Jing Lin's intuition has something to do with reiki. he asked, "is this the only one? Did you find anything else?"

Zhao Zhiwen shook his head: "I don't know, we walked around for a while. As to whether there is any inside, I'm afraid we have to punt in to see."

Zhao Zhiwen's family only has a small boat. The boat is still parked in the fish pond, a little distance from the lotus pond. It's getting late at the moment. If you want to go in and see it, you have to bring it over. It's more troublesome, so you didn't go first. When leaving, Zhao Chenghuai hooked several lotus pods near the edge with wooden hooks for Lele to eat.

Jing Lin led Lele along the road, Lele held duck, and several people returned to Zhao's house together. Zhou Yu also just came back, dragging a few newly cut corn in each hand on both sides. Jing Lin put his chickens in the car, and said to them, and went back. Zhou Yu gave several newly stripped corn cobs when he left.

As soon as he entered the backyard, the duck, which had been nestled in the carton on Lele's chest, suddenly became restless and stretched its neck and fluttered its inconspicuous fluffy wings. He jumped out of the carton. Lele was so frightened that he quickly squatted in place to put down the carton and touched the duck's head in a soothing way. "What do you want to do, duck?"

The duck couldn't jump out of the carton after fluttering for several times. It looked extremely anxious. It turned around several times in the carton, then raised its neck and shouted at Lele. The tender Quack sounded extremely pitiful. Lele held the duck out and just put it on the ground when she saw that the duck was small and not slow. She plunged into the weeds and disappeared.


The duck's abnormality obviously frightened Lele and Jing Lin. He grabbed Lele, who also wanted to drill into the weeds, and told him to take it easy first, then slowly find the weeds by himself. The tender yellow duck can be easily found in the green. When Jing Lin saw it, it was biting the green leaves around it with its mouth open, and it was very urgent to eat.

Jing Lin bent down to hold the duck. Just a little while after the duck was held up, the duck struggled hard. The two goose paws were still moving and it kept screaming. This scene made Jing Lin feel very subtle. He felt that he was not holding a goose in both hands, but a child who was angry.

"Uncle!" Lele stood behind him and asked eagerly, "Where is the duck?"

At last Jing Lin put the duck down and let it devour it. He began to pull out the weeds around him, making room for Lele to stand. He looked at the duck and turned himself into the debris room.

There was no place to raise chickens in the house. Jing Lin found some old wood boards that had been removed from the old house and were ready to be used as firewood. He enclosed a small space in the junk room and put all the chickens in. He remembered the series of abnormal reactions of ducks and ducks just now and thought that he should also prepare something for the chickens.

He went out of the debris room and then looked at the lush grass in the backyard. After a day of sun exposure, these weeds are still bright green, and they are not withered and weak after being exposed to the sun at all. No matter whether the leaves or branches give people a very tender feeling. Jing Lin chopped up the tender part of the newly pulled weeds, then grabbed a handful of rice bubbles to soften them, mixed them with the weeds, loaded them with three chickens that had been exchanged together in a trough, and put them together into the flock of chickens.

At the sight of the trough, the chicken cubs, who had been huddled together and chirping uneasily, immediately swarmed over and ate around the trough. The appearance was not much better than duck.

Jing Lin leaned against the doorframe and watched the weeds scurrying around. Here and there he nibbled at a few and ate a few ducks that seemed to fall into heaven, lost in thought. These weeds are obviously different from those in the field. The vegetable leaves Lele put in the paper box before were not so happy for ducks to eat. The reason is the reason why he arranged the gathering array before.

In the past, there may be reiki in this world, but it is absolutely rare, so whether it is for human beings, animals or plants, the effect of reiki on it is not obvious, then his scribbles have not changed at all. But now the aura in the air has become more and more inexplicable, which itself will bring about an obvious change to the environment. For example, the duck that looks humanized is like a wise demon in the movie. For example, the cluster of weeds that strengthened the concentration of aura and made it grow wild overnight are also used.

Jing Lin looked at the small patch of day in the backyard and silently thought that the world was really going to change, and he didn't know whether it was good or bad.

Before it was dark, Jing Lin cooked the dinner, or it would be inconvenient to light the oil lamp to cook. In the middle of the two big pots of firewood stove is a small pot. Jing Lin cooks porridge in the middle small pot and cooks dishes in one pot. When cooking, he burns the bath water in the other pot by the way. After eating, he can take a bath directly.

Jing Lin cut some hot peppers, stripped the corn Zhou Yu had given him, fried a plate of hot pepper and fragrant jade rice grains, and then opened a bottle of canned mushroom for dinner as a dish.

During the meal, Lele moved an extra stool to her side and then put the paper box containing duck on it. Jing Lin looked at him when he was serving rice. He saw duck lying on its back in the paper box with its belly propped up. It cried from time to time, as if it were painful and comfortable.

Jing Lin reached out and poked at the duck's crop. It was bulging. The silly goose wouldn't support itself to death, would it?

The duck was poked and immediately gave a cry at Jing Lin. Black Doudou glanced at him, then turned over and lay on his side.

Jing Lin: ". . ."  I really feel that there is a monster in my family. if he didn't see it wrong just now, the goose is supercilious towards him.

Lele said beside him, "The duck has been propped up. It said it would be better if it had a rest."

Jing Lin was silent for a long time. "How does Lele know?"

"Duck told me." Lele has a perfectly normal expression.

Jing Lin had a meal. "Can Lele understand duck?"

"Yes." Lele smiled and said, "He said the grass was delicious."

Jing Lin sipped his lips, looked at the duck that was already fast asleep in the carton, and asked Lele, "Can Lele understand what the chickens said?"

"No." Lele said that he was puzzled with his small eyebrows. "The other ducks Quack, the chickens creak, only the ducks don't Quack."

What he said was not clear, but Jing Lin understood it. In his opinion, in addition to this silly goose, duck and duck, the voices of other geese were only quacks in his ears, and the cries of chickens were only simple creaks. Only duck and duck, Lele could clearly know what it meant.

So, it seems that Lele's abnormal lethargy has also been explained before. Perhaps, it is just a transformation process of Reiki to his body. This is only Jing Lin's conjecture, otherwise he cannot explain why Lele said that he can understand duck's voice.

Of course, Jing Lin never doubted that Lele said this at random. Children are the most naive. It is difficult for such a big child to know what is true and what is false unless he specially teaches.

Lele was obviously very happy to understand what the duck said, and took a look at the duck after a few bites of rice. His appetite has become normal these two days, unlike when he woke up, his appetite for food was insanely large.

After eating the meal, Jing Lin cleaned up the kitchen and bathed Lele. At this time, Lele's red pimple lettering had completely disappeared, which seemed to prove Jing Lin's conjecture from the side.

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