When Yan Fei was awakened by Jing Lin, the moment he opened his eyes, his eyes turned white. Looking closely, he found that they were all surrounded by white mist. Like the thick winter fog, it just has no coolness or moisture. The vision was completely affected by the white fog. The nearest distance was only to see a few people around, and the visibility was not more than 3 meters.

Aware of the unusual situation, Yan Fei did not have time to ask anything. He hurriedly pushed Yan Ruifeng who slept with him on the same mat. Yan Ruifeng was still sleepy and was awakened by his son. He saw a white patch around him. He was still not sure about the situation. "Is it foggy?"

Yes, it's foggy. However, they are not living in remote mountains and there is no rain here. The temperature felt by their skin is still not low. Why is it foggy for no reason? Visibility is still so low.

Jing Lin also woke up the Zhao Zhiwen family at the moment. Lele rubbed his eyes in his arms. There are more and more villagers who wake up around them. They make a series of surprises. Obviously, it is quite strange to see such a big white fog in July in their place.

Jing Lin stood up with Lele in his arms. Yan Fei grabbed him as soon as he took a step. Jing Lin looked back at him. Yan Fei loosened his hand and said, "don't walk around in this fog."

"No." Jing Lin thought for a moment and said to him, "You too."

Although the white fog obscured the distant view, it did not prevent the public from knowing that it was already bright. The villagers gathered up their belongings and talked about the strange white fog. Everyone attributed it to the abnormal weather after the earthquake, but their hearts were also slightly disturbed.

On the road, everyone also walked in groups. If it had been a foggy day, one would not have felt anything, but now everyone is afraid that something would suddenly come out of the fog.

When they were separated, Yan Fei also came to speak to Jing Lin specially. although Jing Lin thought Yan Fei's attitude towards him was a little strange, he did not think much of it. he responded well and told the other party to pay attention to safety.

Zhou Yu did not trust Jing Lin and Lele to go back and let them live at home for the time being. However, Jing Lin declined. After an earthquake last night, I still don't know how the family is doing. I want to go back and have a look. The two families are so close that I can hear them shouting. Zhou Yu saw this and had to send them to the door to go back to their home.

When I got home, the inside of the wall was white mist, but because the doors and windows were locked, the room was bright and chaotic. The sofa, tea table and other furniture were all moved. Several glass cups placed on the tea table fell to the ground and broke. Half of the TV set was suspended outside the TV cabinet. The decorative bottles on the cabinet also fell to the ground and broke. Several bedrooms were fine except that the bed and wardrobe were moved and the full-length mirror in Jing Lin's room was broken.

Jing Lin looked at the mess and thought it was better to have breakfast before packing. Turned around and walked to the kitchen in the back yard. As soon as I entered the scene, I felt something was wrong. I carefully looked around, only to find that it was the vegetable plot. The white fog was mixed with a thick green color.

Scene in the motioning with his hand behind Lele don't follow, slowly walked to the other side, such as walked into the see, scene in not breath a mouthful of air conditioning. It was only three days before the day he laid out his army, and yesterday there was nothing in this empty vegetable plot except some small weeds. But in a short night, the vegetable field was covered with weeds half his height. Some vines climbed up along the walnut trees nearby, and the height had already crossed the wall.

To say it's because of the reiki in the array, Jing Lin thought there must be some, but changes can't be so big overnight, besides these white fog, Jing Lin can't think of any other reason.

Jing Lin took two steps back and forth outside the array, then stepped into the array with one foot. Once inside, Jing Lin felt that he would be blown away by the reiki flying rapidly inside. The weeds that seemed to move with the wind outside the array were also blown crazy. Jing Lin grasped several weeds around him with great load to stabilize his body.

The feeling of Jing Lin at this time is as if he were standing in a fast-flowing river. He can even feel the ferocity of reiki's impact from his side. Even his body has obvious pain. He didn't dare to stay in it much and rushed out of the array. Wanted to think, Jing Lin dug up the talisman buried in the eyes of the array and put it away. He was also planning to grow vegetables in it. He did not dare to go in again without releasing the aura inside. His body could not bear the impact of the aura for a long time. However, Jing Lin looked at the striking green color and thought that by this method, I don't know whether growing vegetables can be harvested soon.

The eyes of the array were removed, and the originally gathered nimbus quickly scattered around and melted into the white fog. The small backyard was ordinary again, which was even more chaotic because of the dense weeds.

Jing Lin turned around and went into the kitchen, tidied up the kitchen hastily, then heated Lele's milk, steamed a bowl of egg custard and cooked a bowl of noodles for himself.

After a good meal, Jing Lin tidied up several rooms, returned the furniture to its original position, swept up the debris, and finished the floor. By this time, the fog outside was almost gone.

It looks like a false alarm.

After tidying up the house, Jing Lin took Lele to Zhao Zhiwen's house. When he arrived at his house, Jing Lin saw a TV set with a broken screen under the eaves, belonging to Zhao Zhiwen's bedroom.

