Zhao Zhiwen is also running this way. Although he knew the word earthquake, he lived to be in his twenties, and it was the first time that he met this kind of situation. He was still confused when he was shaken up, or did his mother drag him down from the bed in pajamas and knock his head on the floor before he completely regained consciousness.

The family ran out of the house and Zhou Yu collapsed and sat on the ground in panic. Remember to ask Zhao Zhiwen to go and see how the two Jing Lin were doing.

Zhao Zhiwen has good eyesight. He saw Jing Lin holding Lele walking this way by moonlight at a distance. When he came near, he saw Lele belching and crying. He quickly asked, "How, how? Nothing?" Because his heart is still in his throat at the moment and he is still stuttering and panting.

"It's okay. I'm scared." Jing Lin lovingly touched the back of Lele's head.

Lele experienced the earthquake before he was received by Jing Lin. During that time, Jing Lin slept with him and did not dare to turn over with big movements. A little heavier movements could wake people up and make them cry. He always thought that the house was shaking with implantation.

Perhaps I think of my parents who were taken away by the earthquake zone. Lele has been sobbing quietly on Jing Lin's shoulder. Jing Lin's coaxing doesn't work. The Zhao Chenghuai couple also gave out.

People in the village who were awakened by the earthquake all gathered in twos and threes. Jing Lin saw the Yan Lu family coming from there.

Yan Fei was stripped to the waist, wearing a pair of big underpants and had time to wear flip-flops when he ran out. He has been busy collecting food and shopping everywhere these days, except for taking a photo with Jing Lin on his first day of shopping. He hasn't met Jing Lin in recent days. When he came here, the first thing he saw in the moonlight was not Jing Lin's face, but his feet, which were also very white in the moonlight.

How else to say delicious, Yan Fei quickly walked to the scene in the side clearly heard the sound of his swallowing. In this way, his commendatory meaning is love at first sight, while his derogatory meaning is love at first sight.

Yan Fei went to Jing Lin and followed Yan Fei's family.

"Are you all right?" Yan Fei asked Jing Lin and looked at Lele lying in Jing Lin's arms by the way.

Although I haven't seen Jing Lin again these days, he has already made clear the situation of Jing Lin, knowing that the other party is now happy with a relative and has a relatively close family.

Jing Lin's mind was on Lele, and he didn't have much idea of Yan Fei. When he heard Yan Fei ask him, he just nodded hello and shook his head to answer.

Yan Fei also doesn't mind, after all, they are really not familiar now.

"Hello, my name is Yan Lu and I am his sister." Yan Ruifeng and his wife Zhou Feifei walked to the place where there were many people. Yan Lu followed her brother and introduced himself to Jing Lin, who smiled happily.

Before Jing Lin could speak, he saw Zhao Zhiwen, Yan Lu's eyes brightened, hurriedly saying, "Hello, my name is Zhao Zhiwen, he is my buddy, his name is Jing Lin, and his nephew, his name is Lele."

Yan Lu nodded, said he knew, and then put his eyes on Jing Lin not anywhere.

Yan Lu helped Jing Lin coax Lele. After Lele stopped crying, she was looking at Jing Lin all the time. She didn't notice that Zhao Zhiwen was looking at her. Yan Fei was aware of it, frowned, then pulled Zhao Zhiwen to chat and asked the interpersonal situation in the village to draw his attention away from his sister, and occasionally turned to look at Jing Lin and talk with Jing Lin.

The village was noisy, and the earthquake completely wiped out the last bit of luck from everyone's heart. Liu Yinghua's house is next door to Zhao Chenghuai's. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are sitting on the ground crying with a child in their arms at the moment. Their crying child is crying too. The pillars of their family are all outside. Now they have no telephone, no contact and no information. It takes them more than 30 hours to travel by train. It is unrealistic to go out and look for them.

There are those who also have family members outside. They cried and were flustered. They wiped their tears and scolded them for crying.

Others are worried about the family members. The villagers have their family members' houses, which are old tile-roofed houses that have lived for more than 30 years. They are not too far away. They must also be affected by the earthquake. They don't know whether they have collapsed or not. The situation in their village is good. In the past two years, almost every family has built new houses and there is no problem of houses collapsing.

Zhao Chenghuai originally had a brother, but he died for some reason when he was still young, and his parents have died for many years. As for Zhou Yu, there are two younger siblings, but they are half-brothers, and the relationship is not good. Zhou Yu used to be bullied by two people when she was at home. her stepfather was not good to her either. when she insisted on marrying Zhao Chenghuai, a poor boy, the stepfather cut off the quilt with scissors the day before her marriage, so that Zhou Yu never returned to her mother's home after her mother died. she has not contacted her mother's home for many years. So now, like Zhao Chenghuai, she just needs to worry about her little home. In addition to her husband and son, the family also includes Jing Lin and Lele.

Fortunately, they are all together.

Liu Yinghua's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law cried for a long time. When the two finally stopped crying, the captain came with the oil lamp. Except for the violent shaking just now, the people did not feel the aftershock, but they still did not dare to rest assured to go back to sleep. The captain called the villagers together and went to the processing station on the team to deal with the night.

The processing station used to be a place for collective rice exchange in one's own village and nearby villages. When Jing Lin was in junior high school, the tile house of the processing station was turned into a bungalow, but it was stopped. It had been abandoned for many years and only cleaned and repaired regularly every year. During the busy farming season, the open space in front of the processing station would be swept clean by the villagers for drying grain.

