The two soon arrived at the captain's house.

Many people have been sitting in the small courtyard of the captain's family. all the people who came here were leaders of other families in the village. however, most of them were women because of their hard work.

Yan Ruifeng and Yan Fei are among them.

Yan Fei noticed Jing Lin at the first glance. He looked at a sleeping beautiful boy in his arms. His face was somewhat similar. Suddenly, his heart was empty. He thought he couldn't. He looked at such a young child so big.

Jing Lin of course also came to Yan Fei. Can't, this person is so tall, even sitting there, also stand out from the crowd. However, he only took one quick look and then found a corner seat with Zhao Zhiwen.

The captain was a thin middle-aged man with a kind face, but now he was standing on the side with a cup in his hand and his face was sad. One after another, the people who were notified came. Many people chatted happily until the captain cleared his throat and told everyone to be quiet first.

The captain said, "I called everyone here today, in fact, there is only one thing. I think everyone knows that many people, including me, didn't pay attention to the power failure and car damage before. However, when Brother Yan came back from the big city today, he told me something, and this situation may be even more serious in the future."

The original relaxed atmosphere suddenly became serious. Yan Ruifeng stood up from his stool under the signal of the captain and said to the villagers: "many villagers did not go out. it may not be clear that I came back from z province all the way. all the cities through the route were without water and electricity. all the way was full of cars rotting on the road. we were not alone in this situation. What does this mean? The severity is not serious. I think all of you here have a clue. Everyone in the countryside has the habit of stationing grain. Water is also his own well water. In the city, it is not the same. People usually eat and drink by buying. Now the bank can't get the money, many people go to smash the bank and rob the money. If they can't get the money, they go to rob the supermarket and the shop. Later, they don't know what kind of chaos it will be. As we all know, when I was young, I made some achievements outside and met some friends with background. The reason why I returned to our village was also the situation. Because some friends have told me that the situation will only be more serious in the future, so everyone can gather more grain now and ask them to go home as soon as they can contact their family and friends." At last he looked around at the people present. "although I haven't been back to our village for more than 20 years, some uncles and aunts here have also watched me grow up. I won't lie to you for these reasons. besides, it's not good for me to lie to you. Believe it or not, if anything happens in the future, don't say that no one will give you a warning."

Yan Ruifeng's career has been successful for many years, and his momentum is not comparable to that of ordinary people. When he spoke these words, everyone basically believed them. At once, several women panicked and said that all his men and children were outside.

The captain suppressed everyone's noisy voice and said: "when the matter is over, what to do is up to you to go back and discuss it. you can also talk to your relatives about it. it is always right to make more preparations."

Jing Lin's attitude towards shopping a few days ago was somewhat casual. He immediately discussed it at the moment. He will go shopping tomorrow morning instead of going to town. He will go to the county seat.

After the incident was over, everyone should leave. when leaving the village chief's house, Yan Fei unconsciously stepped up his pace and walked to Jing Lin's side. he asked him quietly, "is this your son? It's cute. How did you fall asleep?"

Jing Lin looked at him puzzled and thought they were not so familiar, but he still replied: "No, it's my nephew. He is not feeling well."

Yan Fei: "Is it a cold? I have children's medicine at home, do you use it?"

Lele's situation did not dare to use drugs indiscriminately. Jing Lin shook his head and refused, but he thanked the other party for his kindness.

Jing Lin is very few words between acquaintances, what's more, only to meet a strange man for the second time, he always felt that the other person's eyes look too aggressive, more reluctant to talk to each other, then said goodbye, holding Lele caught up with Zhao Zhiwen, who walked a little faster in front.

Yan Fei also knew that he was abrupt and regretted not to talk to Jing Lin for a while. However, this regret was soon dispersed by the news that Jing Lin was not married.

Yan Ruifeng looked coldly at his son from behind as he excitedly walked over and accosted others. When Jing left, he climbed up onto his son's shoulder. There were others nearby who dared not speak loudly. He had to reprimand in a low voice: "Look at your obscene appearance, you don't want to bring me bad children!"

Yan Fei likes men. When he was in high school, he went out with his family and made a lot of noise. For some time in the family, chickens and dogs jumped. Parents objected, Yan Fei insisted. The two sides had been deadlocked for several years. When Yan Fei was about to graduate from the university, the couple could not break off. When Yan Lu was there to help her brother, the couple resigned. You said you liked men, but when Yan Fei had been working for several years, and he didn't find one back, he always said that he didn't look at his eyes, and fate didn't come. You said that if a son likes a woman, he can arrange blind dates or something. If he likes a man, the couple really have no way to start. Now Yan Fei is nearly 30 years old and hasn't talked about love once.

Although eager for his son's personal problems, Yan Ruifeng cannot tolerate his son to harm other people's children. Jing Lin is a lovely baby at first sight. The other parents of such children must be very precious. They will be brought down by their own son. They will not be able to give an account of what happened in the village.

Yan Fei felt the place where his father had hammered him in distress. "Dad, I'll talk to people. What are you nervous about?"

Yan Ruifeng snorted: "It's good to talk to someone suddenly, just like you can't make a fart out of anything."

Yan Fei said helplessly, "Your son is not a scourge. Besides, I feel he is the same as me."

"Can you still feel this?" Yan Ruifeng suspicious looked at him.

I can't tell the old generation about it. Yan Fei didn't explain much and just nodded.

Yan Ruifeng knows his son's character. Although he likes men, he has not said in other places that he has always been a "child of other people's family". He has given his two sons a long face many times since he was young. He also doesn't think he is the kind of person who can tell lies without discretion. However, he still enjoins: "You can talk, but don't blindly tease, and your parents will have to kill you if you bring bad people."

Yan Fei nodded helplessly, also don't think his father is blind to worry about what, father is also for his own good, after all, after long live in the village, make a point what not good-looking, his worry is reasonable.

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