From the perspective of temporary learning, there have been times of impatience. When I was a child, I wanted snacks. After junior high school, I wanted to refuse the old man. However, these things were really useless to him at that time. Those who were urged to practice by grandpa Zhang's steps and postures were funny, like great goddesses. At one time, Jing Lin felt particularly ashamed of jumping up in these postures. Fortunately, no one but Grandpa Zhang had seen them at that time.

Now, he jumped up this strange pace again in his own room without any pressure in his heart. When walking on the beat, there is a mysterious aura between the steps that he cannot see but can clearly perceive. According to the pithy formula he recited before, he can clearly understand how to guide such unknown things and connect them with each array point and array eye, thus producing certain changes and finally forming an array.

The array can be divided into three types: living array, kill array and magic array. Each array is a different small world. Some can lock up the life and make the inner life cycle, and this is the array. Some can breed evil spirits, create different hallucinations, have ghosts, have demons, and have their own inner desires. These belong to magic arrays. As for kill array, it depends on how much malice the people in the array have towards those who are going to be trapped. Then they can transform the magic arrays into attack arrays on the basis of magic arrays. This is kill array.

Jing Lin jumped to a half and stopped. He forgot the next step and the corresponding formula. The aura around him suddenly collapsed. Jing Lin stabilized his mind, took out the three books and put the box away again. At this time his stomach was growling, and he remembered that he had not even eaten breakfast in the morning since last night.

It happened that Zhao Zhiwen shouted his name outside the door.

Jing Lin put away his books, opened the door and saw Zhao Zhiwen riding his tricycle with two bags in his hand. As soon as he saw Jing Lin, he threw the two bags into his arms and said, "We'll go shopping in town."

Jing Lin caught it. One was an ordinary plastic bag containing two still warm corn cobs. Then he opened the cowhide bag and looked inside. When he found it was a stack of hundred-dollar bills, he looked at Zhao Zhiwen doubtfully.

Zhao Zhiwen smiled and said: "You usually live in the downtown area. There must be a lot of articles for daily use at home. My father asked me to lend you 10,000 yuan first."

Although no matter where, power failure and water cut-off are normal phenomena, the inexplicable unavailability of the car is the biggest anomaly. Zhou Yi restlessly went home to collect things, and Zhao Shu did not object much. It can be seen that they have a number of things in mind. Even so, they lent him 10,000 yuan from their little cash. What's more, just now, I experienced the aura that I could not feel before. Jing Lin knew that the world is different now. The more at this time to make such a move, the more moved Jing Lin.

Jing Lin suddenly didn't know what to say. His hand holding the cowhide belt was loosened and loosened. Finally, he just said thank you. Although he was not short of food and drink at present, he was short of other supplies. He really needed money now.

Jing Lin dug out an old purse from his storage box, loaded it with thousands of dollars and tied it to his waist. Then he sent Lele to Zhao Zhiwen's house and asked Zhou Yu to help him look after it. Zhao Zhiwen rode the second-hand three-wheel he bought from the city. He sat in the bucket eating corn cobs. Zhao Chenghuai rode with them on the previous Zhao Zhiwen's car.

Jing Lin came to them. In July, the farmland was not very busy. Just as he was riding on the main road in the village, he saw several tricycles riding on the side roads. They were all villagers and greeted each other.

Jing Lin also said hello to those people, politely called the people, and then never spoke again, sitting in a tricycle in silence, only occasionally talking to Zhao Zhiwen.

On the road, everyone's topic of conversation was a bit heavy. under the condition of no electricity and no car, it is not clear what is going on outside now. at most, everyone can go to the county seat and have a look. it is harder to walk further on such a hot day. The students in the village's high school and below are fine, because of the power cut and water cut, they have already had a holiday. For those who go to college or work in other places, it takes more than 30 hours to take the train. If anything happens, how can they come back?

There are two towns nearest to Chashanling, one is called Jinhe Town and the other is Huangtai Town. Chashanling is under the control of Huangtai Town. Huang Tai Town is relatively small, with only one street leading to the end. Several supermarkets are also relatively small and can't buy much. There are several big supermarkets in Jinhe Town, so a line of people went to Jinhe Town by bike directly, and it took them more than 20 minutes to get there.

There were many people shopping in the town, because everyone wanted to buy different things, so they went to the town and separated. Jing Lin was still with Zhao Zhiwen and cannot father. When shopping, two people moved things, leaving one person to watch the car.

There are three glazing banks in the town, but the doors are all closed. when passing by one of them, I saw many people holding steel pipes and stones smashing the bank's shutter doors, shouting for the bank to pay back the money. many people were excited with excitement that Jing Lin could not understand, while several policemen were standing by to stop them. the two sides looked as if they were going to fight. The posture, see sitting in the cargo bucket Zhao Chenghuai bother to urge the two small ride faster, lest those people hurt.

There is no need to buy these things because there is rice at home. Jing Lin bought a lot of salt, spices often used in the kitchen, white sugar and crystal sugar, and bought several barrels of blend oil, picked out some snacks he liked to eat before for Lele, brought several boxes of instant noodles, several boxes of canned meat, and also bought several boxes of biscuits.

Many people like them come to the supermarket to sweep the goods, but some people are just sitting around carrying a supermarket basket and looking around. They look at them like fools and think they are making a mountain out of a molehill. Such people obviously do not believe in eschatology and do not take the recent anomalies to heart.

I bought almost everything. The three of them went to a hardware store in the town and bought a lot of kerosene in bulk. It was much more convenient to use kerosene lamps than candles when the power was cut off.

Tricycle cargo bucket is very small, it can't hold much stuff, and it is pulled by manpower, and it can't be too heavy, otherwise it is too laborious to pull all the way back.

Full head big sweat to ride the car back to the village, did not expect the road was blocked by several carriages.

Yes, the carriage. Several sleek steeds with furs pulled a few modified iron cloaks to the side of the road, and some strange men and women were unloading their contents to the side of the road. A well-dressed middle-aged man was holding a pack of cigarettes, handing them to several villagers who had just bought something from the outside, talking and laughing.

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