Zhao Zhiwen wondered, "What are you doing there?"

Because of the things sold there, people seldom go there in ordinary times. Apart from the death of someone in the family, they also buy some things there for sacrificial purposes before the New Year.

Jing Lin didn't think of hiding from the Zhao Zhiwen family about fu zhi, but now he didn't intend to explain it clearly. he just pointed to the top of his head and said, "I feel there is something more in the air."

Zhao Zhiwen looked at Jing Lin with a face of "you don't frighten me". Zhao Chenghuai also looked at Jing Lin.

The Zhao Chenghuai family knew that Jing Lin was close to Lao Zhang's head when he was a child. They also knew a little about what Lao Zhang's head used to do. Now they see Jing Lin saying this, not doubting him, but believing in him, believing that there is a little more in the air.

"Is this thing good or bad?" Zhao Zhiwen said.

"I can't say for sure." Jing Lin Road is really unclear. What is more in the air should be the aura that ordinary paper cannot lock up. The appearance of aura may be good for him in some aspects, such as scribbles, but not necessarily for others. Otherwise, how can the power failure not come all the time? It must be related to the sudden appearance of reiki.

By now, Jing Lin has more than 2,000 pieces left out of his 10,000 pieces. He is going to keep 1,000 pieces of paper and the rest to buy some clothes and quilt covers for himself and Lele.

Zhao Chenghuai didn't say anything about Jing Lin's taking money to buy paper. Although it was lent to Jing Lin, it went on as it is and was not different from giving it directly to Jing Lin. Given Jing Lin, how to spend it is Jing Lin's business. Moreover, Jing Lin is a planned person, which Zhao Chenghuai has always known.

Accompanied Jing Lin to Zhizha Street, where many shops were closed and a few were still open. Jing Lin casually walked into a house. the boss, an old Mediterranean man, was sitting idly in front of the door shaking his fan at mosquitoes. when he saw Jing Lin, he immediately came to his senses and looked eagerly at Jing Lin. "what can I do for you, young man? The store is offering discounts. The more you buy, the more discounts you will get."

The old man panicked. As far as his neighbors and friends know, they went home early and late these days to collect food. As far as their home is concerned, he is still guarding the store and trying to sell money. The rest of the family are collecting food. He is so agitated these days that he can hardly sit still.

Jing Lin directly stated his purpose: "I want to buy some yellow paper for Taoist temple."

Hearing this, the old man immediately said happily: "young man, you have come to the right place. as far as this paper binding street is concerned, the fuji paper sold by my family is first-class and better than other shops. almost all the Taoist priests around this county town come to me to buy it."

At this point, the old man pulled out a cardboard box from a nearby corner, full of three-finger wide yellow paper. The paper looked fine and not rough.

The old man spared no effort to recommend to Jing Lin: "this paper is safe to use and can be swallowed! Although the price is more expensive than ordinary yellow paper, people do not have to worry about accidents after eating it. Also, do you want cinnabar liquid? I can give you a discount if you buy more!"

"It depends." Jing Lin said and asked the old man, "Is there a writing brush here? Can I borrow it?" He wants to try whether these papers can work or not. If they can lock the reiki, it is best. If not, then there is no need to waste money on these things.

"There are some." The old man turned and walked to the counter near the corner of the shop, opened the drawer and rummaged through it. Then he took out an ordinary writing brush he used at ordinary times and prepared the ink.

Jing Lin took out a piece of yellow paper from the box and placed it on the counter. He wrote it and stood still for a while, then began to ink it.

When Jing Lin scribbles, Zhao Zhiwen and his colleagues looked at them nearby. Although they could not understand the contents of Jing Lin scribbles, they felt that Jing Lin scribbles were very serious and did not dare to disturb them. Instead, the old man chirped in Jing Lin's ear and said, "My little brother did a good job. This arc is smoother than a Taoist priest I know. Er, this hook has momentum!"

Fortunately, Jing Lin's mind followed the tip of the pen and he didn't hear what the old man said.

The tip of the pen was lifted and the scene held its breath. I did not hear the sound of reiki breaking away from my ears. I was delighted. I looked at the finished paper carefully and saw that the above streamer flowed slowly along with the trace of ink, but it was weak and not obvious.

It worked!

Jing Lin's heart leapt with joy, but his face was normal. he put down his pen, folded the paper carelessly and put it in his hand. he said to the old man, "how do you sell this paper?"

"One dollar a piece." Seeing a business coming, the old man rejoiced and did not dare to quote the price indiscriminately. Seeing Jing Lin frown, fearing that Jing Lin was too expensive, he hurriedly explained: "Little brother, I really didn't ask for the price indiscriminately. You know, I sold this paper for two dollars a piece before. For your price, only very familiar old acquaintances could buy it from me before."

Since the yellow paper here is useful, even if it is expensive, Jing Lin has no intention of not buying it. Now he said, "Didn't you say that the more you buy, the more discount you get? I want to buy 1,000 yuan of yellow paper, how much cheaper can you give me?"

A thousand dollars! Before that, the boss really didn't care much about it, but now the situation is very special, and there are many things that can be sold for 1,000 yuan. the old man made up his mind, thinking that he couldn't sell it anyway and could not eat it, so he even gave the number with the money: "I'll give you 1,300 pieces for 1,000 yuan, do you think it's okay?"? Don't bargain any more, this is the old man's biggest concession!"

