Finally, Zhao Shaogan, a doctor, took out the examples of Ma Xiaoyuan and Gao Honghai. The world has changed, and many things are no longer what they are familiar with, so that villagers can keep alert at any time.

After that, we divided the number of registered people into two groups. Several people in Jing Lin wanted to go out and have a look tomorrow. After writing down their names at Ma Renshan's, they went home to get weeding tools.

This weeding was not restricted to men and women. More than 20 households in the village gathered together more than 20 people. Most of the grass on the cement road extends from the nearby fields, and a small part grows out of the crevices broken by the roots. The grass stems and vines are tightly intertwined with a mass of wool, and it is a little difficult to clean them up. However, most of them are old hands who are accustomed to the work of decorating their homes. With a large number of people, the cleaning speed is quite fast. Starting from the eastern processing station, half of the village road was cleared in one morning.

Gao Honghai's local dog was bound to death by the mutant loofah vine. The vine went into his neck and broke his bone directly. He had blisters in his hand and cooked dog meat at home in the morning. He came to the crowd to ask who would buy dog meat and exchange it for something when work was about to end at noon. Many people went home to exchange some meat for things. Jing Lin did not have a dog, but Zhao Zhiwen's family had a dog before. He died of old age. The two families had great affection for him, so they did not eat dog meat. Neither Yan Fei's family spoke.

Later, Jing Lin took out the chick who was killed last night and gave one to Yan Fei's family. The other two were given to Zhao Zhiwen's family and stayed at his home for lunch. Everyone hasn't smelled meat for many days. Chickens are slap-big, don't have much meat, just moisten their mouths.

The road has not been cleared and it is not easy to walk in the fields. Zhou Yu did not dare to go out to pick vegetables at noon. After cooking the chicken with boiling water, he fished out a bowl of sour cabbage and fried it with chicken. The smell of meat just floated out and everyone felt as if saliva were dripping out.

While eating, duck was placed by Lele at his feet. It seems to have been hooked by the taste and has been wandering around Lele and Jing Lin's feet, pecking twice with its mouth and making a few calls from time to time.

Lele took a piece of sour cabbage and put it in his hand to feed it. After the duck was impatient to eat it, it was stung by the acid. Mao Mao was all fried up. After a while, he clapped his wings and jumped twice excitedly, shouting more joyfully at Lele. But Lele didn't feed it any more. She gently pushed it aside and whispered, "I'll give you the cutting leaves when I finish."

After the meal, Yan Lu, who had cleaned up the roots of his house in the morning, came with Yan Fei with an axe much bigger than the ordinary axe, saying that he was helping Jing Lin's family cut down walnut branches. Thanks to Jing Lin's blessing, Yan Fei's family tasted some fresh meat at noon, so Yan Lu also specially took some packets of beef jerky for Lele to eat before coming over.

Although have seen Yan Lu vigorously, but again how also is a girl, Jing Lin how not bashful trouble a girl to do these rough work for his family, hurriedly refuse.

Actually Yan Lu come over, or Zhou Feifei call, since his son later want to live with somebody else, do parents have to show sincerity, scene in the family less busy not to come over, this time have to go to help. She knew all about the strength of her daughter. The combined strength of the three members of the family was not as good as hers. The thick branches of her arms seemed to break like chopsticks in her eyes. It was not difficult to cut them. The axe was specially made for her by a blacksmith in another village.

To tell the truth, although Yan's family had good living conditions since childhood, Yan Fei and Yan Lu were not pampered and grew up. even because Yan Lu was strong, she moved every time she met her family and bought rice and furniture. Just in the morning weeding just cleaned up the road in front of Zhao Zhiwen's house. Weeds were piled under the eaves and there were roots with thick arms inside. Yan Lu picked out the thickest one from the inside and waved it in front of the crowd. Then, with a strong hand, the tough root suddenly broke into two pieces.

In public dumbfounded, Yan Lu threw away the root of the tree and clapped the mud on her hands, which was easy and forceful persuasion.

So when Ma Renshan started weeding in the afternoon and Zhao Chenghuai was carrying a ladder to Jing Lin's house, Yan Lu got up and silently followed behind with an axe and went to Jing Lin's house together.

In the hot weather, when bending over to hug the grass, I looked at the air in the distance as it was twisted, and all the weeding people were sweating like a pig, their faces flushed with sunshine. On the way, Zhou Yu sent a pot of cold warm water with ten drops of water to prevent heatstroke. The taste was not very good, but there was not much he could do.

Until it turned dark, the main roads of the village were cleared out. After dinner was settled at Zhao Zhiwen's house, he returned home with Lele.

When I got home and opened the door, suddenly there was a loud "Quack" behind me, which startled Jing Lin. I turned around and saw the ugly toad I saw in the morning lying on the other side of the road, looking at this side.

"Toad." Lele said.

Toad seemed to understand what people were saying. After Lele called it, it gave a loud "Quack" like a response, jumped to this side, and with a slight jump, jumped from the side of the road to a place less than one meter away from the scene.

Jing Lin quickly fished up Lele and ran into the yard, then quickly closed the door and shut the mutant toad, which looked very dangerous, out of the door. However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the toad leaped over the wall and jumped in with a loud "Quack", then jumped to the side, jumped to the corner and stopped, sticking out its long and wide tongue into the air from time to time.

Jing Lin touched Lele's head and asked him, "Can you understand what it is saying?"After all, Lele said she could understand the duck's cry.

Lele gave a little thought and then said, "It says it can jump in and close the door."

Just now, the scene was very tense: ". . ."  I felt laughed at by toad.

Jing Lin watched the toad stay there for half a day, but for the tongue that suddenly appeared occasionally, he thought it was an ugly stone. So he left it alone and brought Lele into the room, but he still closed the living room door tightly. When I entered the backyard, I saw that all the newly grown walnut branches in the yard had been cut off. I could only reach for a bare tree trunk, and it was quite good to keep shade if it was too high. Weeds that grew last night were also removed, and the cut branches were neatly stacked under the eaves by Yan Lu and Zhao Chenghuai. However, there was no need to bother with the scene. The roof of the debris room had been repaired by Zhao Chenghuai. Although the two injured chickens were still limp, they were much more energetic than when they were found last night and seemed to survive smoothly.

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