"Since you're tired, take a shower and have dinner." Mr. Osborne's voice came. Lin Yifei quickly sat up.

"Sissie misses you too." This sentence was said to Lin Yifei. The smile on his face appeared very kind.

"Oh, dinner!" Lin Yifei got up and walked to Chen Manman. "Was it boring to see us fencing?"

"No, it's very interesting. It's more exciting than anything in the fencing hall today." Chen Manman's words were sincere.

"Ha ha, Manman, it's very kind of you." Lin Yifei was about to reach out and hug Manman when Chris pulled him over.

Dinner at the Osbornes was extremely rich due to the arrival of guests. Chris's mother looked a little pale and appeared thinner than when she left New York. When she saw Lin Yifei, the smile on her lips made her complexion become a little ruddier.

"Oh my god, is this really Lin? I haven't seen you for a while. Not only have you grown taller but also become handsome."

At the rectangular table, Mr. Osborne and his wife sat on one side while the three children sat on the other side. Lin Yifei sat face to face to Chris's mother.

"Really? Do you think I have grown taller?" Lin Yifei's smile was always very infectious, so that people who saw it also wanted to laugh.

This was Chen Manman's first time seeing such authentic and rich western food. When George put the dishes in front of her, she was a little overwhelmed. Lin Yifei turned to her side and folded her napkin and tied it to her chest.

"Most importantly, Lin has become a little gentleman."

"I'm always a gentleman, Mrs. Lynn. Ah, no, it should be Mrs. Osborne." Lin Yifei's humorous tone made Mrs. Osborne across the table laugh again.

"Sleep here tonight. You don't know how much Chris misses you."

"But we still have classes tomorrow. We haven't brought any books…" Lin Yifei looked at Chen Manman. It didn't matter for him. He's just not sure if Uncle Chen would worry about Manman.

"It doesn't matter. Just call back. I'll have George bring your schoolbags." Mr. Osborne looked at Chris. After he finished saying this sentence, he certainly saw his son's frowning brows smoothed out.

Lin Yifei looked at Manman. The little girl actually didn't expect to be invited to stay. In this palace-like villa, she felt like she was living in a fantasy. So, she nodded very hard.

"Then there won't be any problem." Mr. Osborne clapped his hands. "After dinner, you can still practice fencing. In fact, Lin, you can come here often. I think you and Chris are as strong as each other. If you let the coach give you some advice, you should make rapid progress."

"Really?" Lin Yifei also knew that he was now at a very critical age. If he could get professional guidance, it would have great significance on his future development.

"Of course, it's true."

During this dinner, it was almost entirely Lin Yifei chatting with Mrs. Osborne. Occasionally, Mr. Osborne asked a few words. Although everyone else was silent, the atmosphere still made people feel happy.

Afterward, the children went upstairs. Mr. Osborne hugged his wife while drinking tea and reading newspaper.

"In fact, Lin is a very good child." Mrs. Osborne lifted her head and gave her husband a light kiss on the chin.

"Yes, he makes you and Chris very happy."

"Chris was eating more tonight than usual."

"Yes." Mr. Osborne stroked his wife's side hair.

"When you told Chris not to play too late just now, he answered you."

"Yes, yes, I'm really a sad father. Chris can make me happy for half a day by saying 'hmm'."

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Manman was assigned to the guest room, which was full of pink wallpaper. It's said that this room was originally prepared for Chris's cousin Elizabeth. Speaking of Elizabeth, Lin Yifei finally remembered that her boyfriend shot himself…Lin Yifei was still recalling the past when Chris pulled him into the bedroom. This bedroom was basically the same size as the Lins' two rooms plus the living room. The entire bedroom had one bookcase that took up half a wall. There were many Chinese books on there.

"Hey-Chris, in fact, I've always wanted to ask you. When did you start to learn and speak such good Chinese?" Lin Yifei reached out and flipped through the names of the books. Some of them were historical novels while others modern.

"Once I started being friends with you."

"Do you understand all these books?" Lin Yifei shifted his feet and moved a few strands of hair away from his forehead. Chris leaned against the desk nearby and looked at him like that. He occasionally turned his head because of Lin Yifei's actions, just to see the young man when he moved his face more clearly.  

"I don't know some words. I also don't know the exact meaning of some phrases."

"Well, let's study it together before going to bed. I'll teach you!" Lin Yifei left the bookcase and came to a door. After opening it, he gave a loud shout.

"Wow! Your bathroom is great! There's a bathtub! Can I take a bath today?" Lin Yifei hadn't taken a bath since his rebirth.

