The next day, Jing Lin got up early, fed Lele with water, and took her to Zhao Zhiwen's house. Zhou Yu was invited to watch. Then, like yesterday, I went shopping by bike with Zhao Zhiwen and Zhao Chenghuai.

The village held a meeting yesterday. The family still has cash. Those who do not have cash also look for someone close to them to borrow some. Although the situation is very special now, all of them are from the same village. They don't look up and see each other, and their distant relatives are not as good as their immediate neighbors. No one knows if it will be your turn to ask for help when you refuse the other party's request today. Therefore, if other people ask for help, they will borrow some more or less.

People who want to go shopping in the village basically come out on bicycles. Of course, not everyone has tricycles. Nowadays, battery cars are popular in the countryside and can carry a lot of things, but they are very heavy. Some people choose bicycles with a pile of snakeskin pockets and a roll of twine tied behind them.

Yan Fei's small house is at the entrance of the village and is also a house far from the center. Jing Lin was riding past when he saw the Yan Lu family coming out with the carriage. It is also unusual for other people to ride bicycles, but it is much easier, and the horses run much faster than they do.

The journey to the county seat is much longer by bike, at least 40 minutes.

Jing Lin they left early, plus the weather was cooler than today, the temperature was not too high, nor was it too hot by bike. All the way to the side are cars, large and small, arranged there, visually looking a little messy, there are many workers in some places around the paralyzed vehicles unloading, purely by human transport.

To enter the city, you have to take a bridge. The route to the left is to enter the city. The north station of the county seat is in that direction. To the right is the south station leading to the county seat. The largest food wholesale market in the county seat is over there. Jing Lin passed through several villagers. instead of entering the city, they took a right turn on the bridge and went directly to the wholesale market.

I cycled all the way to the wholesale market, only to find that the entrance, which is ten meters wide, was almost completely blocked by people and cars, and the security personnel in several markets had no effect in dredging and maintaining it. I didn't expect there would be so many people here so early. Jing Lin looked at the crowded crowd, got off the bus and discussed with the villagers who came along: "let's leave two people to watch the bus." Then he turned to Zhao Chenghuai, "Uncle, you stay here and Zhiwen and I will go shopping."

"Yes." Zhao Chenghuai replied, then ordered a mother-in-law from a pair of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law whose family was also composed of two people, "Yinghua sister-in-law should stay."

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are Liu Yinghua and Liu Suqin respectively. Their mother-in-law is from a village. At present, besides them, there are two primary school children in the family. All the men in the family go out to work and usually only come back during the Spring Festival. The people of Liu Suqin are a bit fat, and they are more than 1. 7 meters tall than many men in the village. Therefore, they look relatively strong, and they are also vigorous in their work. They are good at it. After Zhao Chenghuai told her mother-in-law to stay, they immediately picked up the snakeskin pocket in the car bucket and said, "Mom, you stay and watch the car, and I will go in with them."

Liu Yinghua said hastily, "Then be careful and buy more salt."

Liu Suqin said: "Don't worry, I know."

After discussion, Jing Lin and others went to the entrance. Those who enter need to go in and those who leave need to go out. Shoulder-resistant hand-held vehicles, large and small bags, three-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles full of goods are all in trouble. Just to squeeze in, Jing Lin and others were sweating all over.

Jing Lin bought salt and other seasonings, so he went directly to the seasoning area. After passing through the rice growing area, I saw two young men quarrelling over the right to use a cart. The two sides were almost in a red-faced fight. There was no one around to dissuade them. They all turned indifferent and crowded around them.

Jing Lin did not stop, and when they came to the seasoning area, they found that although there were many people here, they were much fewer than the rice area. It is also true that apart from adding flavor to food, who usually only eats condiments for a living, and the average person doesn't buy much. At this time of panic, more and more people are snapping up food that can fill their stomachs.

Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen went to the inside and chose a few people to walk in. The villagers followed. Hula nearly ten people, suddenly let full of goods shops crowded.

Since it is already a wholesale price, the boss does not accept the bargain, and people begin to choose what they want directly. Jing Lin bought two more boxes, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, etc. all in boxes. he also bought many kinds of chili sauce and edible spices.

When moving soy sauce, Jing Lin saw the jam beside him and moved in his heart. From what Yan Ruifeng said, nobody knows what will happen in the future, but it will not be good after all. Fruit is intolerant, but making jam is different. Lele is only five years old. Fruit nutrition is indispensable. The tricycle is too small. He thinks that he will run to the county seat in the past two days and buy more fruits.

There is rice and wheat, and there are fields in the home where vegetables can be grown. What is lacking in food is these seasonings. The seasoning was almost bought. Jing Lin brought more than a dozen cases of milk. After passing through the dry goods area, he saw some dried fruits for sale and bought dozens of catties. Finally, he bought dozens of catties of suet, all of which were brought from a nearby pig farm after killing the pigs and looked fresh.

