Since it was agreed to change chickens and eat rice, Jing Lin moved a bag of millet from home and put it on the bus. It looked like about 50 kilograms. They have more than a dollar a kilo of millet here.

Zhao cannot father son are injured, Jing Lin and Zhou Yu don't let them follow, Zhao Chenghuai two people don't trust them to go alone again, then went to the village people asked one by one, see if there are any want to change the chicks, finally asked a circle, the captain two brothers and Zhao doctor said to go, there are several other people.

Yan Fei's family was among them. He and his father went there. After their family received the news in advance, Yan Ruifeng sold all of his family's property, sold the house, and had a lot of money. Recently, their family has received a lot of food, and there is still money left. Buying dozens of chickens is not a problem at all. But in order not to make their home look special, their family, like others, also pulled a bag of grain directly. Yan Fei bought two tricycles on the second day of his return. Although the horse can pull things faster than riding a bicycle, it is too hot for people and horses. The price of this horse is not cheap. It is definitely not cost-effective to heat it up.

At last everyone agreed to gather under a big tree at the entrance of the village.

After finding the people to go with, Zhao cannot father and son were relieved and stayed at home with Lele. Zhao Chenghuai said that he had been busy purchasing these days, and the fields and fish ponds were neglected. he had time in the afternoon to go and have a look.

Fix the grain, take the sunshade and shade the chickens when you come back later. Jing Lin and Zhou Yu will go to the place where the village meets.

When Jing Lin went, Yan Fei's father and son also arrived. At the sight of Jing Lin, Yan Fei was happy in his heart. His face was always expressionless, but if he looked closely, he would find his eyes looking at Jing Lin very soft. Among the group of people who went, he and Jing Lin were the only two young people. of course, he stood with Jing Lin and took advantage of the waiting time to find a topic to chat with Jing Lin.

Yan Ruifeng took a cattail leaf fan in his hand and fanned himself in the car bucket. His small eyes glanced over there from time to time, paying special attention to his son's provocative situation.

After a short wait, the captain's family also came.

The captain's name is Ma Renshan. Although he has a position as captain, he usually spends a lot of time in the fields besides conveying various notices from the brigade. His wife's name is Wu Yuqiong, and the two have an only son, Ma Chunzheng. They have married and had children. Their daily job is to drive the tractor in the house to pull bricks and sand and other building materials for house repair.

Ma Renshan also has a eldest brother named Ma Rencong. The two sons in the family, the eldest son Ma Chunkang, married his wife and gave birth to two sons. The younger son Ma Chunzhengjian is still talking about his girlfriend. Now both sons are still working outside and have not come back, which has kept the couple awake for several nights.

When the two families came together, Ma Rencong looked sad, while his wife Chen Xuefang sighed and said all along that she regretted letting her two sons go to work so far away. Her two sons were brilliant and worked as small contractors outside. Although they did not earn much, the two-story building with a floor area of 500 square meters in the home had been repaired long ago. The eldest son bought a car long ago. The former two sons also said that they could buy a house by saving another year's money. It's not to mention the scenery when they come back every New Year's day. It gives her more capital to show off when chatting in the village.

Chen Xuefang regretted not having done so. Early on, she knew there would be a day when she said nothing and would not agree to let her two sons run so far. Now she just wants to cry at the thought of her two sons, daughters-in-law and two big grandchildren on the other side of the map.

Parents who travel thousands of miles are worried, not to mention the fact that it is now in chaos and it is completely impossible to contact relatives who have separated the two places. Zhou Yu and others have comforted each other from time to time.

After waiting for a while, the others came one after another. If there were no tricycles, the wheelbarrow would be pushed. Although it was more tiring than the others, it was not much slower to walk together. Just wait.

When the crowd was gathered, Ma Renshan shouted, and everyone set off.

On the road from the village to the county seat in the future, when passing by during the day, no matter what time, some villagers are several people here and several people there sitting in front of the door chatting, the small teahouse opened by the roadside is buzzing, but now the teahouses are closed, the villagers sitting at the door chatting haven't seen one for a long time.

The surrounding villages of Jing Lin have similar terrain. The cement road runs through the whole village and the roadside is full of houses. When they arrived at Yuming village, they saw half of the brick house on one side of the road and all the broken bricks on the ground. A look at it showed that the earthquake had collapsed, and they didn't know if it had hit anyone.

If you know someone, you may go up and ask, but people in Yuming village are not familiar with them.

Both chicken farms are small, with simple red brick skin and a small venue. They are built in a small slope. A dirty golden hair was tied in front of a chicken farm, and its drooping nest was under a simple shed to spit out its tongue. When he saw the people, he immediately stood up and shouted at them, but it was not fierce.

There is a small piece of bamboo forest next to Tuwa. They parked their cars at the edge of the bamboo forest to hide for a while. Ma Renshan got out of the car, raised his voice and shouted at the chicken farm, "Is the host family there?"

After a long time, the chicken farm with golden hair tied on it came out of the venue with a middle-aged man naked and sweating. He was pushing a wheelbarrow full of dead chicks.

The owner was in a bad mood, and when he saw someone he didn't know, he asked in a muffled voice, "who are you? What do you do?"

Ma Renshan was not angered by his attitude and went straight to the point: "Well, we, the few of us, are from Chashanling next door. I know you have chicks here. I want to exchange some food with you."

At that time, people in the countryside were used to putting their money in the bank. let alone Zhao Zhiwen's family had no money now. the rest of the village had already had empty pockets. the only things in the family were the newly-harvested wheat this year and Chen gu in the village last year. therefore, everyone brought food for chickens.

After hearing this, the owner did not make any noise for more than half a minute, then put down the cart. he was not in a bad mood, but he was not bad. he knocked on the truck body and warned: "all my chickens are dead from heat, and the situations that are still alive are not so good. it is ok to change them, but I don't care whether they are dead or alive."

Ma Renshan laughed, "It's natural. The silver has been delivered. It must have nothing to do with you if we go back and have problems."

The owner looks much better. He had encountered this kind of situation before. The chicks he took away from him took good care when they left. The buyer told him there was something wrong with the chickens he sold within two days after returning, which annoyed him many times.

Seeing that the other party was also reasonable, the owner pushed the cart aside and led several people into the chicken farm.

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