"Good." Chris also walked over. He sat by the bathtub and stretched out his arm to fill the tub.

"The bathtub in your house is so bright. The one in our house is already growing moss." Lin Yifei stretched out his hand and felt the water temperature.

George's voice came from outside the bathroom door.

"Master, the change of clothes is on the bed."

Lin Yifei opened the door and leaned out. He saw Chris's bed had two neatly folded pajamas. He thought of something and asked, "Chris, is George English?"

"Yes. The Osbornes came to the United States from London at the end of the last world war. George has been with the Osbornes since he was a child." Chris straightened up and unbuttoned his shirt. This move made Lin Yifei jealous and felt somewhat like looking at a big-name model. When he looked again, Chris had taken off his bottom and stepped into the bathtub with his long legs. It was really too handsome to describe.

Although Lin Yifei also had some small muscles that he was proud of. They weren't worth looking at when compared to Chris.

Chris cocked his head and looked at Lin Yifei as if to say 'why haven't you come in yet'. Lin Yifei also cleanly took off his clothes then went into the water. The warm feeling immersed him. He lifted up his hair and sighed.

"It's really comfortable."

This bathtub was relatively large. Two people in didn't feel crowded. Lin Yifei sat down with his legs open. His feet were right beside Chris's thighs. Lin Yifei moved with his eyes closed. His heel rubbed against Chris's legs. He was gently pressed by the other side. He felt a thumb sliding over his ankle. Lin Yifei sighed, "If only Chris could give me a massage."

Today he and Chris fought for an afternoon. He was really tired.

"Good." Chris's answer surprised Lin Yifei a little.

"Massage, eh, can you?" Lin Yifei stretched out his leg. "Don't let me feel more pain after just pressing twice."

"Yes." Chris held Lin Yifei's left foot in his palm. He pressed it with moderate strength at the ankle and soaked it in warm water. The blood flow became smoother, which made Lin Yifei revealed the look of a lazy cat again. Chris's fingers slowly moved upward, kneading the muscles of Lin Yifei's calf. The feeling of muscle relaxing gradually let Lin Yifei's whole mind flew away.

"Uh…uh…" Lin Yifei half narrowing his eyes. He was going to fall asleep.

Chris's fingers stopped. His entire palm was holding his calf. He slowly slid forward, then more forward, until his palm had come to Lin Yifei's thigh. He kneaded it very slowly, as if he just wanted to feel Lin Yifei's skin.

After Lin Yifei let a sigh escaped his lips and opened his eyes, he was startled. "When did you…did you come here?"

While Chris's palm was gently massaging along the muscle texture, Lin Yifei realized that his legs were placed on both sides of Chris's waist. His elbow was above the other's knee, so he almost sat face to face with Chris.

"Don't rub forward any more…" Lin Yifei's face suddenly turned red. His palm covered his little brother` down there. He didn't want Chris to massage his little brother`. (T/N: LOL)

"Yifei, you need to take good exercise." The steam in the bathroom was wet and warm, but when Chris's voice sounded, it felt cool and comforting, "You're already this tired just practicing fencing for an afternoon."

"Ha ha." Lin Yifei smirked and watched Chris slowly returned to the other end of the bathtub. "I usually have classes, so I don't want to get up so early to exercise."

He knew about Chris's habit of getting up and running in the morning as well as warming up before practicing fencing.

"You should also drink more milk. Milk will make you grow taller." Chris touched Lin Yifei's leg on the inside of his knee. Intentionally or not, when Chris put down his bent right leg, the whole skin rubbed against Lin Yifei before sinking into the water.

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"I don't like the smell of milk very much." Just as some children couldn't stand the taste of milk and wanted to vomit when they drank it, Lin Yifei also had this problem, "But since you say so, I will drink more in the future!"

"Good. The water is getting cold. Let's get up."

Just as the ears processed his words, Chris slowly stood up. Lin Yifei sat there looking at Chris's body. Because he was looking up from his angle, he once again realized that the other was very tall. Chris stretched out his hand to pull the towel. This stretched out the full tension curve on his back and arm. It made Lin Yifei realized deeply that no matter what their thinking level was, their bodies were already maturing.

Chris wiped himself, then put the towel around his waist. He took another towel and spread it using his hands. Lin Yifei stood up somewhat embarrassingly and walked out of the bathtub with his back to Chris. The other party wrapped him in a towel and wiped him gently as if he was some fragile article. Lin Yifei felt his heart beating fast. Chris stood close enough behind him to almost hold him. His breath passed through Lin Yifei's ears and neck until he put the towel around Lin Yifei's waist.

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