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However, Paton took a step back and closed his eyes. He hadn't the heart to see Tutan die in front of him.

Pado's horns ran across Tutan's stomach, leaving a very long blood stripe. They eventually landed on Tutan's forelimb and hurt Tutan severely. Tutan gave a very painful roar.

The roar was long and bitter, making all Triceratopses tremble with fear, as if it was their own pain.

Gulu watched the hurting and trembling Tutan who was convulsing due to severe pain.

Pado suddenly turned to leave. Paton walked toward Tutan and stood at a loss.

Gulu: Pado is too cruel, really too cruel.

Although Tutan didn't die, his forelimb was seriously injured. There may be consequences after he got well. The wound on his belly also needed to be taken care of for some time.

Gulu noticed a terrible scar on Paton's forelimb a long time ago. Even though it's completely healed now, the scar looked horrible. One could imagine the severity of pain that could leave behind this kind of scar.

At this moment, Gulu finally understood that Pado wanted Tutan to experience all the pain that Paton had suffered since he went to Tutan's group.

Although Tutan had killed every Triceratops who hurt Paton, Pado wouldn't let it go. He thought that Tutan didn't protect Paton well, so he should suffer the same pain as Paton.

Tutan stopped twitching after the most severe pain passed. He rubbed Paton lightly with his big head and comforted, "I'm fine. I can stay. We should be happy."

Although Pado didn't explicitly say that Tutan could stay, everyone knew that Pado had accepted Tutan.

Paton gently licked the blood off Tutan.

No dinosaur would break them apart again. This was already the best ending for Paton and Tutan.

Almost no ethnic group could accept a dinosaur that didn't want to give birth to small cubs. After all, they needed to develop and grow. The mortality rate of dinosaur cubs was so high that they must keep on giving birth. Reproduction was the basic nature of animals.

Homosexual behavior was very common among dinosaurs, but no dinosaur would refuse to give birth to cubs with the opposite S*x. Herbivorous dinosaurs basically had no fixed mate. They would give birth for whoever was strong. This was also to ensure that the strongest genes would get passed down.

Only Pado's ethnic group could accept Paton and Tutan, because Pado doted on Paton. In addition, Paton was very good at maintaining relationship in the group.

In the past, when Paton and Tutan were in Patu's ethnic group, even after Paton became the leader and they achieved the "power of two kings" by their own strength, there were still frequent disturbances.

There was always a male Triceratops who wanted to take their leadership position. Only because no male Triceratops could beat them, and the ethnic group also needed their protection did they manage to stay as leaders.

Paton and Tutan now felt that everything was so beautiful.

On the other hand, all adult Triceratopses of Pado's group began to fight for the right to mate. There were loud bangs everywhere and the roars of countless Triceratops all over the valley.

Gulu was no longer worried about Tutan. Although the injury was serious, it would slowly heal. Tutan would become more experienced after healing, which was equivalent to a stronger transformation.

While adult dinosaurs were playing hard to get, the young ones also had a great time.

Pado and Babana laid prone and watched the cubs play.

Gulu felt that Pado was now like an old Dad who was tortured by life. He had no choice but to watch his brother marry a male dinosaur who he didn't like.

On that night, Pado's adult Triceratopses played very well, male x female, male x male…groups of three and so on. All kinds of random combinations were matched.

Dinosaurs didn't have the three views of human beings. Their aim was happiness, multiplication and growth.

Gulu, of course, got what he wanted. He saw what he wanted to see. He found that when the dinosaur couple was both male, he was very happy. Double happiness was as simple as that.

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Dinosaurs had survived for over a hundred million years. They were really good at playing.

Over the next period of time, the females of Pado's group would lay eggs. In three months, many lovely cubs would break through their shells.

Dada River plains was now a paradise for herbivorous dinosaurs, full of rich and luxuriant fern plants. They grew very fast. Today, a field was cleaned out. In just one night, it sprung back to its original appearance like before being eaten.

The air in Cretaceous period contained extremely high oxygen levels, which accommodated the large size of dinosaurs and also promoted the growth of all plants to be fast and flourishing.

Gulu believed that if there're not as many giant herbivorous dinosaurs on Yukan mainland, the whole continent would soon be overrun by ferns.

Since he ate very well, Tutan's wound healed quickly. He's able to walk normally in less than half a month, but he was still limping. Despite this, Gulu believed that Tutan would be stronger than before after his recovery.

Pado still didn't allow Paton and Tutan to come to his side to defend the group together with him. The two robust adult Triceratopses could only stay protected in the center of the group together with the cubs. They felt a little wronged.

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Gulu often played around Paton and Tutan. He liked to listen to these two uncles telling stories of their experiences. He's not tired of listening to them even after a long time.

On this day, Gulu, Pachi and Dudu were lying beside Paton for a nap. He ate a mouthful of dog food before he fell asleep.

Today's weather was a bit stuffy. Paton was upset and angry with Tutan. "You stay away from me. It's too hot. I want to sleep. I'm sleepy."

Tutan: "Can you rub my back before you sleep again? The scar is a little itchy."

