Gulu knew that he was dead. He had already used his butt to absorb the most impact. That way, at least there was still hope of survival.

He heard a loud bang and thought he would be knocked off. It would feel extremely painful, but the expected pain didn't come.

Gulu felt very strange and hurriedly looked behind him. He saw the wounded female Triceratops bleeding on the other side after shielding him. She had guarded him bravely with a fierce expression of not afraid of death.

At the same time, Gulu also discovered several adult Triceratopses in the group close to him running desperately to block the impact for him, but they were far behind the injured female Triceratops.

Gulu was very sure that he didn't know this female Triceratops. He felt very anxious and distressed. He wanted to heal the wounds of this female Triceratops immediately.

But the male Triceratops who wanted to hit him continued to ram violently, while the female Triceratops fought back very bravely.

There was another loud bang. The female Triceratops completely fell to the ground. She looked at her emaciated cub.

At this time, the female Triceratopses of Pado's ethnic group also came running. They completely surrounded Gulu and protected him tightly regardless of their own safety.

Gulu saw from between the stout limbs of these female Triceratopses that Pado and many other male Triceratopses were running towards this side.

The male Triceratops who wanted to hit Gulu knew that it's impossible to try again. He turned and ran desperately into the nearby ethnic group.

Pado chased up with more than a dozen very strong male Triceratopses, while leaving many males to protect Gulu.

Gulu thought that the male Triceratops who aimed at him looked familiar, but he just couldn't remember.

The Triceratopses that surrounded Gulu to protect him slowly dispersed after ensuring his safety. Gulu hurriedly ran to the side of the female Triceratops who fell to the ground.

The young cub of the female Triceratops also ran to her side. It kept blocking the blood hole in the belly of the female Triceratops with its body and cried: "Mom, Mom, don't die. wu wu. You shed a lot of blood. Don't bleed any more…"

This Triceratops cub was too small to speak clearly, but it could still be understood.

It saw Gulu rushing in. It didn't know what to do and shouted helplessly, "Help her! help her! help her! wu wu, help…"

However, Gulu realized that this wasn't the human world. Without modern advanced medical equipment, with such a serious injury, she couldn't be saved.

Nevertheless, Gulu responded quickly. There're no other human beings here except him.

Even if he knew that she couldn't be saved, Gulu still became a human being. He tried his best to block the blood hole with his own hands, but it's useless. Blood continued to flow out through his fingers.

The female Triceratops was already very weak. Her voice was very low: "Gulu, Gulu, come here, I have something to talk to you."

Gulu immediately knelt down in front of the female Triceratops. He laid his head down and put his ear near her mouth. In this way, he could barely hear what she said.

The female Triceratops told him: "Gulu, although you don't know me, I do know you. Please help me thank your Dad Pado for breaking one of Badi's horns."

Her injury was too severe. The female Triceratops kept vomiting out blood from her mouth as she spoke. Gulu was at a loss and could only wipe her blood with both hands. His body trembled uncontrollably. He's very sad and didn't know what to do.

After a long time, the female Triceratops was able to continue to speak, but her voice became weaker and weaker: "I was already injured by Badi. The injury is very serious. Even if I don't help you, I will die soon…"

Gulu shook his head and refuted, "No, no, you won't die, you won't…"

The female Triceratops looked at the cub who was still desperately blocking her blood hole and continued, "Gulu, she is my little cub. Her name is Mila. If she needs help in the future, and if you happen to see it, help her."

Gulu held little Mila in his arms and agreed, "I'll take her into my ethnic group. I'll take good care of her. Don't worry."

The female Triceratops refused: "Gulu, no, her Dad is Bachu. Bachu is Badi's younger brother. He's strong. He's now the leader of this ethnic group. Bachu won't let his little cub live in other ethnic group."

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Gulu: "I know. Don't worry. If Mila doesn't live well by Bachu's side, I will definitely take her to my side, definitely."

The female Triceratops: "Gulu, Mila is still so young. Now she has no mother. Bachu has a lot of cubs. He's still the leader. He won't take good care of Mila, but he also won't let you take her away. I only hope that you can help Mila occasionally and don't let her starve."

Gulu: "I know, you can rest assured."

Although Gulu said so in his mouth, he was thinking that if that Bachu wasn't good to Mila, even if he's just a little bad, he would certainly bring Mila to his side!

Mila kept shouting, "Mom, Mom, don't die. I only want you, not Dad, not brother…"

The female Triceratops nudged her cub and told her: "Mila, don't be sad. Mom is going to Longshan. There're endless ferns and leaves on Longshan. There're no carnivores. Be good and listen to your Dad."

Mila couldn't help nodding.

The female Triceratops rubbed against Gulu again and continued: "Mila, his name is Gulu. He will be your brother in the future. You must listen to your brother, okay?"

Mila kept nodding.

The female Triceratops took one last look at her cub then closed her eyes forever.

Mila kept rubbing on the big head of the female Triceratops while shouting: "Mom, don't die. Wake up. wu wu. Mom…"

Gulu knelt on the ground and gently stroked Mila's tiny body, "Mila, Brother will protect you in the future."

Mila felt very sad and helpless. She didn't know what to do. She was still too young, but she already knew what death meant.

