All Triceratopses in the ethnic group would compete against one another. The competition wasn't just between males, but also between females. They would fight for the right to mate with stronger male Triceratopses.

All adult Triceratopses' horns and shields had become unusually bright, showing all kinds of beautiful patterns.

Now Pado would fight Tutan. Every Triceratops was very curious and excited to see their battle. They stopped their own fight. They wouldn't fight again until they finished seeing the duel between the two leaders.

Tutan was also a very famous Triceratops leader in terms of strength on the continent of Yukan. Of course he wasn't as powerful as Pado, but today's fight could definitely be regarded as a great matchup.

Paton was very worried. He knew that Tutan wouldn't be able to beat Pado and would definitely get hurt. It's even normal to be killed in such a duel.

However, Paton also understood that Tutan would accept the challenge. Even if he knew that he would be beaten and was likely to be killed by Pado, Tutan would still accept the challenge without hesitation.

Gulu thought that Pado was now really like an "evil mother-in-law" who deliberately embarrassed his daughter-in-law and was the kind of "evil mother-in-law" who wanted his daughter-in-law's life.

Tutan knew that he couldn't defeat Pado, but he had to fight. Even if he died, he wanted to die in Pado's ethnic group.

All Triceratopses automatically ceded a large area in the middle for them.

Adult Triceratopses in the group sparsely formed a large circle. The cubs also stopped playing. Some crowded to the front of the circle to watch, while others stood on the top of their parents' backs to spectate.

Paton consciously stood beside them. He already decided. If Pado really wanted to kill Tutan, he would run up in spite of everything, even if he was killed by Pado, he would have no regrets. His life was originally given by Pado. If there was no Pado, he wouldn't know how many times he died.

Babana was standing next to Paton. If there was an accident, she could stop him.

Gulu, Pachi and Dudu also stood beside Paton. They were all very nervous.

In fact, this was equivalent to an "internal strife" in Pado's family. Of course, all members of the family must be nearby.

Pachi: "Brother, will Dad kill Uncle Tutan? But I like Uncle Tutan very much."

Dudu: "Brother, what if Dad wants to kill Uncle Tutan? Wu wu, Uncle Tutan is so pitiful."

Although Tutan couldn't enter the ethnic group and the three cubs haven't had much contact with him, he always sent many delicious foods for them through other Triceratopses. Those berries and nuts were really delicious.

Gulu: "Dad won't be so cruel."

Although Gulu said so, he knew that a fight between two adult male Triceratopses couldn't be interceded by any other Triceratops. Even if Pado really wanted to kill Tutan, they couldn't stop him.

Tutan and Pado stepped back to a far distance. They lowered their heads slightly and stared at each other. Their momentum was terrifying.

Gulu saw Pado's horns and shield rapidly lighted up and turned into an unusually bright blue, with some red color mixed in. His whole horns and shield showed extremely beautiful patterns, which was constantly changing. One moment it was like burning flames, another moment it resembled majestic mountains, lakes and seas.

Tutan's horns and shield quickly changed to dark blue with red color, showing beautiful and complicated patterns at the same time.

Gulu recalled that the head shields of powerful Triceratops were all blue. He hoped that when he grew up, his head shields would also be this color.

Tutan and Pado looked at each other for a long time. They seemed to be accumulating strength and waiting for something.

All of a sudden, two giant Triceratopses rushed toward each other with tacit understanding.

This speed was so fast that Gulu couldn't imagine how horrible it would be to collide with each other under this speed and mass.

One heard a loud bang. It was so deafening that the whole valley turned into a huge "horn" to amplify the noise, thus multiplying the sound many times.

The impact was really terrifying and shocking. Gulu felt his blood boiling. He wanted to grow up quickly and have a duel like this. It must be extremely explosive.

Triceratops was the sturdiest built herbivorous dinosaur. Male Triceratopses were very competitive from an early age. Fighting and knocking at each other made them happy.

Two huge objects weighing more than 10 tons collided with one another at such a fast speed. If their body structures weren't hard and strong enough, they would have fallen apart. However, Triceratopses had evolved into a tank-like shape long before. They could withstand such a heavy collision.

Pado's and Tutan's head smashed hard together. Tutan was knocked back a lot of steps before he regained his footing. Meanwhile, Pado remained as firm as Mount Tai.

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This was the disparity in strength. No male Triceratops in the whole continent of Yukan could match Pado.

Tutan was able to withstand Pado's impact, which was already very powerful.

Pado and Tutan retreated to a safe distance from one other again, then sprinted at full speed, banging their heads together with a loud bang.

All Triceratopses in the ethnic group were very nervous. They didn't dare to let out a sound in the tense atmosphere. The whole valley was very quiet. Only the noise of two giant male Triceratopses running and striking each other hard was heard, making it all the more terrifying.

It was the fifth round. After a loud noise, Tutan fell down and could no longer stand very well. He shook his big head hard and felt dizzy.

At this time, Pado was still as stable as Mount Tai.

Pado retreated again. Before Tutan could run up, Pado barreled into him again. Tutan almost fell to the ground.

