When Zhao Zhiwen and his entourage arrived, they were all holding sticks and other tools in their hands as they walked around in order to drive away all kinds of insects lurking in the grass.

There were many strange insects in the grass pile that had never been seen before. They were disturbed and scurried around. There was even a snake with thick and colorful wrist patterns gliding past Yan Lu's feet. Even if Yan Lu was daring, she was pale with fear. Zhou Feifei even went to hide beside Yan Ruifeng with a scream.

Jing Lin and several other men also had goose bumps.

It was only a few minutes' journey to Zhao Zhiwen's house, but it was very hard today. They seem to be walking on barren hills and mountains, full of half-human weeds, or towering trees that have broken through the original growth limit. The twisted roots pry open the cement road as much as possible and stand across the road. Zhao Zhiwen said he nearly fell several times when he came. There was still water vapor in the haystack. Zhao Zhiwen's trousers had been wet for a long time, and King had not left for a while. His trousers were also stained with water and stuck to his legs. It was very uncomfortable.

At Zhao Zhiwen's house, Zhou Yu was waiting at the door, with woebegone Liu Yinghua and Ma Xiaomei standing next to him. Liu Suqin was not there, and he should have taken care of Ma Xiaoyuan in Zhao An.

Everyone's face is not very good, also have no idea to talk and chat, silent walked to Ma Renshan home, if it weren't for the house is high enough big enough, people think that may be familiar with the village is likely to get lost, change is too big.

Ma Renshan's family had planted a sweet osmanthus tree in the courtyard corner near the roadside for several years. It bloomed in September every year. At that time, the nearby area was fragrant. Today, however, when they arrived at Ma Renshan's house, the two-meter-high osmanthus tree between them had disappeared. Instead, it was a giant tree higher than the three-story building. Its branches were straight and its branches and leaves went up one by one. Many white spheres hung on it, looking like flowers. The whole tree looks like a large umbrella from a distance, covering three small two-story buildings with a facade of more than 10 meters under the umbrella cover.

Next to them, Ma Renshan and Ma Rencong's family were shoveling grass with hoes, revealing mottled concrete pavement topped by roots.

"Is everything here?" Ma Renshan saw them and said, "Let's all go to the side and wait for a while. There are still people in the village who haven't come." This has always been the case in the village. He ran to his house spontaneously and didn't have to inform him of anything. So when he got up in the morning, he found that he didn't go anywhere after the great changes in the environment. He waited at home and cleaned up his surroundings before going out. Otherwise, he thought he was living in the wild mountains.

Before this, several families had already come here. stools were placed in the cleaned place, and everyone was sitting round and round talking.

The family came early with their mouths open, and now they were all bitter and said: ". . . I was too sleepy at that time. I heard little noise and thought it was a mouse. I didn't get up to look. as a result, today, the peach tree in my backyard became so big! The chicken sheds were all hollowed out, and all the chickens left were gone. The vegetable plot where I pulled out the weeds last evening was full of grass higher than mine."

Another shouted, "aren't there creepers on the left wall of my house? When I opened my eyes this morning, I found the room was completely dark. I thought I would continue to sleep before it was light. It was not until my mother knocked at the door that I sat up in bed. Instead, I found that the windows in my house were blocked by creepers, and I poked through the window screen and climbed into the room. I climbed into my bed. I could hardly get my feet down. The scene was too scary."

"A basin of cactus in my house has also changed. The thorns around my body are longer than chopsticks. I touched them, and they are sharp and hard, just like iron."

Zhao Shaogan came at this moment. He stared at the man who had just said cactus and said, "Li Feiyu, you dare to touch anything that has changed. Uncle Honghai woke up this morning and saw his dog tied in the backyard was tied up by loofah vine and blood flowed all over the floor. When he looked at it in the past, his arm touched the pepper that also changed its shape beside it. There was a big blister on the place. Now he is grinning with pain and asked my dad to give him some medicine."

Hearing this, Li Feiyu drew back his finger that touched the cactus thorn in the morning and rubbed it twice. When he saw that there was no discomfort in his finger, he looked at Zhao Shaogan wryly: "Brother Gan, don't frighten me."

Zhao Shaogan snorted and laughed, "I don't have the time."

This way, several people in Jing Lin are also asking each other about the family situation. Zhao Zhiwen knew Jing Lin planted several walnut trees in his backyard.

Zhao Zhiwen's front yard and back yard cement ground were broken by roots that had sprung out of nowhere. Yan Fei's back yard cement ground was also damaged to varying degrees. In the kitchen, a thick bowl root emerged from the ground. Pakchoi, which had just been planted in front of the house before long, grew up overnight. Autumn tomatoes grew more than one meter tall and stood firmly in the ground without a frame. They also had buds.

Jing Lin said roughly last night's situation again, Yan Fei said later to see the situation, to help him clean up the walnut tree, good buddy Zhao Zhiwen, of course, also does not fall behind, said also want to contribute.

There were more and more people and their voices grew louder and louder. Some people were glad to say, "Before I came, I looked at the rice on the roadside. It was the same as before. Fortunately, there was no change." In the present situation, the rice in the field is the food for life in the future.

However, Jing Lin is not as optimistic as that person. It is probably a change that there is no change now.

When people arrived, Ma Renshan put down his hoe and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He said to the villagers gathered, "Let's talk about today's situation, let's talk about what big guy has in mind."

Liu Yinghua was the first to say, "Brother Shan, can you organize someone to go outside and find those who haven't returned to the village yet?"

"Yes, my son hasn't come back yet."

Some people are eager, while others are reluctant to listen to this idea alone. "My family is at home, so the organizer of the Second Brother Shan should not count as my family."

"My family is also there."

Ma Renshan glanced at the families who were anxious to speak, then looked at his eldest brother, looking embarrassed, and said: "This is not something I can decide unilaterally. Well, there are families in the village who have not come back. Please register with me later. Then count the number and go to other villages to ask." All the migrant workers in the villages near their villages do the same work. They cannot leave the house. They are basically in the same place, with the same foreman. Some people in other villages have not returned yet.

Zhao Shaogan said: "The roads in the village are all covered with weeds. Today, everyone should give a hand and shovel the weeds together."

We all agree that the shorter people in the village were flooded and couldn't even see the shadow when they walked in, not to mention some scary insects that suddenly appeared in the village. It is convenient for everyone to clear the road.

Yan Fei said, "I don't know what's going on outside the village. Let's organize some people in the village to go out and have a look tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."

This everyone also agreed, immediately discuss the next time, finally discuss good early tomorrow morning, willing to go to later also in Ma Renshan statistics list.

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