Gulu didn't expect that Mungo's true love would say that a Tyrannosaurus rex shouldn't raise Triceratops. Although this was true, Gulu was still a little unhappy.

Before Gulu could retort, Mungo rebuked her, "Lunqin, what are you doing here? What does it have to do with you if we raise Gulu?"

Gulu only realized now that this female Tyrannosaurus rex was the newly-promoted goddess Lunqin on Yukan mainland. If Ulam was a "mature goddess", then Lunqin was an innocent "young goddess"!

Lunqin thought: It certainly has to do with me. I will be your match in the future. I don't want a Triceratops cub in my nest.

After Mungo talked down Lunqin, Mungo's brothers also stood up one after another to defend:

"We're willing to raise Gulu and we like Gulu!"

"What do you know? If it wasn't for Gulu, we would have died in the volcano."

"Yes, if not for Gulu, we would have been drowned by Dada River."

"Gulu is great! Don't you bad mouth Gulu!"


Munroe became very stimulated: "Lunqin, I'm telling you, you can hit and bite me, but you aren't allowed to say bad things about my big brother. Gulu is my big brother. If you dare to speak ill of him again, I will bite you, bite you and bite you till you die! I will bite where it hurts the most!"

Lunqin looked at these Tyrannosaurus rex like staring at monsters: ???!

Lunqin used to live in Mungo's group for a period of time. In the entire group except for Gaya, she was the only female Tyrannosaurus rex. Lunqin was similar in age to these adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex. Since she was also a strong and beautiful female Tyrannosaurus rex, naturally, she was highly sought after.

At that time, all male Tyrannosaurus rex except Mungo were Lunqin's "licking dogs".

However, Lunqin only liked Mungo and followed him every day.

Mungo actually didn't like Lunqin at all. He didn't like this female Tyrannosaurus rex who followed him all time, but he couldn't drive her away. Gaya wanted to wait until Lunqin grow up and can easily survive attacks by male Tyrannosaurus rex before letting Mungo drive her away.

In order to let Lunqin grow up faster and leave his group sooner, Mungo took Lunqin out to hunt every day and taught her how to defeat other male Tyrannosaurus rex.

After Lunqin was able to resist the attack of male Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo immediately drove her far away.

To Mungo's brothers, however, it seemed that Mungo must really love Lunqin. He taught her to defeat other Tyrannosaurus rex before driving her away. If that wasn't true love?!

Lunqin also thought that Mungo really loved her. Mungo was always fierce and was even fiercer and more impatient when teaching her. In contrast, other male Tyrannosaurus rex were too kind to her. But she still decided that Mungo was very special and strong. She liked ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo, who was extremely tyrannical.

As the result, Lunqin became very conceited. She thought that by virtue of Mungo's "love" for her and Mungo's brothers' "love" for her, she could wake Mungo up with a word, to end the most "absurd" raising relationship in the whole continent of Yukan.

She had no idea that this was the outcome.

Still, she responded quickly and immediately backed down: "Mungo, don't be angry. I'm just surprised. You really have a Triceratops. I thought other dinosaurs are talking nonsense. You all like him so much. It must be because he's very good. Then I'll like him too. Don't be angry, Gulu. I will definitely change."

Gulu: emmm……… I smell the fragrance of green tea.

Mungo: "Our ethnic group does not allow other dinosaurs to come near. Please leave. Don't make me chase you away."

Lunqin: "I miss Gaya. Gaya must miss me too. I want to see Gaya. You can't drive me away."

Mungo really couldn't drive her away now. Gaya liked Lunqin very much.

Lunqin continued: "Mungo, I heard that the water of Dada River flooded your territory. I'm very worried about you and Gaya and came here. You don't know how much danger I encountered along the way, but it doesn't matter. I'm relieved to see that you're all right."

Gulu: I have never seen such a "green tea" and "white lotus" dinosaur! This is simply too much. This "mother of the white lotus" is really too 666.

Mungo: "You want to go find Gaya. I won't stop you. Just leave now. Don't disturb us to eat."

Lunqin: "Go, I'll go. Don't regret it."

Mungo: …I'm too lazy to talk to you.

