Paton was bored every day. He wanted to go to Pado's side and defend the ethnic group with Pado, but Pado didn't allow it.

Since Paton's return, Pado had completely taken care of him as a cub. He's not allowed to step out of the group. He's only allowed to stay in the center of the group. Even his allowed range of activities wasn't as good as that of the cubs.

Gulu felt that Uncle Paton had really "gone to jail" now. He had no freedom at all. What a pity.

Paton was now lying next to Babana's nest with the three cubs, while gnawing at dry ferns. He's so bored that he began to dig soil.

Sometimes, Paton would play some small games with the three cubs. He would always let the cubs run around on him and never get angry.

It's no wonder that Paton's "dinosaur relationship" in the ethnic group was so good. Whether toward big dinosaurs or small dinosaurs, he would never be arrogant because he was Pado's favorite brother. He was always very enthusiastic to help all dinosaurs in the ethnic group.

For example, he helped all female Triceratopses in the group to take care of their cubs. As long as a female Triceratops asked him, he would take good care of her cubs and play with them.

He also accompanied the adult male Triceratopses to practice fighting. He's the best teacher and the best sparring partner.

In addition, he would appease the female Triceratopses who had been hurt by the "big pig-hoofed male Triceratops" in the ethnic group. He didn't just come in with piles of "chicken soup for the soul", but also made them happy. He's simply the best friend of every female dinosaur.

He competed with strong male Triceratopses in the group as well, by bumping into each other to see who was stronger. This was of course a "friendly match" to enhance their fighting capacity through constant competition.


Paton was really a great "big warm dinosaur". It's difficult to be in a bad relationship with him.

Although Paton was very good to all Triceratopses in the group, he was the most special toward Pachi, Dudu and Gulu. If he found something delicious, he would bring it back to the three cubs to eat first.

As long as a dinosaur dared to say a bad word about Babana, Paton would be the first to rush out and fight it.

When Pado initially only had Babana as a female Triceratops, the ethnic group was very dissatisfied. But Pado never let Babana suffer any injustice. At the slightest hint of gossip, Paton also beat up all Triceratopses who spread those rumors.

Paton was such a "dare to love, dare to hate" dinosaur. He's usually very warm, but as soon as you touched what he cared about, he became extremely violent.

However, this was how the clear division Paton captured the love of all Triceratopses in the ethnic group.

Gulu found that although Paton now seemed to be lying on the ground bored while playing with the soil, his eyes never left Tutan outside the ethnic group.

Tutan's injuries had improved a lot. He didn't just choose a fixed position to see Paton lying motionless as before. He's now circling around the periphery of the group and appeared to be patrolling.

In fact, Triceratops didn't need this kind of patrol method. Pado with more than ten robust Triceratopses could take a look at the situation around the Triceratops from above. What's Tutan did was a bit redundant.

Gulu realized that since the day Heili tried to hit him, Tutan had been patrolling outside the group.

The only explanation was that Tutan was actually afraid that the situation would happen again. If he kept circling around outside the ethnic group and stayed within a certain range, he might be able to rescue Gulu in time once he was in danger again.

At this moment, Sika came over to lie down beside Paton and whispered: "Tutan let me tell you. He saw a beautiful flower today. He named the flower Paton. He also saw a flourishing fern plant. He named the fern plant Patu after both of your little cub. He was reluctant to eat it…"

Gulu: emmm……… Isn't Tutan a very powerful and cruel male Triceratops? He killed many Triceratopses in his own group for Paton and was a very famous tyrant. How did he become so "disgusting" and "melodramatic"?

Sika continued: "Paton, I'm telling you. If it wasn't for our many years of brotherhood, I will never talk to that Tutan again. We're male Triceratops. I really can't say these words. They're disgusting. Can you say something more normal…"

Paton was very excited now. In fact, when he saw Sika coming and heard Tutan's name, his eyes lit up instantly. Now he quickly said: "Sika, tell me quickly. What else did Tutan say? Tell me quickly!"

Sika: "He also said… he also said that he misses you a lot."

With that, Sika made a vomiting motion and really spit out a little saliva.

Paton: "Then you tell Tutan that I miss him too. I really miss him…"

Gulu: My old swan, ah, I can scent the sour smell of love!

Sika: "He also asked me to tell you that he will look at you every day. He wants you to eat more ferns and eat a lot, otherwise he will be angry. The consequences of his anger are very serious!"

Paton replied proudly, "Who's afraid of him? The consequences of my anger are also very serious. He dares to threaten me!" In fact, his tone wasn't unhappy at all, but sweet.

Gulu: This dog food is so sweet that it really kills people.

Gulu felt that he couldn't listen to it anymore. If he was really just a cub, he might think it's fun, but his heart was that of an adult single dog, who had been single for 22 years. He really couldn't stand such a sweet blow.

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On the surface, it looked like Gulu just walked away bored. However, in Gulu's heart: I also want sweet love! Why am I still a little cub? It's not fair to me.

However, on second thought: Even if I'm not a cub, it's very difficult for me to find an object. Who will be monogamous with me? The Pado and Paton brothers are the only "faithful dinosaur" in the whole continent of Yukan. The other male Triceratopses are slag dinosaurs.

