After marking all known black lotus flowers, the four left the lotus pond and agreed to come back tomorrow. On the way back, Jing Lin also specially observed the height of weeds along the road.

On the way, I heard Zhao Chenghuai shouting at them from afar.

"Dad, what's the matter?" Zhao Zhiwen see Zhao Chenghuai a face of concern, busy asked.

Zhao Chenghuai said with a frown: "Your aunt Yinghua's family was bitten by poisonous ants, and her body was swollen by half. She was unconscious. The villagers all went to your grandpa Zhao's house."

When several people heard this, they were also shocked. "Is it so serious?"

Jing Lin hurriedly asked, "Where is Lele?"

"aunt Zhou is watching. don't worry." They were taking a nap with Lele when they were suddenly woken up by the cries of Liu Yinghua's wife and daughter-in-law next door. in the past, her nine-year-old grandson Ma Xiaoyuan was lying on the ground. his whole body was convulsing and he had lost consciousness. his arms and thighs exposed outside were covered with thumb blisters. when they arrived at the doctor's house, the other family's yard was almost full of people. Zhou Yu was sitting under the eaves holding Lele. At the sight of Jing Lin, Lele rushed at Jing Lin. The sight of Ma Xiaoyuan was too frightening. Adults felt uncomfortable watching him, not to mention a child as big as Lele. So Zhou Yu never let Lele see him, only took him to sit outside. However, all the adults around him looked solemn, and Lele was a little scared by the atmosphere.

Jing Lin 'an comforted Lele and told him to follow Zhou Yu obediently. He had to go and see Ma Xiaoyuan.

Zhao Zhiwen three people have one step ahead of him, inside the room, Liu Yinghua and Liu Suqin are still sobbing in a low voice, eldest daughter Ma Xiaomei shrink in Liu Suqin arms like stay leng looking at coma Ma Xiaoyuan, there are tears on his face. Ma Xiaoyuan's clothes were cut to pieces and his exposed skin was covered with blisters. He lay unconscious on the bamboo bed in the Zhao Family Hall. His hands were hung with saline. Dr. Zhao and his only son Zhao Shaogan took a syringe and stuck it into a blister to pump out the accumulated liquid. Zhao Shaogan's wife Zhang Juan and his newly enrolled daughter Zhao Xinyu were applying ointment to Ma Xiaoyuan.

"What ants are these? They are so poisonous!"Zhao Zhiwen's face is incredible. He grew up in the countryside from an early age. It is the first time he has seen ants bite him like this.

When all the blisters on Xiaoyuan's body had been treated, Liu Suqin anxiously asked Doctor Zhao, "Uncle Anguo, when will Xiaoyuan wake up?"

Zhao Anguo looked serious and shook his head. "I can't wake up at night." He also felt powerless. He said that there were not many medicines and there was no best medicine. Ma Xiaoyuan was seriously poisoned and he was not sure whether he could be rescued.

As soon as the words fell, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law slumped to the ground and cried loudly. The crying was so shrill that several soft-hearted uncles and aunts around her blushed.

Ma Renshan is the most shady scene. Although the two families are relatives with five suits, they also move around on holidays. Their relationship is closer than that of other people in the village. Ma Xiaoyuan is he looked at grow so big, so out of this thing in the mind also very uncomfortable.

Yan Fei, who watched for a while nearby, then said: "Uncle Ren Shan, since there are such poisonous ants in the village, they must be eliminated as soon as possible, or else what if they bite people again."

This is also Jing Lin's concern. His family still has Lele. He can't let this happen to Lele.

Hearing this, Ma Renshan let several aunts around comfort Liu Yinghua and Liu Suqin, then rushed to the red-eyed Xiaomei beckoned and took Xiaomei out of the house.

Ma Renshan said: "Xiao Mei, you tell everyone about the situation at that time."

At that time, the only person beside Ma Xiaoyuan was Ma Xiaomei, who had to be asked about the specific situation. The villagers around also gathered around one after another.

Originally, because Liu Suqin was afraid that Ma Xiao would go away to play with water in summer, he was usually forced to sleep for two hours after lunch before he was allowed to go out to play. However, it was still raining outside during lunch today. Liu Suqin didn't take him so seriously. Ma Xiaoyuan sneaked out while washing the dishes. Then Liu Suqin asked Ma Xiaomei to go out and look for him. At that time, Ma Xiaomei found Ma Xiaoyuan picking cucumbers and eating them in his garden and told him to go back. Ma Xiaoyuan refused and hid with Ma Xiaoyuan in the vegetable garden. Because it had just rained and the ground was very wet, Ma Xiaoyuan was stained with a lot of mud and water. Seeing Ma Xiaoyuan not going back with her anyway, she was a little angry at that time. When she folded the tree strips and tried to teach him a lesson, she didn't expect Ma Xiaoyuan to suddenly fall down. Before she could make fun of it, she saw a bunch of dark things suddenly climb onto Ma Xiaoyuan's leg and then heard Ma Xiaoyuan's shrieks.

Ma Xiaomei was startled at that time. when he saw Xiao-yuan ma writhing in pain on the ground, he immediately regained consciousness. She was not afraid either. She took the tree bar near Ma Xiaoyuan and swept away all the things on Ma Xiaoyuan. When one of them climbed to her hand along the tree bar, she saw the thing clearly. Although it was much bigger, it looked like a black ant. At that time, she was so frightened that she threw away the tree to avoid being bitten. Then she dragged Ma Xiaoyuan home. However, Ma Xiaoyuan had lost consciousness at that time, and then Liu Suqin's crying woke Zhao Chenghuai next door. He carried Ma Xiaoyuan to Zhao An countries in the past.

Ma Xiaomei compared with her hand in front of everyone: "I can see clearly that it is an ant, such a big ant."

The crowd gasped, and one of the men called out, "you're not lying, are you? The ant you mentioned has one finger of mine."

The younger brother was lying in the room and did not know whether he was alive or dead. Grandma and mother were still crying. Hearing people questioning, Ma Xiaomei was even sadder. She wiped her tears and choked, "What I said is true."

Ma Renshan glared at the man, patted Ma Xiaomei for comfort, and then said to the crowd: "Whether Xiaomei said it was true or not, Xiaoyuan had an accident that everyone saw with their own eyes. What I mean now is that whatever ants or strange things they are, they must be wiped out by a group of people."

No one around said a word. Looking at Xiao Yuan's condition, we know that this thing is highly toxic. We don't know if we can survive if we are bitten. When we hear that we are going to have a close contact with that thing, everyone is not happy with it, but we are risking our lives.

When Yan Fei saw this, he stood up and smiled, "Uncle Ren Shan, let me see this. Let's send someone from the family. If you don't say it's for yourself, you should do your part just for your own children, right?"

Who is willing to risk his life, Yan Fei said he would not. The appearance of ants described by Lotus and Ma Xiaomei both clearly indicate that the environment is changing, and this change can only be more and more in the future, which is not inevitable if you do not want it.

Jing Lin said, "I'll go to my house."

Zhao Zhiwen followed suit: "I will go to my home."

Zhao Shaogan, who had washed his hands, stood up and said with mirth, "Then I'll go to my house. I don't have much medicine at home. If I were bitten again, I wouldn't be able to get so much medicine today." He inherited his father's medical education and worked in the county seat. He took his wife and daughter home immediately after the power failure.

Once this was said, those in the village who wanted to shirk their responsibilities had to stand up and say it. In the end, there were only women in the family, and there were about 20 families in the village, with a total of 15 young and middle-aged men.

This matter cannot be delayed. While it was still early, the people went home, put on their safest clothes, and gathered at Ma Renshan's house.

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