Bachu kept rubbing on Mila and said, "Mila, tell Dad quickly. Where are you painful? Where did the cubs hurt you? Don't fight them directly in the future. Tell Dad and Dad will beat them."

Mila's tone was very indifferent: "Dad, I'm fine. I can win. I don't need your help."


Gulu saw all this with his eyes and he felt very sorry for Mila.

This time around, Gulu brought many delicious ferns, all of which were placed on Mungo's back. Mungo was very big. A thick layer of ferns was placed on his whole back, which was enough for Mila to eat.

Gulu said: "Mungo, you shout and let Bachu send Mila out to eat fern."

Mungo let out a low roar. A Tyrannosaurus rex's roar who had no intention of attacking wouldn't cause a panic among Triceratops. At the same time, it could make Bachu notice them.

All dinosaurs in the whole continent of Yukan knew that Mungo loved Gulu very much. Bachu certainly knew, so he wasn't worried that Mungo would hurt Mila.

Bachu found that Mila was very happy when she saw Gulu. She unconsciously scampered around a few times.

At ordinary times, Mila had no emotion at all in the ethnic group. She wasn't happy, sad or cry. Only in the dead of night would Mila occasionally tell Bachu some truth. She would hold Bachu tightly and rely on him.

Bachu felt that only in the middle of the night did Mila take him as her Dad. The rest of the time, she only considered him as the leader, or as the father of more than a dozen other cubs, not her Dad. She wouldn't rely on him, even if she was beaten black and blue in a fight. She wouldn't cuddle with him.

Bachu was very happy to see that Mila liked Gulu so much. He immediately sent Mila to Gulu and returned to the group himself.

Mila excitedly circled Gulu and said, "Brother, you finally come to see me. I'm so happy!"

Gulu rubbed her and replied, "Mila, I'm sorry. I haven't come to see you for so many days. I brought you a lot of delicious food. Eat quickly."

Mila's saliva flowed to her chin. She couldn't help jumping up to eat ferns on Mungo's back.

Mungo, of course, immediately laid down so that Mila could climb on his back to eat.

Mila was too small and appeared even smaller on Mungo's huge back. Gulu followed her and watched Mila eat so happily. He was also happy.

Gulu thought that Bachu would send Mila to them. Since Bachu didn't send Mila, it must be that their group found a lot of food. Pado didn't allow Gulu to go to Bachu's group on his own, so he never went to Mila.

However, he wanted to know whether Mila was doing well in the ethnic group. So, he asked Mungo to bring him and also bring Mila fern plants. If Mila was enjoying herself in the ethnic group, he would eat the fern plants as snacks himself.

Gulu now ate a lot. What Mila ate wasn't even a tenth of what he did.

As the result, Mila was now deliciously eating. What kind of fern field could be found by Bachu's group? There were only fern roots left. How could it be possible to eat enough? Mila looked thinner before.

Mila ate and talked, "Brother, bad brother, you must come to see me often in the future."

Gulu: "I will come to see you every day, every day."

Mila: "You don't have to come every day. It's too tiring. Just come once every three to five days. You don't need to worry about me. Dad is very kind to me. My siblings dare not bully me at all. Dad will beat them up."

Gulu's eyes were full of tears. He really felt sorry for Mila: "I have seen it all, Mila. You will definitely become a Triceratops much stronger than your brothers and sisters."

He saw that Mila was bullied by her siblings in the ethnic group. Mila looked so lonely, yet she was also as cold as a queen and as strong and brave as a soldier who didn't fear death.

In front of him, she had become a Triceratops cub who was lively and naughty.

Mila turned to Gulu very seriously and said, "Brother, I will definitely become a Triceratops leader in the future, a Triceratops leader as powerful as Pado."

Gulu stared at the tiny and emaciated Mila. The midday sun shone on Mila. He seemed to see the greatest and strongest Triceratops leader leading her group to become a new legend in Yukan.

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Male herbivorous dinosaurs were generally larger and more robust than females, so groups were basically headed by males. This was also very true in the carnivorous dinosaur world. The larger the size, the stronger and the more powerful, the better it was able to protect the group.

There was basically no female Triceratops as a leader.

But Gulu knew that Mila would definitely become the leader of the group and the most legendary and powerful Triceratops.

Gulu saw that "a new generation of queen" was rising in Yukan.

Of course Mila saw that Gulu's eyes were full of tears as if he was about to shed them. She rubbed Gulu with her little head and said, "Brother, don't cry. Don't be sad. I'm very happy to have you and Dad."

Gulu felt even more distressed for such a sensible Mila. Mila whispered to amuse Gulu: "Brother, I'll tell you a secret. I eat so well today. My siblings will be fighting to eat the excrement that I pulled. It's better than the ferns they ate. If you think about it, doesn't it make you happy?"

