On the way to Zhao Zhiwen's house, you will pass Zhao Zhiwen's fish pond. Wearing invisible eyes, Jing Lin saw a small boat parked on the lake from a distance. the people on the boat were dropping bait into the fixed water area. he called tentatively, "Zhao Zhiwen!"

Hearing this, the people on board turned around at once, and then happily beckoned, "Ah Lin!"

Jing Lin waited for a while on the shore.

Zhao Zhiwen's height of 1. 8 meters is a little higher than Jing Lin's. The two men's height is quite high in the height of more than 1. 7 meters commonly used by southerners. Zhao Zhiwen's skin was slightly black. After the bait was put out, as soon as the boat came ashore and saw Jing Lin, his buddies pounded Jing Lin's chest like fists. "Didn't you come back at the end of the month?"

Jing Lin said: "I felt that it was not peaceful outside, so I came back early."

When Zhao Zhiwen heard this, he clapped his thigh and shouted at the top of his voice: "Maybe there is no electricity or water supply in your place, and the car is still useless? Then how did you get back?"

Jing Lin nodded, "I came back yesterday by tricycle. It was midnight when I got home from the city for more than ten hours."

"No wonder I heard the dog barking next door in the middle of the night yesterday! Tired!" Zhao Zhiwen said that he took Jing Lin by the arm and walked to his home. He also asked, "Why can't we see Lele?"

When it comes to Lele, Jing Lin frowned with worry: "he may have some physical problems. he has been sleeping since yesterday, eating nothing but water. When grandpa Li comes back, I have to let him show Lele."

"That is to let people have a good look." Zhao Zhiwen said, "do you know? Our village has been out of order for the past two days. Some people went to the town to see others hoarding salt and came back to say that all the villagers went to the town to buy things. My mother bought a box of salt and a lot of toilet paper from the paper factory in town. For this reason, my father has been quarrelling with my mother for two days."

Jing Lin said, "Let Uncle Zhao not be angry. Anyway, all these things Zhou Yi bought can be put away and will be needed later."

Zhao Zhiwen said: "I think so too. Ah Lin, do you think there is really the end of the world?"

Jing Lin paused and said, "The car is now inexplicable and can't be used. Later, we can't say for sure."

Zhao Zhiwen nao nao head, appearance is very upset, "then we have to do some more shopping for the chariot?"

Jing Lin: "I came to see you just to tell you about it." Then he told Zhao Zhiwen that he was now penniless and hoped to settle this year's rent in advance and replace it with grain.

Zhao Zhiwen immediately said no problem. His family sold half of the wheat they collected in May, leaving more than 3,000 catties at home. After that, they also did not sell more than 500 catties of rapeseed oil. Last year's millet also had more than 1,000 catties left in the warehouse. The original plan was to sell it in the next few days. As a result, when there was a power outage and water cut off, his mother simply refused to sell it. This is the main reason why his father quarreled. So many things have been kept at home, which takes up too much space.

In this way, in the countryside, except for the whole family working outside, as long as someone in the family planted the fields, rice, grain and oil are basically produced by their own families, unless they have contracted a lot of land like Zhao Zhiwen's family. Like ordinary farmers, the output of the year is usually sold only a little, while the rest is kept for their own consumption. They eat until the coming year and collect new grain again. Then they sell the old grain that they did not finish the year before last and hoard new grain.

Zhao Zhiwen's family is in the middle of the village and is also a small two-story building with two courtyards. In front of his home in different scenes, there are vegetable plots. His home is completely plastered with cement. On one side of the wall, a hut is built with blue colored steel, which is usually used to stop electric tricycles and put farm tools and so on.

Zhao Chenghuai and Zhou Yu are both at home with the door open. Zhao Chenghuai is sitting at the door with a pair of cowpeas folded. Zhou Yuze is sitting on the reclining chair beside him shaking the fan, looking rather leisurely.