Munroe: "You'll never be able to stay here even if my brother likes you. I'm telling you, as long as my big brother Gulu doesn't like you, my brother won't be with you!"

Mungo's other brothers also roared ferociously at Lunqin.

Lunqin didn't care either. She believed that with her charm, these male Tyrannosaurus rex would soon regain their love for her.

Gulu watched Lunqin go far before asking Galle, "Does Mungo really like her? Tell me about Mungo and her past, okay? I want to know."

Galle: "Mungo really likes her ah… but you can rest assured that since Mungo has you, he will definitely find a female Tyrannosaurus rex who likes you. Just now, she falsely said that she likes you. Mungo will accept her only if she really likes you later…"

Gulu: Wow, it's like Mungo has to find a female Tyrannosaurus rex who likes me as my "stepmother"?! In this case, Mungo can be said to be a super good Dad!

Mungo certainly heard the conversation between Galle and Gulu. He explained, "Gulu, listen to me. I don't like her. I did those things before in order to drive her away as soon as possible…"

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Gulu: Why did Mungo explain so much to me? Even if Mungo really likes her before, it's none of my business.

Mungo then emphasized to his brothers that he didn't like this female Tyrannosaurus rex and had always wanted to drive her away as soon as possible.

Mungo's brothers: Boss, really?! Whether it's true or not, we won't let her bully Gulu!

Gulu knew that Mungo would one day have cubs with a female Tyrannosaurus rex. Of course, he hoped that Mungo would find the most beautiful and powerful female Tyrannosaurus rex, have the largest territory and gave birth to the cutest and strongest cubs.

But he also had a little selfishness. He hoped that Mungo's female Tyrannosaurus rex would also like him. If not much, at least she should accept him. That way, he could often go play with Mungo's young ones and often visit Mungo, his "old Dad".

Gulu knew that this Lunqin was very beautiful and strong. She's a very popular female Tyrannosaurus rex, but she obviously didn't like him and was also "duplicitous". He didn't like her.

At this time, Mungo and his brothers also finished eating. Mungo still let Gulu sat on his back. They walked together to the resting place of the ethnic group.

Gulu saw Gaya and Lunqin rubbing each other's necks excitedly from a distance. It seemed that Gaya really liked Lunqin.

Lunqin wanted to find out Gaya's attitude towards Gulu before Mungo came back. However, she was much smarter this time. She just asked doubtfully, "Gaya, Gulu is lovely, but Tyrannosaurus rex isn't suitable for raising Triceratops, is it? Aren't you afraid that Mungo and his brothers will no longer hunt Triceratops? What will they eat then?"

Gaya became angry in an instant. She took a step back and rebuked solemnly, "Lunqin, do you think I was right to save you? I didn't know you at all. According to the survival rules of Tyrannosaurus rex, I should have never saved you."

Lunqin immediately froze. It's true. When Gaya saved her, she felt very incredible.

It was the dry season. Tyrannosaurus rex was seriously short of prey. Lunqin was bitten by a male Tyrannosaurus rex and laid on the ground. The male Tyrannosaurus rex was ready to eat her alive.

Tyrannosaurus rex would eat their own species who were other Tyrannosaurus rex not part of their ethnic group. They would eat them as food. They would even eat their own small cubs even if they weren't hungry.

Gaya saw Lunqin being eaten alive by a male Tyrannosaurus rex. She remembered that she had almost been eaten by Moke before. Her strong empathy made her saved Lunqin and brought the poor adolescent female Tyrannosaurus rex back to her own group.

At that time, Mungo was actually very unhappy and unwilling to accept Lunqin into his own ethnic group. He reluctantly agreed under Gaya's excessive pleading.

Lunqin hurriedly explained, "No, Gaya, I mean, I also like Gulu very much. We can raise Gulu together."

Gaya: "Gulu is my cub. Even if he's a Triceratops, he hatched in my nest! Just because we raise Gulu, it doesn't mean that we can no longer hunt Triceratops. How many Triceratopses had we already hunted?"

Lunqin nodded repeatedly and appeased: "Gaya, don't be angry. I'm just curious and ask."

