Jing Lin was wearing plastic water shoes, a raincoat Zhao Chenghuai had found for him, and a rope was used to tie up the cuffs, trousers, etc. to ensure that no insects or the like could get in.

When they arrived at Ma Renshan's house, almost all of them were here. Unexpectedly, Yan Lu, a girl, was also there. Like his brother, they were all dressed up in the same way as Jing Lin.

Although Yan Lu has lived a good life since she was a child, it is not that flowers in a greenhouse can't be knocked against. Especially in the current environment, it is best for her to adapt to exercise as soon as possible. So Yan Lu said she would go, Yan Fei agreed, and strict father Yan's mother did not stop her.

Jing Lin also agreed with the move, while Zhao Zhiwen's eyes at Yan Lu were more sparkling.

After the rain, it cleared up and the grass along the road was still covered with dew beads. The village's cement road was no longer wet after the rain. A line of 16 of them, all holding shovels, hoes and other self-defense tools that can be used to attack at a distance, marched to Liu Suqin's vegetable garden in a mighty long way. Captain Ma Renshan was also carrying a plastic bag in his hand, which contained some leftovers that his family had not eaten at noon, and some fruit candy that had been chopped up.

Arriving at the vegetable garden, an empty vegetable in the Liu Suqin family was trampled in a deformed way, with mud flooding around and many messy footmarks. From this, we can see the confusion of Ma Xiaomei and Ma Xiaoyuan before.

The crowd went around the vegetable plot and did not see anything dark or ant colony.

At that time, the leftovers brought by Ma Renshan came in handy. He poured the leftovers mixed with hard candy on a small piece of empty land, and then told all the people to hide behind the cucumber shelves beside him, all breathing softly and watching over there and around.

After waiting for nearly half an hour, many people were already impatient when the vegetable field ahead suddenly made a rustling sound. All glances, the atmosphere all dare not out, again put the line of sight on that piece of space with leftovers, will see if as Ma Xiaomei said, a few only adults index finger long black ants shaking head tentacles quickly climbed to the leftovers.

Ants appeared, some people were afraid, some people also want to immediately rushed up to kill the ants. Jing Lin raised his hand and motioned the people to be calm. When the ants began to leave with food, Jing Lin also asked the people not to move.

There were a total of five ants, but who knows if there are so many poisonous ants in other places. They have to have a nest to store their food when they carry it back, so the key is to destroy the old nest of these ants.

Jing Lin followed first, followed by Yan Fei, then Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen, and then the rest of the village. They followed at a distance for a while, and when they saw the poisonous ants climbing into a ditch beside the field, they did not come out again.

It looks like the ant nest is in the ditch!

A line of people to speed up the pace, soon came to the place where poisonous ants disappear. In the ditch where the water is not deep, there is an ant nest about 20cm away from the water surface. The hole is two fingers wide. There are traces of crawling nearby and a few grains of rice are scattered.

"That's it."

Yan Lu strength is big, so Yan Lu directly motioned Yan Lu, let her to dig the hole. While others were arrayed in defensive positions, clutching the tools in their hands.

Yan Lu, holding a hoe in his hand, went down to the hole with a hoe. Most of the wet and soft soil was taken up. When the hoe was removed, what he saw was only the horizontal hole. It seemed that the ant nest was still relatively deep.

If you want to continue digging deep, you have to dig out some of the ridge. Yan Lu didn't let anyone else do it either. After three or two times, he leveled a lot of the earth on the ridge. However, she dug again at the entrance of the cave, digging three times in a row. When she dug around the ground, the hoe, like a stone, came a stinging sound, accompanied by the squeaking sound of animals.

Here we are!

The crowd became more nervous and stared at the small hole.

When the hoe was removed, the soil was taken away, revealing a huge ant half cut off by the hoe. At the same time, several more ants quickly climbed out of the hole and headed for Yan Lu, who was standing closest.

Yan Lu was not afraid either. Holding a hoe in one hand, she jumped to the other side of the ditch. The poisonous ant chasing the front "squeaked" twice. It seemed very angry and turned to Yan Lu again. At this time, the villagers who had been waiting for a long time, waved their tools and began to attack.

Yan Fei took a shovel and felt as if he had taken a hard stone. His hands were tingling. However, the ants under the shovel did not die. He cried angrily and struggled desperately. He was about to emerge from under the shovel. Jing Lin hit the shovel with a hoe that was too heavy for his eyes.

Yan Fei felt struggling for a moment and shouted at Jing Lin, "Hit again!"

So Jing Lin didn't stop and hit the shovel several times in a row. In this way, the poisonous ant was not dead, but just "squeaked" and struggled harder and harder.

On the other side of the village, the poisonous ants ran too fast at first, causing panic for a while. Several people were almost caught up. After that, they followed suit, because the hoe attacked a small base, and those with shovels in their hands learned from Yan Fei and Jing Lin and cooperated with those with hoes. One person was chased away to make room. One person went down with a shovel and the other with a hoe. No matter how hard its shell was, it could not withstand the constant force.

