With paper and pen scribbles, Jing Lin did not feel any difficulty. All of them were done in one go. However, the vanity scribbles only moved a little, making him feel so uncomfortable. This shows the difference between the two.

It's just a basic array, like an array of spirits. Most of the arrays mentioned in the back of "Array" need to use vanity scribbles. It seems that he has to put up the schedule of practicing vanity scribbles.

However, it is not enough to practice alone in order to complete the empty scribbles. Vanity scribbles rely on their own power to seize reiki, which is based on their own accomplishments, and the strength of accomplishments depends on his spiritual qualification and "Little Heaven Mind Method of Science". What can be preserved by grandpa Zhang and left to him is that the rune and the array complement each other and are bound to be inseparable from the "little haotian mental method". unfortunately, grandpa said that it is difficult for him to use the "little haotian mental method" in his life, which should be the reason why there is no reiki. therefore, he has not explained the book to him, and everything depends on his own exploration.

Jing Lin turned over the second half of the "Array" and was drooling over the large array of several empty scribbles inside, but at present he could only drool at it.

After that, Jing Lin took out his tools and drew several pieces of paper for the array of lock spirits. He was ready to use his house as the array of lock spirits when the rain stopped. It is good to gather reiki with the spirit-gathering array, but he and Lele are too weak to withstand the reiki collision there. It is better to arrange a milder spirit-locking array.

The lock spirit array locks the reiki, he changes the sign once every ten days, the reiki is not much or not little, which is just right for them, and it can also recuperate and nourish their bodies.

The array scene like this should be arranged earlier, but I was too busy to buy things before. Even if the aura is good, I can't fill my stomach. As an ordinary person, it is more important to eat.

Thinking, Jing Lin drew another set of paintings for Zhao Zhiwen's family. Although his name is Zhao Chenghuai and Zhou Yu as uncles and aunts, he still regards them as half parents in his heart. The spirit of the lock array is gentle and naturally he cannot forget them. They are in their senior year, which is when they need these.

The rain didn't stop until after lunch, when the air was exceptionally fresh and full of the fragrance of grass and soil.

Zhao Zhiwen came to Jing Lin wearing plastic water shoes. He said the rain had stopped and asked if he would like to go for a turn in the lotus pond. Jing Lin said yes, of course, turned and changed into water shoes, with Lele out of the door. Just closed the door, he saw not far away Yan Lu came up with Yan Lu.

Yan Fei saw their costumes and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Let's go to Hetang." Zhao Zhiwen said, his eyes slipped around Yan Lu and asked with a smile, "What about you?"

Yan Fei stared at Jing Lin and said with a smile, "It's not a rainy day. I'm bored looking for you. The young people in the village know you two."

"Yes, yes, yes." Yan Lu chimed in, "Where do you go to play in the future, you can call us, there are so many people!" Don't forget to give his brother a chance to chase people all the time.

"good!" Zhao Zhiwen readily agreed that he could get along with Yan Lu, which he could not hope for.

Jing Lin also nodded his head.

So Lele was handed over to Zhao Chenghuai and his wife. The four young men went to Zhao Zhiwen's fish pond. They had to drag the boat to get down to the pond.

When carrying the boat, Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen were shocked. Looking at the thin Yan Lu, the strength was very strong. The three men carried one head while Yan Lu carried one head alone. It was very easy to walk.

The boat got off the lotus pond, and four people went up. Zhao Zhiwen punted with a bamboo pole.

The lotus pond, which has just experienced heavy rain, is filled with a thin layer of water vapor. Most of the lotus leaves covered by the layers are covered with glittering and translucent dew drops. When the hull passes by, it touches them and flows unsteadily down. A little later, all the people were more or less stained with water stains.

Yan Lu had a good appetite along the way and picked a lot of lotus plums on Zhao Zhiwen's recommendation. The scene in the stuffy silent, Yan Lu didn't expect him to take the initiative to speak, then find a topic to chat with him. Jing Lin explained the purpose of their visit to the lotus pond.

Yan Fei said: "It sounds as if it is consistent with what a friend of mine said before." Yan Fei had a college classmate. Yan Fei didn't know the other party was a third generation after graduation. the two had a good relationship and would go out to have a meal or something when they were free at ordinary times. Yan Fei suddenly couldn't contact the other party for some time. Then, half a month before the blackout across the country, Yan Fei received a phone call from the other party asking them to leave the city as soon as they could. If they could not leave, they also bought more food and stayed at home. The other party told Yan Fei that the living environment of human beings was about to undergo great changes. The other party hung up the phone after saying such a few words in a hurry. Yan Fei wanted to call again to find out that he couldn't get through.

Friends are of good character, and those words cannot be fabricated to deceive people. Yan Fei also believed it. After thinking about it for a day, he persuaded his parents to sell his family's property and house. They originally kept the car for shopping. As a result, it was not long before the power went out and the car became unusable. They only found a domestic horse farm and bought two horses.

After listening to him, Jing Lin confirmed his conjecture about reiki. It seems that not only people and animals have changed, but plants have also begun.

At this moment, Yan Lu pointed at the front and said with his eyes wide open, "Look, the front!"

When Jing Lin turned his head, he saw a lotus flower on the water surface ahead. Its petals were already half black, and all around it, whether lotus leaves or lotus flowers, became dry and yellow.

This scene is very strange, Zhao Zhiwen hesitated, just continue to hold the boat in the past.

When we got closer, we found that the black was very thick and looked like ink was dripping out, and there were many dead shrimps and small fish floating around.

They fished out the dead fish and shrimps and prepared to take them out of the boat. Jing Lin fished out one and smelled it. It did not stink, proving that the time of death was not long. Jing Lin remembered the approximate location of the lotus flower. He reached out to measure the length of the black flower and was held by Yan Fei.

"Don't touch it." Yan Fei said, then he broke off a lotus leaf next to him, compared the length with the stem covered with small thorns, and drew a scale on the stem before handing it to Jing Lin. looking at him, he said, "this flower is eerily black. I don't know if it is poisonous, so don't touch it directly."

Jing Lin took the lotus leaf stem, looked at it and said, "thank you, I was negligent." He only glanced at Yan Fei in a hurry and then turned his head, not knowing why. from the first time he saw Yan Fei, he did not dare to look him in the eye.

Jing Lin this inexplicable dodge, Yan Fei natural detection, his mouth smiled, no longer say more.

Jing Lin told Zhao Zhiwen to continue rowing. They did not see dead fish or withered lotus flowers along the way. Then they saw another lotus flower with blackened petals in another corner of the lotus pond. There were dead fish floating around, and the lotus leaves and flowers around it had withered. In the same way, they wrote down the length of black. They went to the lotus found last evening and found dead fish and shrimps, big and small, floating on the clean water yesterday. The lotus leaves around them were only relatively weak. The leaves were still green and did not turn yellow. The length of black was measured in the scene. Compared with what I saw yesterday, I found that black was growing.

Jing Lin said: "This one should be the latest of the three black ones. When we found it yesterday, there were no dead fish here. Today there are more black petals, and there are dead fish around."

Just as the black color on the lotus is filled with the life of the surrounding creatures, this kind of plunder is actually horrible.

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