Tutan quickly adjusted his condition. He rushed at Pado, who was out of balance. Pado finally took a step back, but Tutan's head was left with blood. After several times of heavy impact, the skin was broken.

Blood flowed down Tutan's head and into his eyes, turning his sight into a haze of red blood. They also flowed down his eyes looking like bloody tears.

Pado crashed into Tutan again. Tutan also hit Pado hard.

The two continued to knock into each other wildly. Gradually, the head of Tutan was covered in blood. Pado's head also had blood. Most of it rubbed off from Tutan. Pado's own head only broke a small skin and bled a little.

Gulu didn't know how much of the skin on Tutan's head had broken and bled, or how painful he must feel. His whole head looked bloody, which was horrible.

Even so, Tutan met Pado's impact with fortitude and bravery. At the same time, he fiercely fought back against Pado.

After another crash, there was a loud rumbling sound and Tutan fell to the ground, kicking up a storm of dust and countless crushed ferns that had long been trampled on.

This valley was their dwelling. Since there're too many Triceratopses in the group, the fern plants in the whole valley had long been eaten, leaving only short stubbles of roots looking like a thin layer of grass on the ground.

They thrived on this green "grass".

There was no grass in Cretaceous period, just fern plants that grew much faster than the later ones. They generally grew very thick and luxuriant. Only because of these plants' short growth period could these huge herbivorous dinosaurs eat a lot.

Fern plants in this valley were basically eaten as soon as they sprouted up. They could never grow high. However, the more frequently they were eaten, the faster they would grow, as long as there was enough water.

That's why Pado chose this valley as his dwelling. There're plenty of ferns to eat as snacks at any time.

Now Tutan was lying on the ground. He had no strength to stand up again. Pado gave a loud roar, meaning to let him stand up and fight again.

Blood stained the fern area around Tutan.

Gulu thought Pado was cruel. Paton felt very sorry for Tutan, but he couldn't stop the battle.

Pachi and Dudu both said: "Uncle Tutan is so poor, wu wu. He shed a lot of blood. Dad is really bad…"

Tutan struggled to get up from the ground, but before he could stand firmly, Pado hit him hard again. This time Pado aimed for his back. Tutan was knocked to the ground then pushed out of the fern field for a distance. Tutan weighed more than ten tons, which showed how strong Pado was.

All Triceratopses held their breath and watched Tutan stand up, only to get knocked to the ground by Pado, stand up and get knocked to the ground by Pado again.

Gradually Tutan was hit until blood covered his entire body. However, his wounds weren't fatal. They were just skin injuries, because Pado never used his horns to pierce Tutan. Only by using the horns to pierce through, would he sustain serious injuries.

Although there weren't fatal wounds, having one's whole body covered in blood was just like using a blunt knife to cut meat. It was still very painful.

While all Triceratopses in the ethnic group admired Pado's invincibility, they also thought that Tutan was very powerful and worthy of respect as a Triceratops leader.

If another male Triceratops had been hit like this, he wouldn't have been able to get up from the ground, but Tutan stood up again and again.

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Tutan had already made up his mind. He would continue to stand and never give up until the last moment of his life.

One didn't know how long it took, Tutan fell down again. Pado also hit him again, but this time he used his horns to push him. Tutan would surely die.

Gulu, Pachi and Dudu shouted at the same time: "Dad! Don't!"

Paton immediately rushed over. Babana had no time to stop him.

Tutan saw Pado's horns about to deeply pierce through his belly, but he didn't regret at all. He felt that meeting Paton was the best and most beautiful thing in his life.

Paton ran very fast. He could push his horns into Pado's neck before Tutan died.

Pado knew that if he didn't stop and ran to the side to escape, his neck would definitely be pierced by Paton's horns. In order to kill Tutan, his neck was already exposed without any defense.

However, Pado didn't evade. He wanted to see if Paton really dared to kill him.

The hearts of all Triceratopses in the ethnic group were in their throats. They couldn't live without Pado. Many male Triceratopses had already come running here. Even if Paton's popularity was great, as long as he dared to hurt the group leader, other Triceratopses wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

Pado's horns were on Tutan's stomach. Blood slowly seeped out.

Paton's horns was now on Pado's neck and blood was also seeping out.

In the entire continent of Yukan, only Paton dared to put his horns on Pado's neck and only he could have a chance to do so.

The male Triceratopses surrounded Paton. Paton had many horns against his neck and stomach. Blood flowed out from them.

Pado roared, ordering the males around Paton to retreat. However, none of these males moved. They couldn't let the leader be in danger. Pado roared again. They reluctantly retreated a lot.

Paton's tears kept flowing. His voice trembled violently. "Brother, Pado, please don't kill Tutan."

Pado was very ruthless and said, "If you kill me, I can't kill him. Why are you still standing there? Kill me!"

As he spoke, Pado pushed in harder. The tips of his horns had completely sunk into Tutan's flesh.

Paton was trembling all over.

One saw Pado shook his head hard. This was the signal of a deadly attack. Paton must pierce Pado's neck to prevent him from killing Tutan.

Paton gave a loud roar. Gulu, Pachi and Dudu thought that Paton was going to kill Pado and shouted, "Paton, don't!"

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