Zhao Chenghuai and Zhou Yu have totally different attitudes towards Jing Lin from the villagers. The couple really like Jing Lin. First, they are good-looking and very cute when they were young. When they grow up, they are still handsome, polite and famous college students. Second, when the couple were relatively sad in their young days, they were helped many times by grandpa Jing Lin. now they have taken over the two ponds of his family at the original price. you should know that it is not 20 years ago to contract the ponds now, and the price has already gone up.

When the couple saw that Jing Lin was back, one moved the stool and the other scratched watermelon for him to eat. They asked why they didn't see Lele and went out to pick vegetables for Jing Lin to eat at their house at night. Jing Lin watched them busy, warm in heart, Zhao Chenghuai couple, can be said to be made up for the scene in the parents this a big emotional gap.

Zhao Zhiwen looked at it from the side, gnawing at the watermelon and said in a sour tone: "I have not seen you two so enthusiastic about me after staying outside for a few months."

Of course, he said so, but his face was grinning. Jing Lin understood his parents' feelings for their young birds when he was in junior high school. He had such a good relationship with Jing Lin that he naturally would not eat this kind of vinegar.

Jing Lin told Zhao Chenghuai the purpose of his coming. Zhao Chenghuai went to his kitchen immediately, packed more than 20 kg of rice in a bag, and also took a bundle of 10 kg of noodles. By the way, he asked Zhao Zhiwen to go to the warehouse in the backyard and bring out 5 barrels of 20L of oil. The action was not frank.

Zhao Chenghuai said: "Xiao Lin, it's hot now, rice is not resistant to being released and easy to get worms, so I only gave you 20 catties, so you eat first. Uncle will give you another 100 catties of rice and new rice will be produced in September. Then I will give you another several hundred catties and grind as much rice as I want. Wheat also gives you 500 catties, and you can eat flour or change noodles." At the end of the day, he walked over and said, "Of course, even if there is no rent, Zhao Shu's family will not want you to eat."

Jing Lin was very grateful. The reason why he still wanted to go home without any money was because Zhao Chenghuai's family was in his hometown. The two men watched him grow up from childhood and almost regarded him as their son.

Because there was no electricity, we had to take the things to Jing Lin's house before it was dark. Jing Lin grabbed the bag, packed the rice and wheat with Zhao Zhiwen's help, and made several trips back and forth with his family's three-wheeled scooter. He transported all the things to Jing Lin's house and also helped to move to the barn.

Then Jing Lin went to Zhao Zhiwen's house with Lele in her arms and prepared for dinner.

The Zhao Zhiwen family all like Lele very much, especially the two old ones. In the village, like Jing Lin, they are almost all married and become dads. Most of them are dads of two children. Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai have been urging Zhao Zhiwen to marry, but Zhao Zhiwen has never had a girlfriend and has dated several girls. Either he dislikes each other or he is disliked. In short, none of them has been successful. Watching peers when grandpa when grandma, teasing grandchildren all day long, the couple envy not line. Since Lele returned to Jing Lin's name, the couple have been addicted to their grandparents. Every time Lele followed Jing Lin home, snacks were piled into Lele's hands.

Therefore, the old couple are worried about seeing Lele in an obviously wrong state of sleep at the moment. At the dinner table, Zhou Yu also kept asking how the situation in Jing Lin city was, complaining about the lack of electricity. Now he can't ride a battery car or a bus to the town, and said that he would go to the town to buy more things and come back to camp tomorrow.

They were luckier than Jing Lin. A few days ago Zhao Chenghuai was preparing to buy fertilizer for the fields and bait for fish. He also planned to build a colored steel shed on the other side of the yard, so he took almost 50,000 dollars out of the bank. As a result, when I was going out the next day, I found that all the cars were useless and the 50,000 yuan had been kept at home. It's not like Jing Lin, because I usually live in a city, close to the place where I withdraw money, and usually I don't have much cash in my wallet. In such a situation, years of hard work will be wasted overnight.

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