Mila was telling the truth. Last time, she ate so well in Pado's group. When she returned, her brothers and sisters tried to please her and waited in line to eat her excrement.

Gulu was really amused by Mila. This little cub was really good at "finding pleasure in pains".

In fact, Mila was as optimistic as Tata, but her personality was relatively high and cold. She was probably only lively in front of Gulu.

Mila ate and exclaimed, "Wow, brother, it's really delicious. How can there be such delicious fern plants? I'm so happy…"

Gulu rubbed her and spoke, "Tomorrow, Bother will bring you delicious ferns and tasty small fruits. Those small berries are delicious."

Mila jumped up happily: "Wow! Really, brother, how kind of you! I like eating small berries the best. Mom gave them to me and my brothers several times before, but only a few times. Fruits are hard to find, but they're really delicious…"

Gulu: "Brother will bring them for you."

Mila: "Brother, I'm so looking forward to you coming tomorrow. I will definitely have a beautiful dream in the evening. My mouth will be flowing in the dream."

After eating the fern plants on Mungo, Mila became very full. One big and one small cub laid on Mungo's back to rest.

Gulu: "Mila, you can tell me any unhappy thing. You don't have to pretend to be happy in front of me. You can cry if you want. You don't have to smile happily…"

Mila snuggled up to Gulu and replied, "Well, in fact, I really have a hard day today. My brothers and sisters are so bad, so bad…"

At this point, Mila began to cry. Gulu thought that it's quite good. Mila was just a little cub. She shouldn't hold herself back all time and needed to vent her emotions.

Gulu recalled Mila in the ethnic group. She was so cold and was beaten so miserably. She didn't shed tears and didn't cry out in pain. Such a small cub, Gulu really felt distressed.

Mila laughed again after she had cried enough: "But I'm also very happy today, because Brother comes to see me. Brother is really good. I'm so happy…"

Gulu watched Mila cry for a while then laugh for a while. She became just like a crazy Triceratops. However, he was very happy. He's happy that Mila didn't hide her emotions in front of him. He's also pleased that Mila was so dependent on him and trusted him.

Mungo kept silent. He's even reluctant to move.

Mungo: I'm a Tyrannosaurus rex food rack. I'm a Tyrannosaurus rex nest. I have no feelings.

In this way, Gulu came to see Mila every day and brought her a lot of delicious food. In just over half a month, Mila became the strongest, cutest and fattest Triceratops in the whole group.

Gradually, Mila wouldn't lose as badly in the fight against her brothers and sisters. Her siblings were so thin while she was strong and powerful.

These days, Gulu also discovered that the flood in the plains below had completely receded while more luxuriant ferns and trees had grown in their place compared to before.

Dada River had lost weight successfully, but it's still chubby and lovely. The water level was suitable. Its abundance and beauty moistened the vast plains on both sides.

Gulu asked Mila and Bachu to move their ethnic group to the plains below. Bachu agreed to this proposal in order to avoid Badi. Mila and Gulu were very happy.

Pado's ethnic group would return to the plains today. Mungo would go back to the plains with his group as well.

When they arrived at the place where the ethnic group first came to Nanshan, they had a good view of the plains. It's here that the ethnic group was attacked by Mapusaurus in the early morning of that day.

Pado stopped to look at the plains below him. Gulu stood beside Pado.

Gulu saw that Dada River was twisting its plump waist joyfully. The vast and luxuriant fern fields on both sides became her incomparably beautiful green skirt.

In such a beautiful moment, Gulu couldn't help reciting a poem for Dada River:

Oh, the mother river who raises us.

You are cute, plump and healthy.

You are wild and arrogant.

You raise us and you destroy us.

Oh, we love you, great mother, Dada River.

Gulu felt that he was really "brilliant"!

Dada River: Showoff, I will flood you if I want to. The fern plants you eat has nothing to do with me. Who is your mother? I'm the river and you're the dinosaur. Don't claim relationship with me. Otherwise, I'll flood you.

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Soon, they came to the place where they used to eat ferns.

A few months later, the sand from the river was gone. Now it's full of fern plants. They were so delicious that one didn't know how to describe them.

Gulu ate till he was dizzy. It's really delicious!

Gulu: I never know that ferns can get you drunk.

The so-called "full of warm and thinking…". Gulu saw basically all ethnic groups were engaged in a large-scale competition for mating after they were full.

Pado's ethnic group was no exception.

Paton was pushed to the center of the ethnic group by Pado. At the same time, he also brought Tutan, who was drifting around the outer edge of the ethnic group, to the center of the ethnic group and said, "Tutan, if you can win against me, you can enter my ethnic group. If you can't win, you can go back to your own group."

Gulu thought that Pado was really too much. How can Tutan win against Pado?

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