The next morning, Gulu, Guji and Gudong woke up. Mungo took Gulu out to eat ferns. Guji, Gudong, Gaya and Mungo's brothers ate meat together.

When Gulu came back full, Guji and Gudong were also full. The three cubs played around together.

While playing, the three cubs all wanted to relieve themselves and went to the sand together.

Gulu stood at the upper airstream. Guji and Gudong stayed at the lower airstream. Meat-eating dinosaur's poop was so smelly. This way, Gulu wouldn't smell them as long as he remained at the upper airstream.

Although Guji and Gudong also thought that their brother's excrement was also smelly, carnivorous dinosaur didn't like the taste of fern plants and even less the taste of fern plants after digestion, they still thought that his was more tolerable than their stink.

Gulu didn't even know why he liked to defecate with Guji and Gudong so much. He probably got used to defecating together from childhood. (T/N: haha, funny but weird)

Today's pull wasn't very smooth, Gulu shouted loudly: "Mom, Mom, Gaya, come here quickly. I can't pull it out. It hurts…"

(T/N: pull(ing) = poop(ing))

Gaya heard this and immediately ran over. Gulu got constipated. She was very skilled in helping the young cubs to pull. This was a skill that any dinosaur Mom would have. When the young cubs were younger, Gaya often helped them to pull like this.

Gulu didn't feel embarrassed at all, since he was still young.

In the Triceratops group, Gulu would shout loudly for Babana. Babana would come to help him. Gulu felt really happy to have two Moms.

The three cubs went to play crazily again after pulling.

Mungo took advantage of the children's playtime to catch up on sleep. He basically didn't sleep much last night.

While playing, the three cubs saw Lunqin coming back. Lunqin was holding Gulu's favorite berries and nuts in her mouth.

Gulu didn't know where Lunqin found these berries and nuts. Nanshan was barren. Although Mungo would often bring him various fruits, it wasn't as frequent as when they were at the foot of the mountain. The main reason was that it's really difficult to find them.

Lunqin placed the fruits in front of Gulu and said, "It seems that Triceratops likes to eat this. I spent all night long to look for them. Gulu, please eat quickly."

Gulu desperately swallowed saliva. He really wanted to eat them, but he couldn't.

Mungo also woke up at this time. He walked to Gulu's side.

Gulu looked at Mungo. Mungo said sternly, "Don't eat! I will find you better fruits than this."

Gaya also came along. She talked earnestly, "Lunqin, I was originally very happy that you came back to see us, but we really can't let you stay. Mungo doesn't like you and he's still young."

Lunqin: "Gaya, I know that. I'll stay right next to your ethnic group. Please don't drive me away. I have been to many places. They are not as good as yours. I like being with you and I like Mungo."

Mungo: "No way."

Lunqin: "Mungo! I know now that you like Gulu very much. Yesterday was all my fault. I promise I will like Gulu as much as you do in the future. If I do anything bad to Gulu, you can just drive me away."

Mungo: "I said no. I just won't. It has nothing to do with Gulu. I don't like you. I never like you before. I only taught you in order to drive you away faster…"

Lunqin: "It doesn't matter. You will like me in the future. There's no stronger female Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan than me. You will definitely like me."

Gaya: "Lunqin, I know many male Tyrannosaurus rex in Yukan like you. They are all very kind to you. Mungo is so cruel to you. He doesn't like you. Why do you want to follow him?"

Lunqin: "I just like Mungo. The fiercer Mungo is to me, the more I like it. Those male Tyrannosaurus rex are good to me and I don't like them."

Gulu was a little shocked: Is it true that if a male dinosaur isn't bad, the female won't love him?! So this is the dinosaur world?

Lunqin went on to say: "Those male Tyrannosaurus rex are not as strong as me, why should I like them? Mungo is worthy of me."

Gulu: Do you have any brain? Mungo is the most powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex in Yukan. You should try a less strong male. However, if he dares to say this, Gulu knew that Lunqin will make sure that he "die on the spot".

Gulu heard that Lunqin had killed male Tyrannosaurus rex who pursued her before. Female Tyrannosaurus rex were all ferocious. The average male Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't hold back females as fierce as Lunqin and Ulam like Mungo.

Mungo didn't want to talk nonsense with Lunqin any longer. He thought that Lunqin was much more annoying than Ulam. Extremely annoying!

At Mungo's command, his brothers began to expel Lunqin.

This was also very normal. Tyrannosaurus rex that didn't belong to the group would definitely be driven away if it appeared near the group.

Lunqin was very angry, but she couldn't help it. She left the fruits in her mouth and ran away.

Gulu looked at the fruits on the ground. His saliva flowed to his chin.

Mungo crushed the fruits with one foot and shouted sharply, "Gulu! How many times have I told you that you aren't allowed to eat anything from Tyrannosaurus rex who are not from the group!"

Gulu muttered in a low voice: "I haven't eaten them ah…"

Mungo became more severe: "You can't even if you want to! What do you want to eat, tell me, I'll take you to eat. Don't eat things from other Tyrannosaurus rex's mouth. If you don't listen, see how I'll beat you!…"

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Gulu subconsciously felt sore butts. Although Mungo didn't use Pado's strength, it's still painful. Mungo and Pado were both hateful and unreasonable tyrants!

Mungo: "Don't cry. I'll take you to eat fruits. Climb on my back."

Gulu: "I'm not crying, bully!"

Gaya told him, "Mungo, you walk slowly. Gulu is already very big. Don't fall."

Gulu: "I can walk by myself. I'm already a big dinosaur."

Mungo got down and said, "You can only sit there a few more times. Come on up."

Gulu had to climb up. He felt that Mungo was like an old Dad sighing: "Once my son grows up, I can't hold him any longer."

