The sky is bright.

After the last wisp of aura with purple air merged into the eyebrows air mass and stopped swimming around, Jing Lin woke up from his meditation state.

Duck did not know when to quietly run from the box to squat down beside him again. Seeing Jing Lin wake up, he seemed to think of the scene he abandoned yesterday. He immediately stood up, flapping little wings's feet fast, ran over the pillow, jumped into the paper box, and then turned his back on Jing Lin's nest.

This silly goose will be angry with others, and Jing Lin will be in distress.

When I got up and washed, Jing Lin twisted his body in the backyard with a toothbrush. I felt the air was exceptionally fresh today, and the array of lock spirits was indeed worthy of its reputation.

After washing rice and putting it into the pot, Jing Lin put a few pieces of firewood in the stove, took a hoe and planted cabbage in the front yard. he turned over a vegetable field that had not been turned over yesterday and scattered seeds together.

Thinking about the food rations left for ducks that have not been shoveled off in the backyard, Jing Lin wanted to know what the pakchoi growing up in the poly-spirit array would look like, so he arranged the poly-spirit array around one of the vegetable plots, and felt in an instant that the originally locked reiki around the house all poured into the poly-spirit array.

When the vegetables were finished and breakfast was already cooked, Jing Lin called Lele up to wash and eat.

After the meal, Yan Fei also came.

As soon as he entered Jing Lin's house's courtyard, Yan Fei felt that the air in Jing Lin's house was exceptionally fresh, breathing like washing his lungs. He only thought it was because Jing Lin's house was relatively close to the surrounding mountains and there were many trees. He did not think much of other things.

Jing Lin opened the door to Yan Fei and asked him to sit in the living room for a while. He went on to tidy up the kitchen. Left holding the duck Lele and Yan Fei on the sofa staring at each other.

For Lele, Yan Fei is just a handsome uncle who has met several times, and he is still equivalent to a stranger. Being with strangers made him feel very uncomfortable. His arm around the duck was tightening and he was about to jump off the sofa to find his uncle when suddenly he heard the handsome uncle opposite say, "It is lovely."

Lele had a meal and quietly looked up at Yan Fei. he smiled kindly at Yan Fei. suddenly, he breathed a sigh of relief. he heard the other side praising the duck as cute. he touched the duck's back hair gently and did not speak. but he nodded slowly. he also thought the duck was cute.

The duck in her arms had a pretty breast and cried happily twice. She also felt that she was sprouting.

Yan Fei saw that Lele was no longer anxious to escape. He took duck question as the topic and tried to chat with him. After all, he was Jing Lin's nephew. Whether Jing Lin can accept himself or not in the future, Lele will certainly account for a big factor. It is absolutely right to please Lele now.

Jing Lin came out of the kitchen and saw such a picture, one big and one small, with their heads slightly close together, talking in a low voice. Lele had a smile on his face and was obviously very happy. Seeing the smile on Lele's face, Jing Lin involuntarily smiled.

Yan Fei looked up and saw Jing Lin's smile. At that moment, he felt his heart began to beat wildly. The feeling of releasing Buddha to jump out of his chest almost made him stretch out his hand to hold it down.

This is the feeling of heart, Yan Fei has never been so clear about this cognition.

Jing Lin's smile passed away. Lele jumped on him when he saw him, so he didn't pay much attention to Yan Fei nearby. he took Lele's hand and said to Yan Fei, "let's go."

Jing Lin took a hoe and locked the door. The two went to Ma Renshan's house. Yan Fei said Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu had already gone first. Originally, Zhao Zhiwen ran to Yan Fei's house to find Yan Fei and said that he would go to find Jing Lin together later. Everyone knew that his intention was not to drink, so he went with him. When he came out, Yan Fei let them go first, and he went to wait for Jing Lin. On the way, they went to the Zhao An countries first.

Fortunately, Ma Xiaoyuan has already woken up.

When they went to Jing Lin, Ma Xiaoyuan was lying on a wooden bed. The improvement was good and he called for help. Zhao Anguo just gave him saline, Liao silk took a syringe to pump him blisters and had another effusion. Liu Yinghua's wife and daughter-in-law got together to feed Ma Xiaoyuan porridge. both eyes were red and swollen, and their faces were more tired, but they were all very happy at the moment. Ma Xiaoyuan can wake up better than anything.