Jing Lin hesitated, then nodded, "That's all."

The old man suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Although he could not eat it, it could be used to paste the wall. Although it was a little rough, it was not useless. It was better than giving it away for nothing.

Soon, the boss counted 1,300 sheets and packed them for Jing Lin. Then he took out a box like a treasure and opened it close to Jing Lin. He said, "This one is made of peach wood. The nib is made of pure wolf hair. It is absolutely called a hand with its scribble. It's not too expensive at a discount, only two hundred, one?"

Jing Lin motioned with his hand and refused, not to mention peach wood. The brush left behind by his grandfather in his family, however, was made of jade with the same tip as a pure wolf hair. The quality was much better than that recommended by the boss. As for the cinnabar liquid, Jing Lin was pestering the boss to give him a bottle.

After buying it, Jing Lin and others rode home through the sunset and dusk.

At home, there was a big surprise waiting for the scene, because Lele woke up.

"Uncle!" At the sight of Jing Lin, Lele, who was sitting at the door helping Zhou Yu to choose vegetables, immediately jumped down from his chair and ran towards him with small short legs.

"Lele!" Jing Lin was excited. He stopped the car and jumped directly. He held Lele in his arms. He felt here and there and saw that his nephew who had slept for several days really woke up. It was not his imagination.

Zhou Yu smiled and stood up. "You didn't leave long before you woke up. When you woke up, you cried out for hunger. I cooked porridge. Even after eating two large bowls, I said I wanted to eat it. I didn't dare to give it for fear that he would break down."

Jing Lin caressed Lele, who was clinging to his neck and his face against his face, and was still in the joy of Lele waking up, saying, "Yes, Aunt Zhou, thank you." Said several times in a row.

Zhao Chenghuai saw that he didn't know anything about happiness. He smiled a few times, pushed people aside a little, and helped Jing Lin put his car under his eaves.

It's not dark here until 8 o'clock in July. Although it's dinnertime at the moment, the sky is still bright. Lele woke up and everyone was happy. Zhou Yu went to the fish pond to catch two fish and came back early. he packed them up and waited for them to come back.

Zhao Chenghuai is the best fish cook in Zhao's family. He doesn't have the old idea that men don't cook. Zhou Yu cooks a lot in the family, but he cooks all the dishes in the family on any festival.

In the evening, he cooked a braised fish and boiled fish fillet, cooked fish head soup with bean curd that was not eaten at noon, and added a few cold dishes of daily life, and a table of people had a hearty meal. However, Lele's appetite is much bigger than he used to be. He ate more than a large bowl of rice and a bowl of soup. He basically finished eating the white sugar tomatoes on the table by himself, and he wanted to eat them again, as if to make up for all the portions he hadn't eaten in the past few days. Before Jing Lin recovered from the joy he had just woken up, he was frightened by his appetite and touched his stomach to make sure he didn't eat. He was relieved, but he was not allowed to eat any more.

At home after dinner, Jing Lin lit a homemade kerosene lamp and asked Lele as he tidied up: "Can you hear my uncle calling you when you are asleep?"

Lele sat on the sofa and watched Jing Lin's talk story book he had read when he was a child, fearing that he would be bored. Hearing this, Lele nodded hastily: "All you can hear is that Lele is so sleepy, why can't you open your eyes?"

"Does your body hurt?"

"If it doesn't hurt, you'll be sleepy."

This is certainly related to reiki, Jing Lin thought.

Lele woke up, Jing Lin was too excited. A few days ago, he should take a bath and sleep after finishing his food, but tonight he took out some newly bought scribbles and sat on the sofa to prepare scribbles.

What Jing Lin drew was a basic array, a magic array and a symbol paper. The painting is the simplest and the array is the simplest. Gathering spirits is to gather the aura around the array into the array. This is the simplest array. A gathering array needs seven pieces of paper, six dots and one eye. Reiki-like talisman paper can keep reiki gathering for five days, reiki-like talisman paper can keep ten days, and as for reiki-like talisman paper, the time is much longer, can keep for more than a month.

However, for the time being, the aura quality of Jing Lin's scribble paper can only be regarded as average. Whether it is symbol paper or ink, it can only be regarded as average as a medium. Therefore, in order to improve the aura quality, the two qualities must be improved. However, at present, Jing Lin does not have that condition.

In the afternoon, I drew one picture in the paper bar store, so now Jing Lin only needs to draw six. Six, he is all a smooth ending, time is less than ten minutes.

Jing Lin wanted to place the gathering array in the vegetable plot in the backyard, but now it is getting late, so he will make plans in the morning. After burning a pot of water in the big pot of the firewood stove and washing Lele and himself out of sweat, he took Lele to sleep.

At dawn the next day, Jing Lin's breakfast was ready. Lele was still asleep, and he nervously called out the sleepy Lele. Lest Lele woke up yesterday and went to sleep again today. Lele also didn't cry, uncle cried, rubbed his eyes obediently up wash gargle.

After the meal, Lele moved a small stool to sit under the eaves of the backyard and watched his uncle jump around, covering his mouth and smiling.

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