Although I haven't read any books on array for many years, Jing Lin quickly remembered the pace of the array with his super-high understanding and the attributes of learning hegemony attached to his childhood. Jing Lin felt that perhaps he was a very talented person in this field, as Grandpa Zhang said. A Zhang Ling Fu finished painting without any sense of stagnation, and there was no sense of obstruction between the steps of the array. It was very easy to complete an array.

He measured the area of the vegetable patch in the backyard, including several fruit trees, and then calculated the location of the six array points, buried the symbol paper, and finally buried the last symbol paper in the location of the array eyes. In an instant, the back yard, which was originally ordinary, came alive in an instant.

It is strange that you can clearly feel it when you cannot see it with the naked eye. Jing Lin stood and "looked" at the reiki outside the array, all of which were attracted to flow in the backyard. The reiki brushed his skirts and passed over his brow, flowing slowly in the direction of the six array points, passing through the array eyes and finally falling silent.

Looking back, Jing Lin saw Lele looking up at the sky and asked Lele, "Lele, can you see anything?"

Lele muddled shook his head.

Jing Lin stopped asking and washed away the mud on his hand when burying the paper. Take the remaining cash with you and take Lele to Zhao Zhiwen's house by bike. Lele wanted to follow him when he left, but it was not convenient to take him with him. Jing Lin coaxed him to follow Zhou Yu. Lele was not willing to, but it was not the kind of unreasonable Xiong Haizi, just pouting and watching Jing Lin leave very sad.

Today they are going to a private clothing workshop in Yuming village next door to see if they can buy the clothes they need. This workshop is too small. There are only about a dozen workers in it. Most of them are acquaintances nearby. Zhou Yu stepped on the sewing motor in the workshop a few years ago, but later he resigned directly after the operation because of a sudden appendicitis attack at work and because this small workshop often worked overtime due to rush orders, with a heavy workload.

In view of their houses here, the space on the first floor is usually relatively large, and many houses have nothing on the first floor except a few load-bearing columns. The workshop of this small factory is located on the first floor of the owner's small building. It is also such a building. When Jing Lin arrived at the factory, the rolling shutters of the boss's three facades were all open, and the boss's family were lifting the sewing machines that had been arranged in the same corner. There are green plastic quantico on the surrounding open space. Almost all the unfinished semi-finished products are placed in each frame, and a pile of ready-made clothes already packed are placed in the other corner.

In the past two years, the factory has been making casual shirts for parents and children, cotton padded winter clothes, etc. Zhou Yu once took a set of clothes they made back to Jing Lin's sister's family. Jing Lin saw them and the quality was only average, so the price was not expensive. Like their shirts, it costs less than 5 yuan to get a shirt directly from the factory, and winter clothing costs about 30 to 40 yuan. What's more, it is certainly cheaper to grind the price again now.

Jing Lin's arrival was just such a coincidence. The small workshop had just finished the order for a batch of parent-child shirts. The power went out before the goods were delivered. The goods were in their hands. And now in July, they have already started to order winter clothing. The two orders happen to be the same one, which has been a cooperative relationship for many years.

Before, the boss's goods were not sold to the surrounding areas. At most, the rest of the orders were sold to the employees in the workshop or to relatives and friends at the cost price. However, the boss estimated that the workshop would not be able to open in the future. he also saw Zhao Chenghuai as an acquaintance. when he asked if he would sell clothes, he nodded and said, "sell."

There are common sizes of finished clothes in the workshop. Considering that Lele is only five years old and the children's clothes are shorter every year, they choose clothes of different colors and sizes. In summer, the two people took a total of 20 sets, more than two sets of Lele, and in winter, they took one larger size, took ten sets, and Lele took two more sets. Zhao Zhiwen's family has no children at present, so they don't want children's clothes. They only take adult clothes from parent-child suits. In summer, one person took 15 pieces. In winter, the size is too large, and one person took eight pieces.

After buying clothes, I went back to empty my car and went to the county seat.

The county seat is more depressed today than it was yesterday. At least there were cleaning workers on the road yesterday, but none today. Several uniformed policemen were patrolling around with batons in their hands.