They were not the first to visit Ma Xiaoyuan in Jing Lin. They didn't want to disturb Ma Xiaoyuan's rest. After a few words of concern, they went to Ma Renshan's house.

Because it was agreed yesterday, everyone came early today and no one was absent. When he opened his big mouth, everyone saw that he was fine and asked him how the ant egg tasted yesterday.

Open your mouth and smile: "delicious! After frying, put it into your mouth. The outside is crisp and the inside is tender, soft and elastic. It tastes better than chicken." Say that finish mouth hit twice, a pair of aftertaste, wanting more.

The people present have been eating vegetarian and fried vegetables every day recently. They have been craving meat for a long time. At the moment, when they listen to the description of opening their mouth wide, their saliva is dripping.

After waiting for a while, when the people came together and divided the search area together, they left in groups of two or two.

The area divided by Jing Lin and Yan Lu happens to be near the lotus pond of Zhao Zhiwen's family. Jing Lin and Yan Lu plan to look for the ants nest after seeing the situation of the marked lotus flowers. When they got home, they took the lotus stem that they had left at home. They went directly to the flower closest to the shore.

All the way, the weeds on the roadside seem to have changed little. However, in the lotus pond, I haven't approached the flower yet. Even if Jing Lin is near-sighted, I can see the white surrounding the lotus, which is full of dead fish that have turned over their bellies. Yesterday's lotus, which was still green, withered a lot.

If you compare the marks made yesterday, black adds another knuckle length.

This horrible predatory power, Jing Lin believes that if the black lotus is left alone, as long as they are given a few more days, the pond full of lotus and fish will have no life left. The lotus pond is some distance away from the surrounding fields. After they plunder the vitality in the lotus pond, will this ability spread and continue to affect the fields? What about people?

I have been in touch with lotus twice, and I am not feeling any discomfort at present, but what if? I dare not think deeply.

After telling Yan Fei his speculation and thoughts, Yan Fei raised his hand a little and asked Jing Lin to give him a hoe. he hooked the lotus and cut it off with a shovel.

However, Yan Fei froze when he hooked the lotus stem, because he could not move at all!No matter how he pulled the handle of the hoe, the lotus stood still and touched it with its blade. It did not leave any trace. It did not even shovel off a small thorn on it. The hoe touched the petals as if it touched the iron sheet. The hardness was even more severe than that of the poisonous ants wiped out yesterday.

Jing Lin also tried it and felt like a tug of war. Here was a man and there was an elephant.

In the end, they can't, they can only give up temporarily, and call Yan Lu, who is strong, to try after clearing all the ant nests.

It took more than an hour for the two men to find more than a dozen ant nests in the field. They marked them one by one. Then they went to the field to find Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu. They told them about the lotus flowers. The task of the two men was almost completed. Soon, the four men went to the lotus pond together.

Unfortunately, Yan Lu has always been proud of her strength and has no effect in front of that lotus flower.

Finally, several people told Ma Renshan about this matter and asked him to tell everyone in the village that it was better not to go to the lotus pond if nothing happened. Hearing this, Ma Renshan felt even more worried. First there were poisonous ants, then there were blackened lotus flowers. I don't know what else would be at sixes and sevens in the future.

In the afternoon, there were more clouds in the sky and dry thunder began to ring. The big guy hurriedly destroyed all the ant nests. The situation was optimistic. There was no more poisonous ant. Of course, he also found many ant eggs. This time he opened his big mouth and failed to take all of them. Some greedy villagers shared some with him. Jing Lin and Yan Fei and others couldn't get off that mouth, so they didn't want it.

In the evening, Jing Lin told the Zhao Chenghuai family that he would arrange a lock array for their family and explained the function and benefits of the array to them.

The prospect of Lin bought Huang Fu paper. Zhao Chenghuai didn't ask what Jing Lin did with Fu paper for so long. He wouldn't question what Jing Lin said. He listened to Jing Lin saying that the lock spirit array could help their family to recuperate their bodies, and he was more than happy to let Jing Lin rest assured of the arrangement.

When Jing Lin was laying out the array, Zhao Zhiwen and others were the first to watch Jing Lin jump at such a strange pace, strange but not funny, even with a solemn and sacred, making them unconsciously serious and immersed in it.