It was much more tiring to go back than when I came. Nearly all tricycles without homes were full. Bicyclists had two snakeskin bags tied to the left and right sides of the back seat. There was a bag in the middle and a bag on the thick stick in front. Luckily the car was strong enough, otherwise I really didn't know how to carry all these things back.

The shopping took a lot of time. When I got home, Jing Lin rode all the way. It was not as easy as riding for more than ten hours at once, and my thighs hurt. On returning to Zhao Zhiwen's house, he lay on his wooden chair and rested for a long time before he got up to see Lele.

Lele didn't wake up, but the red pimples on her body were lighter now, so she felt a little more secure.

The afternoon rest until three o'clock, a line of people cycling to the county seat again.

Off-season fruits are too expensive, and the funds are tight now, so Jing Lin buys them at a low price. Although the villagers also bought some fruit, but see Jing Lin this trip is all to buy fruit or earnest told him to buy fill belly matters. Jing Lin thanked him on the mouth, but he still bought it according to his own ideas. He bought a lot of apples like peaches. Then he bought some Chinese dates, and when he saw some pitaya that Lele liked to eat, he also bought some. The total cost was over 100 kg.

When things got back home, it was getting dark, and the Yan Lu family came back with their carriage. They were moving food from the tin shed. Unlike the villagers, their family has been hoarding a lot of rice and other crops. Their fields have been leased to the captain's family for so many years and have been given cash. Today, they went to the county seat in Jing Lin. They went to the surrounding villages to collect rice and rapeseed oil.

In the evening Jing Lin went back to his home, put things away, spent nearly three hours refining pig suet, cooked the noodles and ate them with oil residue before taking a bath and sleeping.

The next day is also early in the morning. Today, Jing Lin three people and the villagers walked separately. The villagers still went to the wholesale market, while the three of them turned left into the city. Although there are still cleaners cleaning, many shops are closed, showing a lot of depression, and the people walking on the street are no longer leisurely.

They found a daily necessities wholesale department, bought a lot of washing powder, soap, shampoo and the like, and bought a piece of toothpaste with 72 pieces. I bought a lot of toothbrushes and a pile of towels for washing my face. When I saw a hand warmer for charging, I thought it was useless to have no electricity. However, Jing Lin asked the boss if there was any hand warmer that directly filled water. The boss said that the general store didn't stock the goods, but he had a lot of them here, which were all the stocks that had been pressed down in previous years. Jing Lin bought 20 and Zhao Zhiwen also took 20.

When the boss gave them the change, a small supermarket across the street suddenly burst into uproar. Several 16-and 17-year-olds ran out of the supermarket with many things in their arms. The things in their arms fell off as they ran, followed by several supermarket staff. While chasing, they bent down to pick up things while shouting, and some people robbed.

"Alas, this world is going to be a mess." The boss sighed.

Jing Lin asked, "How is the situation in the county recently?"

The boss said: "You have seen the situation just now. Small supermarkets have been robbed every day these days. As far as I know, there are several supermarkets that are closed in this street. One is afraid of robbery, the other is afraid of what really happened. At least there are still some things in their supermarkets to help."

"Then why don't you open the door in a hurry?" Zhao Zhiwen interjected.

The boss gave a wry smile: "I can't help it either. I still have so many goods in my warehouse that I can't eat them when I have them, can I? it's better to sell some and get money to buy other things. After another two days, my shop will be closed."

After saying goodbye to the boss, Jing Lin said he would buy some vegetables to grow back. Zhao Chenghuai took him to the seed store. Jing Lin bought all kinds of vegetables that he could keep for himself. Cucumber, balsam pear, eggplant and green pepper were certainly indispensable. He also bought cabbage, chrysanthemum, lettuce, coriander, leek and so on, as well as garlic, ginger and onion for seasoning. Anyway, as long as the family can grow them, they bought some more or less. Zhao Zhiwen's family, like cowpea, green bean, pumpkin and wax gourd, had many kinds of seeds, so Jing Lin did not buy them.

Finally, Jing Lin bought a lot of sealed glass jars, some for noodles, pepper, dried chili and the like, and the rest for jam. In this way, the car was almost packed, and the three of them went home.

I only took an hour off at noon today and went out by bike. This time I wanted to buy some medicine that I had always kept in my home, as well as some indispensable paper towels and the magic paper that Jing Lin had always been thinking about.

They went directly to the paper factory in Huangtai Town and bought a car back at wholesale price. Then I went to Jinhe town and bought some medicine in three small drugstores in the town. Then I went to the county seat and rode on the handlebars to visit all the big and small drugstores in the county seat. The total amount was quite large.

Finally Jing Lin said he would go to Zhizha Street in the county seat.

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