Dinosaur cubs basically grew fast around the age of one and a half. Even when they were young, they often weighed a few thousand Jin and looked very big.

Gulu stared at Gaya then at the expelled Lunqin. In fact, he knew that Gaya and Mungo drove Lunqin away because of him. They couldn't tolerate any Tyrannosaurus rex that might hurt him.

Because a Triceratops cub like him was too fragile. If a Tyrannosaurus rex wanted to hurt him, he could be bitten to death with just one bite.

Although Lunqin's acting was really high for a dinosaur and could basically be said to be "Empress level", Gaya and Mungo still didn't believe her.

It's also at this time that Gulu realized that if he really cared about someone or a dinosaur, there was no room for any sand in his eyes! Those who could be calculated by green tea or white lotus were not his true love.

Mungo took Gulu to find fruits to eat.

Gulu saw Lunqin being driven far away. When Lunqin passed Ulam, Ulam looked at her with sympathetic eyes.

Ulam's eyes seemed to say: Sister, did you also fail? I thought that you can fight better than me. The result is about the same as my fighting capacity … Did you say that you're Mungo's true love? Mungo didn't want me because of you? See. It's not me. Hahaha, this farce really makes me happy!

Lunqin stared back at Ulam as if to return: I have lived with Mungo for so long, have you? Mungo hunted with me. He taught me how to defeat male Tyrannosaurus rex. Can you…still laugh at me? Are you qualified to laugh at me, scum!

Gulu fully understood the message from the confrontation between the eyes of these two female Tyrannosaurus rex. He couldn't help but sigh: Hey, Mungo doesn't like any of you. Can you still regard each other as rival in love? Don't you have too many plays?

Mungo: "Gulu, tell me what you want to eat in the future. Don't be like this again. Do you hear me?"

Gulu was watching the two female Tyrannosaurus rex attentively. He didn't hear it.

Mungo raised his volume: "Gulu! Do you hear me?"

Gulu: "I heard. I heard."

Mungo: "What did you hear? Repeat it to me!"

Gulu felt that Mungo was really angry. He had a hunch that if what he said was wrong, Mungo would definitely beat him. His butts started to hurt. He answered cautiously: "Er… what you said was, what you said was that I can ask you what I want to eat in the future. I can't behave like today."

After that, Gulu waited nervously. Mungo can't beat him. He did say this!

Gulu thought to himself: Don't I know Mungo well? If Mungo moves his toes, I'll know what he wants.

Mungo was no longer as angry. Gulu rubbed his horns on Mungo's back, thinking to himself: Mungo is a big bad dinosaur, a big bully. He wants to beat me. I won't give him the chance, hahaha…

Soon, the two came to a very secluded mountain depression, which was very barren and didn't even have ferns, only stones. No dinosaur would come here at all.

However, there was a small pool in this place. There're several small trees with red berries beside the pool. Gulu ate them one by one. There was no waste at all. Even the ground had been completely cleaned out. It's delicious!

Mungo spent some time every day looking for all kinds of fruits that Gulu liked to eat. Usually, no matter where he went, he always paid attention to whether there're any fruits. This berry tree was discovered yesterday and was originally chosen for Gulu to eat today.

Gulu ate berries and was very satisfied. He lied on Mungo's back and slept soundly.

Mungo walked slowly. When he reached the side of a grotto, a large bald dinosaur came barreling towards them, carrying a small Triceratops on its back.

The little Triceratops shouted: "Mungo, don't eat us. I know where Heili is!"

Gulu immediately opened his eyes. If he was in human form, he would have burst out laughing. It's the first time he had seen such a bald Yutyrannus.

Yutyrannus had grown so many feathers because of the cold weather. They usually stayed in the colder side of the mountain and wouldn't come to the warmer side. It's too hot here. Yutyrannus would go crazy and lose their feathers.

Of course, Mungo didn't attack them. He urgently asked, "Where is that Triceratops?"

Gulu only laughed at the Yutyrannus in his heart. He also hurriedly questioned: "Kangkang, where is Heili?"

Kangkang: "I'll take you there."

Gulu and Mungo followed them. Kangkang was very sorry and said to Gulu, "Gulu, I'm sorry. I lied to you before. I thought Heili dares not hurt you again…"

Kangkang originally lived with Yutyrannus in the colder side of Nanshan. He heard other dinosaurs say that Gulu was almost killed by Heili.

Pado had already released the message. If any Triceratops knew where Heili was, they could tell Pado. Once Pado found and killed Heili, he would let that Triceratops join his group.

All Triceratopses in Yukan wanted to join Pado's ethnic group. As the result, the news spread very fast. Everyone wanted to find Heili, which was similar to the "highest reward order" in the human world.

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With Pado's "highest reward order", Kangkang found out about the matter very quickly. He regretted not telling Gulu before. Today, he said everything.

Soon, Gulu and Mungo knew all of the truth. Mungo became even angrier. He wanted to tear Heili into pieces.

Gulu: "Heili is too cruel and won't even spare his own son. Although you hurt me, you have saved me and Mungo twice. When I say peace is peace, my word counts."

Kangkang: "Thank you, Gulu."

Mungo let out a loud roar. He was calling his brothers. He wanted to ensure the absolute safety of Gulu and prevent Heili from escaping. The safest way was to call over his brothers.

They soon arrived at a cave filled with withered weeds. Mungo gave orders and his brothers rushed in.

But the cave was empty.

Since Heili tried to crush Gulu without success, he had been very careful. He saw Mungo coming with so many Tyrannosaurus rex from a distance and left the cave long ago.

Now he was hiding far away behind a big rock, so scared that he could barely stand.

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