Gulu looked at Myer and Dunyi. He's really puzzled: Why do you care so much about me all of a sudden?! I don't think I'm that important to you…

Pado also had no idea why things developed like this.

Gulu felt that if Dunyi liked him, he should have said so in the past. After all, he and Pado saved his life.

(T/N: Yep, author forgot that Dunyi died. They didn't save him. Otherwise, why would his Dad, Hongdun, hate Myer so much?)

However, Myer's change was too big for Gulu to understand.

Gulu felt that Myer shouldn't only dislike himself, but also hated him. After all, he was the reason why Myer couldn't enter Pado's ethnic group despite thinking of various ways. His lies were also exposed by Pado.

Even if his lies weren't exposed by Pado, Hongdun would "hunt" Myer for thousands of years. With Myer's previous character, he would certainly count this against Pado.

Even though Myer had experienced some things and changed a lot, Gulu felt that it was already good that Myer didn't hate him. How could he like him so much?

The two Triceratops groups were ready to fight at any time. Of course, they may not really fight, but at least there would be a "roaring" war. Then the leaders would hit each other, which was likely to hurt.

Myer's little female Triceratops Soya was very beautiful. She whispered, "Myer, don't be afraid. My Dad is very strong. He will protect you. My Dad won't let Hongdun hurt you."

Soya's Dad was called Sofu. He stood in front of Hongdun, ready to fight for Myer.

Hongdun looked at Sofu and asked, "what's your name?"

This was absolutely a provocative tone and question. Sofu didn't bother to answer.

Soya was too young. She felt that every Triceratops should know her Dad. She became so angry that she cried out, "My Dad's name is Sofu. He's the most powerful Triceratops leader in Nanshan!"

Hongdun retorted contemptuously, "I haven't heard of him."

Sofu let out a loud roar. Gulu felt as if he were saying, "In Nanshan, I, Sofu, am not worthy of a name?!"

Gulu didn't know Soya, but he heard of Soya's Dad, Sofu. Sofu wasn't a famous leader in the whole continent of Yukan, but he had a name in Nanshan.

At present, the largest Triceratops group in Nanshan was Pado's. With over 1,000 Triceratopses, Sofu's group was the second largest. Moreover, Sofu's group had always lived in Nanshan and could be said to be a "famous family" in this small place.

Pado's group had the most Triceratops population in the whole Yukan continent. If Yukan was compared to a large country composed of numerous Triceratops ethnic groups, then Pado's group was the "Imperial Throne" of the "Greatest Empire" where "other nations come to pay tributes".

However, even if Pado's ethnic group was larger and Pado was more powerful, they were new to Nanshan after all. They could be said to have come to "avoid disaster". They belonged to "the fallen family". The indigenous ruler Sofu had no reason to be afraid of them.

For example, although Sofu could never beat Pado, even if Pado drove him out of his area, with his familiarity of Nanshan, he would soon be able to find other suitable places to live.

Hongdun, of course, also knew Sofu. However, Sofu's body size and strength was just about the same as him. Hongdun might be fearful in the face of Pado, but against Sofu, he wasn't afraid at all.

Now a war between the two ethnic groups was imminent.

Dunyi and Myer were most concerned about who Gulu liked better. They each thought that Gulu liked himself better and already won the match at an absolute advantage.

(T/N: here author used Hongdun and Myer instead of Dunyi and Myer. But that made no sense. Since it was Dunyi and Myer who were bickering about who Gulu liked better. Author kept doing this for the next several paragraphs. I changed them to fit the flow better.)

They had sworn "blood feuds" and would kill each other sooner or later, but they all understood that there was no relationship between Gulu and their hatred. Instead, the recognition of Gulu seemed to be the recognition of Triceratops.

Dunyi and Myer asked at the same time: "Gulu, who do you prefer?"

Gulu was very helpless. He felt as if he had instantly become "the Mary Sue of the Dinosaur World". Two Triceratopses fought over him. It's too Mary Sue. No, no, he couldn't stand it.

Gulu quickly said, "I don't know why you like me so much. I'm not at all good to both of you."

Dunyi: "Without you and Pado, I would have died long ago. Gulu, I'm willing to do anything for you."

Myer: "Gulu, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known Soya…Pado also protected me so Hongdun couldn't kill me. You and Pado made me understand what my Dad said to me before…"

Gulu listened to Myer's account of his acquaintance with Soya and the fundamental changes in his thinking. Gulu was very pleased with Myer.

Myer went on to say, "Gulu, I'm willing to do anything for you."

Gulu: emmm……… This is the reason why I'm about to become a Jack Sue!

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But Gulu didn't know what to do now. He couldn't let the two Triceratopses who had "blood feuds" get over it with just a few words from his mouth. He's not a Jack Sue "holy mother".

What "Please don't fight for me. Don't fight. Don't hate each other, please". He couldn't say anything so "suffocating"!

Gulu thought that he was neither Dunyi nor Myer. He wasn't qualified to forgive anyone for them, or to persuade them not to fight.

A good saying came to mind: You are not qualified to persuade me to be "magnanimous" without experiencing what I had. You have even less qualification to forgive anyone or other dinosaur for me.

