulu looked at Tata. Ulam seemed to have hit Tata again. Tata hid in the fern bushes.

But Tata, who was hiding in the fern bush, was very happy. He felt that even if he died now, it's worth it.

Tata rolled around in the fern bush and talked to himself: "Ah, brother, I'm so happy. Brother Gulu, how kind of you…"

Mungo returned to Pado's ethnic group with Gulu. Pado came out to pick him up.

Gulu had a dream at night. He dreamed that Tata had grown up and became very big and strong. However, he felt that this dream was unlikely to be realized.

He stayed with Tata for such a long time today, hoping to leave at least one or two happy memories in Tata's short and miserable life.

When Tata was finally killed by Ulam or eaten alive by his brothers and sisters, he could at least recall these short and beautiful moments.

The next day Pado took the group to a far place to eat. He's afraid that the group was too large, causing the ferns near their dwelling to be eaten up too quickly. Ferns in Nanshan didn't grow as fast as those on the plains. It would take at least five days to grow new ones.

Pado could always find the best place to eat ferns.

They ate the most delicious fern plants in Nanshan, but the nearby ethnic groups were not so lucky. They ate the fern plants that had been left with only a little root after their group finished them.

Gulu ran around after eating. He recognized the ethnic group next to him as Badi's group that they had driven out.

However, there're only less than 500 Triceratopses in this group now. Supposedly, Badi lost their respect when he used "tricks" to compete with Pado, leading to the division of the group.

Gulu speculated that Badi's group should be divided into four or five smaller ethnic groups. This small ethnic group shouldn't have Badi as the leader because he didn't see Badi.

At this moment, a female Triceratops with a small cub came to a place not far from Gulu.

In order to better observe them, Gulu unconsciously arrived at the edge of the ethnic group.

This female Triceratops roamed the edge of Pado's group, but the fern fields on the edge had also been eaten bald. She hadn't found anything to eat.

Gulu saw that both the female Triceratops and the young cub were very thin. The young cub only had skin and bones and seemed to have just broken its shells. It couldn't even speak and could only make gulu sound.

The female Triceratops found a large piece of excrement, which belonged to Pado's Triceratopses. She immediately asked her cub to eat the excrement.

Triceratopses of Pado's ethnic group had more nutrients in their feces than the leftover fern roots where they lived.

This female kept saying: "Eat fast. This is delicious. Eat as much as you can. Mom really can't find other food for you."

At this moment, Gulu found that the female Triceratops was seriously injured. There was a hole on the other side of her stomach, which was bleeding out.

Obviously, she was injured by other Triceratops.

Gulu didn't know which Triceratops had such a ruthless heart and wanted to hurt such a thin Triceratops Mom.

Suddenly, the female Triceratops shouted, "Run! Gulu! Run! Don't come here!"

Gulu looked back and saw a large male Triceratops racing towards him. He thought that the male Triceratops seemed familiar, but he just couldn't remember where he had seen him.

Pado was too far away from Gulu. He ran desperately towards Gulu.

Gulu tried to run, but it was too late. All he heard was a loud bang.

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