Heili felt very wronged. After sneaking out of Pado's group, he hid in the forest in order to survive. Then he found out that Heiwu wasn't dead, but there was a big meat-eating dinosaur beside Heiwu. He didn't dare to go there.

Later, he fled to Nanshan and joined Badi's group. He thought that he could eat at ease. As the result, there was a flood. Pado's ethnic group came to Nanshan. More and more carnivorous dinosaurs also came to Nanshan.

The day Pado took Badi's territory, he was in Badi's group, but there were too many Triceratopses there. He hid well. Pado and Gulu didn't find him.

Badi was a very vengeful Triceratops. He's crazy and wanted revenge on Pado. However, he really couldn't beat Pado and couldn't unify the ethnic groups near Pado.

Previously, Heili joined Badi's group by taking advantage of Badi's complacency and despise of Pado. Heili said that he also despised Pado. That's why he left Pado's group and came to join Badi's group.

Badi naturally recalled Heili. He forced Heili to kill Gulu or any of Pado's cubs. If Heili didn't go, he would drive Heili out of the group.

Today's Nanshan, let alone a single Triceratops, even a Triceratops in a group wasn't safe anymore and could be hunted by carnivorous dinosaurs at any time. If Heili was driven out of Badi's group, he would definitely not survive.

Heili was originally very terrified, but he thought that being driven out by Badi was also dead. Heiwu wasn't dead. Gulu would know who hit him down the cliff sooner or later. He had to summon up the courage to kill Gulu.

After nearly killing Gulu, Pado and Mungo looked for him everywhere. Badi also drove him out of the group. He hid in this cave and was hungry every day, but he didn't dare to go out to find food. He knew that he would die sooner or later, but he still wanted to live a few more days.

Now Heili saw Heiwu and Gulu together. Gulu must have known.

Heili felt wronged: I just want to live, why is it so difficult!

Of course, even if Heili was afraid, he still had to run.

Mungo's brothers didn't find Heili. Mungo shouted angrily at Kangkang, "You lied to me? I'll eat you alive!"

Kangkang replied at once: "Mungo, Gulu, believe me! I clearly saw him here this morning! He must still be nearby."

Gulu: "Mungo, don't be angry first. Kangkang has no need to cheat us."

Mungo hurriedly asked his brothers to look for the Triceratops.

At this time, Gulu seemed to see Dunyi and Hongdun. They were behind a big stone not far away, but soon disappeared.

Gulu didn't see it wrong. Dunyi was sitting on the back of Hongdun. They desperately tried to find Heili. They clearly saw him just now!

Hongdun regretted very much: "If I have listened to Gulu, our ethnic group wouldn't have been flooded."

Dunyi: "Dad, it's no longer useful to say these things now. As long as we find Heili, we can join Pado's ethnic group. Let's find him quickly."

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Hongdun didn't want to join Pado's ethnic group. He wanted to be a leader. He had become accustomed to being a leader. Of course, he wouldn't tell Dunyi this. He knew Dunyi wanted to be beside Gulu very much.

Dada River flooded the whole plain. Triceratopses of Hongdun's group all drowned. Hongdun felt very sorry for Dunyi. He saved Dunyi in the flood with one breath left. They came to Nanshan.

When they came to Nanshan, they happened to meet Badi and Bachu who were "separated". Hongdun immediately chose to join Bachu's ethnic group, because Bachu wasn't as big as him. He would become a leader after his standing became stable enough.

Bachu was short of a giant male Triceratops like Hongdun. Of course, they were very welcome to join his group.

Today, Bachu's ethnic group was looking for food in this neighborhood. Dunyi wanted to help Gulu find Heili, so he was looking for Heili every time. He just saw him today, so he begged Hongdun to take him out. Hongdun loved him very much and took him out.

Hongdun: "Dunyi, we can't leave the group too far. Heili is gone. We'll tell Gulu when we see him next time."

Dunyi: "All right, Dad."

Gulu felt that he must have seen illusions. Hongdun's group didn't come to Nanshan. Dunyi and Hongdun should have drowned. How was it possible for them to be here?

Mungo's brothers were still looking for Heili, but they found nothing.

Kangkang: "Gulu, don't worry. I'll find Heili again."

Gulu believed that Kangkang would find him. Looking at the bald Yutyrannus whose back Kangkang sat on, he could see the meat of the Yutyrannus.

Gulu sighed: This Yutyrannus absolutely has true love toward Kangkang.

Mungo knew that he couldn't find Heili today and walked back with Gulu.

When they passed by a Triceratops group, Gulu saw Myer. He didn't die and join a very large Triceratops group!

This Triceratops group had nearly 1,000 Triceratopses.

Myer was at the center of the group. He looked at Gulu from a distance and said with his eyes, "Gulu, thank you. If it wasn't for you, I would have never understood why those Triceratopses hate me more and more and I wouldn't have joined this group."

Gulu didn't understand the meaning in Myer's eyes, but he felt that Myer had changed and wasn't the same as before.

After leaving Hongdun's group, Myer was also very afraid and didn't dare to stay in the plains. He's afraid that Hongdun would find him and hid in Nanshan. At that time, there're not so many carnivorous dinosaurs in Nanshan. He's very thin and hid in the fern bushes and couldn't even eat.

He had been secretly following this Triceratops group on the edge because only with this huge Triceratops group could he eat. And only with them could he have a better chance of surviving.

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Of course, this ethnic group wouldn't accept him. He needed to be very careful not to be found.

He found that a young female Triceratops was always bullied by the young ones of the group's leader. In fact, according to his previous character, he would have never helped this young female Triceratops, because he had to please the young ones of the leader to join the group.

But this little female Triceratops reminded him of himself. At first, he didn't help, but once he couldn't help it. He aided the little female Triceratops. They were both beaten miserably on the ground.

