Katherine posed. She half sat on the table, then raised her head and shrugged her shoulders to imitate the sexy posture of MarilynMonroe. Although this pose didn't suit her age, she still looked surprisingly cute. Everyone ha ha smiled. Mark waved, "All right, xMonroe is on the station. Lin, it's your turn!"

Lin Yifei scratched his head, "I can't do MarilynMonroe's pose…"

"Then take a picture with Chris. How beautiful you two handsome guys look together!" Katherine proposed while biting a hamburger.

Lin Yifei looked at Chris and remembered that he hadn't taken a picture with him.

"Good!" Lin Yifei leaned on Chris. Chris had been sitting there with grace, which caused Lin Yifei to think that it would be strange to sling an arm across his shoulder.

Just as Mark was positioning himself, Chris's hand reached up and gently clasped Lin Yifei's fingers. Lin Yifei turned his head in surprise to look at the teenager beside him. The other side's expression was still the same, but there was a little more softness between his eyebrows than usual. Almost at the moment when Lin Yifei moved his head, Mark pressed the shutter.

"Hey, Mark! Why did you press it? I'm not ready yet!" Lin Yifei reached for the camera, but Mark dodged triumphantly.

"This is more natural! It's better than the kind where your face freezes with laughter!"

"I don't care, I want a redo!" Lin Yifei chased Mark around the table. How embarrassing would it be to let him take the picture of himself looking at Chris.

In the end, Lin Yifei couldn't be defeated. Mark had to take another picture of Lin Yifei and Chris. Lin Yifei was standing behind Chris and hugged his shoulder.

After eating McDonald's, everyone went home.

Just as Lin Yifei and Chen Manman walked to the station, the Osbornes' black Mercedes stopped in front of them. Chris rolled down the back window. "Do you want to come to my house today? We can practice fencing together."

The proposal of "fencing together" brightened Lin Yifei's eyes.

"Good!" Lin Yifei just promised then realized that Chen Manman was beside him. If Manman was left behind, mother Lin would scold him to the point of stinking. Manman also stood there and seemed to be at a loss.

"That," Lin Yifei walked to the front of the window, "Can you take Manman as well? It's too lonely to let her go home alone."

Chris nodded and pushed the door open.

Lin Yifei happily squeezed in and waved to Manman. So the three people sat in the back row with Lin Yifei in the middle. Chris bent down slightly and very gentlemanly fastened Lin Yifei's seat belt. Meanwhile, Lin Yifei could only laughingly fasten Manman's seat belt. Maybe because it was noon and he was full, Lin Yifei started to feel sleepy after driving for less than five minutes.

At first, it was just nodding with his head down. As the car turned, Lin Yifei leaned on Chen Manman. However, Chris reached out and placed his hand against his neck. After the car turned the corner smoothly, Lin Yifei's head fell on Chris's shoulder.

Chen Manman looked sideways. Chris's expression was always calm, but it gave people the illusion that his shoulder belonged only to Lin Yifei.

The Osbornes' villa wasn't too far from downtown Washington, but its area was very large. The car first drove through a tree-lined area then to the carved iron gate in front of it, which was automatically controlled to slowly open.

The villa in front was like a simplified version of the royal palace, making Chen Manman open her eyes wide. The car stopped at the front door.

Chris lowered his head and unfastened Lin Yifei's seat belt. Then he patted him on the face gently. "Yifei, we're here."

"Good…" Lin Yifei murmured and slowly opened his eyes. He looked out of the window and exclaimed without any cover, "Wow…Chris, when did you live in a palace? Now you have really become a prince, ha ha!"

Chris got out of the car first. Butler George opened the door.

"Good afternoon, young master." George was polite, but Chris regarded him as air.

Lin Yifei took Chen Manman and followed him in. When he passed by George, he couldn't help but looked twice.

The luxury of the villa made Chen Manman unable to take away her eyes. Since Lin Yifei had seen it before he was reborn, he looked calmer. Mr. Osborne had always been a man of taste. The decoration of the villa was elegant but not luxurious. Some exquisite statues were also placed in the right place. There were several modern oil paintings hanging on the wall, which were also very suitable for the interior style. The delicate crystal chandelier on top added elegance to the entire villa.

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"I'll take you to the fencing room." Chris turned his head and saw the way Lin Yifei led Chen Manman. His brows tightened unconsciously. Although Lin Yifei didn't see it, Chen Manman noticed it. She immediately let go of Lin Yifei and put her hands behind her, feeling as if she had done something wrong.

