Jing Lin is so big that he has never seen a horse in real life except on TV.

It is very strange that some children in the village have put off their holiday. They stood at a distance and pointed to the rise of the discussion.

Zhao Zhiwen also felt fresh and said to Jing Lin, "Look at that horse, its fur is really black and bright, and the muscles on its legs are so beautiful!"

Jing Lin nodded, and he also thought the horses were very beautiful.

Jing Lin was stuck here. The middle-aged man obviously had an idea. He came up with a smile on his face and held out his hand to Zhao Chenghuai. He smiled and said, "Brother Zhao, I haven't seen you for years. You are still so young!"

Zhao Chenghuai suddenly realized that he got off the bus and shook hands with the middle-aged man. He was a little excited: "I said you look familiar. You are Yan Ruifeng and Yan Brothers! You are really young, and your appearance hasn't changed at all!"

It turned out that this Yan Ruifeng was also from their village, but when he was young, he went out to make a little difference. He married a wife in the city and lived outside all the time. Later, he took his father who lived alone to the city and did not come back for more than ten years. Until a few years ago, the old man went, Yan Ruifeng buried the old man back to the grave slope in the village according to the old man's wishes, and knocked down his hometown to rebuild a small building. It was just that the business was too busy, and the house repair was done by others. He didn't show up in the village several times. He felt strange because he had never seen the old man outside all the year round like Jing Lin.

Yan Ruifeng chatted with Zhao Chenghuai for a while, then talked with Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen. Then he turned to the carriage and shouted, "Yan Fei, take the horse aside and let the uncles in the village pass by."

Then, Jing Lin saw a tall man of at least 1. 85 meters in height lift the curtain of the cape car and jump down from above. The man has a handsome face, short cropped hair, black short-sleeved shirt, strong arm muscles and straight and slender legs in jeans. The man glanced over here, then led the horse to the house next to him and let the road out.

Zhao Zhiwen whispered to Jing Lin, "legs are all under the neck."

Jing Lin nodded disapprovingly. He was tall and well built. He was handsome and looked like a star model.

Yan Fei was just moving things. After pulling the horse aside at the moment, he also came along and said hello to several uncles in the village. When it was Jing Lin's turn, he paused. However, he quickly reacted and no one noticed.

After saying goodbye to Yan Ruifeng, everyone left on their tricycles. Jing Lin also separated from Zhao Zhiwen and rode his car to his home, ready to put things back and then pick up Lele in the past.

Yan Fei stared at the far back of Jing Lin for a long time, then he was suddenly pushed and instantly recovered.

I saw his younger sister Yan Lu leaning close to him, grinning and winking. "elder brother, I didn't think there was such a delicate little elder brother in this small village."

Yan Fei rubbed his two sisters' hair, turned around and walked into the small building, despising: "What are you thinking about in your mind?"

Yan Lu overtook him and said indignantly, "Your sister and I are very pure, okay!"

Yan's mother, Zhou Feifei, came out of the open door of the small building and shouted to the two, "Stop it, you two, and help mom tidy up."

Yan Fei replied, "I'm coming."

Yan Lu waist a hard hit his brother to sway to the side, and then made a face at him xi xi ha ha ran to her mother.

Yan Fei looked at his sister's bouncing back and shook his head helplessly, but then he thought of the scene just coming. Indeed, as his sister said, he was delicate and gentle, with clean temperament and a thick scroll smell all over his body.

The scene in this side, obviously can't think of someone still thinking about him. He rode his car home and went to Zhao Zhiwen's house before everything was organized.

It was almost time for lunch. When Jing Lin went, Zhou Yu just went to the vegetable garden to pick vegetables and returned. Zhao Zhiwen and his father were sorting out the things they had bought in the main room. Zhou Yu left Jing Lin for dinner at home. Jing Lin refused, but he didn't refuse a handful of water spinach Zhou Yu gave him, and then returned home with Lele.

Zhou Yu had fed Lele water before, so when he returned home, he refused to give Lele water.

At noon Jing Lin cooked a bag of instant noodles with the water spinach given by Zhou Yu, and then tidied up the contents of the car.

Jing Lin went back to his room, took out a notebook and the three books, and then dug out the ink stone which had been well maintained before his death from grandpa's room drawer and took it to the tea table of the main room together.

After studying the ink, Jing Lin opened his notebook, then turned the "cave array" to the first page. the tip of the pen was suspended above the paper. he was familiar with the most basic and simplest method of drawing symbols. when he felt that he could draw, he calmed down and concentrated on the white paper.

Pen and ink sketching, light or heavy, starts and ends, and in less than a minute, a portrait of a character is completed. From the perspective, drawing these paintings under grandpa Zhang's supervision is basically just a kind of ordinary symbol paper, which will be discarded after drawing. However, today, at the moment when Jing Lin received the pen, he heard a slight "poof" sound of air being punctured, as if something suddenly scattered in his ear.

When I was a child, Jing Lin drew tens of thousands or thousands of symbols, but he never heard such a sound. But today he heard it and clearly knew it was the sound of reiki collapsing. Grandpa Zhang once said that the reason why the symbol is "symbol" is the medium of communication between people and reiki. The process of drawing symbols is actually a process of absorbing and storing spiritual power on paper. Fu has spiritual power, and the paper carrying it cannot be ordinary paper. Jing Lin's scribbles just now were just plain white paper with no bearing capacity, so at the moment when the scribbles were formed, the spiritual power that should have been stored collapsed.

Later, he drew several times in a row, each time hearing a slight "poof" sound in the air at the moment he closed the pen. It seems that I still have to buy Huang Fu paper, Jing Lin thought silently.

Put down the pen, Jing Lin leaned on the sofa and opened the book "little heaven art science".

The contents are in traditional Chinese characters and writings in classical style. Jing Lin is difficult to understand. he felt dizzy after reading a few lines, but he had an intuition in his heart that the book was of great use to him. therefore, he did not feel impatient, instead, he thought more carefully word for word and pondered over and over again.

One afternoon, Jing Lin was sitting in the living room studying this mental skill. In the evening, Zhao Zhiwen came to see him and told him to go to the captain's house for a meeting.

"The meeting? What meeting will be held?" Jing Lin rubbed his swollen forehead and followed Zhao Zhiwen to the captain's house with Lele.

"It may be something unusual about the recent car." Zhao Zhiwen said, "Uncle Yan came to my house shortly after lunch. His family had been living well in the city. A friend of his son's with more background told him something. Then the family sold all their possessions and bought some horses to go back to the countryside."

When Zhao Zhiwen said these things, his facial expression was very serious. At first, I was still hoping for luck. I just hope they were worried. But at present, it seems that the situation may be really bad in the future.

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