Pa! Pa!

In the dark night, the sound of two broken glasses came one after another.

Jing Lin woke up from a deep sleep, suddenly sat up from the bed, one foot on the floor. He bowed his back, looked alert in the dark, and listened for a moment. There was no movement around him, as if that voice was an illusion in his sleep.

Lele also woke up, leaning tightly against Jing Lin's side. The duck in the box had already woken up, and its eyes were emitting faint purple light in the dark. It stood up from the paper box, jumped onto Lele's knee several times, and gave him a few small shouts as if to comfort him.

Jing Lin lit the kerosene lamp on the cabinet opposite the bed, then touched Lele's hair, which was a little sweaty, and whispered to him, "Stay here with duck, uncle, go out and have a look."

Because summer is too hot, Jing Lin and Lele have been sleeping in the bedroom on the first floor since he came back. He left a light for Lele, lit a candle himself, opened the bedroom door and went out. There is nothing strange in the living room, but the cries of chickens in the sundry room came in. Reaching for the handle of the rear gate, Jing Lin hesitated for a moment before opening the door.

The black unidentified object's head fell down, Jing Lin was knocked down to the ground with a snort of stuffy, and the candle in his hand was thrown aside and extinguished instantly. The shadow of the black stopped in front of the scene in the slowly all, the night wind blew in with cool, there was a sound.

A tree, suddenly growing in the doorway of a tree.

In the dim light of night, Jing Lin saw the approximate shape of the object blocking the door.


Jing Lin suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and felt a piece of sweat behind him. He thought his face must be pale. The moment I opened the door, I thought it was a monster. I shouted at my mouth and was crushed by him. I was frightened and then relaxed. Jing Lin was soft all over and could hardly hold on to the ground.

There was no light in the living room. Lele was afraid and worried. She called him in a low voice: "Uncle?"

"Uncle is here," Jing Lin replied quickly. Lele, don't be afraid."After searching around for a while, Jing Lin found the candle that fell beside him. His hand was still shaking when he struck the match.

The light returned again, and Jing Lin saw clearly this time. It was the walnut trees in the backyard that knocked him down. Walnut trees originally growing at the edge of the corner grew up overnight. The thick branches almost covered the entire backyard. Walnut branches in the line of sight crisscrossed each other and extended everywhere. Some of them broke the window of the sundry room and went in. Some of them broke the window of the kitchen and went in. Some of them went to the scene. If there were no doors, the living room would be full of walnut branches at the moment.

Jing Lin was woken up by the noise and thought it was a thief or something. I didn't expect this to be the case. Before, the weeds in the backyard grew wild under the blessing of the array. Now there is no walnut tree with the array still growing wild. Jing Lin can only blame it on the aura. The problem is that he arranged a lock array around the house. A lock word not only locks the reiki in the array but also prevents the reiki outside the array from entering. I don't know what went wrong and made the array ineffective.

He guarded the candle and crept carefully into the crevices of the branches, checking the situation of the sundry room and kitchen. The kitchen is fine, except that the window is broken and there is no other problem. The debris room was not good. Walnut branches not only broke the glass, but also uncovered many roof tiles. Some tiles fell from the roof and hit the chickens, killing three chickens and injuring two.

Since the chickens were brought back by Jing Lin, they have been fed with weeds that have been blessed by the array. They are healthy and alive every day. Three chickens have been killed. The injured two still don't know if they can survive. Jing Lin can only pull a handful of weeds that are few and only give two to eat, comforting the frightened chickens by the way. I picked up the dead three and put them aside, thinking that when it was light, Lele could be given a meat dish.

These walnut trees in Jing Lin's house have not been grafted. They have not produced fruit in 78 years. Their branches are not particularly strong. Originally Jing Lin thought that after the small yard was placed with these fruit trees, two or three of them would have to be transplanted out. Unexpectedly, all of them grew into towering trees overnight. The branches could not be carried by him alone. The trees were crowded with each other. In many places, various degrees of fracture occurred.

The situation is a headache. It is estimated that it will take a lot of time to clean up these branches tomorrow.