"What's the matter, Manman?" Lin Yifei looked at her strangely.

"No…it's nothing. Brother Yifei, you don't have to pull me. I don't have to worry about getting lost here."

"That's right." Lin Yifei nodded. It just happened that Chris directly took his wrist and pulled him away.

When he pushed open the door, Lin Yifei was amazed. At present, the floor of this 20-or-30-square-meter room was very smooth. In the center was a metal ring that conformed to the specifications of international competitions. Even the triangle marks and preparation lines were clearly drawn. On the other side of the room hung protective equipment and sabres. It seemed that Mr. Osborne had spent a fortune on Chris by preparing such a professional venue in the villa.

Chris went straight to the place where the protective gear was placed. He took down the next one and handed it to Lin Yifei. "This one should suit you."

"Thank you!" Lin Yifei touched the set of protective equipment and felt that it was very good.

When Chris's fingertip touched the handle of the sabre, his entire momentum changed.

Lin Yifei was also eager to try. After putting on his mask, he stood outside the preparation line and saluted Chris. "It's been a long time since we played. Let's see how good you are!"

Chris also stood opposite him and gave a neat salute, just like his usual style, sharp but beautiful.

Lin Yifei looked at Manman standing on the sidelines. "Hey, give us two timings! One game is three minutes."

"Mmm!" Manman nodded hard. Fortunately, Lin Yifei found her something to do. Otherwise, she would just stand there looking silly and embarrassed.

With Manman's 'Allez', Chris took the lead in thrusting at Lin Yifei with his sabre. It was a small lunge but the speed in which the sabre rushed out sent tremor through Lin Yifei's heart. He was forced to retreat repeatedly. He steadied his pace and suppressed Chris's sabre when approaching the line. The moment he returned fire, he was retaliated by the other party. His shoulder was soon hit.

"One point." Chris took a step back and left some room for Lin Yifei.

This sabre point also made Lin Yifei wake up instantly. Chris was no longer the little boy who was corrected by himself at the edge of the canal. He had received systematic training and had gone through many competitions. More importantly, he had matured a lot and possessed calmer judgment than before.

"Don't be too proud." Lin Yifei shifted then suddenly rushed past with a sharp footwork of different lengths, while maintaining a certain rhythm. Chris constantly resisted. However, Lin Yifei used the gap between the two sabres to suddenly struck the other in the chest.

"One point." Lin Yifei's voice was triumphant, showing off that the person who taught Chris's initial footwork was himself.

After that, the match became even more exciting. At first, Lin Yifei was ahead of Chris. As Chris gradually adjusted to his opponent's flexibility, he kept taking back the score from Lin Yifei. Even Manman, who was watching the clock, was shocked.

The door slowly opened. Mr. Osborne looked at the two teenagers facing each other from outside the door.

Chris's coach once told Mr. Osborne that Chris had a very high talent, with few rivals among his peers. Yet, at this moment, Lin Yifei wasn't at all slow in his attack. He firmly defended, and step by step resolving Chris's attack, then lunged at Chris's throat. At the same time, Mr. Osborne was very nervous. Chris turned his head to avoid it. Just as the viewer breathed a sigh of relief, Lin Yifei, like he had expected the outcome, pressed Chris then circled to hit him on his right shoulder.

"Score!" Lin Yifei jumped up as he shouted out.

Chris shook his sabre and moved his wrist. "Come again."

"What? Come again!" Lin Yifei's voice dragged very long and sounded a bit childish, "No! How many bouts have we played?"

"21 bouts. I won 13 games." Chris moved into his preparation pose.

"I can't, I'm tired." Lin Yifei took off his mask. His hair was wet and stuck on his forehead, looking somewhat humorous.

"You used to be much better than me." Chris walked up to Lin Yifei and looked at him slumping on the ground.

"That was before. Now I'm old." Lin Yifei fell down and laid there, looking like he couldn't live.

Yes, I'm still better than Chris in terms of experience and flexibility, but most of the time even if I can predict Chris's sabre move, I can't react fast enough. In the past, Lin Yifei felt that he had many advantages by virtue of his experience before rebirth, just like he was equipped with a cheat. However, as he grew older, this advantage became less obvious, especially when facing Chris.

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"You are too lazy, Yifei." Chris also took off his mask and sat beside Lin Yifei, looking down at the other's languid appearance.

"Fun comes first." Lin Yifei turned over and looked very cute even when his tired bones were falling apart.

Chris lowered his head and looked at the shape of Lin Yifei's eyebrows.

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