There was nothing to say all night.

The next day, Jing Lin got up early again. I bought back all the things that I could buy. The purchase has come to an end for the time being. There seems to be nothing to do today.

Rare can sleep for a long time, but can't sleep in the scene. He took out the three old books from the drawer of the head of a bed, went through them one by one, and finally his eyes were fixed on the "little heaven art science".

Hao, vast and infinite. Judging from the name alone, this seems to be an amazing mental skill. The characters are traditional Chinese characters, some of which are unknown to him. However, combining with the context, we can probably guess what the meaning is, which does not hinder his reading and understanding.

The beginning of the mental method is to introduce this book, which has been copied and preserved by generations of people. The ancient origin of the mental method is no longer available. This book is divided into three pieces of mental skills, each with ten layers. The first one is titled Initial Movement, the second one is titled Gan Kun, and the third one is titled as One.

To practice this mental skill, the first movement is the foundation, which is equivalent to the introduction. Gan Kun is more diligent, his body can reach all kinds of diseases without invasion, and his life span is several times longer than that of ordinary people. Of course, if you can practice this article, without mentioning your qualifications, you must be able to reach the higher level. Otherwise, if you can't cross the threshold of the second article, you will lose all people. The third article is unified. The mental method begins with words. Those who can practice this article have all kinds of qualifications. They can forge their bodies as iron or as light as swallows. They can walk on the wind. Their life span can be increased by several hundred years on the basis of the second article.

If once upon a time, when Jing Lin saw these contents, he would surely have just laughed them out of his mind and forgotten them. It was just a story made up in the novel. Who would believe it? But now, after Jing Lin understood the meaning, his mood became calm as he was, and he couldn't help getting excited.

Jing Lin sat with his legs crossed and his heart turned upside down. Facing the rising sun, he began the road of cultivation in his life.

With your eyes closed, Jing Lin's mind kept circulating the first-floor mental formula. At first, the mood was still a little chaotic, and gradually it calmed down. The mind seemed to have completely emptied, and the surroundings were silent. With the circulation of the formula, Jing Lin began to feel that there was gas coming towards him, slowly sinking into his eyebrows, flowing through his heart along his meridians, going down to the lower abdomen, finally returning along the original track, and finally staying between his eyebrows. This kind of feeling is very wonderful, the body seems to have an eye, can see reiki constantly scouring his body. In his place, these gases are white mist, with a hint of purple.

I don't know how long, Jing Lin woke up from meditation. He hasn't been idle lately. He doesn't sleep well and wakes up early. His body is always feeling tired. However, his mind is no longer sleepy and his body is as light as ever. He feels as relaxed as the weight on his shoulder was unloaded before.

Jing Lin glanced at his side head. Lele was still asleep, and the silly goose that was washed clean by Lele and placed in the carton on the bedside table last night did not know when it had climbed into bed and was crouching between him and Lele. He seemed to doze off with his eyes closed. He felt Jing Lin move and his eyes immediately opened. A pair of shiny black Doudou eyes stared at Jing Lin, and his mouth rushed at Jing Lin and called two times eagerly. His appearance seemed to please him.

Jing Lin raised his eyebrows, fished up the duck with one hand and put it on the ground. Even if the duck is smarter than other animals, he has no inclination to sleep with poultry.

The duck seemed to know that it was rejected. It cried two times in dismay, then turned around and walked out with a swing. After a while, it came in again, looked up and shouted at Jing Lin, then turned and walked out again.

Jing Lin also planned to get up. Seeing this, he got down from the bed and followed out. He saw the duck standing by the closed door leading to the backyard, standing in the same place, as if waiting for Jing Lin to open the door for it.

It's really smart, and I also know to call someone to open the door.

Jing Lin opened the door, the duck went out, and then, like yesterday, the whole body plunged into the weeds and ate.

In the summer of July, the child's face looked like it was another hot sunny day when he got up. when he was cooking breakfast in Jing Lin, the clouds suddenly increased. soon there was thunder and a scene of heavy rain.

Lele kept on thinking about the duck, woke up by the thunder, put on his slippers upside down, rubbed his eyes and looked everywhere for the duck. The duck didn't come out and answered him twice. Lele saw that the duck was still at breakfast, and the adults seemed relieved to breathe out a sigh of relief, and then went to wash up at the urging of my uncle.

Before the rain fell, Jing Lin dug out his hoe, removed the weeds from the two vegetable plots on both sides of the front yard, and turned over the land to sprinkle some cabbage seeds. Turning over the ground is not an easy job, especially in hot summer. It didn't take long to wave a hoe. It was raining hard in Jing Lin. The palm of your hand was chafed by the handle of the hoe and felt a little burning pain.

The weeds that had been removed were all piled up in one place, and a few tender green tips were thrown to the ducks that were nestled under the eaves and playing with Lele. The ducks were quite disgusted with the tender green weeds.

The ground was halved and heavy rain poured down. Jing Lin moved a small stool to sit in the place where the rain could not splash under the eaves, holding Lele in his arms and duck in his arms. Two people and a goose looked at the rain curtain in front of them and listened to the rain. They seldom enjoyed a moment's peace.

After watching the rain for a while, Lele went down from Jing Lin and took the duck with her. She went to look through the picture books at home and told the duck a story. Jing Lin also got up and took out both Fu Zhen's books and studied them again.

Fu Fa and Fa are two books, the contents of which are all divided into two parts. The first part of Fu Fa is about the method of using Fu as a medium to store reiki, while the second part is about the method of using the hand of a painter as a medium to gather reiki into symbols. This is very difficult. According to Jing Lin's understanding, it is the symbol method that does not need paper and pen to complete, the vanity symbol, gathers the reiki into a track and does not dissipate, completely from scratch. The array and the rune method complement each other and are also divided into two parts. The first part is about the array that can be completed by using rune paper and the various array arrangement steps of array points and array eyes in these arrays. The second half is an array that can only be completed with empty scribbles.

There is a big difference between the two. If Jing Lin can complete a symbol method without relying on paper, pen, and symbol paper, then he need not worry about the lack of symbol paper at all. In the second half of the opening paragraph, the first Fufajing was seen for a while and was already memorized. He held his breath and his right index finger was a little empty ahead.

There was no rain in my ear, no rain curtain in front of me, and the surroundings turned into nothingness. In the nothingness, there seemed to be a flash of silver light where my index finger was pointing, and Jing Lin's fingers moved slowly along the rune trajectory. At the moment of movement, Jing Lin felt nervous. The air was squeezing from the whole body layer by layer. He felt that his heart was gripped by people, breathing was gradually difficult, his fingers were blocked by unknown obstacles, and it was very difficult to move. If you want to move again, the more obvious the squeezing feeling is, the harder it is to breathe. Jing Lin's fingers did not dare to move any more. After a short standoff with this feeling, he finally lost the battle and recovered from the emptiness. He only felt that his body was weak and weak. His strength seemed to have been completely evacuated, and his forehead and back were full of cold sweat.

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