The three members of the family are having breakfast.

Today, Zhao and his son went out for shopping on the last day, while Jing Linze and Zhou Yu went to the vegetable garden to pick vegetables. Their family has a lot of cowpeas. Today, they will pick mature cowpeas and make them dry.

In the village, where people grow more vegetables, the vegetable plots are generally concentrated in one place, which is slightly higher in the village near the mountain. When Jing Lin followed Zhou Yu to the vegetable plot with his basket on his back, he saw Yan Fei's family talking to an aunt in the village.

Yan Fei's family Jing Lin is basically known, and the aunt's name is Liao Yufen, who is also a member of the village Jing Lin certainly knows and is still deeply impressed. Because she was the family that said when she was a child that Jing Linke was the one that Jing Lins grandfather and sister came to quarrel with. Since the quarrel, the two families have never spoken again. Grandpa Jing Lin used to send a live fish to every family in the village during the Spring Festival. As far as her family was concerned, the two families were torn. Every time Jing Lin meets any member of her family on the road, he will be looked down upon for no reason. The other family's two children are not less than a few years younger than him, and they are very hostile to him, and their attitude is very bad when they see him. In Zhao Zhiwen's words, the whole family is very strange.

At this time Yan Fei's family were smiling. However, Liao Yufen was not very happy. Her unhappy face was not hidden. She looked at the people in front of her and said in a bad tone: "It's been planted for so many years . . . you city dwellers can't plant the fields if you take them back. You see, your family is fine-skinned and tender. You can't bear the work in that field, or else you can rent children for you every year as before."

Since Yan Ruifeng received his old father from the city, his family's fields have been planted by Liao Yufen's family. Liao Yufen's rent means to give 2,000 kg of grain per mu each year, mainly to prevent the fields from panicking. Liao Yufen used to convert 2,000 kg of grain into money and hit Yan Ruifeng's old father's card. Also luckily Liao Yufen is not bashful to raise the rent now. Since Yan Ruifeng's father went, Liao Yufen seems to have forgotten. For so many years, he hasn't made any money to the card. The Yan family did not notice it before, but when they decided to return to the village, they packed up their belongings and saw the card. Yan Ruifeng checked and found out that the last time the card was paid was before his father died.

Liao Yufen didn't like it. The Yan family looked at each other kindly, but their attitude was very firm. The fields in their village are divided every five years, but no matter how they are divided, the fields have always been planted for Liao Yufen's family. You said that if you don't keep your promise for several years and don't give up the rent, now that the Lord is back, he still wants to take over the land. There is no such reason. You know her family is such a person, even if his family really can't plant it, but who does not plant it, why do you have to give it to you?

When several people approached Jing Lin, Liao Yufen was still wrangling with Yan's family and had a great desire to make a scene. However, it was useless for her to make a fuss. The incident was finally brought to the captain's attention. It should still be paid back.

Yan Lu saw Jing Lin and smiled sweetly at Jing Lin: "Hi!"Then he hit his elder brother with his elbow, bumping his brother's steps.

Yan Fei felt deeply sorry for his powerful young girl and said hello to Jing Lin with a slight embarrassment: "Go to the fields?"Don't say, people grow well is good, even if carrying a soil basket does not affect my handsome, Yan Fei felt quiet scene looks more grounded, looking more comfortable.

Jing Lin answered, "Go and pick vegetables."

They are standing on the ridge, the ridge is not wide, generally enough for one person, two people will be sideways to avoid. As Jing Lin passed by, Yan Fei leaned over and stood facing Jing Lin. However, Jing Lin also moved forward slowly facing Yan Lu on his side, so the distance between them was very close when they passed by.

Jing Lin is shorter than Yan Fei. When Jing Lin and Yan Fei pass by, Yan Fei can touch Jing Lin's hair with a slight lower head and chin. He wanted to get closer, but that was too stupid, but he did know Jing Lin's mint shampoo.

Jing Lin has gone a long way. Yan Fei is still staring at people's back. Yan Lu quipped: "Return to God."

Only then did Yan Fei look back at Yan Lu and say with special seriousness: "don't hit me in the future. you also know that you have great strength. if it weren't for my stability, you would have knocked me into the field and sat down. how humiliating your brother would be in front of others."

Yan Lu has been extremely strong since she was a child. A shy girl from another family does not have much strength at all. A shy girl from his family can push a person to a big party. Chopping watermelons with your bare hands or something like that is nothing to put in his sister's hands.

Yan Lu smiled with a small voice: "This is not to see the future sister-in-law too excited." Then suddenly Jing Lin was a man. Her sister-in-law said that she was not of the right S*x. She asked her brother, "What do you want me to call him when you catch him?"

Yan Fei looked forward to the scene when he got along with Jing Lin, and his heart brightened."Second Brother."

Yan Fei's facial expressions are usually very calm, but as Yan Fei's younger sister, knowing that her brother's heart must be rippling up.

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