But to deal with one night, one cannot lie down on the spot. Many people are bold enough to run into the room and take their sleeping mat with them. It is also good to cushion it. Zhao Zhiwen ran into the room to get the mat, while Zhao Chenghuai took out the two wooden cool chairs that he usually put on the edge of the gate before going to bed, which could be used as a bed even at the bottom. I also took two soft thin blankets to cover my stomach at night so as not to catch cold.

Yan Fei and his father also went back to get things. Zhou Feifei came to find Yan Lu. Originally, when Zhou Feifei saw her daughter staring at a young man with a child in her arms like a anthomaniac, she felt humiliated. However, after Yan Lu whispered to her that this was the little brother his son looked at, she also looked at Jing Lin curiously. Even though Jing Lin was a Woodenhead, she was not at ease with these two special eyes.

Jing Lin had to ask Zhou Feifei: "Excuse me, what's the matter?"

Zhou Feifei also returned to absolute being, embarrassed motioning with his hand: "Nothing."

After a while, they chatted and asked Jing Lin as if he had made a girlfriend.

Jing Lin shook his head: "No."

Zhou Feifei was delighted. "Are there any girls you like?"

Jing Lin felt wrong and stared at Yan Lu, who was close to him with almost flashing eyes. he said earnestly, "I want to raise my nephew and I am not going to find a girlfriend for the time being." Jing Lin thought that Zhou Feifei, like those who like matchmaking when they see single young people, wanted to sell herself some relatives, some nieces and even some daughters of her family. He hurriedly explained that he still had a nephew to raise, which was a heavy burden and made the other party give up quickly. Moreover, in the future world, eating may become a problem. Who has the mind to think about these things?

In fact, there are many people who think about these things, such as Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen who has been secretly watching Yan Lu.

And Zhou Feifei listened to the scene in the words, that is seconds to understand. However, she thought to herself, you can find a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend. What do you think of my son? You two will raise him together in the future. Anyway, you two can't be sons.

The in the mind want to say too much, still quietly on the surface, Zhou Feifei smile Mimi on the face, even if can't see Lele's face, the eyes are no different from looking at his half grandson, fortunately, there is the cover of night, didn't scare others.

Next to Zhao Zhiwen mood is not very beautiful. In fact, he has seen quite a few girls over the past few years, but it is very difficult to meet those who have good feelings. Regardless of the fact that the other party is not pleasing to the eye, he has rejected blind dates. Therefore, he has a bad impression of being angry with the other party before meeting them, which is generally difficult to complement each other. However, although he did not love Yan Lu at first sight, as Yan Fei did with Jing Lin, he was also very fond of Yan Lu.

Now listen to Zhou Feifei so ask scene in, and see Yan Lu has been very interested in staring at the scene in, the in the mind is a little depressed. Well, it's not easy to see a daughter. As a result, both the girl and the girl's mother see him as a good brother.

However, he is a kind of person who knows Jing Lin is hard to understand emotionally. In the past, many girls liked him in junior high school and high school. Some of them were good-looking with good grades and good family background. He didn't even look at any of them. The university, the person grows more handsome, still did not talk about girlfriend.

At the thought of this, Zhao Zhiwen heard Jing Lin mention Lele again. He rubbed his hands in the dark thinking that Jing Lin must understand each other's meaning. Mentioning Lele is a euphemism for refusing. It seems that he has no idea about Yan Lu at present. He has to work harder.

Zhou Yu followed them all the way to listen to them, and also saw his son's little affectations all the way. Seeing Zhou Feifei's failed conversation with Jing Lin, he hurriedly went to the battle himself. Jing Lin didn't take a fancy to your daughter. I think so, my son thinks so, so he shoved the fan mosquito-repellent incense matchbox in his hand into Zhao Chenghuai's arms and took Zhou Feifei to talk about family life.

I have to say that the hearts of the two families are quite big. They have just experienced an earthquake and are speculating about the future situation. Everyone else is worried and they still chat and talk with each other.

The processing station is at the eastern end of the village. When Jing Lin arrived, the fast-moving family had already picked a good place to spread a mat and sat on it. Zhou Feifei and Zhou Yu share the same surname, Zhou, and have similar temperament. They are very congenial when talking. The two families are ready to put the mat and chair together. Yan family father and son came, directly put the mat to Zhao Zhiwen specially free space on a shop.

The ground is flat and concrete, and there is no problem of hurting people. Put mosquito repellent toilet water on your body and light a plate of mosquito repellent incense. You don't worry about mosquito bites at all. Besides, the temperature outside is lower than that in the room, and it is more comfortable to sleep.

Everyone woke up in the middle of the night. After that time, the feeling of exhaustion also came up. After a while, the voice of chatting decreased and the sound of sound sleep continued.

Jing Lin and Lele slept on a mat, just beside Yan Fei and his son. Lele sleeps on Jing Lin's left hand, and Lele's left hand is Yan Fei. While Lele was already asleep, Jing Lin tore the paper towel holding in his hand to wipe away the tears of Lele into two small groups and rubbed it to plug Lele's ears. He was afraid of insects crawling in. When he looked up after it was finished, he saw Yan Lu beside Lele staring at him.

Jing Lin was startled, stunned and whispered, "Did I wake you?"

Yan Fei shook his head: "No, I can't sleep by myself."

Jing Lin couldn't sleep either, but because of the earthquake, thinking of his sister and brother-in-law, he was not in a good mood at the moment. he didn't have the idea to talk to anyone, so he changed from lying on his side to lying on his back, pulled off the blanket over Lele, glanced at the night sky without a star, and said, "can't sleep, it's getting late."

His tone was bland, but Yan Fei recognized from it that his mood was not very good, so he stopped opening his mouth and looked at the scene with his eyes open for a while before closing his eyes and brewing drowsiness. When he opened his eyes again, the day changed.

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