Paton gave Tutan a perfunctory rub, but Tutan still said with great satisfaction: "Ah, I'm really the luckiest Triceratops in Yukan. How can I meet a male Triceratops like Paton?"

Paton: …

Tutan: "My Paton has the strongest brother in Yukan. He's also the second strongest male Triceratops. Paton is brave, good at fighting, considerate and gentle. My scar recovers so quickly after he rubs them. Paton is really good…"

Gulu saw Paton's horns and shield change color, which showed his happiness. He sighed: Tutan, is your mouth a rainbow fart maker? My real name is now lemon (T/N: lemon = jealousy).

Paton seemed to be less hot after he was in a good mood and approached Tutan voluntarily.

In fact, Gulu was also really hot, but no dinosaur blew rainbow farts on him to make him feel happy.

Tutan: "Sleep, have a good dream. My Paton is the best Triceratops. Of course, he'll have a good dream."

Paton couldn't help rubbing on Tutan again.

Gulu: I tried my best to cover my mouth, but still let out a loud barking!

(T/N: he's trying not to listen, but still hear their words)

Then Tutan slept on the sunny side to shield Paton from the sun's heat.

Gulu: My old swan, you're really a sweet male dinosaur!

This period of time was very hot. It's also stuffy. What's more, there was no rain at all. It seemed that the floods had consumed all the rains before.

Sleeping was the best way to cool down in the summer heat. All Triceratopses in the group slept under the luxuriant ferns, which sheltered them from the hot sun.

In the afternoon, Gulu woke up and saw Mungo outside the group.

It's so hot that Gulu wanted to go to the water's edge to play. The riverside covered by ferns was always the coolest, but it was also dangerous. Only Mungo could take him there and ensure his absolute safety.

Pado took Gulu to Mungo.

Now Gulu was nearly two years old. He weighed over 3,000 Jin and grew about 80 Jin a day. Mungo was able to carry Gulu 20 days ago, but now he completely couldn't.

Dinosaurs didn't grow at a constant speed. They "expanded" very much at a certain stage. For example, young cubs would grow explosively around the age of 2. They would also grow tremendously at "puberty".

Of course, it's not that Mungo couldn't carry a weight of 3,000 Jin. It's just unnecessary. Gulu, who was already so big, could run very fast without getting tired.

The cub, who was quickly growing up, needed a lot of exercise every day since they were extremely energetic. Gulu wildly ran ahead. He wanted to reach the river as soon as possible and could hardly wait.

Gulu, as a cub, was very light compared to Mungo. He could run very fast. Mungo needed to speed up to catch up with him.

After running a distance, Gulu needed to stop and wait for Mungo.

Due to his size, Gulu could run fast and had strong endurance. In contrast, Mungo was too heavy, he couldn't run as fast as Gulu.

After Mungo reached him, Gulu rubbed his hind leg and said, "Mungo, I forgot that I'm running faster than you now. I'll run slower, so you don't get tired."

Mungo: …

Gulu thought that he and Mungo were like the son and his old Dad. He used to run behind the strong back of his Dad. Now, he ran in the front. His old Dad could hardly catch up.

With their speed, they soon reached the river.

When Gulu was very young, before they went to Nanshan, Mungo brought Gulu here where he met Tata.

The water level in the floodplains was much higher than before, but on the whole it's still relatively shallow. No dinosaur would come here. The water quality was very clear. You could directly see the pebbles, aquatic plants and small aquatic creatures such as Tadpole inside.

Since the current water level and coolness were enough to attract Sarcosuchus, Tata never came to this area to find Triops longicaudatus to eat again after he came back. He no longer dared to play here.

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Mungo first went into the water to make sure that there was no danger before Gulu came down.

The riverside was covered by dense ferns, which was cool. The leaves rustled when they were blown by small breeze.

Mungo took Gulu to the fork of the river bank. There was a huge stone at the bottom of the water. The stone was flat and smooth. One could lean against the river bank and sit on it comfortably.

Gulu and Mungo sat down together. The water level just reached Gulu's chest. The river water was cool and clear, washing away the body heat. There was nothing more comfortable.

This position also had a good view. It's right at the corner of the river bank. Not far in front of them was the main outlet of Dada River. Every day, there're wonderful hunting shows played by various carnivores.

Mungo had already prepared many ferns and piled them up on the bank. He took some now and put them in the water, in front of Gulu with his short forelimbs.

Gulu could eat "iced fern plants" with just a short bow. The river was cool and comfortable. Dinosaur's body temperature was also relatively low. He and Mungo were equivalent to giant ice cubes in the water. The frozen fern plants were really delicious.

Not long after, Gulu saw a young Paralititan stopping nearby to drink water by the river bank that was sheltered by fern plants. After drinking the water, he probably coveted the coolness of the river bank and didn't leave immediately.

At the same time, Gulu noticed that not far away from the Paralititan drinking water, there was a fatal danger. A Sarcosuchus was eyeing this young Paralititan. There was also a sawfish beside the Sarcosuchus. They were both extremely terrifying overlords in the water.

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