Gulu felt that he must become the strongest Triceratops. That way, the male Triceratops he's with later on wouldn't have the guts to cheat even if he had the intentions.

In the following period of time, Gulu went to Paton's side to play from time to time. He often got envious of Paton's and Tutan's sweet love and cried bitterly. Every day was "today is also a day when lemon essence is sour".

During this period, Bachu's ethnic group didn't feed near Pado's. Gulu had not seen Mila, the young cub, for many days. He's very worried that Mila didn't have enough to eat if Bachu's ethnic group couldn't find a good fern field.

So, Gulu asked Mungo to take him to Bachu's group.

Fortunately, there was Mungo. Pado, as the leader of the ethnic group, couldn't leave the group frequently. Gulu could only find Mungo whenever he wanted to go out. Every Tyrannosaurus rex in the Mungo's group was powerful and didn't need his protection. He could go wherever he wanted. With Mungo's protection, Pado also felt very relieved.

Soon Mungo brought Gulu to the vicinity of Bachu's group. As a Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo couldn't get too close to them, and could only watch from a distance.

Bachu's ethnic group didn't have a good fern field to eat for a long time. Each of the Triceratops in the group looked thin, with only a few very robust adult Triceratopses appearing less thin.

Mila was at the center of the ethnic group.

At the same time, Gulu also saw Hongdun and Dunyi. Hongdun had obviously become Bachu's right-handed man. Bachu seemed to ask for advice from Hongdun when doing anything.

Dunyi and the male Triceratops cubs in the group played together, appearing like they got along well.

However, Mila's situation wasn't as good. The female Triceratopses didn't seem to like playing with her very much, probably because Mila was always staring blankly and looked very cold. She wasn't easy to approach.

In the Triceratops group, female Triceratops cubs generally played with female Triceratops cubs while male Triceratops cubs played with male Triceratops cubs. It's possible for siblings to play together, but more often than not, male and female cubs played separately.

(T/N: wow, gender division exists even in dinosaur age 🙄)

For example, Gulu and Pachi often played with the male Triceratopses in the group. They didn't always bring Dudu. Dudu also didn't want to play with them all the time. Because Dudu was a "tomboy", she liked playing with her brothers more than other female Triceratopses.

Male and female Triceratops cubs played very different games. Male Triceratopses liked to play the childish game of killing Tyrannosaurus rex while female Triceratopses liked to play the game of hatching and feeding young cubs.

As the result, Dunyi and Mila had little contact.

Gulu saw Mila sitting alone on the fern ground, looking dazed. One didn't know if she was thinking about her Mom and brothers.

Then Gulu saw several Triceratops cubs about Mila's size came to her.

These cubs should be Mila's "half-siblings".

They surrounded Mila. Mila was so cold. She didn't even look up at them. She didn't give them a glance.

One of the Triceratops cubs spoke, "Why does Dad like her so much? What's good about her?"

The other one said, "That's right! Her Mom died. Her brothers also died to protect her! I don't know if she'll bring harm to us later…"

Others added: "Badi is so powerful. He'll definitely come and kill you later. Dad shouldn't be injured because of you. We only have one Dad!"

The rest of the Triceratops cubs echoed, "Yes, yes! Why didn't Badi kill you? If you're dead, Badi won't find trouble with our Dad. I hate you!"


Mila just listened. She was used to it.

However, the brothers and sisters started to incessantly hit her. They didn't dare to hit her hard because Bachu would be very angry if she was injured. The young cubs would be beaten by Bachu. This finally reached the limit of Mila's patience.

Mila stood up slowly. She then hit her half-brothers and sisters hard, hitting them unceasingly and madly.

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Of course, these Triceratops cubs wouldn't be so foolish as to not fight back. They also hit Mila. A dozen Triceratops cubs attacked Mila at the same time. Mila was soon overwhelmed.

Mila was already much younger than these Triceratops cubs. Since her three brothers and Mom just left in a short time, she got very sad and became even thinner.

In front of so many older siblings, Mila looked thin and pitiful, as if a gust of wind could blow her away.

But it's such a tiny little cub that turned herself into a "spinning top" to rampage around these taller and bigger brothers and sisters, banging them like she didn't know pain.

Of course, how could she not feel pain. She was very painful, so painful like her whole body would fall apart, but she didn't care.

Just a little while later, Bachu came running.

Of course, the young ones didn't dare to fight again.

Little Mila stood in front of the very tall Bachu and looked coldly at her siblings.

Mila's brothers and sisters were still very young, basically no more than 3 months old. They knew that their Dad was always biased towards Mila. But they were really hurt by Mila. They began to cry one after another, shouting about pain.

Mila who suffered much more didn't cry. She didn't even show any pain. She was like a stone that didn't know injury.

Bachu felt very sorry for Mila. He severely reprimanded the young cubs. Each cub was severely spanked by him with his tail. They went back to find their own mothers with all their injuries.

Mila watched her brothers and sisters arrived at their mothers' side and were comforted. She felt very sad. Her Mom and her brothers were the best, but they were all gone now.

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