Gulu wanted to add: Even if you have experienced what I had, you are not in the position to persuade me to be magnanimous and to forgive for me. People are different from one another. Dinosaurs as well. What you think you can forgive, maybe it's unforgivable when it came to me.

As the result, Gulu had no idea what to do now.

Hongdun couldn't wait to kill Myer immediately.

Sofu was a "daughter slave". Although Sofu had more than ten young children, he doted the most on his daughter Soya.

Myer was Soya's best friend. He helped Soya many times during her lowest point and spent those extremely difficult days with her. Sofu had long regarded Myer as his own son. He wouldn't allow any Triceratops to harm Myer.

It appeared that Hongdun and Sofu were about to fight soon. This fight wasn't like a "competition" when competing for territory. It's likely that there would be more injuries.

The Triceratopses of the two ethnic groups started to compete in the "Roaring Skill". The Triceratops group's "outcome depends entirely on the roar" was really worthy of its name. The roar was getting louder and louder. The whole Nanshan was trembling with these great voices, appearing as if it was going to be roared down by these two ethnic groups.

Gulu became very anxious.

At this time, Pado uttered a loud roar and rushed to the middle of Hongdun and Sofu, abruptly separating the two giant male Triceratopses.

Pado was very big. His roar was too loud and strong. It could completely penetrate the two groups of so many Triceratopses issuing loud roars.

Under Pado's incomparable shocking roar, the two ethnic groups gradually stopped shouting. They quieted down and the excitement subsided.

Both ethnic groups knew what Pado's roar meant: Give me a face. Don't fight today. I don't care how you fight each other in the future, but you can't fight because of my son. You can't fight in front of me. I won't allow it! Absolutely not!

Gulu looked at Pado and felt that Pado was really as handsome as the sky. Every day he sighed, "How can I have such a great Dad! Ah, Pado, my God of War Dad, I adore you!"

Although Hongdun and Sofu wanted to kill each other very much right now, they still had to give Pado face. There're more chances to fight in the future.

Sofu thought to himself: Now Myer is a small Triceratops protected by me. If that five-combat scum Hongdun dares to provoke me again, or if his little brat Dunyi dares to bully Myer, I won't hesitate to kill you, scum!

Hongdun also thought to himself: Today is nothing. At least now, I know that Myer is hiding in Sofu's ethnic group. It won't be too late to get revenge again later. How dare that scum Sofu thinks that he dominates Nanshan.

Pado said to Myer, "Young cub, you will definitely become the best Triceratops. I like you."

Then Pado turned to Dunyi, "Young cub, you will become the best Triceratops. I also like you."

Pado was the most powerful Triceratops in Yukan Mainland. Many Triceratops cubs had the greatest wish to see Pado. They never expected to talk to Pado or get his praise. This was enough to last them for a lifetime.

Myer and Hongdun both looked up at Pado. They couldn't return to themselves for a long time.

Gulu: Hmmm… I find that my Dad is really good. This top "skill" of "buying a dinosaur's heart" and "controlling dinosaur" is really 666. He's really worthy of being the leader of the largest Triceratops group.

Then Pado spoke to Gulu, "Gulu, go back to the group with Dad."

Gulu hurriedly caught up with the pace of Pado.

After Pado and Gulu walked far away, the two groups also began to walk slowly towards their own resting place.

Myer kept saying to Soya, "Soya, Pado said that I will become the best Triceratops. Did you hear that? Wow, I'm so happy. How can today be so beautiful…"

Dunyi kept talking to Hongdun: "Dad, Dad, Pado said that I will become the best Triceratops. I'm happy enough to fly. Dad, I have never been so happy…"

Gulu praised Pado, "Dad, you are so good. How can you handle such a complicated situation so well?"

Pado: "Because I'm the best Triceratops. I'm invincible."

Gulu: "I want to be the best Triceratops, just like Dad!"

Pado: "No, Gulu, you can become better than me."

Gulu excitedly nodded: "Uh-huh, Dad!"

Mungo could only follow Pado and Gulu from a distance. At the same time, he also deeply remembered Myer and Dunyi. He didn't like these two little brats.

Pado returned to the group with Gulu.

Babana heard that Heili was finally dead. She was relieved. Pachi and Dudu kept rubbing on Gulu. They thought that it's really not easy for their brother.

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Paton also hurriedly ran over and asked, "Gulu, is Heili really dead? I wish I can kill him myself! No, I can't kill him in one fell swoop. I need to hit him many times and let him die slowly. His action is really disgusting!"

After knowing where Heili was at, Paton wanted to go with Pado, but Pado had always been uncompromising. He refused to let Paton take one step out of the group, so Paton couldn't go.

Gulu: "Uncle Paton, Heili is really dead. There will be no dinosaur to harm me."

Paton: "Be careful in the future. I was really scared to death that day."

That day when Gulu was nearly hit, Paton ran madly to Gulu's front. However, he was really too far away to make it.

Gulu: "Uncle Paton, don't worry. I will be careful."

In fact, it's almost impossible for Gulu to be nearly hit in his own group that day. But Heili was originally a member of the group, so he knew how to hide himself. If another adult Triceratops from other groups entered the ethnic group, it would be expelled immediately.

The youngsters in the ethnic group often ran around and play. They eventually reached the edge of the ethnic group. As long as they didn't run out, there would be no danger. It's really an accident that day.

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