After the four poisonous ants that ran out were all pressed under the shovel, Yan Lu hooked out the poisonous ants that she had cut into half with a hoe. in this way, the tentacles of the poisonous ants were still moving, and there was still a sigh of relief left. Yan Lu also found that there was a missing piece in the middle of the hoe in her hand!

"Is this thing really an ant?" Yan Lu felt that the world was full of illusions.

The crowd also felt incredible when they saw the hoe that was missing a piece.

Yan Fei looked at the half of ants brought out by Yan Lu and found that Yan Lu's hoe was just shoveling at the joint between the chest and abdomen of the poisonous ant. It seemed that there was the weakest place for the poisonous ant. He motioned Jing Lin to remove the hoe pressed on it, and he himself removed the shovel. Then he lifted the shovel up and stuck it down on the poisonous ant that had been smashed into the soil and wanted to climb up. After several times, he finally cut the poisonous ant in half.

Others followed suit one after another. Finally, all five ants were wiped out.

Later, Yan Fei continued to dig along the ant nest, the hole was quite deep, and finally he dug up something bigger, like a meat worm, which should be the queen ant.

Everyone wiped out the queen who was responsible for laying eggs, and they also dug up the eggs.

Some of these ant eggs have big thumbs, are round, white and nearly transparent, and are scattered in the soil in large quantities.

The crowd shuddered at the sight of so many ant eggs. It would be frightening to have all hatched. Ma Renshan raised his hoe and wanted to smash all the ant eggs. A middle-aged man in the village came out and stopped him. He took off his shirt and put the ant eggs on his clothes. His mouth smiled and said, "Don't waste it. This ant egg tastes great when fried."

This person's surname is Zhang, and because of his delicious taste, he got a crooked name with a big mouth.

Some people said, "This ant is so poisonous, aren't you afraid of being poisoned?"

Opening his big mouth did not stop at all, but when he heard this, he did not care: "what's the matter? go back and feed some chicken to my family. if the chicken doesn't die, I won't die."

When they heard this, they could only go with him if they did not rest assured.

After solving these poisonous ants, Ma Renshan was still not quite at ease. He said to the crowd, "Tomorrow, everyone get up early, work in pairs, find out if there are any ant nests in the fields and vegetable plots, mark the nests and go together to pound them out."

For the sake of their families and their own safety, everyone should do the same.

I went to Zhao Zhiwen's house to pick up Lele. When we parted, Yan Fei said to the scene, "Let's form a team tomorrow and I'll come and find you."

Jing Lin stood one leng and looked at Zhao Zhiwen. What he meant was that he must have teamed up with Zhao Zhiwen. After all, they were buddies and knew each other quite well.

When Zhao Zhiwen looked over at Jing Lin, he nudged Yan Lu and said with a smile, "Then I'll join Lulu."

Yan Lu gherardini look at Zhao Zhiwen, nodded with a smile, did not refuse.

Yan Lu also left him one eye, did not speak. Since his mother had a good talk with Zhou's mother that night, he saw that his mother wanted to find an object for Yan Lu, and the object of the match was Zhao Zhiwen. Although he was not happy with Zhao Zhiwen's boy, the other party looked like a human being, and the family's reputation in the village was also very good. Most importantly, he saw that her sister had no objection to Zhao Zhiwen's attentions over the past two days and let it go.

When Jing Lin saw Zhao Zhiwen rubbing against Yan Lu, he instantly reflected that Zhao Zhiwen had a crush on Yan Lu, so he did not want to disturb his friends in pursuing girls. he nodded to Yan Fei and said, "well, I'll wait for you at home tomorrow."

So Yan Fei smiled in a good mood, rubbed two Lele's heads by the way, said goodbye to Jing Lin, and walked towards the house with Yan Lu. Jing Lin was rocked by Yan Fei's smile. Then he returned to his mind and said goodbye to the Zhao Zhiwen family. He took Lele home.

When I got home, while it was still dark and there was still a while to eat, Jing Lin took out the book of array and read it again. he found a low-order magic array inside and studied it for a while. then he took out the tool of scribbles and began scribbling.

This kind of low-order magic array has little effect on people. The main prevention measures are insects and animals like the poisonous ants killed today, and snakes and rats. If they enter the array, they will not get out and turn around like a ghost.

Fu soon finished his painting. Jing Lin walked around his entire small building and spent half an hour calculating the array points and the array eyes. after sealing the fu paper, he arranged the lock array. After arranging the two arrays, it was getting dark and Jing Lin was going to collapse. After all, he had to jump for more than an hour, and no matter how strong he was, he couldn't stand it.

The eggs and tomato noodles cooked in the evening are still made by Zhao Zhiwen's family. Jing Lin didn't want to bother them all the time, but the old couple said that it doesn't matter if he doesn't eat them. Lele has to eat them. So Jing Lin can only continue to have the cheek to accept, when you eat Jing Lin think tomorrow must be planted Chinese cabbage, and to Zhao Zhiwen home lock spirit array and magic array also want to decorate.

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