Because the three brothers who hatched with her were all dead, all killed by Badi. Just like her Mom. She now laid on the ground bleeding incessantly, never waking up and never speaking to her again, "Mila, Mila, let's go play 

The three brothers were killed to protect her. She should have been the first to be killed. The three brothers stood in front of her and tried their best to protect her. She watched helplessly as all three of them died in front of her.

Her three older brothers were wonderful and were the best brothers in the world. Since she was the only sister, her brothers loved her. They gave her the best ferns and leaves to eat and always played with her. When she was bullied by other small Triceratopses, her brothers would beat those bad ones.

Mila was so sad that she rubbed against Gulu and asked, "Brother, can you kill me? My brothers went to Longshan. Mom also went to Longshan. I also want to go. We will be very happy there. I don't want to be here. I hate it here…"

Gulu hugged little Mila tightly, "Mila, Brother will take care of you in the future. Do you want to follow Brother? Brother will be very sad without you. Your Mom said so. You have to listen to me in the future."

Although she couldn't speak clearly because she was too small, Mila still understood Gulu. She became even sadder. Gulu didn't know how to coax her.

Mila: "But Brother, Mila is really sad."

Gulu held Mila tightly as they both cried until they were out of breath.

Babana, Pachi and Dudu also came running. They rubbed to comfort Gulu and Mila.

One didn't know how long they cried. Gulu was tired from crying and sat on the ground silently. Mila was also tired from crying and cuddled up in his arms to rub against him.

At this time, Pado came back and walked toward Gulu and Mila. Pado was accompanied by Mila's Dad, Bachu.

Bachu was the leader of the Triceratopses in the fern field next door. He's also Badi's younger brother.

Gulu turned into a Triceratops. He stood up and eagerly asked, "Dad! Did you kill that Triceratops?!"

Pado shook his head and answered: "He ran away. But I will find him and kill him!"

Gulu: "Dad, do you know that Triceratops? Why did he want to hit me?!"

Pado: "Yes, he's Heili. It's all my fault. Dad forgot about him. He almost killed you, Guji and Gudong before you came back to the ethnic group. It's all my fault. If I have killed him before you came back, the current thing wouldn't have happened…"

Gulu also remembered Heili now, but when he returned to the ethnic group, he didn't think of Heili at all. After all, Heili didn't do any harm to them at that time. Heili's eye was also blinded by Guji and Gudong. He didn't remember this Heili very well.

No wonder he saw that one eye of the male Triceratops didn't look quite right just now. However, it wasn't obvious. At that time, Guji and Gudong were too small. The damage to Heili's eye wasn't very serious. It didn't look obvious from the outside, but it's indeed blind.

Bachu said: "Heili joined our ethnic group some time ago. It must have been Badi who forces him to kill Gulu. Badi holds grudges. Pado broke one of his horns. He will definitely retaliate."

Gulu looked at the female Triceratops lying on the ground, "She's also injured by Badi. Why did Badi hit her?"

Bachu: "Badi and I are brothers, but he bullies me from an early age. He's bigger and stronger than me. I can't beat him… he and I like Ula at the same time. Ula didn't like Badi and sneaked around with me. Fortunately, Pado broke one of Badi's horns. Badi's group split into four or five smaller groups. I became the leader of one of them. Badi killed Ula's three cubs in retaliation against me and Ula. Only Mila survives…"

From Bachu's description, Gulu knew that Badi had killed Mila's three brothers. Fortunately, Ula came in time to stop the attack of Badi and Mila survived. However, Ula also got injured by Badi, which was the wound that Gulu initially saw.

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This Badi was really disgusting.

Mila suddenly stood up and made a determined effort to speak, "I must kill Badi! When I grow up, I will kill Badi!"

Bachu gently rubbed Mila's little head and said: "Mila, Dad will definitely avenge him for you. Even if Dad is killed by him, Dad will avenge you. But Dad can't go to him now. Dad still has to support you to grow up."

Gulu also secretly vowed in his heart that when he grew up, he would kill Badi and Heili!

Gulu noticed that Bachu's size wasn't very large among male Triceratopses while Badi's size was very large. Even if Badi's horn was broken by Pado, Bachu may not be able to beat him.

According to Gulu's observation of Bachu's present performance, Gulu thought that he should be a good Dad to Mila.

Even so, Gulu made up his mind. He would always observe Bachu's ethnic group and Mila's living conditions. If Mila's life wasn't good, he would take Mila to his side.

Mila's impression of her Dad wasn't very good. Dad was always busy. Dad had so many cubs. She wasn't his only cub.

Gulu noticed that Mila didn't like her father very much, which proved that Bachu wasn't very good to Mila's mother and child. So he spoke up: "Dad, Ula died to save me. I will take care of Mila by my side. I'm afraid that she will be bullied and not having enough to eat. I promise Ula that I will take good care of Mila."

Pado was in a difficult position. If Mila didn't have parents to take care of her. Of course, he would take her in. However, Mila still had a leader as her Dad. No Triceratops would let their young ones live outside. Furthermore, Bachu was still a leader.

Bachu said: "Gulu, you don't have to worry. I will take good care of Mila, just like Ula did. I am the leader and have a lot of cubs, so I didn't take good care of Mila before. I will better care of her now. Don't worry."

Mila looked up at Bachu and asked, "Dad, really?"

Bachu gently rubbed Mila's neck and told her: "Of course, it's true. Mila, Dad used to be bad. If Dad doesn't do well in the future, you can directly tell Dad and Dad will definitely change."

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