Mila rubbed Bachu's huge and thick forelimbs as she nodded incessantly.

Seeing such a situation, Gulu certainly couldn't say anything more about bringing Mila to his side. Still, he gave one last parting, "Bachu, if you aren't good to Mila, I will be very angry, and I will bring Mila to my side!"

Bachu rubbed Gulu's little head and said, "I accept your supervision."

Gulu's affection for this Bachu rose by countless levels in an instant. Although Bachu wasn't a great Triceratops, at least now he seemed like a really good Dad.

Mila nuzzled Gulu, "Brother, if Dad isn't good to me in the future, you must come and pick me up. Brother, I like you very much."

Gulu: "Sure, Mila, don't worry. Brother also likes Mila a lot."

At this time, Mila's stomach growled again. She was so hungry. Gulu hurriedly said, "Dad, Mila is hungry. Can you let her go back once she eats on our side?"

Of course, Pado agreed: "Good, Mila can eat as much as she wants. Later Mila can come to our ethnic group to eat and play at any time. When she's full and plays enough, I will personally send her back."

This was Pado's reward for Ula's rescue of Gulu. Pado could even raise Mila as his own cub, but Bachu wouldn't agree.

Pado said to Bachu again, "Let Mila eat on our side. I will bring her back to you personally."

Bachu also knew that he didn't have the ability to feed his ethnic group, let alone Mila. Pado said so, of course, he agreed. "Good."

Babana immediately brought Mila and Gulu to the middle of the ethnic group, where ferns were the fattest.

Pachi and Dudu were originally playful cubs, but today they were quiet. They just followed Gulu and Mila while rubbing against them occasionally.

Mila was very energetic in eating. She had never tasted such delicious ferns.

Even before Badi's territory had been taken away by Pado, Mila couldn't eat any good ferns.

In order to protect them, Ula have been hiding them in the nest and bringing ferns back to feed them every day. If Badi found them, he would surely kill them.

In order to protect their mother and children, Bachu had long wanted to "separate" from Badi and divided into a different ethnic group. However, Bachu knew that he couldn't beat Badi and was looking for opportunities. When Pado broke one of Badi's horns, his chance finally came.

After the "separation", Badi discovered Ula's four young cubs and frantically tried to kill them. Ula came in time to save Mila. Bachu also kept a closer watch on Badi.

Mila ate and said, "Brother, I don't even know that there are such tasty fern plants. They're delicious!"

Gulu: "Eat more if you like and be full."

Pachi: "Mila, little Mila, our territory used to be below this mountain, by Dada River. The ferns there are more delicious than this one. We'll take you to eat later."

Dudu: "Hmmm, Mila, you will be our sister in the future. We will take good care of you and give you the best fern."

Mila was very touched. She never knew that other Triceratopses besides her three brothers would be so kind to her. She nodded and agreed, "Yes, yes, you have to keep your word."

Pachi and Dudu: "Of course."

Gulu thought of a problem. While Mila was living with Bachu in the group, he wouldn't know how Mila's half brothers and sisters treat her. It would be better if they could take care of Mila.

Gulu asked, "Mila, your Dad must have given birth to a lot of cubs with other female Triceratopses? How do your brothers and sisters treat you?"

Mentioning this, Mira became exasperated. She answered with a loud voice: "Those brothers and sisters only know to bully us. They're not good at all. I hate them!"

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Gulu speculated that it's probably because Mila's Dad liked her Mom Ula the best. He must behave differently toward Ula compared to their mother. That's why Mila's other brothers and sisters didn't like them. This was the struggle of having too many brothers and sisters.

When there're too many siblings not of the same mother, there would certainly be many contradictions, which was inevitable.

Therefore, the feelings of Triceratops half siblings were not very good. In order to compete for their father's favor, they often fought. These siblings might have better relationship with other little Triceratops than their own brothers and sisters.

Unlike Gulu, Pachi and Dudu. The affection between them was so good that it's rare in Triceratops.

Gulu knew that he couldn't follow Mila all the time, so he wanted to cultivate some "good brothers and sisters" for Mila, at least to take care of each other.

So he said, "If I let your brothers and sisters come over to eat fern plants, will they be better to you in the future?"

Mila replied firmly: "No, no, no, they're very bad. They often beat me and my brothers. Brother can't give them food! You can't!"

Gulu saw that Mila became frantic and appeased, "Okay, don't let them eat, don't give them food."

Mila: "Uh-huh, not for them."

Gulu: "Mila, Pachi will be your brother and Dudu will be your sister. You can come and play with us anytime."

Mila looked at them and nodded, "Uh-huh, I know. Brother, Brother Pachi, Sister Dudu, it's very kind of you."

Gulu: "If you aren't happy in your Dad's ethnic group in the future, or if your Dad isn't good to you, you can come to our ethnic group at any time, no matter what. My parents will regard you as their own cub. We will regard you as our own sister."

Mila: "Uh-huh, Brother, I know. Brother, it's very kind of you."

Mila had never seen such a good Triceratops group. Brother Gulu's parents and siblings were all extremely wonderful.