Gaya's attitude towards Lunqin cooled down. In fact, it's Gaya's impulsive decision to save Lunqin at the beginning. Later, Lunqin became more arrogant in the ethnic group, which was also why Gaya didn't want to keep her.

However, when Lunqin suddenly returned today, Gaya was still very excited. Gaya used to regard Lunqin as her "past self". Now she realized that Lunqin was completely different from her.

Gulu came down from Mungo and went straight to Guji and Gudong. Guji and Gudong also came to him and whispered: "Brother, we don't like this Lunqin. We just heard her say bad things about you. We hate her, big bad dinosaur!"

In fact, Gulu could also feel Gaya's change in attitude towards Lunqin. Before, she was very excited and happy, rubbing her neck enthusiastically. Now she stood cold and distant. Even if Lunqin actively rubbed Gaya, Gaya would subconsciously avoid it.

Gaya: "Lunqin, since you grow up, you shouldn't appear near our ethnic group anymore. You should leave early tomorrow morning."

Lunqin: "But Gaya, I came back for Mungo. I want to be with him."

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Gaya looked at Mungo. Mungo refused, "I don't want to be with you."

Lunqin also no longer said anything. She turned to leave.

All dinosaurs in the ethnic group were a little surprised. According to Lunqin's character, it shouldn't be so easy to let go.

Gaya missed Gulu very much. Gulu had not stayed with her for a long time. Gaya: "Mungo, can you go and talk to Pado? Gulu is staying with us tonight."

Mungo, of course, nodded and went.

Gulu rubbed Gaya and said, "Mom, I miss you so much. I also miss Guji and Gudong."

Gaya: "We won't miss you. You can't miss us."

Gulu: "Even if you don't want me to, I will still miss you."

Guji and Gudong: "Mom lies. She obviously calls out brother's name when sleeping at night!"

Gaya: "…"

Gulu: "Mom, do you like Lunqin very much? Has she lived with you for a long time?"

Gaya: "Not for a long time. Don't ask so many questions. Mom and Mungo know how to handle it. Don't worry about it."

That night, Gulu, Guji and Gudong were still sleeping together in each other's arms. Gaya and Mungo slept on both sides of the three cubs to protect them tightly.

Now Nanshan was too dangerous. All kinds of carnivorous dinosaurs had no fixed territory. Even powerful ethnic groups like Mungo's must be careful everywhere.

Mungo let his brothers sleep in a big circle around them, as to ensure the absolute safety of the young ones.

Although Mungo didn't allow Galle to sleep in the group, Galle slept not far away from Mungo's group, which already satisfied him.

The three cubs had grown older. They slept very dishonestly. They always rolled around, but no matter how they rolled, they would be blocked by Mungo and Gaya.

Gulu rolled to Gaya's mouth in the middle of the night. If Gaya slept with her mouth open, he would probably roll into her mouth. However, even if he rolled into her mouth, it didn't matter. Gaya wouldn't bite Gulu.

For a period of time, because it's too hot, Gaya liked to sleep with her mouth open. Guji, Gudong and Gulu often fell asleep and rolled into her mouth. Gaya had to spit out her cubs in the middle of the night before she could continue to sleep.

At that time, Gulu was very dishonest and rubbed his horns and butts on Gaya's nose and mouth. Gulu was growing rapidly. His horns were also growing very fast. They itched. He couldn't help but want to rub them.

Nanshan's fern plants were short of water and nutrition. Gulu had been getting a little irritated recently. When defecating, he would suffer pain. His butts also often itched. In Triceratops group, Babana and Pado would take turn waking up at night to lick the three cubs' butts, for fear that they couldn't sleep well.

Gaya slept soundly, but subconsciously licked Gulu's horns and butts. After the cubs broke their shells, she often licked them to help them defecate better.

Mungo never fell asleep. He immediately grabbed Gulu in front of him and helped Gulu relieve the itching feeling according to the method that Pado told him.

Gulu felt very comfortable, humming in his dream.

When Mungo went to Pado to tell him that Gulu would sleep with them today, Pado specifically instructed Mungo to lick Gulu when he woke up in the middle of the night. Mungo was afraid that he was too sleepy to wake up in the middle of the night and simply didn't sleep.

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