On hearing that Zhou Yu was going to buy things in the town again, Zhao Chenghuai was not very happy, rambling about what to do with so many things, wasting money, etc. Zhou Yu stared at him to analyze the current situation, Zhao Chenghuai took her can't, can only follow her. However, Jing Lin can see that Zhao Shu is not much against it, but the rural people are used to thrifty thinking.

After dinner, the Zhao family accompanied Jing Lin to the old doctor's house in the village with Lele. The old doctor is also surnamed Zhao and is over 60 years old. The children in the village basically call him Grandpa Zhao. When the scene came, their family was having dinner with candles on schedule, and there were several other villagers in the hall hanging water.

Jing Lin said hello to the doctor's family, and then sat on the bench next to him with Lele, ready to wait until Dr. Zhao had finished his meal to talk about Lele's symptoms. Unexpectedly, Dr. Zhao noticed Lele in his arms at the first glance and immediately put down his chopsticks and came along. He looked at Lele carefully, asked Jing Lin some questions, then shook his head and asked Jing Lin to carry Lele back.

Dr. Zhao said: "I have seen many situations like Lele in the town these days, including young adults, children and the elderly. If it had been before, it could have been checked with medical equipment, but due to the power failure, the hospital has been paralyzed for most of the time and cannot be checked at all. And their symptoms seem to be just sleeping. I can't do anything about it."

Zhou Yu felt distressed and touched Lele's ruddy face. "Can he just sleep like this and feed him without eating, just drink water?"

Dr. Zhao sighed helplessly: "there is no other way at present but to hope that he can wake up by himself."

It was completely dark, different from the bright moonlight last night. In the night sky tonight, the moon was hidden by dark clouds and not half a star was visible. Walking in the village, there was no light around and the night was as dark as ink.

Because of Lele's current situation at a loss, the atmosphere on the way back was very dull. When returning to Zhao Zhiwen's house, Zhou Yu brought out two old-fashioned oil lamps and asked Zhao Zhiwen to send Jing Lin and Lele home.

When he got home, Jing Lin put the oil lamp in the bedroom, then lit candles and went to the kitchen to burn hot water, wiped Lele's body, took a bath, and lay on the bed looking at Lele. He did not sleep all night.

Jing Lin's parents went soon after he was born. At that time, others said he was close. He also cried in fear when he heard such a message after being sensible. Later, grandpa and his sister comforted him that those people were talking nonsense. Grandpa also ran to each other's house to make a scene. After that, he at least never heard these messages about him in the village, but all the children in the village except Zhao Zhiwen avoided him like snakes and scorpions. After grandpa left, the big ye and aunt in the village looked at him strangely and he could feel them. Later, my sister also had an accident and went away. He was thinking for a long time after that, whether he was really a natural person or not, or why all his close relatives left him early. After returning to Lele, Jing Lin was actually very hesitant. He felt that he had killed his sister. He felt sorry for his nephew and wanted to take care of him, but he was afraid that he would hurt him again.

Now in good condition, Lele is ill and has been sleeping. Although Jing Lin said nothing and his facial expression has not fluctuated, only he knew that he was almost overwhelmed by the pressure that might kill his nephew. He was really afraid that he would not get any response when he called Lele one day.

I didn't sleep all night. Jing Lin's eyes were a little red and swollen. As usual, he gave Lele some warm boiled water and plastered his red pimples. Then holding Lele, he went to the small shop on the team, bought some incense wax paper money, and went to pay homage to his relatives.

A small hillside to the south of the team is a graveyard used to bury relatives in the team. The people in the team are all called Fenpo. All of Jing Lin's relatives were buried together. Grandma, parents, grandpa and sister's brother-in-law who had not seen each other for a long time passed away. In the most corner of the grave slope, there is also a solitary grave, and Jing Lin also went to pay his respects.

This grave is the grave of a widowed grandfather in the village. Jing Lin only knew his surname Zhang and called him Grandpa Zhang all the time. He was sent to their team to reform during the great turmoil. Later he was rehabilitated and stayed in the village. He had a good relationship with Jing Lin's grandpa. When he was young, Jing Lin was greedy for candy and was even coaxed by Grandpa Zhang to learn many superstitious things in private. What kind of array, ghost paintings, etc.

When I recall here, Jing Lin's heart jumped like when he heard the word "last days". Suddenly, an absurd idea jumped out of his mind. After the worship ceremony, Jing Lin tidied up and hurried home with the unused things.

Jing Lin still remembers the happy expression of the successors when grandpa Zhang taught him these things from his sister and grandpa. At that time, Jing Lin had a short mouth. Grandpa Zhang taught him what he learned. Since he was a child, he had good grades, high understanding and fast learning. He did not know how many times he heard Grandpa Zhang say that he was born to learn this piece of material. However, Jing Lin learned these things, but they were useless. Even so, when Grandpa Zhang was still alive, he would compare with him at intervals and always told him not to waste these things. At first Jing Lin did the same thing. Besides dealing with the learning, he would also take time to review the knowledge about the array method. However, Grandpa Zhang passed away soon after high school. Jing Lin took some old books left by Grandpa Zhang and could review them at first. Later, his studies in high school increased. The books left by Grandpa Zhang were locked in the box for old books and never looked through them again in the junk room.

Back home, Jing Lin closed the door, put Lele on the sofa in the main room, and went to the sundry room to carry out several old wooden boxes.

The box is full of books he used when reading. Other children in the village will sell their books for snacks every grade they finish. However, because of grandpa's emphasis on books, Jing Lin's books from primary school to university were not sold and were all moved home and packed in boxes. Before, when grandpa was still alive, he took it out from time to time to bask in the sun. Jing Lin went to work later, and the time was short. He could only take advantage of the sunshine two or three times a year.

Jing Lin can't remember which box he put the books in. He went through several boxes in a row before turning out the books in one of the boxes at the bottom.

There are a total of three books, one is called "cave law", one is called "cave law", the last one is called "small heaven art science".

Jing Lin has been studying the first two books, one teaching symbols, one teaching array arrangement, and the last one. At that time, Grandpa Zhang just showed it to him and turned it over at will, saying that maybe he wouldn't need this book in his life.

In the first two books, when Jing Lin was in high school, he was still very familiar with his back, and the scribbles were basically accomplished in one move. As for the array, the strange pace, Jing Lin still vaguely remembered one thing or two.

As the tie between the devil and the devil, Jing Lin stood in situ, silently reciting the pithy formula of the pace he could still remember. As the pithy formula emerged sentence by sentence, Jing Lin's steps followed and moved slowly . . .

Fiercely looked up, Jing Lin looked surprised. There was no fluctuation in his pace before. In today's walk, he felt a strange rhythm and a strange air!

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