At that time, he was very regretful, but the little female Triceratops was very grateful to him. He also remembered what Gulu said to him and what his Dad had told to him. This was the only time he did something not for his own agenda after his Dad died.

In the following period of time, he often played secretly with the little female Triceratops and was beaten when found. After his Dad died, he had never been so happy, even if he didn't have enough to eat and was beaten more often than before.

Myer also finally realized why the small Triceratopses of the original ethnic group no longer liked him as much. It's because he used the small Triceratopses for a certain purpose every time. In fact, they knew that they had been used. Everyone was a Triceratops. No one was much dumber than the other.

He finally understood that true friendship must be exchanged with "sincerity". That was what Dad said: True brothers exchange their lives.

Later, when the father of the young female Triceratops became the leader, Myer was naturally accepted. He felt very lucky.

Now Myer's little female Triceratops also looked at Gulu and asked, "Is that Gulu? Do you like him very much?"

Myer: "Soya, I like him a lot. He's really good. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have met you."

Soya: "Then he's really good!"

Gulu also didn't know why. Looking at such a Myer, he suddenly didn't hate him, because he saw sincerity in Myer's eyes, which absolutely didn't exist before.

The world of Triceratops was very simple. The treachery and cunning of human beings were not easy to do here. Perhaps those who knew how to calculate others would live well. That was because there're too many conflicts of interest in the human world. Such a thing didn't exist in the world of Triceratops. Everyone just wanted to eat and not be hunted by carnivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu only hoped that Myer could live a good life in this ethnic group, maintain such "sincerity" and never be a demon again.

Under Pado's "highest reward order" and Mungo's death tracking, Heili was soon discovered.

The next day, Kangkang took Gulu and Mungo. Myer brought Pado to another cave where Heili was hiding.

Heili wanted to run, but it's too late. Pado blocked the entrance with more than a dozen Triceratopses. Mungo's brothers surrounded him.

Mungo put Gulu on Pado's back. He wanted to take the first bite.

Heili had no ability to resist at all. Mungo bit off half of his horn shield. He rolled on the ground in pain and looked at Heiwu while pleading: "Heiwu, help me, help dad. Dad is always bad before. Please beg Gulu to leave me alone…"

Now Heili could only place his final hope on his son who was nearly killed by him.

Kangkang rushed over. He hit Heili again and again: "You die! I want to kill you, kill you, kill you! I almost killed Gulu! Pado is the only Triceratops who was good to me. I almost killed Pado's son…"

Of course Kangkang was still too young. His impact on Heili didn't cause much damage, but Heili still felt pain when he hit the horn shield bitten by Mungo. Heili let out a loud roar and shook his head to pierce his son with the horn.

Heili couldn't reach Gulu this time, but he still wanted to kill his son. He didn't repent at all.

Mungo bit Heili's back and tear off a large piece of meat. He wouldn't directly bite Heili to death. He would slowly and painfully let Heili die.

Gulu didn't want to see Heili being killed alive, even though he wanted to be cruel. Heili almost killed him twice. He deserved to die, but he didn't think torturing him was necessary.

Gulu said to Pado, "Dad, let's go home. I don't want to see it."

Pado didn't hit Heili again. He also felt that it's unnecessary and let Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex kill him.

Mungo didn't bite Heili again, but he told his brothers: "Eat slowly and let him die tomorrow."

Kangkang was brought out by the Yutyrannus.

Pado spoke to Kangkang, "Young cub, you took Mungo to Heli. You can join my group."

Kangkang said, "Pado, I am the son of Heili."

Pado: "I mean what I say."

Kangkang: "Pado, no, he follows me out. I don't want to leave him."

Pado and Gulu watched Kangkang and the Yutyrannus leave. Pado really couldn't understand. Wasn't this long-haired dinosaur not very fond of the warmer side of the mountain? He shed off all his feathers just to come here. He seemed to be really good to Kangkang, just like Mungo to Gulu.

Pado turned to Myer, "Now you can join my group, little brat."

Gulu also said to Myer, "I find that I don't seemed to hate you anymore. You're welcome to join my group."

Myer refused, "No, Pado, Gulu, my group is over there. I'm going to pass."

Gulu actually knew that Myer wouldn't join their group. He watched Myer ran towards his own group.

Today, Pado was a little confused: Don't all Triceratopses want to join my group? What's going on now?

But at this moment, Hongdun stopped Myer, who had yet to run into the group.

Pado rushed over at once. He couldn't watch Myer die in front of him. Not when Myer would be killed because he told them where Heili was hiding. He couldn't allow such a thing to happen.

Gulu also rushed over. Dunyi ran to Gulu excitedly and said, "Gulu, I know where Heili is. He's in that cave. I saw him!"

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Gulu knew that Dunyi really wanted to thank him and repay him. He could only say, "We already know, but thank you anyway."

Dunyi begged his Dad to bring him over when Bachu's ethnic group came near here.

Pado protected Myer.

Hongdun was also very angry when he saw Myer. He and Gulu walked over together.

Gulu didn't know what to do now.

Myer asked, "Gulu, I'd like to know, do you like him more now, or me?"

Dunyi also looked at Gulu with expectant eyes.

Soya found Myer in danger and immediately rushed up with her leader Dad. At the same time, Bachu also rushed up with his group. He couldn't let the powerful male Triceratops Hongdun die here.

The two Triceratops groups were at loggerheads.

Mungo could only stand and watch from a distance.

Dunyi: "Gulu, do you prefer me or him?"

Myer: "Gulu, you like me, don't you?"

Gulu: What evil have I done? What do I do if the two groups fight because of me?! Online, please help, urgent!

Mungo suddenly felt that he didn't like these two Triceratopses very much and didn't know why!

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