At the end of the busy day, Zhou Yu left him and Lele to have dinner in order to reward the scene. Although they were all plain porridge dishes, they were better than having dinner in the family. After the meal, Jing Lin sat down and chatted with Zhao Chenghuai and his wife for a while. After chatting for a while, the thunder grew louder and louder, accompanied by wind and lightning, and the appearance of a torrential rain was imminent. Jing Lin returned home with Lele.

As soon as I got home, the bean-sized raindrops fell and the wind blew the raindrops toward the house. Jing Lin closed the door, and the wind blew the shutter door thud, like a man slapping the door, making a loud noise.

The oil lamp was lit to warm the bath water. After taking Lele to the bath, the two returned to the room. It's still early to go to bed, watching Lele playing with ducks. He doesn't need to tell bedtime stories as usual. Jing Lin has nothing to do, so he continues to practice "Little Heaven Mind Method of Science".

Close your eyes and meditate on the mental formula for a while. Soon, all the gods in Jing Lin entered a mysterious state, looking at the aura captured by the mental method pouring into the body. Different from the aura of his morning practice, the purple of the aura now carries a flash of bright white.

Like . . . like what? In the science of uniting the scene in the unconscious thought, it took a long time to think of like lightning outside.

Jing Lin practiced twice before, grabbing the aura with purple, let him think this is the normal state of normal practice, just let him think at the moment, does not seem to be what he thought.

However, these are only vaguely flashed thoughts. As reiki keeps coming in, Jing Lin begins to feel slight pain in his body.

He thought there was something wrong with his body, but the thought of giving up was immediately ignored by him. The sudden desire of his head told him that he must not stop now. Only hesitated for a moment, the scene in the sink again mind, concentrate on the operation of the center method.

I don't know how long, the aura is no longer with purple and bright white, after absorbing the aura all turned milky white, scene in the end of the practice, the thunder outside the window has stopped, also no longer lightning, only the patter of rain.

He looked inside at the milky white air mass between his eyebrows, and saw the purple that occasionally passed through the edge of the air mass like Youlong floating in the middle, sometimes mixed with dazzling white. Today's practice, the more to the end, with bright white purple gas is less, wait until the end of the lightning, grab the aura also turned milky white. It was not until this moment that Jing Lin speculated on the correlation.

Purple air comes from the east, east, where the sun rises. The first two times Jing Lin started practicing when the sun was about to rise, and the purple air at that time should come from the power of the sun itself. And tonight the purple with bright white, should be the power of lightning escape.

In order to confirm his conjecture, Jing Lin carefully read the first winter article of the Mind Method again, and finally found a row of annotations. The annotations said that the spirit force of heaven and earth and reiki are only one of them. The force of the big day and the force of thunder and lightning are both one of the spirit forces, and the power they represent is more than milky white reiki. When Jing Lin initially absorbed the lightning power, they made his whole body ache. In fact, they were forging the meridians in his body, making them stronger.

The light was on in the room. Lele was already asleep. Duck was held in his arms. He was staring at Jing Lin with black bean eyes. When he saw Jing Lin, he turned to look at it. He quickly buried his head in Lele's arms. He looked like I was already asleep.

Although the duck is a goose, it is different from the ordinary domestic goose. The goose in Jing Lin's impression is defecating anywhere. However, the duck, Lele prepared for it, usually nests in the cardboard boxes everyday. However, in so many days, it is still clean and has no peculiar smell. Jing Lin has not seen duck droppings in any corner of his home.

Every night when Lele bathes, he also bathes the duck, so the duck is actually a very clean goose and even carries the fragrance of bath lotion. For a goose with intelligence, Jing Lin doesn't have to sleep in a cardboard box, but it's too small. Jing Lin is afraid that he or Lele will crush it as soon as he turns over.

So although the duck lay in Lele's arms and pretended to sleep, it did not escape Jing Lin's clutches. It was picked up and put in a cardboard box. Jing Lin pointed his finger at his mouth and let it sleep honestly in the cardboard box.

The duck was also honest tonight. He didn't give Jing Lin a dirty look. Jing Lin told him to sleep in a cardboard box and he went to sleep.

Soon Jing Lin extinguished the oil lamp and closed his eyes to sleep. In the dark, he didn't find the duck in the paper box, with a little purple streamer on its back hair.

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