At sunset, Mila was full and had enough fun in Pado's group.

Bachu had been wandering near Pado's group, waiting for Pado to deliver Mila.

Although Mila couldn't bear to leave Gulu, she also didn't want to let her Dad wait. Finally, she let Pado send her out.

Bachu was indeed very different toward Mila. He let Mila sleep with him at night, never leaving her alone and taking care of her like a female Triceratops with cubs would.

Mila felt less uncomfortable.

The next morning, Mungo came to Pado's group and waited outside.

Gulu didn't wake up until noon. After he was full, Pado sent him to Mungo.

Mungo didn't watch Gulu for a day, Gulu grew up a lot.

Looking at Gulu growing faster and faster, Mungo said, "I don't think I can carry your Triceratops body in a few days."

Gulu: "I'm now growing at least 80 Jin a day. Don't you always want me to grow into the biggest Triceratops? Shouldn't you be happy now that I'm growing so fast?"

Triceratops cubs grew very, very fast at the age of about one and a half years old, reaching almost the full Triceratops size before the age of five.

Mungo: "Happy."

Mungo was certainly happy that Gulu grew so fast, but he was still not used to it. He felt that yesterday's Gulu was still a little cub while today's Gulu had grown up a lot.

Gulu: "We're going outside Badi's group today."

Mungo had been keeping guard outside Pado's ethnic group. Yesterday, he saw Heili gunning for Gulu. He ran like crazy at that time. Unfortunately, it's too late. Fortunately Gulu was fine, so he didn't continue to run into Pado's ethnic group.

Mungo: "I have already let my brothers come. Today, I must seize that Heili. I want him to be Galle's bride price."

Gulu: "Did Galle find another female Tyrannosaurus rex?"

Mungo: "Yes, there's another one. This female Tyrannosaurus rex is very beautiful."

Gulu: Galle is really a "playboy"!

Mungo brought Gulu to the outside of Badi's group.

Now Badi's group had less than 500 Triceratopses. Gulu glanced around with his eyes. There was no Heili inside.

Mungo's ethnic group had begun to attack.

Gulu said, "Mungo, Heili isn't here, but you can catch one or two of them to eat meat. Badi is abominable! You can eat his ethnic group!"

Mungo: "If you say which group, we'll eat them."

Gulu: "Eat them, eat them. Badi is a big bad dinosaur!"

Mungo: "I will definitely find that Heili and eat him one mouthful at a time!"

Gulu: "Hmmm."

Gulu knew that it's strange to put forth such an idea according to the human three views. Badi was a bad dinosaur, but other Triceratopses in his group were innocent.

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Then Gulu thought again: Tyrannosaurus rex is supposed to eat Triceratops. If they're going to eat anyway, might as well go for Badi's group. It's more reasonable!

Mungo's brothers were all very strong and Galle was involved. Soon they hunted three very large adult Triceratopses. Badi was well protected by the ethnic group, so he wasn't hurt.

Mungo: "You don't like that Triceratops named Badi much. I'll eat him after I send you back."

Gulu didn't want Mungo to do this, because Badi was the leader. The leader of Triceratops was the most well protected. It may hurt Mungo and his brothers.

Gulu refused, "No, Mungo. I want Badi to watch the dinosaurs of his group dwindle day by day. When I grow up, I will kill Badi myself. You must leave Badi for me to practice."

Mungo: "That's fine. Just be happy."

Mungo and his brothers ate together. Gulu stood by and watched. Gulu had long been accustomed to watching these Tyrannosaurus rex eat ferociously when he lived in Mungo's group.

At this moment, Gulu saw a female Tyrannosaurus rex running towards them.

Mungo and his brothers raised their heads at the same time. The female Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to know them very well. Mungo's brothers were very excited. The color on their heads instantly became unusually bright and dazzling.

Galle was the most excited. He kept rubbing on Mungo and said, "Wow, Mungo, she really came back. She came back for you! Mungo, she's your favorite female Tyrannosaurus rex, right? You don't even want Ulam for her."

Mungo subconsciously looked at Gulu and roared, "Shut up!"

Gulu liked gossip very much, especially listening to gossip about Mungo. He immediately ran to Galle and asked, "Wow, Galle, is she Mungo's ex-girlfriend? Wow, she's so beautiful, even more beautiful than Ulam!"

Galle and Gulu had been together for several days. He now understood Gulu in his human form. He answered: "No, Gaya saved her. She lived in Mungo's group for a period of time. Anyway, she's Mungo's true love!"

This female Tyrannosaurus rex was really beautiful. Although she was still an adolescent, she was about the same size as Ulam. She would definitely be bigger than Ulam in the future.

Gulu: Wow, Mungo's great fortune isn't shallow!

Mungo: "What is she doing back here?"

Gulu: "Mungo, you are so cold. Isn't she your true love?"

Mungo also didn't know why he was angry when he saw Gulu like this. He felt very puzzled.

This female Tyrannosaurus rex walked up to Gulu. She looked at Gulu and said, "How can Tyrannosaurus rex raise Triceratops? Mungo, are you crazy!"

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