Seeing that the sky was still a few hours away from daybreak, Jing Lin was afraid that the walnut tree would grow again. He took his broadsword and cut off all the branches that squeezed into the living room. The branches looked small, but it took a lot of effort to cut them down. After the branches were cleared, Jing Lin closed the gate and went into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Lele held the duck in her arms to seek a sense of security. She nestled beside the pillow. When she saw Jing Lin coming in, she felt at ease. As soon as Jing Lin went to bed, she went to Jing Lin's side.

After the ordeal just now, Jing Lin couldn't sleep either. He coaxed Lele to continue to sleep while he cultivated himself. The environment is changing rapidly. Since mental skills are useful, it is always right to speed up the pace of cultivation.

After daybreak, the first thing Jing Lin did after finishing his training was to open the gate and go out to observe the situation in the village.

The pakchoi planted yesterday in the front yard has grown up with the blessing of the array. It has not only grown up, but also reached the knee level of Jing Lin. Jing Lin pinched a piece of vegetable leaf and broke off the stem to look at it. He found that although it was tall, it still looked very tender.

Before leaving the front yard, Jing Lin found that the surrounding environment was quite different from that of yesterday. When the gate of the wall was opened, Jing Lin almost thought he had entered the primeval forest.

The cement road, which was originally relatively clean, was covered with weeds higher than his knees. The paddy fields in the nearby paddy fields looked the same, but the surrounding areas were still occupied by weeds. The trees that were originally the highest and only a dozen meters in height, with more luxuriant branches, all looked as if they were soaring into the sky. They grew to a height of more than 30 meters. The branches became very thick and the roots broke through the soil and extended outward.

Jing Lin looked at the roots of the trees that were exposed and thought of the symbol paper buried in the surrounding soil. The sign paper with the sign can avoid water but cannot be moved. It must be that the place where the sign paper was placed was moved by the root belt of the outgoing land, which led to the failure of the lock array.

The mountain forest in the distance is more dense, and there are constantly creepy cries.

Jing Lin stepped into the concrete road covered by grass piles in front of the door. suddenly, a pumpkin-sized, yellowish-brown object jumped from the side to Jing Lin. Jing Lin was startled. He took his foot back quickly. The other party was also startled. He let out a loud cry and jumped away. It was so powerful that it jumped into the opposite field a few times and disappeared.

Jing Lin looked intently, only to find that it was an enlarged version of the toad, with black pimples on its back looking particularly disgusting.

The surrounding environment changed so suddenly that I was in another world in only one night. Although Jing Lin had speculated for a long time, I couldn't calm down from seeing the enlarged version of the toad.

"Ah Lin!"

In the distance, Zhao Zhiwen called his voice.

Jing Lin looked up and found Zhao Zhiwen, dressed in a blue shirt, waving his arms at him on the roof of Zhao Zhiwen's house. Jing Lin quickly waved back.

Zhao Zhiwen shouted over there: "When I come to pick you up and Lele!"

Jing Lin returned with a good voice. After Zhao Zhiwen turned around and went downstairs, he closed the wall door and turned back into the house. Dress Lele well, put on plastic water shoes and hold a broadsword.

A little later, Zhao Zhiwen knocked at the door outside. Jing Lin opened the door and saw not only Zhao Zhiwen standing outside, but also Zhao Chenghuai and Yan Fei's family.

Everyone wants to go to Ma Renshan's house first. After all, it is the village head, the backbone of a village. The villagers are accustomed to gathering there when something goes wrong and are ready to discuss the current situation. When Yan Fei's house wakes up, it is found that all the surrounding areas of his house are covered with weeds. The vegetables planted only then grow up overnight. Some even have changed into strange varieties.

Yan Fei and Yan Lu are relatively calm. strict father is also fine. Yan's mother was greatly frightened. The family hurried and carefully came out. Zhao Zhiwen and his son, who came to meet Jing Lin on the way, thought Jing Lin was with a child, and they came together. Zhao Zhiwen was holding three corn cobs, which were breakfast for Jing Lin. He wanted to bring Lele to Jing Lin, but Yan Fei took the lead. Yan Fei held Lele in his arms and said to Jing Lin, "You eat first." Then he took a corn cob from Jing Lin's hand and put it into Lele's hand, smiling and letting Lele eat it.

People who have never had a very weak expression always look smiling in front of Jing Lin, as if they were born so fond of smiling and so optimistic.

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