The chicken coop tasted bad and Jing Lin and others covered their noses after entering. The roof of the chicken farm is not very high, so a tall person like Jing Lin and Yan Fei feels a little depressed when entering the space.

In fact, small-scale chicken farms such as farm owners usually cooperate with chicken collection companies. The two sides sign contracts, and the companies provide chicken seedlings and vaccine feed. The site handles the problem itself. The company collects the payment after the chickens are released.

The chicks in the chicken coop are all fluffy and not very energetic. The owner of the farm said that his 3,000 chickens are still less than 300, and he has burned hundreds of them every day these days, causing him to start a prairie fire.

After watching the pungent smell for a while, they went out to negotiate the price with the owner and finally set two pieces each.

There was a scale in the chicken farm, and all the people weighed all the food they brought in front of the farm owner, counted it and reported the amount they needed.

Jing Lin exchanged 26 chickens for over 50 kg of millet and 18 for Zhou Yu. Yan Fei's family had no experience in raising chickens, but only 20. The others were about the same number. All of them were hens. They wanted to let the chickens lay fertilized eggs and hatch their chickens themselves. They had to find a cock that had not been castrated.

After handing over the food, Jing Lin put all the chicks he had picked in the car bucket, and spread the sunshade to block part of the sun, so the chicks hid themselves in the shade.

As they were leaving, they were stopped by a middle-aged man and woman when they passed the house where the entrance collapsed.

At first, several people were still a little nervous. Later, when the two mentioned what they had come for, they found a false alarm.

It turned out that the middle-aged man and woman were the same family that collapsed the house. The place where they collapsed was their kitchen and pigsty. The earthquake killed the sow last night, leaving more than a dozen piglets. In recent years, there have been fewer farmers in the countryside, not to mention pig farmers. Everyone does not like to bother to raise that stuff. His piglet was supposed to be sold to a pork pig farm in the county town. However, the owner of that farm refused to accept it because of the power failure and car failure. This year, more than a dozen pigs were smashed in his hands. He is worrying about how to sell these dozen piglets. Unexpectedly, the earthquake not only toppled the pigpen but also killed his sow. Now his family has even raised these dozen piglets.

Jing Lin and others naturally did not hide from others when they came to the village. Seeing that they came to exchange chickens, the couple thought about asking these people if they would like to exchange grain for pigs.

Jing Lin would like to raise pigs, but his family has no place to raise pigs. When his family built the house, he and his sister were both studying. Grandpa managed the fish pond and lotus pond and had no spare energy to raise poultry and livestock, so he didn't build the pigsty when he built the foundation.

Zhou Yu also moved his heart. Now, although we don't say how rich we are, our material life is much better than before. We don't say we eat meat every day. We eat it every other day. She loves to eat it. Yan Fei dreamed of eating meat last night. Although his family bought more jerky meat, it's a pity that there is always no fresh cooked meat delicious. Moreover, his deceased grandfather was an old generation. It can be seen from living in the city and insisting that his father come back to build the house. When he built the house, he built two large pigsty, so he took the lead in asking the price of his master piglet. Chen Xuefang and others also asked about the price. Her family lives on top of some villagers, and she can't live without meat.

The couple now want to sell the piglet as soon as possible. He is willing to pay any price as long as it is not too bad. At present, he tried to quote a price, Zhou Yu took the lead, and others pushed the price down a bit, finally setting a price that both sides were satisfied with, and the deal was half done.

Then the male host family also asked them if they would buy female pork. After the sow was killed last night, he asked his familiar neighbors to help him cook the mother pork in the morning. However, because the mother pork tasted bad and the meat was unsafe, none of them bought the cooked mother pork. After he sent a few catties to the neighbors, the others were all wrapped in plastic bags and hung in the well.

Zhou Yu, of course, they knew that the mother pork was not good, so they refused. Then they went back first and later brought food to exchange for piglets.

When I got home, the door was closed, and Zhao's father and son might have gone to the field with Lele. Zhou Yu took the key he had with him and opened the door. He arranged the chickens with Jing Lin. He packed two bags of millet, weighed them, loaded them into the car, and went to Yuming Village again after the villagers gathered at the entrance of the village.

There are only four families who want to change piglet this time. Zhou Yujia changed two pigs and Yan Fei changed two. The Ma Renshan brothers changed one head and Dr. Zhao's changed another head. The host family said that the piglets had been castrated, and they could be kept at ease. The host family also wanted them to change some pig feed, but everyone didn't think so. Apart from Yan Fei's family, the other three had pig-raising experience. In the past, big pigs did not need to be fed only with pig grass. In this special period, food was not wasted to change feed.

After tossing around all afternoon, it was also cool when the two pigs were brought home.

See Zhao Zhiwen they are not at home, Zhou Yu to carry basket to the field to cut wild amaranth back to feed pigs, let Jing Lin to find the ye sa. Jing Lin answered, drank water and rested for a while, then got up and walked to the fish pond.

Zhao Chenghuai and his three brothers were not in the fish pond, but Jing Lin met them halfway in the lotus pond. Three people are squatting on the ridge of the road, facing a pool of green lotus leaves and lotus flowers growing in the park.

"Lele." Jing Lin let out a cry.

Lele turned his head, wearing a lotus leaf cap full of childlike interest, loosely pressed on his little head with curly hair, looking more lovely. Pointing to his front, he presented a treasure to the scene and said, "Uncle, black flowers."

After walking to Lele's side, Jing Lin saw on the other side of Lele there was a small paper box with a gosling named duck and some chopped cabbage leaves.

When Zhao Zhiwen saw that Jing Lin was coming, he also said to him hastily, "O Lin, look, this lotus has turned black."

"Black?"Jing Lin did not understand. He only knew that lotus flowers were white, pink, crimson or lavender. Black was unheard of. He approached and saw Zhao Zhiwen crouching in front. A lotus flower swayed in the water, its petals from bottom to top, and its color slowly turned black from pink. The black place had about a knuckle length, and its color was very thick. It did not give a buffer time for gradual change, so it looked shocking.

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