Fewer people set up shop. After yesterday's toothpaste shop, the shop was closed. Jing Lin rode for a long time before he found a handmade wool shop with a seam under the shutter door.

Last night, Zhou Yu heard them say that she was going to buy clothes today. She told them to buy more wool. She could knit sweaters, wool scarves, gloves, socks and hats. Therefore, Jing Lin felt that wool was indeed a good thing. He directly negotiated the price with his boss. He bought more than 20 catties with a much cheaper price than usual. He also got two sets of tools such as crochet needles and basic knitting books free of charge. The boss of sweater needles was even more generous. Each of several models gave several pairs.

Zhao Zhiwen's family bought more than he did. After all, all three members of his family are adults, and the amount of a sweater is more than one kilogram.

In the end, Jing Lin touched the last 200 yuan and wanted to buy underwear. As a result, after searching for a long time, I couldn't find the underwear store with the door open. I had to go to the supermarket with the door open, and bought myself and Lele dozens of underpants. I had no money left in my pocket.

On the way back, Zhao Zhiwen curled his eyes and saw several bags of underpants placed in the car bucket. He couldn't help laughing out loud. He smiled at Jing Lin and his father's puzzled eyes and said: "What do you think we are? If we call when we return, the car will be able to drive. Aren't we wasting so many things?"

Jing Lin said, "just be calm."

Even if nothing really happens, you will not be able to sit still when you watch others move things home all day. If something happens in the future, what you buy now may only be a drop in the bucket, but it can last for a while at least. You don't have to fall into the vacant position of lacking all kinds of things at the beginning.

Jing Lin has no money on him, and his possessions are over. However, Zhao Zhiwen's family still has at least 20,000 yuan. according to the scene Lin's idea is that he will go out to help them continue to pull things back, but Zhao Zhiwen didn't agree. Before the two families bought so many fruits, they should be broken if they don't deal with them. Let him stay at home with Lele and make jam with Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu has always had the habit of making jam storage. Jing Lin is responsible for the cleaning and cutting of apples, while she is responsible for boiling over fire. Because Jing Lin's village had no natural gas supply, and grandpa only used gas canisters during the Chinese New Year, the elderly people in the village generally economized and rejected the unpalatable food cooked by the gas stove. Moreover, the fields produced more fuel in spring and summer, and few people used gas canisters at ordinary times. So until today, Jing Lin discovered that Zhou Yujia still had gas canisters in his kitchen, wondering if they could be used.

He asked Zhou Yu, "Is the gas still available?"

Zhou Yu glanced at it and frowned. "It can't be used. I really didn't think about it. I thought I was out of breath if I couldn't get a fire."

Jing went to lift the weight of the gas tank and shook his head. "There is still gas, but it is broken," he said.

Zhou Yu had already washed the cauldron of the firewood stove and filled it with water. He was just covering the lid when he heard a "tut," saying, "What's the matter with this? I haven't seen anyone from the brigade say anything about it." She said the brigade refers to the tea mountain village committee.

It is estimated that it will be soon, Jing Lin thought. However, by the way, it has also accelerated the pace at which the villagers panic and hoard grain.

When Zhao Zhiwen and his father came back at noon, the jam had just been boiled by less than half and there was not much sugar left. Zhou Yu asked Zhao Zhiwen to buy as much as possible.

When he got up the next morning, his arms and hands were limp and he could not hold the knife. When all the jam was finally boiled and sealed in the afternoon, Jing Lin felt that he did not have his own hand.

That night, because of the hand afflictive reason, sleep in a daze scene suddenly felt the bed shaking violently, ear ring rumbling sound, and . . . Lele crying!.


Jing Lin woke up with a start. He smeared Lele crying around him. He had no time to wear his shoes. He ran out of the house in three or two steps, opened the gate of the wall and ran out. He stood quaking on the cement road in the village, looking at the houses and the mountains shaking from side to side under the moonlight, like fierce monsters with his heart taut.

At the moment, everyone in the village woke up with a start. The panic and anxious cry resounded through the whole village. Jing Lin walked quickly to Zhao Zhiwen's house with Lele, who was already crying and belching.

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